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  1. Pardon me. Who is guilty of punishing someone with slavery since then? The government?
  2. Thanks. Still really behind on stuff but pop in when I can.
  3. Still looking for a reply to this post, specifically points 4. and 8. It's only been 7 months.
  4. In most western nations today, men and women are treated equally under the law. Yet, most people seem to believe that they're not equal. Well, in what ways are men and women unequal? -average physical strength (men are typically physically stronger) -demeanour (women are typically more agreeable while men are typically more aggressive) These are basic, well-documented realities. So, if you wish to neutralize these differences, must you also under the legal protections which fail to neutralize these differences?
  5. Good lord. Why does everyone eventually expose themselves as an authoritarian at heart? Try people for "stirring up hatred." And we do this with some tenuous connection to slavery. I must ask: do you try the people who post on twitter things like "white lives don't matter" and such? "Vote their sorry asses out of power." Yes. This is how it's done. Why is that your second suggestion, following a vague authoritarian suggestion?
  6. Who do we try for a practice that ended 150 years ago?
  7. Slavery wasn't confronted? Granting complete legal equality is not an atonement?
  8. Bullshit. Do it. Or I'll moderate it myself.
  9. Then let that console you, rather than contriving some alleged "debate". I say let maineman moderate it.
  10. It goes both ways. I'm not going to defend the close-mindedness of boomer Republicans. But the point is that liberals, more than conservatives, are reluctant to engage in political debate because they have been conditioned to not tolerate opposing views. The Fox News boomers are similar in their solipsism, but at least they don't shy away from talking shit out. Liberals are beginning to disparage the discourse itself, behaving as if engaging with conservatives itself is a racist or intolerable gesture.
  11. You bet, man. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you ever head up this way. That pic is from "Robb Road" which is a logging road between Hinton and Robb. It's a great area for camping.
  12. Obviously not. You'd prefer if someone tore it down. Have you seen much condemnation of the destruction of statues anywhere other than on Fox news? Is that illegal or something? So you admit that the destruction of public property is wrong and should result in charges, right? The statues were bought and paid for decades ago. Why is it okay to destroy them? Or do you believe that the destruction should result in charges?
  13. Yes indeed. A few nibbles but no catches. Spent a night in the foothills (pic related) and camped out along the Gregg River, then spent four days west of Nordegg AB doing day hikes and writing.
  14. I get that, and I recognize that that's a documented phenomenon: people retreating to their echo-chambers (liberals more than conservatives, but in general, everyone seems to be doing this). That's why I thought it would be great to curate a space like this where we encourage cross-political interaction, even if that means being overtly friendly with our political opposition just as a means of creating meaningful exchanges and discussion. That's what I thought we were trying to do with the clean debate room.
  15. I've debated them several times. Regardless, if moderate and reasonable liberals are chased away, the place becomes more of an echo-chamber.
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