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  1. The term 'Karma' is baffling because of its simplicity in its basic definition. If you asked the Dalai Lama what is Karma he gives a simple answer to that question in at least one of his books. He says simply that Karma is cause and effect. This simple basic definition of Karma gives no idea of the complexities that follow from it. To understand Karma you have to understand what comprises a soul. A soul is comprised of many causes and effects. Basically, your soul is a record of everything that can be done and what are its consequences. It is as the Dalai Lama states cause and effects. The complexity of how Karma works in your soul is not apparent without thinking. A soul is a road map of how to live life successfully. The notion of just a cause and effect is too simple to understand how it leads to complexity in designing a successful life. First of all, understand this. The effect from a cause can clearly be seen to be the cause of another effect. And that effect causes more effects. Bad Karma could take many forms. And in some cases even become a circular algorithm where a wrongful cause can result in a circular algorithm of causes and effects that ends up with the first wrongful cause. Clearly a mind that uses a negative karmic algorithm repeatedly forms a bad Karmic behavior pattern that can have many possible negative consequences. A soul that records the workings of a Karmic algorithm allows the spirit of a person who realizes the negative pattern to avoid it. You see? The soul is a blueprint for living. It does not just give a map for living successfully. It also gives a map that would result in unsuccessful living. You see? There is good Karma and bad Karma. Try to use only the good karma in your soul. Possibly, even more important is to load as many causes and effects as possible in your soul. No doubt there will be many causes and their effects that are missing from any soul. Your current life is about building Karma that makes your blueprint for living happy as complete as possible.
  2. Have you read the biography of Parmahansa Yogananda? Have you read the article by Dr.joeb titled "Spiritual DNA"? Do you even know what Karma means? Did you know that Henry Ford believed that reincarnation was the only explanation of life like his as a natural born mechanic who lived previous lives developing mechanical ability? Are you aware of the 3000 children between the ages 3 and 5 who remembered details of previous lives and were investigated by Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia where he headed a psychology department? Do you believe in a WYSIWYG world of only physical robotic material whether living or inanimate? I.e. are you a sophisticated robot with no point other than to live this one life grabbing everything physical that you can get like a looter? Have you ever watched the professional ghost hunters like Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes, or Amy and Adam make many contacts with spirits using sophisticated electronic devises? If so, then you have been missing advances in paranormal research. Dr.joeb recommends strongly that you get a copy of his research article titled "Spiritual DNA". This article explains how it is more certain that Dr.joeb is the reincarnation of Evariste Galois than any physical DNA identification ever done. Do you believe that we all have a spirit that is the major part of who and what we are? What do you believe? Do you believe in that rot that Dr.joeb calls Physicalism that says the universe is just one big robot with us as mini robots within the big robot? Einstein did not believe that. He felt that physics major breakthrough would be in paranormal research. He was right. Don't you see how stupid physicalism is? It is the source of why some highly mentally disturbed people are looting and shooting. They do not respect that others like themselves have a spirit and soul that is worthy of their concern. You see? If this whole thing we call a universe is just a big robot then there is no meaning to anyone's physical life. It is true, however, that our most important life is the spiritual one that can live many physical lives to attain a desired outcome based on free will. Make it a heavenly one is the answer. Some purposely build and remodel their soul to be even more evil than in a previous life. Serial killers fit that description. Most religions will support the theory that there is more to a human being than their physical body. Where do you stand on this issue? Huh? Tell Dr.joeb that you are not an agnostic or atheist. Are you one of those lost souls?
  3. At 80 going on 81 there are few willing to go much further than their computer and give what-for to jerks who think they know how spiritual someone is. Dr.joeb is the reincarnation of a mathematician Evariste Galois who died in a duel over politics and a girlfriend in 1832. Dr.joeb has been telling viewers the truth about how Physicalism has overwhelmed spiritualism throughout this topic. Dr.joeb knows that we are all spirits. Some of us have inherited bad karma from previous lives and now have to find a way to fix it. Trump inherited the spirit and soul of Hitler. Have you not read the list of circumstantial evidence that is piled high and deep identifying the soul of Hitler migrating to the mother of Trump at his birth? Hitler committed suicide in 1945. Trump was born in 1946. This is just one of many numbering well over 20 circumstances that identify the soul of Hitler migrating to Trump. He cannot help his behavior. He is reflecting the bad Karma of Hitler. That is why we diehard Christians have to pray for him having an epiphany and reversing damage to his soul caused by his previous lives. In truth, Dr.joeb has observed Trump improving mostly due to the public outcry. He can reverse damage to soul. All of us can add good karma and remove bad karma. That is what is meant by free will.
  4. Dr.joeb believes that an autopsy will show that George Floyd had health conditions that made him susceptible to dying from an assault like he sustained. We will have to wait for the autopsy report to know for sure. Dr.joeb believes that the police man holding Floyd down ignored the danger that he was putting a person of poor health in with his foolish maneuver. That is a major crime. Police have no right to ignore a victim's plea...especially one who was already restrained. Police departments have to do a better job of training and recruiting. Where is Trump hiding from this ignominy? He seems to have lost contact with the TV news people. Probably, he is busy tweeting.
  5. Dr.joeb wonders whether George Floyd died mainly from a heart condition. He kept on saying he was having a hard time breathing. That is typical of a person experiencing a heart attack. Nevertheless, that policeman with his foot on George Floyd was definitely violating humanity restrictions on police work. And so were his fellow officers who should have stepped in and made him release holding George Floyd down with his foot. There will be an autopsy. Dr.joeb believes that a healthy young person could easily withstand a foot on the neck in that position. It still should be illegal to do that kind of restraint. Something is wrong in the training of the police in Minnesota, if they do not make a strong policy that any policeman using undo strength will automatically be prosecuted for assault. Incidents like this one are too often used by the worst rabble in society as an excuse to foment insurrection against the very people that they pretend they are protesting for. Burning down public facilities is just shooting ones own self in the foot. Peaceful protesting is fine. It is our American way. The problem is there are many in our midst who really hate our nation and are looking for an excuse to start a revolution. Trump has always glorified insurrection requesting hostile people to act with violence at some of his town meetings. He has equated Nazis and White Nationalists with good folks protesting for a righteous cause. Do you remember that incident? Do you remember him encouraging one of his followers to beat up on another participant who was protesting against Trump? He has repeatedly done this type of behavior. He has encouraged bad behavior. No other president has done the same.
  6. As you may know Dr.joeb published the mathematics of herd immunity in a biometric journal last month. One can use the integral to compute the likely number of deaths over a time period to predict the accumulated number of deaths for any given time frame interval with the integral that describes herd immunity. But the key thing that you need to use the integral equation is rate of death. At 2 percent the accumulated deaths could be over 600,000 for a 100 day period from Mar 15 to July 1, for example. At 1 percent over the same time interval it becomes 174000. Dr.joeb doubts that one week late in starting could cause 30,000 deaths more then expected but who knows without having the exact death rate? One can calculate the accumulated death rate for 100 days and 93 days and get an idea how much death an extra week might cause. Dr.joeb doubts it is 30,000 lives.
  7. You know that puzzle with pegs at every Cracker Barrell Restaurant? Dr.joeb figured out how to get down to 2 pegs most of the time using a strategy that probably solves the problem it is known how to get the last two pegs together to leave one st anding. Still trying to come up with the last part of the solution every time we eat at Cracker Barrell. Basically, Dr.joeb hates puzzles because they have no real value once solved. Who cares about Rubik's cube any more? I confess I hate Rubik and never owned one or condescend my mind to learn how to win every time. Small wonder when Dr.joeb solved the famous Fermat's Last Theorem in 2 pages he filed it away without attempting to publish it. Dr.joeb sees no value in Fermat's Last problem except to insult the world of mathematics that think the professor from the UK solved the problem with 200 pages of hieroglyphics likely with undetected errors. . UK knighted Anthony Wiles for his 200 page solution blessed by his mathematician cohorts like Barry Mazur and another close colleague. Who else would waste their time verifying Wiles claimed 200 page solution? Wiles devoted a large part of his life to solving Fermat's Last problem that Fermat said he proved but could not fit the 2 page solution in the margins of his paper. By the way the solution that Dr.joeb published could be understood by a gifted high school student. it uses two major theorems, the Binomial Theorem and the Fundamental theorem of Algebra known by Fermat in 1657. The solution uses a tricky move using an algorithm that leads to a contradiction. It is a clever proof. And Dr.joeb sees why he was the one to solve it. Keep in mind Dr.joeb solved the 2N color Theorem, too, prior to solving Fermat's Last Problem. The 2N color Theorem is a generalization of the Four Color Theorem. It likely has major impact on particle physics. You see? The academic world is full of bullshidders.
  8. Mensa has many members without college degrees. There are truck drivers with little education who score a Mensa IQ over 140. One of my friends was a lifetime member of Mensa scoring 160 IQ. He had no common sense about life decisions. He died of an over dose of drugs and likely he had Aids from his relationships with prostitutes. He was 62 when he died broke and lonely in a vacant duplex home that he once owned.
  9. This is much more than a joke. It is a very likely future reality.
  10. One time dr.joeb worked at the Aetna Life Insurance Company as a mail clerk. He was only 17 at that time. He interacted with insurance agents and ladies who did the typing and filing. It was the beginning of his work career. At that time Dr.joeb was taking night classes at the Henry Ford College hoping to earn enough money to become a full time student. Dr.joeb remembers one agent whose last name was Altschul. Dr.joeb at that time aspired to earning a Ph.d. some day. He mentioned his ambition to Mr. Altschul who smiled and said "any one smart enough to cross a busy street is smart enough to earn a Ph.D." That statement stuck in Dr.joeb's mind even now when he thinks about what it took to earn a doctorate degree. Mr. Altschul inspired Dr.joeb who at that time had no idea he was the reincarnation of a historically famous mathematician named Evariste Galois. So, Altschul unknowingly inspired Dr.joeb to the objective of some day earning a doctorate degree in something. At that time Dr.joeb did not know that he could achieve the goal of becoming Dr.joeb in mathematics. The truth is Dr.joeb found that earning a doctorate degree required a whole lot more intelligence than to cross the street. But because Mr. Altschul made it seem possible Dr.joeb had that thought planted in his mind that he could achieve his dream to be a Ph.D. in mathematics. It is funny how a seemingly worthless comment to somebody can install a memory that inspires or discourages some one from achieving a goal. Altschul was very encouraging to Dr.joeb because at that time Dr.joeb did not feel especially smart enough to master mathematics subjects. Keep in mind Dr.joeb was expelled from a class in geometry for not doing the homework. And Dr.joeb ran fast from elementary algebra in high school. Studying got in the way of his cavorting on the beaches with friends and partying when ever the opportunity prevailed. So, you see? Dr.joeb is not an egotist/narcist like Trump. If anything Dr.joeb has been under confident in his possibilities for success. Financial success came only because Dr.joeb was terminated employment from his first college teaching position. He taught at Lawrence Institute of Technology (LIT) from 1967-1971 after earning a masters degree in mathematics. In 1971 he was not given a contract for 1972. LIT is now known as Lawrence Technological University (LTU). LTU flourished to this day as an important University in the state of Michigan. Dr.joeb had to find a way to support his family in 1971 because he did not like living off of his new wife and his two step daughters. So, he studied to become a real estate agent. Dr.joeb passed the state test for a RE license and proceeded to make a fair living for 3 years as a real estate salesman. After 3 years Dr.joeb found two brokers who sponsored him to gain access to the state of Michigan RE broker test. He passed that test easily. He even went on to pass a test to obtain a builder's license subsequently to becoming a RE Broker. Dr.joeb is still an active RE broker but his interest in RE is only as an investor. He is now wealthier than he ever dreamed possible growing up in the low income neighborhoods of South West Detroit. RE is and was the best way for a poor boy with holes in his socks to build a fortune. Dr.joeb did not have a father like Trump had. Dr.joeb lost his father at 12 by his father's suicide. Being poor is no handicap, however, when you consider how the wealthy father of Trump wasted his wealth on his son who bankrupted everything he touched. Trump swindled much of his squandered wealth and got much of it back from money laundering deals with Russia. His casino in Atlantic city took a swan dive into the toilet among other bankrupted ventures. Trump had good reason for not making his tax records public for the past 20 years like Hillary. So, what do you think about that comparison between Dr.joeb and Spanky Trump? You might suspect that Dr.joeb was in reality more like Trump in many ways. Dr.joeb always felt like he could find a way out of trouble. Education was Dr.joeb's Yellow Brick Road to success. But it was not the doctorate degree but the real estate licenses that rang the cash register. Realize this. Despite his doctorate degree Dr.joeb could not get a professorship in mathematics. Could you imagine that a person with enough ability to solve a 350 year old mathematics historical problem could not get a job in a university teaching mathematics? Does that tell you something about the politics of the academic world? Dr.joeb has little respect for anyone just because they earned a doctorate degree. Most of those degrees probably were more about academic politics than ability. Dr.joeb knew a few of those politically made professors. Some probably did not have the intelligence to cross a busy street as Altschul claimed.
  11. Dr.joeb has two new research articles accepted for publication. One is a revolutionary article that explains gravity is not an attractive force. It is repulsive. The other is a research article done by Dr.joeb when he worked for the US Army. This article found the best mathematical way to determine assigning spare parts to obtain the overall availability of a fleet of military vehicles. This research was applied on some US Army systems. Dr.joeb is in the process of publishing research he did throughout his life. The only purpose for doing it is to share his research results for future generations. Dr.joeb is an octogenarian. He has no need for fame or publishing to gain tenure at a university. The truth is in earlier years Dr.joeb tried many times to find a professorship but could not even get an interview but twice at universities. He interviewed for a professorship at the Kettering University in Flint shortly after retiring from the US government at the age of 57. Five of the six interviewers were from former communist bloc nations. Only one looked like Dr.joeb. He was rejected by that committee in favor of a foreign-born person who did not even have a doctorate degree! The rejection letter said that they believed Dr.joeb was not a good fit for the job. His other interview occurred because he was solicited to show case his doctorate degree at the University of Detroit Mercy. He actually did not have an interview. The UDM solicited him because their math department was being audited by an accreditation organization. They had at least one professor without a doctorate degree on their staff. They put him in an administrative position. Some of their professors had to prove that they had a valid doctoral degree in mathematics. Dr.joeb resigned that professorship at the end of the year after he realized why they hired him. He was not even given a telephone or an office and treated like an outsider by the chairman of their math department who must have known why he was asked to teach at UDM. Their chairman was a man of questionable ability. He attended one of Dr.joeb's lectures and claimed to find a mistake in it that later Dr.joeb helped him understand his mistake. He was slovenly as a person leaving clutter books laying around his office on the floor and generally very despicable. Dr.joeb did not even apply for professorship openings at that university that lies buried deeply in a rough part of Detroit where murders occurred daily even to this day.
  12. Dr.joeb invites all music lovers to visit his Facebook. It is easy to find. As you must know by now Dr.joeb is Dr. Joseph E. L. Brierly. Do a search on Facebook, if it pleases you. There are a number of videos in Dr.joeb's Facebook. The last video downloaded into Dr.joeb's Facebook is a Scott Joplin Rag time composition titled "Breeze From Alabama". The audio for this performance by Dr.joeb was done in his late 30s at a time when he was in love with the Rag Time compositions of Scott Joplin. Everyone must know the movie Sting that featured Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The music track for that movie was entirely Joplin's rag time compositions. Dr.joeb mastered playing all of those compositions. His favorite Joplin Rag time is "Easy Winners". Dr.joeb found out after he decided that Easy Winners was the best of Joplin. Then he found out that Joplin also claimed it was his favorite of all of his compositions. So, it seems like rag time lovers think alike. The inventive technical originality of "Easy Winners" is what Dr.joeb loves the most. Joplin was a classical trained pianist who excelled in rag time but he also composed classical stuff like waltzes and at least one opera "Tremonisha". Dr.joeb picked "Breeze From Alabama" to do a video in his Facebook because his best friend from high school days lives in Alabama. You see? Dr.joeb has no prejudice against red states especially Alabama. Dr.joeb made many trips for the Army to Huntsville Alabama during his career. He is very familiar with the Red Stone Arsenal where Werner Von Braun devised the rockets that eventually propelled the USA to the moon. Be sure to put a trip to the Rocket Museum on your bucket list. It is a great vacation spot.
  13. Dr.joeb is pondering over he thinks would be the best Veep for Biden. There seems to be at least 3 former opponents for the nomination. They are all good choices. The key thing to consider is which of the women would make a fine president. Biden is old and may not want a second term. Which of the women could win the presidency in 2024? Dr.joeb tends to believe that Elizabeth Warren has the best shot at it. Though Dr.joeb believes Klobuchar could win the 2024 election, too? And overall she is the most likely to be able to cross over with votes from the GOP. In effect, Dr.joeb believes either could win but Elizabeth has a slight edge for her ability to campaign intensely. Really, it is a draw between those two ladies. It is about time we had a women president. We are the last major nation other than Russia to have a women in the highest office. Women will vote for Biden in big numbers in 2020. Afro-Armericans know Biden is the best they can expect for president. He has the experience of working along side of Obama for 8 years. He knows the ins and outs of politics. Dr.joeb believes he will select one of those two ladies. There are other good choices but they probably do not want the job of Veep. Michelle Obama would be a great running mate but likely she does not want the job.
  14. Dr.joeb figured that was likely explanation. Old Mack seems to have achieved a good degree of wisdom.
  15. Just believe the content of truthful messages or refute the content. That is what makes sense. You can read the last 10 years of messages and not find a Dr.joeb message that attacked a message because of a spelling error. Such errors are meaningless compared to content.
  16. Spellcheck doesn't think so. Nazi has always been the way to spell Nazi. All the is important is that it is obvious what the label means in its context. Could spell it Notsi, Natsi, Natzee,...or any way one chooses. Spelling never has any relevance to a message, if it is clear what the message says. Spell check works better than people's memory. End of story. Only a fool would make an issue of a word spelled wrong if it does not affect the form of the message. It is the message that counts. Does it give truth or not. That is the question.
  17. Trump believes that the more audacious he behaves with flagrantly unconstitutional unpolitical behavior the more the a-holes who support him like him. Is that not what you would expect from Nazis, White Supremacists, racists, and assorted morons who think a president should be like Hitler. Well, they have their Hitler for now. But his days are numbered. Fools who support Spanky Trump like what they think is brave macho behavior but is nothing but cowardice and inability to accept the rule of law that are Constitution upholds. Do you get it? It is fear that makes people believe that they need a powerful leader. Cowards live in fear like Trump. They think he can use his control to allay their cowardliness. Anyone with a brain should be able to figure out how his audacious attempt to believe that the Covid-19 virus would not come to the USA was pure bullshid. He brazenly lied despite warnings from expert epidemiologists in January (and some politicians like Biden) that the virus was a pandemic with need for early testing, quarantining, and preparation for the surge in patients needing ventilators, respirators, N95 masks, and most of all of trained medical staff to handle the peak time for infections. S. Korea did all of the right things. Consequently, they stopped the virus with minimal damage. We are paying the price for Trump's incompetence. He is a narcist who lives in his own skull. He makes up fake truths in his skull with no connection to reality. He has a serious mental disorder. Pray that he realizes his pathetic condition and resigns. He needs prison time to think about all of the damage he has done to our nation. Possibly, the long hours behind walls could make him have a realization that his behavior has been his undoing. He may even realize as Dr.joeb did over 2 years ago that he has the spirit and soul of Hitler. Trump needs a karmic overhaul. Pray that he realizes it.
  18. Every crime that Trump knows he has guilt he accuses his political opponent of it. It is clearly his unimaginative moronic way he tries to cover up his crimes. Anyone with minimal intelligence sees that obvious pattern in his way of thinking. Trump loves to deflect his guilt by attempting to direct public attention to a new issue that often he makes up out of thin air like the one about disinfecting the virus with chlorox. He is a psychopathic narcist liar. He lies to deflect his own guilt pretending that some other political enemy has the guilt. Recall how he tried to pretend that the Ukraine was rigging our election when he knew damned well it was the Russians. Mueller caught the Russians red-handed. Read Mueller's report or forever make an ass out of yourself with nonsense like Hillary colluded with the Russians.
  19. Hey, ...No real person could be so stupid to believe Hillary colluded with the Russians. Read Robert Gates book titled Duty to see how the Secretary of War under 3 presidents admired Hillary's abilities. Dr.joeb has read about 70 percent of it. In several places he raves about how able Hillary was in working across party lines. Early on in t he Obama and throughout Bush Jr.'s administration there was an intent to work close with Russia. So, Hillary and Obama tried to make a good relationship with Putin. When he seized the Crimea that ended any hope of Obama and Hillary working with Putin. Obama and Hillary were the main initiators of the sanctions on Russia with much support from the GOP. The Democrats were the ones who with GOP support gave aid to the Ukraine to keep Russia from taking more of their nation. Putin tried to fake everyone out with his fake democracy. Russia is a destitute nation at this time largely because Putin is trying to rebuild the former USSR. He would continue his offensiveness were it not for our Congress supporting the Ukraine. Spanky Trump has tried to remove sanctions and give Putin free reign to invade the European Union. Why don't you learn recent history? Can you read? Or even more important...can you think?
  20. The evidence compiled by the Republican Mueller was overwhelming that Trump and his cohorts had extensive dealings with Russia. Trump allowed collusion. That was part of his plan. Remember how he a sked Russia to invade Hillary's email server during 2016? Mueller indicted 13 Russian hackers who promptly fled to mother Russia. Have you read the Mueller report? Dr.joeb did. The Mueller reports main conclusion is that the Russians tampered with our election to help Trump win key electoral college states. Don't you know about one of Trump's main henchmen turning over polling results to help the Russians target states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and probably others. They used that polling information to tamper with our election using false claims and many lies in the social media. They even convinced some USA citizens of the lies that they made up and then used those fools to help Trump's campaign. The Russian team was behind that one episode where they made a fake jail cell with Hillary in it. There is plenty of evidence of how the Russians helped Trump. Do some real fact-checking for a change. Open your eyes to real truths about Trump and his Russian friend Putin. Everyone knows Trump likes dictators like Putin, Kim Jun Un, Saudi Prince, and anyone who attacks our Constitutional rule of law. Why do you support a criminal like Trump? He is clearly a mental case who has no respect for truth. He makes up what he wants it to be. He is a co-conspirator with Cohen. He would have been indicted for that crime like Cohen. Only being in the President's office was he able to get away without being prosecuted. But soon he will be prosecuted once removed from our presidency.
  21. At 9:48 5/23/2020 there were 144273 viewers of this topic. At 12:00 only a few hours later there were 144301. Looks like there must have been 28 views in that short period. Your stupid irrelevant audio/video is not good with numbers. You are about as stupid as Trump. Are you on the Russian team of hackers?
  22. Today, we should all remember our departed loved ones especially those brave men who fought our wars. True some of the wars were bad decisions. But our soldiers followed orders to fight them bravely. War is hell. Let us pray that we will find better ways to stop war as a means of settling issues.
  23. You viewers can hide but you cannot run away from truth. The virus pandemic will dissipate in the next few months. Even if it resurges in autumn it will not have the same devastation because the government and the public will not it happen the same way. We are prepared for whatever nature throws at us. We are experienced epidemic fighters now. The current epidemic is losing steam. By the end of summer most of life will be close to what it was before the pandemic.
  24. Dr.joeb apologizes for the tasteless comment that people in Montana are lonely because all they have for company is barn animals. Bestiality does occur. But Dr.joeb is sure Montana does not have any more bestiality than the busy city of Los Angeles. Please forgive Dr.joeb. He regrets his comment. It was one of those slips of the keyboard that was not thought out before writing it. Joe Biden and Dr.joeb have a propensity that sometimes say something off color. But we are both good Joes at heart. Did Dr.joeb explain how he formed what he calls t he "Joe club" at the YMCA. It is a group of guys with the name Joe who have nothing in common other than their first name Joe. The youngest Joe is about 30 and Dr.joeb is 80. There is one older Jewish lawyer named Joe. And one of the other Joes is a supermarket clerk. The Joe club prides itself in having no meetings, no dues, no administrative requirements, no charter, and no requirements other than wearing the name Joe proudly. Joe Biden does not know it yet but when he becomes president Dr.joeb will pass the title of president of the Joe Club to Joe Biden. There will be no celebration of Joes. We have nothing in common except to wear the name just plain Joe.. Huah!!!
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