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  1. I can tell old mack is really upset that his hero keeps making his defenders look like dimwits. Hey, is zimmy draft age? Trump will get him in a REAL life o r death sitch. I can see his caspar milquetoast narrow ass getting the holy sh#t kicked out of him by his fellow soldiers for falling asleep on watch.
  2. Trump will reverse your rating. If it's zero, you'll be denied coverage. But more likely is we'll get into a hot war before that. Anyway zimcracker is drinking off the money he made from selling the blood spattered gun he used to protect himself from skittles, but it won't go far. When he finally looks for work, no one will employ him at any job where he's visible to the public. $9 an hr., no bennies, no healthcare, no vacation.
  3. Zimmy the white guy got tossed out and trespassed at a Fl. bar for yelling ni#*er-lover at a waitress and snatching a customers Creditcard out of her hand. http://www.gossipextra.com/2016/11/11/george-zimmerman-florida-bar-racial-slur-6492/?ct=t(Gossip_Extra_Dirt_Alert_copy_01_5_16_2016) Yeah, cons, he LOVES black people.
  4. In one month the country will be a smoking hellpit of rotting human flesh.
  5. I remember the rage of the conservatives, everywhere you looked there was cons and teabaggers rioting and yelling "Ni#*er president!", "the negro messiah", the terrorist Hussein Muslim!", the "black Hitler!"...I remember the teabaggers waving rifles and hawglegs and threatening to shoot liberals and overthrow the gbbmint. I remember all the racist signs at the tearally's. I remember 2 Congressmen, black, being mobbed by the teabaggers and spat on and called ni#*ers!". Now, we have the orange messiah saying at one minute "we have to heal the wounds and unite, I will be everyone's president"...then tweeting about the protests.."those bastard activists are payed and are put up to it by the lying, traitorous media!" Doesn't take much to make Donnie show his TRUE feelings.
  6. If you want to find another culprit besides gullible, dimwit voters, blame Comey. He pulled a fast one.
  7. He said all those things, liar. It's on...like...videotape. I guess you don't watch debates. Low info voter, huh?
  8. I don't understand how it could be a "landslide" when Hillary got 2 million more votes. Fuzzy math, I guess.
  9. Trust me on this, I know what you're going thru. I fully understand your struggles. I care. The criminal govt. tells you things are better because it turned 10% unemployment and zero percent interest on savings and investment into 4.9% and 6% interest. Well let me tell you...THEY'RE HOSING YOU, . PEOPLE! Remember back during Carter when you're CD earned 18%? (with minor inflation) Well I'm going to get you that 18% again, and get everyone a great job! You've been getting cheated by these criminal, racist losers, but I CARE ABOUT YOU! They owe their donors, I don't owe anybody (except 700 mill to some banks). I sympathize with you and genuinely care about your struggles because I know what you're going thru better than the generals. Trust me, vote for me, vote for change.
  10. Trump hasn't made things better yet. How long do we have to wait. He's a failure.
  11. The racist white supremist speaks up for the grand wh wizard..
  12. You said Trump got 2 million more votes. Now you say Hillary got 200,000 more. WTF, you can't even stick to your lie? Laffin.
  13. Trump lost a lawsuit when he discriminated against blacks in renting his properties..lost it BAD, even with the meanest, most unprincipled hellbound lawyer ever born (roy cohn), now he's going to put a bust of David Duke in the oral office and a velvet "dogs playing poker" on the foyer wall. He has multiple lawsuits and indictments lined up against him. He has very angry repub Congressmen to "deal" with. They..don't..like... him. When the ethics charges roll out of commitee, prepare for what comes next.
  14. I thought trump was going to reject the result? He said he would file charges of a rigged system. He said he'd "sue everyone that badmouthed me". He said he would immediately throw Hillary in jail. He said he would privatize the govt...
  15. Trump loves the uneducated! How are those kneepads working for ya?
  16. Everyone that voted for Trump...you should've been tipped off when the vote machine dispensed a pr of kneepads as you fed your ballot in.
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