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  1. Thanks, hope you've been doing well.
  2. Exactly. And the French Muslims who massacred 90 people at the Bataclan were freedom fighters. In France. It's just another attempt to control speech, ideas, and thoughts and coerce people into inconsequential existences with cheap entertainments and fluff.
  3. Humour, meme-ing, and loose chit-chat is under the microscope from global bureaucrats. We all had concerns about the EU as a concept: dozens of nation states amalgamated under a single government, controlling a massive economy and the laws under which its people operate. Well, the chickens have come home... ran_ad-hoc_pap_fre_humor_20210215_en.pdf (europa.eu)
  4. But it's a double-edged sword, isn't it? Each week, we as middle- and working-class people become more connected and gain possession of more tools to facilitate organization and discussion of ideas. Yet at the same time, the way in which these tools and systems are evolving makes us, on the individual level, less willing or interested in organizing or discussion serious, mature, complex matters. We're being funneled into a life of simplicity by use of extremely sophisticated and complex technology. Will do, thanks. Hope you and the family are doing well.
  5. Good to hear. A lot of the negative effects of lockdowns and working from home are subtle and may be unrecognized until it's too late to handle them. Wishing you the best.
  6. The gist seems to be that instant, unthoughtful, emotional responses are given credence when they deserve much less than, say, nuanced and well-rounded understandings of reality. Overall, I've been okay. In the long-term process of easing away from the internet. Baby steps, though. How about you?
  7. I know, but I mean in real life. It seems humanity is being funneled into a very narrow public square, where thoughts and ideas can't really be meaningfully exchanged, and where everything is filtered into oversimplified, emotionally-manipulative rubbish.
  8. Slowly working on a few other projects. Curious what it's like being immersed in the morass of US politics right now. I trust it's not lost on either of you what a trivial game this all seems to be to the establishment politicians, stroking and flicking your emotions and values for superficial, short-term gains.
  9. Hey buddy, hope you're doing well.
  10. Why the democratic experiment has failed. Step 1: give adults who have serious responsibilities (including social expectations and gender roles) the ability to affect their government. Step 2: give all adults the ability to affect their government. Step 3: give private corporations influence over the government. Step 4: give the government the ability to pander to people who aren't responsible or accountable for anything important. Step 5: give private corporations the ability to not only influence, but determine, how and what people think about their government. Step 6: give the government the incentive and means to pander to the private corporations which already have the ability to influence how people think about the government. Step 7: funnel everyone's attention towards the same general, near-universal narrative of reality, history, news, and politics.
  11. Pardon me. Who is guilty of punishing someone with slavery since then? The government?
  12. Thanks. Still really behind on stuff but pop in when I can.
  13. Still looking for a reply to this post, specifically points 4. and 8. It's only been 7 months.
  14. In most western nations today, men and women are treated equally under the law. Yet, most people seem to believe that they're not equal. Well, in what ways are men and women unequal? -average physical strength (men are typically physically stronger) -demeanour (women are typically more agreeable while men are typically more aggressive) These are basic, well-documented realities. So, if you wish to neutralize these differences, must you also under the legal protections which fail to neutralize these differences?
  15. Good lord. Why does everyone eventually expose themselves as an authoritarian at heart? Try people for "stirring up hatred." And we do this with some tenuous connection to slavery. I must ask: do you try the people who post on twitter things like "white lives don't matter" and such? "Vote their sorry asses out of power." Yes. This is how it's done. Why is that your second suggestion, following a vague authoritarian suggestion?
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