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    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Trump is likely to try to stimulate his moronic lowest followers among the Nazis, White Nationalists, KKK and other scum bag types to revolt after Congress and the Senate finish impeaching and ousting him from the oval office. Trump is losing his supporters in the GOP Senate. McConnell and others are appalled at his turning over the Curds to be supported by Russia and Assad's Syria and strangely possibly even some of the Isis guys who are now escaping in numbers. Trump is giving up our US control of the situation by abandoning the Curds. This is quite contrary to the GOP Senate. It appears to Dr.joeb that Trump wants to be ousted. He is doing everything he can to rile up the GOP Senate. He knows he has no chance to avoid impeachment in the House. Pelosi has the votes to impeach. By forcing the Senate to oust him he opens the door to riling up his nuttiest followers to attempt a revolution. It will be the only way that he can keep control. And he knows it. He knows it just like Hitler knew that he had a sufficient number of crazy followers to destroy Germany's democracy. Trump wants to repeat that just like his spirit did when it occupied the body of Hitler. It doesn't take a whole nation to cause a revolution. A small percentage of aremed nut cases with assault weapons is all might be needed Dr.joeb wishes to warn all of the leaders in the Democrat party who are making the ousting of Trump happen to be sure to protect yourself from the nut cases who Trump has even encouraged to commit violence. Pelosi knows the danger that she and others are in. She has even stated publicly that she was not sure that Trump would vacate the president position even if he is ousted by election or by an impeachment with Senate vote to oust. Pelosi is a smart lady. And Dr.joeb hopes she or some of her close supporters have her read this message. Our nation is in grave danger of civil uprising because of the evil psychopathic Trump and his crazy followers. He is reacting exactly the way Dr.joeb predicted he would react in accordance with the soul and spirit of Hitler. Dr.joeb predicted Trump's behavior as a president once he became convinced that he is in possession of the evil soul of Hitler. Your hypothetical question is too stupid to even consider. Joe Biden like Melania Trump know enough to stay out of business dealings in foreign nations. No doubt Melania is complicit in Ivanka's dealings with China and any other foreign interest, however. That is why Ivanka is the principle one doing business for the RECORD. But anyone with a brain can figure out that Melania is involved. Melania really is equivalent to Trump. So, she cannot be the principle in business ventures that profit the Trump family. That would be illegal emoluments. Hunter Biden has a right to do business just like Ivanka. Joe Biden is smart enough to not be involved in Hunter's foreign business interests, too. He knows the law. We live in a global economy. Hunter and Ivanka are not guilty of any crime by having foreign business interests. Neither are government officials. Why bother investigating either Ivanka or Hunter when it is clear that they have every Constitutional right to do international business? Your stupid question is hypothetical and not worth researching because the answer is obvious. There will be no criminal charges against Ivanka or Hunter. End of story,
  2. Ivanka has business interests in China. No doubt her mother works with her on those Chinese ventures to include 16 Chinese Trademarks.
  3. Lots of famous people are just paid for their name recognition. Joe Louis the all time great heavy weight champion got paid lots of money just for standing at the door at places in Las Vegas. People pay tons of money just for famous people's autograph. So, what is your problem? Are you a flunkee unknown nothing ball with zero identity. Guess what? They would not pay you doodley squat for being any where unless you did real work. But that is normal. Capitalizing on fame is American as apple pie. Reincarnation is the only plausible explanation of human life according to Henry Ford one of the greatest men of all times. He literally showed the world how to mass produce automobiles. He explained his uncanny mechanical ability as having lived many lives doing mechanical things. Dr.joeb explains his uncanny ability to solve impossible problems for the same reason. Dr.joeb solved the famous Fermat's Last Problem in 2 pages over 20 years ago before he had any idea that he was the reincarnation of Galois. Galois invented a form of group theory that led to solving two famous long standing problems that eluded mathematicians of his day for hundreds of years. Fermat's Last problem was posed by Fermat in 1657. He said he solved it but he did not have enough room on the margins to write it out. That puzzle lasted for 340 years attempted by thousands of mathematicians amateur and professional ones. Dr.joeb solved it in1997-8 but chose not to publish it until this summer. He has recently submitted his proof to the famous unsolved Four Color Problem a month ago and is waiting for it to be accepted. Dr.joeb solved the Four Color theorem 27 years ago but chose not to publish it until now. There are other famous people who attribute their extraordinary talent to reincarnation. General Patton thought he was the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, for example. Reincarnation truly is the only thing about life that makes sense. WE ARE NOT PHYSICAL ROBOTS WITH NO POINT OTHER THAN TO MAKE ROBOTS LIKE US. Spirits are always close to us. Dr.joeb has had contact with deceased loved ones. You need to re-evaluate your thinking about life. Think of it this way. 100 years ago if someone said there will come a time when people will reach in their pocket and pull out a cell phone and talk to someone in China they would have been considered a nut case. New electronics is routinely used by ghost hunters to detect the spirits of people who died. Watch Jason Hawes Ghost hunters. Some of those ghost shows are hokey. Be sure to watch the ones that try to debunk haunted houses. They do an honest job and frequently record voices of spirits. Sometimes videos show ghostly movements. Spiritual science is in its infancy. Einstein believed that the future of physics was in the realm of the paranormal. OK? So why do you think Dr.joeb who has had spiritual experiences is spaced out? He isn't. He is giving you truth as it is right now.
  4. Joe Biden was already investigated to be sure that every thing having to do with his son's involvement in Ukraine was on the up and up. Basically, there is nothing illegal about international business dealings. Trump and his family have plenty of legal business dealings prior to being a president. His international deals became illegal once he became president. Presidents have to divest themselves of their investments because of possible conflict of interests. Emoluments are illegal. Trump apparently has violated the Emolument laws flagrantly. No doubt his emoluments will be one of the articles of impeachment. Likely his wife's business interests with China are perfectly legal just like Hunter Biden's business deals as a member of a board of directors for an energy company. We live in a global economy. Many new businesses require dealing with nations like China for design and producing of items sold in the USA. Just read the labels on most things sold in our retail stores to see how many items are made in China and other nations. It is the global economy. It is not illegal. But Trump has used the office of president for emoluments. That is illegal. No one ever accused Obama or Bush of that.
  5. The big question is: What is the condition of your soul? We develop our soul through a sequence of lives. In previous lives dr.joeb did mathematics, real estate and politics. One of his suspected lives was as a founding father with the name Abraham Clark. Clark was known as gifted in mathematics. He was also an expert in real estate. In essence, he was real estate broker. He was also referred to as the poor man's lawyer because he helped people on legal matters. Dr.joeb believes that his spirit occupied the body of Abraham Clark until 1794 when his physical body died from sun stroke. Clark was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Clark is tied directly to Dr.joeb through his wife who is a descendant of Clark. After Clark died our common spirit entered a new physical body in 1811 as Evariste Galois. Galois was a revolutionist political activist. Galois was jailed for his anti-monarchist views. Galois was a republicanist. Galois solved famous problems just like Dr.joeb has done in this life. Galois theory is taught in every major university in the world. Dr.joeb is already known in the world of science and mathematics. Like Galois Dr.joeb is a consummate political activist. Do you get it? We live a life that reflects the condition of our souls. Trump has a very deformed soul that was contaminated deeply by his life as Hitler. He has no idea that he has the same spirit and soul as Hitler. Trump cannot help that he sees life in the way that he sees it. Truly he has no conscience about killing human beings. Recall how he said he could shoot someone on main street and not be prosecuted. Trump is a psychopath sociopath just like Hitler. Hitler committed suicide in 1945 and Trump was born in 1946 entering the body of a woman whose husband was a racist and very wealthy. Trump was known to be considering possibilities of being a president years ago. He got his wish through a faulty election process that allows a president to be elected without popular vote. The Russian hackers helped him by planting messages attacking Hillary making up flagrant lies. The Russian hackers played the foolish electoral system like a video game using poll results obtained through Trump's campaigners. Mueller discloses much of the shenanigans performed by the Russian hackers in his report. Mueller considered that the most important revelation that he discovered in his investigations. Dr.joeb like Clark is a licensed real estate broker since 1974. He made a comfortable fortune in real estate. He spent 21 years working for the Department of Defense doing studies, simulations, and software design for the US Army. Like most folks gifted in mathematical ability Dr.joeb is also a composer of music. He realized that he was the reincarnation of Evariste Galois without the slightest idea of the reincarnation until he had experience much of the karma used to compute the statistical probabilities of him having the same spirit.
  6. Some just can't stand to hear or read truth. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth will save ye." Where did you get your Ph.D.? You must be an intellectual because you make messages indicating you have knowledge of how to recognize an intellectual. Have you published any books explaining your theories about intellectualism?
  7. But he pumped the money into the hands of people who do not need it. All that did is give the rich more return on their vast fortunes. And the returns are paid from the tax dollars of the impoverished and middle class. Trickle down simply does not work. The GOP does not get it. Trump likes his wealth increasing by trickling up. At the current pace we will be approaching the lop sided society of third world nations where only the powerful have wealth. Look at Mexico for example. Beggars are every where on the streets in most towns in Mexico. Nowadays we are seeing a growing army of sign holders on every busy corner asking for a handout. Yang's idea of giving every body 1000 dollars per month makes a bit of sense but probably impossible to make work. Workers have to be incentivized to be at their peak performance.
  8. Oh but that picture of the Clintons with Trump shows what a dandy he is. He loves to entertain. You can see that he is all about having fun. He is a fun-lover. And that is not what is wrong with him. Pure and simple, he does not read and he cannot think logically. His memory powers is only what is in his skull a minute before he opens his mouth. I.e. he is unintelligent. He cannot reason and handle complexities. I.e. he cannot be a president. Presidents are like Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an awesome lawyer and thinker. Obama was quite similar. The fact is Dr.joeb suspects that Obama was the reincarnation of Lincoln. But he cannot prove it statistically the way he can prove his own reincarnation of the mathematician Evariste Galois. Lincoln changed his whole way of thinking about African Americans after meeting Fred Douglas. Lincoln did not understand the mentality of the slaves. He thought many of them yearned to go back to Africa. Lincoln was willing to help slaves relocate to Liberia or Haiti. A few did. When Lincoln met Fred Douglas he realized the error in his thinking. Douglas explained to Lincoln that the vast majority of the slave population loved the USA where they lived and wanted to be citizens of it. The freed slaves volunteered by the thousands to fight for the USA against the Confederacy. You see? It would make sense for Lincoln to come back as Obama. More statistical analysis would be required to prove the reincarnation of Lincoln as Obama. Proving a reincarnation by statistical spiritual DNA is a very difficult process. Dr.joeb was stunned when he did a statistical analysis on his life compared to Galois when he found that the odds of two people having the three basic karma occurrences that he has with Galois had higher odds than 40,000 times 110 billion to 1. 110 billion is the estimate of the total number of people who have ever lived on planet Earth. You see? Because dr.joeb has personally experienced communication with the spirits of two people very close to him that died he has no doubt about the fact that we all have spirits. Dr.joeb is not unique. Everyone is principally a spirit first and a physical entity second. Spirits cannot die. Physical bodies do. So, what happened to the spirits of Hitler and Galois? Did they just vanish into space? Apparently, not. The spirit of Galois found its way to the physical body of Dr.joeb. And very likely with overwhelming circumstantial evidence hard to statically analyze it appears the spirit of Hitler found its way to Trump. Trump cannot seem to avoid the corrupt spirit and soul he has inherited from Hitler. But he could fix the damage, if only he would understand who he really is. Everyone can CONFESS AND REPENT. That is all that is required to build a happy healthy good soul.
  9. Didn't you notice the post that says Trump paraded around like a Democrat for many years? He was a friend of the Clintons in those days. Face it. He had a lot in common with Bill. Accept Bill had willing partners. Spanky forced himself on at least 24 gals who made that claim. Did you read the post that clearly shows that Dr.joeb believed in Jan 1, 2017 that Trump was a Democrat in a GOP costume. Dr.joeb believed at that time that Trump was just an opportunist trying to do damage to the GOP. Well, that is actually what he has done. They lost the House. And now they lose the presidency likely to impeachment. If by some miracle he is able to stop the impeachment and Senate trial then he surely will lose the presidency. 52 percent of the public say he should be impeached and thrown out of office. No amount of election-rigging can save Spanky. He will be indicted after out of office. NY prosecutors are chomping at the bit to nail him. He will get his walls. They will be surrounding his prison cell.
  10. Hoking up investigations on Biden is an example of Goebbels propaganda gimmick. Biden's son and himself have not done one illegal thing. Hoking up an investigation by those who are guilty of real crimes involving foreign interest is just another example Goebbels spin on accusing others of their crimes.. The Trump team knows they are guilty of wrongful interactions with other nations. Trump's clumsy attempt at a quid pro quo using committed tax dollars approved by Congress for military support to Protect Ukraine from Russian invasion is a real federal crime. The Biden family has no such guilt dealing with foreign nations any more than the members of the Trump family have guilt by doing business with the Chinese. Trump's attempt to build a Trump Tower in Moscow is another example of his doing illegal activity. According to federal law a president must divest him or her self of financial business with foreign nations. Trump covered up his big deal with Putin's Russia but was exposed by Mike Cohen. We live in a global economy. The Shark TV program features many entrepeneurs who commute back in forth to China setting up production by Chinese companies. They are not any more guilty of a crime than the Biden or Trump family doing international business. Everything that Hunter did on the board of directors for Ukraine energy company was done totally approved by the federal government and deemed totally legal. Trump's stupid lawyer, Giuliani, has done his best to hoke up investigations. He has been caught red handed by his dealing with two crooked Ukrainian money launderers. Check out the picture showing Trump, Giuliani, Pence, and the two indicted Ukrainian money launderers. They all have that big goofy grins like they sure put one over on the public with their slimy activities. .
  11. Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler's spirit. He has repeated the patterns of Hitler. Here we see Goebbels explaining that the best way to defuse an accusation of a crime is to accuse the accuser of the crime. It is a strategy that too often fools the naïve. Many failed to understand that the White Water investigation was exactly apply Goebbels propaganda. Goebbels was perhaps the most diehard Nazi ever. He committed suicide with his whole family. Trump tries to command that type of loyalty. Of course Hitler did not reciprocate other's loyalty with his own just like Trump. Dr.joeb is relatively certain that Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Dr.joeb is certain of his own reincarnation of the mathematician Galois who died in a foolish political suicidal duel at the age of 20. Galois mathematics is taught in every major university in the world today.
  12. Tonight on the Travel Channel is a great ghost hunter program. Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango are returning to doing a ghost hunting. For those who do not believe in the spirit world the Ghost Hunter show will give you verification that spirits exist. Some of the ghost hunter shows seem hokey but several are well done and give irrefutable proof of ghost activity. They are actually able to identify the ghost's previous life.
  13. Nazis sure understood that principle. Diverting attention from ones own crime is a standard ploy of some of GOP manipulators of public opinion. Recall how the GOP attacked the Clinton's With White Water Savings & Loan bankruptcy where the Clintons lost an estimated forty thousand dollars. That accusations was a ploy to defuse who really caused the S&L debacle during the Reagan administration. Two of the Bush family's sons were complicit in the Silverado S&L and Broward S&L bankruptcies but did not get a jail term. They were put on probation for their complicity in the thievery caused by the Reagan sponsored deregulation of S&Ls. The Clintons had nothing to do with the S&L criminal bankrupts but were investigated for 8 years by the GOP Starr investigations costing the taxpayers 100 million dollars. The book titled the Inside Job by Muolo, Fricker, and Pizzo discussed many of the S&Ls that were involved in the crimes caused by Reagan's S&L deregulation. White Water was so insignificant that was not even mentioned in the book. Most of the criminal bankruptcy actions occurred in Reagan's California and Bush Sr.'s Texas. Only one S&L bankruptcy occurred in Michigan at the Bloomfield S&L. Few states had bankruptcies and likely White Water was only one in Arkansas. Over 2000 S&L's went bankrupt most in either California or Texas.
  14. The Trump conspiracy to enlist other nations for swaying an election in his favor is a federal crime. He admits to the crime. It is an open and shut case. Realize this. USA citizens are the only ones who are allowed to vote for a president or any elected officials. To allow other nations to have a vote in the election process is an atrocity against our voters. Carrying this thinking to absurdity if other heads of nations have a vote for who will be our president then why not extend the election of our president to all global citizens regardless of where they are a citizen. This would extend globalism to absurdity. Clearly our founding fathers wanted NO intervention from foreign interests in choosing elected government officials in the USA. Trump blatantly asked China, Ukraine, Russian and probably other countries to cast their vote by supporting his re-election bid. Are you made enough yet? If not, why not? We have a criminal president who begs for being impeached, ousted, and indicted followed by a prison term. He needs to be walled off in a prison cell. And his supporting cast should be in adjoin cells. He and Giuliani will have lots to talk about while in prison. Possibly the ousting of Trump will be accompanied by the ousting of Pence who no doubt is complicit in Spanky's crimes against the USA. Nancy Pelosi will make a fine first woman president. And you can bet that there will be no pardons for the criminals who conspired to destroy our democracy with Spanky. Are you recalcitrant viewers no ready to CONFESS AND REPENT. Save your soul. Save our democracy. Save our Constitution from being abominated by the worst president in history.
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