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  1. Trump is the best ever phuck the nlgger obama
  2. Trump is awesome best president ever !!! In God we Trust !!!! phuck the dumbocrats
  3. Good News! Trump May Be Dying

    lol ha ha ha Trump kicked clintons ass in the election,, Glory Be to God in the Highest ! and Peace to his people on earth !! Trump slaughtered her at the voting polls its been a banner year for business !! obama sucks diks
  4. Franken vs Moore

    moore is innocent ,,, franken is phucking guilty
  5. TRUMP economy is BOOMING !!

    whos gonna do it? blm? you jigs are only 19% of the country lol you dont stand a chance
  6. trump grabbs the puzzy and women love him for it
  7. he did nothing,, thats why all the libs are being busted with it lol trump is untouchable !!
  8. Oh man it just infuriates Franken

    franken is a piece of Bad word
  9. he is sooooooooo smart !! he has outsmarted the fagocrats 100-0
  10. because its all you butt bangers think about !! obama took it up the ass daily still does
  11. they survived off buttsex
  12. It would be nice if this was a paid site,, i think 30 bucks a month would be well worth for all of us to pay! keep out the riff raff too !! PS. the lib mods are liars and break all the rules !!
  13. 2 bad no one got tha nlgger , while he was golfing