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  1. JTZilla

    What night is it??

    for democrats, its UP THE BUTT FRIDAY
  2. JTZilla

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    jussie is a criminal
  3. JTZilla

    I told you about Mueller.

    Putin loves america more than obama does !!
  4. JTZilla

    I told you about Mueller.

    democrats will go to jail over trying to set up trump
  5. trump can release shyt in succession so the libs can never recover till after the election...
  6. trump will release documents showing they libs in the fbi clinton and obama started all of this in action,,, libs get mud in face and lose election very badly very badly Trump wins bigley in every occurance...
  7. hillary is a whore, bill clinton fuks men
  8. show us trumps crimes? wheres the proof?
  9. no one watches msnbc to see how bad they are i saw how robert madcow's rating were flatter than a pancake lol hes a buffoon
  10. JTZilla

    I told you about Mueller.

    trump has kicked the libs ass at every turn,, this one will be no different