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  1. One of the best posts I have ever read.
  2. Could be 2%, at the most... Really this is a fool's argument. There is not one single command in ANY way that would lead a Christian to kill or beat up a homosexual. In fact, Christians are commanded to love and pray FOR homosexuals. The fact that Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin is almost a NON issue as EVERY man (or woman) is already a sinner. Every sinner needs redemption. Don't think homosexuality is a sin? Well, guess what--you are STILL a sinner! WE ALL ARE...
  3. Of course two sisters can marry, in fact I guess any two living or non living entities can"marry". The only thing that has NOT changed is the bible. It is still the same before during and after the "ruling" from SCOTUS. The bible does not submit to the authority of the SCOTUS. You wont see one single letter changed. Though you can make laws and even kill us, you will never get one letter changed.,,
  4. you make the classic mistake that all dupes like you make--you believe anyone who claims to be a christian IS a christian. Obama is a good example of this... Though I cannot KNOW he is not a Christian, only Jesus can know this, I can KNOW his fruit--IS rotten. Murder of children even after birth is rotten fruit. your examples and statistics are a joke since you include imposters. Now, you are right about this--satan DOES infiltrate the church with counterfit imposters then they commit crimes--all designed to fool dupes like you. Now, you have proved once again that satan does win some of the time - it worked on you didnt it?
  5. yes satan won this one. he will keep om winning till the return of Christ Guess we now are happy one man can shoot his sperm on feces of another man. Just does not seem all that great to me.
  6. The understanding of the bible is supernaturally hidden from the lost. I said -- years ago -- that same sex marriage would be the law of the land. This was after all the states voted over and over to not allow same sex marriage. Everytime this would happen I would state that the bible predicts it WILL happen. Today the bible is vindicated again. No, surprise to me. It was written by God so it won't ever be wrong.
  7. As I said here so many times over the years - 100% accurate - same sex marriage is the law of the land. This should have been no surprise to Christians. The bible predicted this thousands of years ago. Again, I have said this because the bible said this...and the bible has never been wrong. What is the next step? I have no doubt that the necros, polys, zoos etc. are at this moment filing lawsuits that claim equal protection under the law. Not one single reason can be given why two consenting adults, brother and sister for example, cannot marry each other. This too will come. The bible is never wrong
  8. No, it won't happen. Robots - things like cars and planes and dish washing machines - have been here for centuries. When we make machines do something better than we could do before-it just expands our wealth. More opportunities open up. Things like movies--unheard of 200 years ago - have been invented making tens of thousands of jobs. We can't make or watch movies when we have to work 18 hours a day in the fields just to survive. New things will be invented. The costs will come down as wealth is created. If we don't blow ourselves up first.
  9. Of course you want to avoid the moral question. You can't think of a reason why pot should be legal but herion (or anything else) should be illegal. You might be surprised to know that according to the bible there is nothing wrong with pot (if used for medical purposes). Even alcohol, used without driving, to just get drunk - is a sin. It does not matter if it is "legal" - it is still a sin. Alcohol - used for a drink without the intent to get "drunk" - is not a sin. The moral question comes down to intent. Without a moral dimension you cannot tell anyone they "can't" use their drug of choice. Perhaps people like cocaine when they want to have a party. Who are you to judge what other people want to do in their own house?
  10. But you can't say why pot should be legal and cocain aint legal?
  11. Do like the pot sale - be the first to "rent a corpse" for the evening shop. Free ice. Go ahead and make some money. Not hurting you, right? Don't want to judge, right?
  12. Pot and everything else will be legal. As long as the debate is "I can do anything as long as it does not hurt you" then there will be no lines drawn. This sounds good. Until you see you drug crazed neighbor dragging a corpse and a goat into the backyard for some jollies. Hey, not hurting you, right?
  13. Why do you only want pot - what about everything else?
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