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  1. Kurds on the Run, Kurdish State Dead?

    If they are muslim swine,, i dont care how they die
  2. Well you do adore the oscar meyer weiner !!!
  3. you libs are so Anti american,,,,, Biggest threat to America ? the democrat party
  4. I know that you are ashamed of your blackness and the fact you blow your buddy daily,, but remember you voted for the nig,,,, Not me !!!
  5. Kurds on the Run, Kurdish State Dead?

    We are at war with islam !
  6. they went belly up, none of them worked so they cant just pay the bill.... What idiots cannon and the libs are !!! I was on the site with 4 different names !! one of the names was a respected lib on there lol
  7. obama was a lying filthy purple lipped faggot nlger all above is true Trump is smarter than you
  8. I voted for trump and I regret it

    I would like a balanced supreme court. we should have a 7-2 conservative over lib supreme court , because conservative judges will do the right thing and not care to cheat america or act corruptly or politically like libs do.... libs are corrupt
  9. LOL you faggocrats do nothing but recite liberal talking points,, hell yall think late nite talk show hosts are smart people.. lol what morons yall are on the left.
  10. Even trump knows that Putin is a better man than the NiggyBama
  11. its cannon he is a pedo,, just like you shaman or um phoenix your a tranny too
  12. Im still laughing at you dumb ass libs for believing hillery had a chance to win ! lol omg thats so fucking funny
  13. why do you suck so many cocks, Did some democrat pedo you when your were a kid, well besides your daddy?