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  1. 1. The first president to do so? Give me a break. 2. How so? 3. This is bad, not unprecedented. Certainly does rise to the level of "unprecedented evil." 4. Not illegal, not evil, not even unprecedented. Undisciplined and shortsighted, definitely. 5. Take that up with the partisan senate and partisan house. And your speculation about why the senate did what it did seems unfounded. They are partisan actors, putting party before most everything else. Don't overstate it to some transcendent influence that Trump has. 6. Trump has been THE MOST DISRESPECTED/HATED/DEGRADED CANDIDATE, PRESIDENT, AND POLITICAL FIGURE in American history. To expect him to have ANY respect for congress, the media, or really anyone is beyond reason. 7. The checks and balances in the US system are robust and healthy. They're designed specifically to defend freedom from people like Trump and the partisan snakes that populate most of congress. The system is working. Relax. You're overstating the evil, throwing a bunch of things at the wall to try to give the impression that millions of dead foreigners as a direct result of US policy is not as bad as Trump being a narcissistic, fickle douchebag. Seriously, take a breath.
  2. This is absurd. You think anything Trump has done is worse than the Vietnam war, worse than Iraq, worse than central and south American interference in the 70s and 80s? Your standard for "evil" is totally uncalibrated.
  3. This is a doublefake. Whoever's the source of this rumour is secretly anti-Trump, operating on the premise that nominee Bernie will guarantee a Trump victory and that that is Russia's plan all along.
  4. It's not my assertion that all people on the left are abandoning their principles to prop up people who oppose Trump, but that all the people abandoning their principles to prop up their former enemies are on the left. Is the president not entitled to first amendment protections? How do his publicly-expressed opinions deprive Americans their rights? But do they ever consider that his "courageous" opposition to Trump comes from the same motivation as his opposition to integrity, peace, and generosity? They compare quite easily, if not exceeding the evil of Trump, especially if you recognize the systemic, ubiquitous evil that emanates from the Washington establishment.
  5. It is almost universally the left calling people Nazis in today's political climate. It is almost universally the left calling people bigots in today's political climate. The left is ratcheting up the rhetoric and calling for the dissolution of free speech protections. Not conservatives. Few Republicans. If you can't see this, get out of your bubble because it's making you profoundly ignorant of your surroundings.
  6. No, you stick out like a sore thumb because everything you say is either rude or ignorant. People like rollingrock, bludog, and olivaw blend together a bit because they're liberals who can hold a proper conversation. No. To them, every non-liberal is a homophobic, Islamophobic Nazi until they voice opposition to Trump. Then they magically become "courageous."
  7. If the left believed that, they wouldn't be calling people Nazis and tyrants on a regular basis. Let me repeat: TDS. This doesn't make any sense. People who enter the country illegally should not be granted citizenship. The United States should enforce its existing immigration laws. Irish, Germans, and Italians came here, by and large, legally. Opposing Trump isn't the hypocrisy...celebrating Romney, McCain, Clinton, or Biden is the hypocrisy. Might've been bludog, I don't remember. Either way, voting for someone (especially as the lesser of two evils, which seems often to be the only choice) does not mean you should not vocally condemn their terrible actions and policies.
  8. I don't. I'm criticizing the left for claiming, passionately, to have values and principles when it comes to social and political matters, but then abandoning those values when it is useful for criticizing a new enemy (in the current day, that new enemy is Trump). It's complete, objective hypocrisy and doesn't have anything to do with MY idealism. It's making me think that the left has almost no stand-alone values.
  9. I suppose this is what I struggle with: when the Republican is a candidate, his corruption, lack of scruples and values, and bad policy prescriptions make him an evil person with bad motives. But when the same person criticizes Trump, suddenly he's courageous and scrupulous and principled, as if his motivation for criticizing Trump must be discrete from his motivation for corruption, policy prescriptions, and social views. No one seems to consider that those things might emanate from the exact same place.
  10. I'm sure you recall how vehemently people like Bush43, McCain, and Romney were despised by the left throughout the 2000s...generally, for good reasons. But how quickly they forgot or changed their tune about those people when it became an opportunity to sting Trump is what I'm talking about...how quickly their passion, protests, and disgust at a broken system suddenly dissipated and we were hearing, FROM LIBERALS, what a here McCain was, how principled and virtuous Romney was, and how "dignified" Bush43 was. All because they have so much hate for Donald Trump. 1. I don't recall ever hearing such a moderate assessment during the 2008 election. 2. Agreed that it was to a lesser extent, but don't tell me they had any respect for him whatsoever when he ran against Obama. Romney was everything they hated about a politician: wealthy, very religious, pro-free market, etc. 3. But she will be unequivocally defended when it's comes down to her femaleness, he opposition to Trump. Basically, she'll be apologized for even though we all know she's a terrible person and candidate. 4. Now. Yes, now. They want judges to rule from the bench, they want federal agencies not to enforce legislation, they want people who disagree with them to be silenced, fired, and/or formally punished. They attack people for wearing Trump hats, they attack professors for not using pronouns. This is the modern, radical left. Although I admit their prevalence is a bit distorted, unfortunately for you guys, they most often speak for "the left." Just as you might be want to claim that "racists" and "rednecks" speak for the right. You're totally right, but they did it in 2016 when, arguably, the passion for Bernie was more focused and intense. I would not underestimate the boldness and cruelness of the Democratic establishment. Populist-socialism is only "toxic" is you hate people and love establishment, pro-Wall St. warhawks like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Which you do. Which is gross. Yet I'm sure you've found yourself apologizing for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. What it not you who was defending Obama's use of drone strikes to execute a US citizen because "pentagon lawyers approved it," so therefore it's constitutional? Correct me if I'm wrong. It may have been someone else. Correct.
  11. You're ignoring the fact that it took both of us to get here. I want Bernie to be the nominee, but I think the DNC is going to spoil it again. No, it's violent, radical, and anti-democratic.
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