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  1. lol your side again screwed the pooch !! yall are losers you have to cheat to win !!
  2. JTZilla

    Where's slideman?

    hes still crying !!!
  3. venezuela is a typical socialist failure, killing and starvation everywhere,, no one has nothing,,,, Thats what socialism is
  4. you can beat trump !!! i laugh at you idiot lib faggots
  5. fdr was treasonous , just as the nlgger was and bill rapist clinton
  6. trump is untouchable to dems
  7. JTZilla

    Trump Still Winning !!

    obama tried his best to ruin our country,, 20 trillion in debt muslims running wild, queers parading, marching lootin koons tearing Bad word up !!! no Bro we need some winning
  8. JTZilla

    Caption this Mueller MEME !

    i will be committing suicide lol mueller is toast ,,, the clintons are watching