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  1. And in eleven months, there will only be four years left.
  2. 1. Nice point. Lots of substance. 2. CCRs in rural areas are more common than urban non-CCRs? Am I reading that right? How does that suggest that the E.C. doesn't provide balance, then? 3. The criteria isn't arbitrary. The system was designed specifically to prevent clusters of the population dominating the country. I replied to someone else about my experience in Canada, where you can see in real time, currently ongoing, the problems that direction proportional representation causes. Different regions get strangled for taxes (and in Canada's case, equalization payments) without having guaranteed representation in parliament. This sows discord and independence movements and sharp divisions across the country. The electoral college balances those divisions and provides better representation to less-populated regions. You sound like a dictator trying to plan his next sham election. Do people of your intelligence ever consider the fact that people you don't know and who don't believe the same things as you do aren't automatically less intelligent than you are? Does that thought ever cross your mind in the process of demeaning and trying to figure out how to manipulate your fellow citizens? It's worked in some constituencies I can name.
  3. I really don't appreciate the implication that because a statistical fact is brought up - an immediate, front-line, URGENT fact - I'm a racist now. That's a cheap and cynical way to describe the problem. If I tell you that next weekend there will be between 10 and 30 shooting incidents in Chicago with the majority of victims and perpetrators being black, and you reply that there was an unarmed black man killed by a cop in Topeka last weekend so we have to reform the police force, I am not out of line in saying that you don't care about the majority of black people. Reforming the police force would save a minuscule fraction of the black lives that addressing Chicago's gang problem would. The epidemic of murder in Chicago is nothing new. The banking system is nothing new. Yet, when we talk about guns and wall street and prisons....the left seems to ignore Chicago and Baltimore and LA. They don't seem to care that there are front-line tragedies happening on a daily basis and no one wants to address it. Thomas Sowell is an Uncle Tom for saying that black culture stems from redneck culture and that's why blacks don't value education. I say that single-motherhood has devastated the black community and I'm a racist (and a sexist) because I didn't first blame the bankers for how many inner city blacks are shot and/or killed on a day-to-day basis. To suggest that the black community doesn't have internal issues that they need to solve is not only patronizing to blacks, it ignores the possibility of solving or reducing the problems from within. Yes, bankers manipulate the system out of sheer greed and it creates poverty. BAD. But also, the discouragement of black men to do well in school doesn't come from whites...it comes from blacks. Fathers running out on their families isn't a decision that comes from whites...it comes from the man who runs out. And if every time someone brings that up, he is called a racist or an Uncle Tom, then it will NEVER EVER CHANGE. Where do you stand on Black Lives Matter? Do you think the goals and focus of that group is consistent with saving black lives and reducing suffering? The bankers are the real "macrocriminals," if you will. They create conditions that make people desperate while they enrich themselves. Yes. Don't start on wall street and the big short. We seem to agree on that.
  4. An equally valid sentence could be said about the Democratic party. The party is basically a shambles because it looks like they're about to pick yet another pro-war, corrupt establishment candidate in Joe Biden which all but guarantees Trump wins. And then we get four more years of the Democrats stubbornly trying to undo the election instead of getting things done and unifying their message. So you're opposed to the laws because they increase the size of government? Right...I'm having a hard time understanding why THIS is the issue that Democrats call racist. Of all things, racist? How dysfunctional and incompetent do they think non-whites are?
  5. I think you're exaggerating how bad things are. Corporate media has to keep things sensational and frightening. A better strategy isn't to adapt to the fear and sensation, but to stay sharp at recognizing it (from BOTH sides). "Appointment by the EC" is such a mischaracterization of the election. Everyone knew the rules of the game, they played the game, and now the losing side is complaining about the rules. Can you at least appreciate how bad and petty that looks to the other side?
  6. Oh no, did you just admit that Biden is probably corrupt? You're going to get kicked out of the party!
  7. I can't speak for them, but they seem to imply that black people live in such a way that they're statistically less likely to have a valid form of ID. I propose that a generic, non-license ID be issued for free. Charge $20 for a driver's license, but no charge for a regular ID for the purpose of voting.
  8. Just read the motherjones article. The laws loses its intent at the "provisional ballot" stage. The lady was registered at the address, had proof of address, and an (invalid) license with her name and picture. She should've been allowed to vote.
  9. What is this voter purge stuff? And voter ID laws are a basic function of democracy.
  10. I disagree. In Canada, the constituencies are decided quite closely based on population, which means that the governing party could win the election without winning a single seat in Alberta or Saskatchewan or Manitoba. This has caused much strife over the years, especially over the last fifteen during which Alberta's and Saskatchewan's economies were thriving and equalization payments ALL WENT EAST. The only saving grace was that the PM from 2006-2015 was from Calgary. We have a Western Canadian independence movement slowly picking up steam. Northern California has an independence movement because San Fran and LA dominate their state politics. The electoral college is a perfect way to balance that system without swinging the pendulum the other way. Ontario and Quebec can still swing any election in any direction, but there's a bit more influence in the energy-producing regions with relatively sparse populations.
  11. Okay. I started by saying direct democracy doesn't work. So are we done here?
  12. Sorry, should read "should NOT be liberalism from ten years ago." I only half agree. On the one hand, expressing your opposition is the entire point of the debate and discussion and voting process. Express your opinions honestly and unashamedly. But the other half, which I think is where we agree, is that people on the fringes of both sides don't just say, "I disagree and you're wrong about that." They also say, "You're EVIL and RACIST and VILE for believing what you do." That's the part I don't like.
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