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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Have you viewers been finally converted to a belief in reincarnation? If not, just think about what the alternative means. If you have no spirit and are just a sophisticated temporal physical body then nothing means anything. You might as well steal, kill, amass useless fortune, be unkind to others, engage in horrible activities like doping, insurrecting and a lot more nonsensical ways of living physically with no spirituality. Is that really what you believe? If so, then why have you ignored the countless indications of the existence of spirits? Christ knew that we are all mor
  2. Hitler kept his hopes high until his bunker was surrounded by enemies. Then he took the fast and easy way out. Trump is in danger of doing the same thing because he inherited the soul and spirit of Hitler. He cannot help behaving like Hitler because that is what is in his soul. Dr.joeb could not help solving the most famous unsolved problems in mathematics because he inherited the soul and spirit of Evariste Galois who solved the hardest known problems of his day that only lasted 20 years from 1811 to 1832 due to his agreeing to a suicidal duel over politics. Galois Theory is taught
  3. Dr.joeb does not believe that Biden will decide to pack the US Supreme Court by adding two new Justices. The US Supreme Court has shown to be exactly what it is suppose to be....a nonpartisan branch of the government that tries to make honest judgments. Trump thought that his appointees would help him to win the election. Dr.joeb did not think that his strategy had a chance of turning over the election. For one thing Roberts showed much subtle distain for Trump during that first impeachment trial. You could see that he was not enamored with the Trump position from his facial express
  4. Dr.joeb believes there will be plenty of pressure on Biden to pardon Donald Trump. He will not succumb to that pressure for a number of reasons. For one pardoning is usually done at the closing of a presidency. That will be in 4 years. Mainly both the GOP and Democrat politicians are still angry about Trump fomenting the Jan 6 debacle that simply would not have happened if Trump had not encouraged it with the same lie that the election was stolen by fraud. Supposedly every case he made lost on that issue. About 60 judges considered his case frivolous compared to the actual facts.
  5. Quote there is a big difference between a peaceful protest with a few disrupters and an insurrection with guns, bombs, weapons, and attempt to kill police, Pence, and Congress persons. Fortunately, only 3 capitol policemen paid the ultimate price for Trump's insurrection. What kind of fool does not see the difference in the minor skirmishes of protests and Jan 6. Even McConnell saw the difference. Did you hear his speech after the hearing? Trump is guilty of murder, treason, IRS fraud, campaign fraud, money laundering, lying fluently to the public, obstruction of justice, infidel
  6. This message is among the first message that Dr.joeb wrote about the suspicious Hitlerian methods used by Trump. And there was a man who lived through the Hitlerian attack on democracy in Germany who supported this message. Dr.joeb was inspired to check out the possibilities of identifying whether Trump could be the reincarnation of Hitler. Not long after this message Dr.joeb looked up the death and birth of Trump to find that Hitler committed suicide in 1945 and Trump was born in 1946. Knowing full well that spirits do not die. Dr.joeb became suspicious that maybe the spirit of Hitl
  7. Don't fret. It is just Dr.joeb trying to fix the world by inundating it with reality. We are in a conundrum at this point. The conundrum is how do you mete out the limited vaccine? Some will die before they have an appointment for the vaccine. We have a limited supply for an overwhelming demand. Dr.joeb has noticed that even some young healthy people have gotten their shot while oldsters like Dr.joeb and his wife have not at 81+ years of age. That is the conundrum. How do we mete out the limited supply. Dr.joeb believes that all folks over 65 should have the shot. But that
  8. This message highlights Dr.joeb's view of Xenophobia. Dr.joeb has worked in an engineering environment where there were many highly qualified immigrants doing great work for our country. Dr.joeb has only one gripe about immigration. We should not allow immigrants to take over teaching jobs in our science and mathematics departments where the student suffers from foreign born professors with minimal English speaking skills. Our youth avoid teachers who do not speak fluent idiomatic English. Dr.joeb avoided foreign born professors with minimal skills. This did not present much tro
  9. Here is a quote of a message by Dr.joeb showing that he knew on December 20, 2020 what Trump was up to on Jan 6, 2021. Dr.joeb knew that Trump was setting up to open up the possibility of causing a Coup d'etat. He gave the word to the Nazis and crazy White Separists to prepare for battle on Jan 6. These nutty morons really believed that Trump approved their attack on the White House with intent to kill Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike Pence. Trump's mental illness did not fool Dr.joeb. In 2017 Dr.joeb wrote about Trump's intent to destroy the GOP. He thought that he could take ove
  10. Rush Limbaugh is no longer able to support Trump like he did for the past four years. Rush died on Feb 17, 2021. Dr.joeb use to like to listen to Limbaugh to gain ammunition for obliterating his brand of nonsense that was borderline Trump. But even Rush was no match for the miserable lying Trump. Dr.joeb will miss Rush Limbaugh because in many ways Dr.joeb is just like Limbaugh in his interest in politics. Dr.joeb viewed Limbaugh as a spokesperson for the maniacal fringe of politics. He was despised by all of the progressive political pundits. Fortunately we have
  11. Didn't you hear what McConnell said? He said that Trump is not out of legal trouble, YET. McConnell knows that those people on Jan 6 would not have died had it not been for Trump making his wild ass lies about the rigged election. Don't you get it? Trump compulsively claims his own private reality that is full of doodoo. Don't you recall that every poll including the Fox one showed Biden winning big. Biden won by 7 million votes. Do you think all of those pollsters were also in on a massive conspiracy to make Trump a loser? Do you realize how hard it is for even two people to k
  12. Trump will pay for his crimes. The federal, state and local prosecutors will have a field day filing lawsuits. He has no protection from being a president. He is now a private citizen subject to the laws that he broke fluently. He will likely be sued for everyone he injured or killed in the Jan 6 debacle that he fomented by lying repeatedly that he won the election. In addition, the federal court system will kick in with IRS fraud and other crimes. The district of S. New York eagerly waits to indict Trump for his role in the crime that sent Mike Cohen to prison for the payoff to M
  13. There is no way a little old lady over 80 can stop a plan like the one Trump had as a last resort. Prior to the Jan 6 insurrection Trump had attempted bully tactics on the Governor of Georgia. At that time the insurrection was only a last ditch effort to steal the election. Pelosi did suspect that Trump was capable of inciting a insurrection. She said so publicly months and maybe well over 1 year ago before Jan 6, 2021. Dr.joeb recalls her saying publicly that she was not sure that Trump would leave the presidency willingly if he loses the election. The reason Dr.joeb remembered
  14. Do you get it? If not look up Sir Arthur Eddington's experiment in the internet. It is described in detail.
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