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  1. i am still laughing at hilbo losing to Trump !!! trump won against a rigged election
  2. everyone knows the investigation is fake ,, libs will go to jail over this
  3. the worst attack in american history is obama , fbi, and hilbo colluding with russia to beat president trump out of his victory but trump beat them.
  4. oprah is a whore, she has no chance to beat trump
  5. trump doesnt care about your stupid stories or the lies within them !! trump just wins
  6. so you lost another debate !! we knew you would trump doesnt lose Trump only wins !!
  7. bill clinton brutally raped many women, and pedophiled dozens of children on pedophile island
  8. now that is funny, wait until they get ahold of Huma on the russian uranium deal , emails, beghazi, and russian collusion !! i cant wait
  9. Trump will carry Ny and cali in 2020
  10. trump always tells the truth, he has nothing to worry about and you libs will shyt in your pants when you lose again
  11. mueller is no republican,, he is a liberal faggot !!! he is scared of trump !!!
  12. they dont know how to win,,, they lie even when they dont have too !!
  13. im still laughing at you ugly faggot ho's Trump Wins !!!! '