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  1. http://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/200816-trump-campaign-admits-fox-lied-for-them-on-fbi-indictment/
  2. This is what we have here for "debate" at LF, cons, with a few rare exceptions, that simply puke up outright fabrications on the board and never, ever admit when they've been refuted. Beachoose, goofyboy, old mack, jimbo...the list goes on. Dishonest spammers who are NOT here to discuss issues, but just troll and spam. Fine, if all we have is a whack-a-mole game, I guess we'll have to settle for idle time killing.
  3. This OP is like reading the scribblings of some raving meth addict dumping boxes of decongestant into a vat of chemicals and channeling Alex Jones.
  4. Yet every country that has a socialist structure beats our asses year after year in quality of life, health, happiness, job security, pay, and economic equality. Post more crap. Cuba has a better education, health and crime record than us. Cuba, a country with no natural resources and which is under a crushing embargo. I won't even mention the Euro countries. They put us to shame.
  5. http://www.rightthisminute.com/video/rtmtv-no-disco-ball-no-problem-how-make-diy-disco-ball
  6. That right there is Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, written up in the fancy, big city New York Times today because the federal government is going to spend $48 million to relocate the town, which is going to be underwater soon due to climate change. The land used to be 11 miles long and 5 miles wide, but oil and gas companies helped things along by cutting canals and waterways into the already unstable wetlands area. Rising sea waters have accelerated erosion and inundated the land with salt from the ocean. The island has shrunk since the 1950s from 22,400 acres to just 320 acres today. There
  7. You just proved what an anti-American idiot you are. Again. Thanks.
  8. Coal is a dirty energy source. Coal is a dirty energy source. Got it? It pollutes, it can't be made "clean", it's OK in small amounts, till we change over to more clean ways to produce energy that don't belch out huge amounts of CO2. Times change, if you find yourself working in an industry that becomes obsolete and is bad for America and the environment, don't BITCH when your job gets fazed out. Animals naturally become extinct, so do dirty industries. That's life. ‚ÄčNo freakin way do I want America looking like COAL-BURNING China. Pilots landing at Beijing airport have zero vis
  9. Note that the idiot punditry can't refute a single fact from a single source. Pathetic. Bernie hasn't lost yet. If he loses the party nomination, the pencil may become the symbol/image icon of the democrat voting public.
  10. I saw (and know of only) 3 debates he participated in, I saw him reduced to name-calling, no substantive statements, no policy, no exchanges over policies, no solutions, just buffoonery.
  11. Drunkdriving is crazy. It's reckless. And I mean DRUNK driving...tests show that people drive much better after 2 drinks...after that it's a hockey-stick curve into chaos.
  12. Btw california has kicked both texas and florida's asses in job creation. Our governor is in texas trying to draw business from there to florida, gov. Brown sent him a mocking letter...would'nt meet the slimy skeletor-lookin douchebag.
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