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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Good observation. Our tax structure is swayed in favor of those who are the richest. The GOP has fought off anything that does not make the wealthiest entities in our nation even more wealthy. They have incurable trickle down mania. Always have. Dr.joeb has never voted for a GOP candidate since he first started voting in the Kennedy election because he has always believed that trickle-down does not work for the bottom working classes. Dr.joeb comes from a strong union family. His father was a Union steward working for GM's Ternstedt plant in South West Detroit. His father idolized Franklin D. Roosevelt like so many did in the depression era through the 2nd World War. Dr.joeb's dad backed Walter and Victor Reuther to the hilt.
  2. No, Dr.joeb has vivid memories of Obama ridding the world of Osama Bin Laden. Bush Jr. could not do it. Obama policies saved GM and put our nation on the right track to a booming economy now close to being wrecked by an incompetent administration. So, how do you explain that?
  3. The situation in New York should never have been left to deteriorate to this point. If South Korea could handle the Covid-19 there is no reason that a wealthy nation like ours could not. Our CIA knew it was coming in January and possibly even sooner. The administration was warned early enough to find a way to match the S. Korean effort that solved their problem as good as it could be. What is wrong with our leadership that it could not match the effort of China, S. Korea or Japan? Could you imagine this dire out-of-hand situation under Obama?
  4. Contributing to saving our economy and the viability of our nation is not optional. You could move to Mogadishu or some other nation run by anarchy where not one pays taxes. Dr.joeb guesses that you will never do that. So, you will pay through your tax dollars whether you like it or not as long as you belong to the big club we call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
  5. How and why do we interpret massive bailouts using tax backed dollars to stop our nation from going into an economic tailspin? The answer to the 'how' part of the question is easy. We simply add 2 trillion dollars or more, if need be, to our nation's debt. And that debt is equally owned by all citizens of the USA. Do you get it? Everyone will have to contribute directly through their tax dollars to keep our nation viable. We share the responsibility for keeping our nation viable equally by adding what ever amount of tax money is needed to keep our nation floating and repairing the damage caused by the virus. Every nation will have to pay the price for their citizens just like we US citizens. What could be more fair than that? Adding 2 trillion dollars to our debt spreads the penalty for the virus equally among all of our citizens. Do you see that is the most logical way to address the economic devastation caused by the virus?
  6. All government is socialism. Government orchestrates how a nation works. It is that simple. I.e government is equivalent to socialism and socialism is just another name for government. So, why pretend like socialism is some kind of evil philosophy? The absence of all socialism is what we call anarchy. We want order in our way of living. And we want a government that makes the best order possible. That means very simply government should attempt to only have good liberal and good conservative positions. And government can have both a good liberal and conservative position on the same issue. We have government controlled roads and private business toll roads. Allowing private toll roads is a fine conservative government stance. Allowing the US Postal Service is a fine liberal stance. So, the issue of mail delivery is best done both ways because it encourages competition between government sponsored liberal positions and private ones. Honest competition always benefits everyone. Unfortunately, too often powerful private interests try to rig competition for unrealistic profits. . Government's role is often to regulate errant big private interests trying to rig profits. Anti-trust legislation is not used enough nowadays.
  7. The truth about life is too scary to contemplate. Still, we bravely go forth interpreting reality. Dr.joeb likes Sole Result's spirit even if he does not agree totally with his positions on reality.
  8. Dr.joeb agrees to some degree with Sole Result. Here is how and why. Dr.joeb believes there is an Akashic record of everything that has ever happened in the abstract and concrete of the physical and mental side of life. I.e. the Akashic record with all of us mortal souls and our activities is now and was then and ever will be recorded. So, Dr.joeb agrees to the extent that Sole Result seems to say he believes in an Akashic recording of the infinite universe that has always been. The truth is that one can logically believe that everything always was and ever will be. Is there a universal power that we refer to as God? If you do not believe there is such a universal power then you have to believe that the universe always has been with no need for creation. Many years ago a Catholic priest Fr. Gentner explained to Dr.joeb and his choir group that either you believe that the universe is just an accident or it was created. The fallacy in that thought is that if the universe has been around infinitely then it does not need a creator or an accident to make it happen.. Even an accident has to have a beginning. So, if the universe is just an accident then some force most likely caused it to happen. Accidents always seem to have a beginning. So, did the universe just suddenly appear with no force behind it?
  9. You are hopelessly bound to the physicalist philosophy rather than admitting spiritualism. Spiritualism says we have a spiritual replica of our physical being embedded in our bodies. And that spiritual being cannot deteriorate like a physical body. It can survive and live multiple lives like Dr.joeb and many others have done. Physical bodies are not the bottomline of life. If they were then there is no future for mankind or any physical entity. Do you understand why that is so? Here is all you have to know. 150 years from now no one alive now as a physical being will be alive physically. It appears the longest people can live as a physical person is about 120 years. Don't you see how foolish your physicalism is? It is a dead end road. Why don't you seem to get it? Explain yourself.
  10. To help viewers understand the extent of symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus Dr.joeb gives a list of the symptoms that he had. Headache, Sore bones, extreme fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, excessive repeated coughing, sneezing excessively, shortness of breath, mild fever caused some swet, Coughing up infection byproducts, very blocked nasal function needing continuous flushing of huge amounts of products caused by the infection, blocked nasal function every morning, and last but not least a horrible ear ache that lasted 24 hours. Dr.joeb's wife refuses to believe that Dr.joeb had the virus despite the overwhelming symptomatic evidence. She is in denial. But she had a mild case of it that is a surprise because she has no where near the health of Dr.joeb. She had a heart attack many years ago and is diabetic. Recently, several well-known people admitted that they thought they had a normal cold but found out that they tested positive for Covid-19. Dr.joeb posed the question that if he did not have the virus then how do you explain that it is the virus that is going around with the identical symptoms of Dr.joeb? Dr.joeb's wife is hopelessly in denial. She also doubts that Dr.joeb is the reincarnation of Evariste Galois despite the overwhelming evidence.
  11. Take note that after Dr.joeb wrote this message Trump called attention to the damage done by people losing their wealth and committing suicide. Dr.joeb applauds Trump for realizing what Dr.joeb wrote about in this message regarding suicide and crime incidence. Hopefully someone advised Trump on the suicide and crime angle. Some how this message about increased suicides spread like the virus and became part of Trump's position on the virus. Dr.joeb's goal is to detoxify the Covid-19 virus situation and have everyone realize how it will be a forgotten issue in the next few years. Trump is trying to do that. Dr.joeb praises him for his somewhat belated attempt to bring reality to the issue.
  12. When will the news media burn-out on the Covid-19 virus? Dr.joeb longs to get back to the bigger issue of the coming presidency. Trump is actually trying to be a good president. It is too bad he started on the wrong foot. Now the pundits are beating his brains out for being duped by something that everyone must have known that there is no way to stop the invasion of a new virus. Remember the Swine Flu? Remember the Ebola scare? Years ago the Rhino virus wreaked havoc until herd immunity reduced it to what we call the common cold. Covid-19 will continue to plague until we develop an anti-viral shot that covers Covid-19.
  13. Dr.joeb longs to get back to the election issues. He is tired of hearing the same things being said by guests on MSNBC, CNN, and regular news. There truly is nothing new under the sun regarding the antidote for the current virus invasion. The political guests all pretty much agree with the following: 1. We need to test everyone for the virus. 2 We need to quarantine the ones who test postive. 3. The federal government has to find ways to help the states get the equipment needed. 4. We need to specially have sufficient numbers of respirators and ventilators to treat the worst 1/10 of a percent cases. 5. We need to find enough hospital spaces by using convention centers, stadiums, college dormitories,....etc.... 6. We need to find enough medically trained people to do the treatments needed by the people requiring hospitalizations 7. We need to minimize the impact of the exponentially coming new cases avoiding the peak impact 8. We need to count on eventually herd immunity will kick in like it always has for epidemics 9. We need to face the fact that most EVERYONE on planet Earth will likely get a case of the virus with at least 80 to 90 percent of the cases easily treated at home as just another cold. 10. We need to quit fear-mongering and realize that this epidemic will flat line and become just another regular cold possibility in future years. . 11. We need to face that there will always be people who get colds that evolve into pneumonia with an average of 15000 to 18000 dying per year historically from all forms of cold induced pneumonia. 12. We need to face the fact that the Covid-19 virus being knew is especially dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. 13. We need to quarantine all old folks rest homes. 14. We have to individually quarantine ourselves using the honor system that says you wash your hands frequently, you don't sneeze on others, you stay 6 feet away from others for the next few months., you need to stay away from huge people events like professional sports, movie theaters, Mardi Gras like events, parades, you need to clean surfaces touched by others.....etc.... 15. Trump has to get out of the way of progress by not making blatantly false statements and tweets and allow medical experts voice their opinions.. 16. Congress has to make funds available to shore up the economy and peoples lives. 17. Congress needs a way to get the new money where it is needed the most. That about sums 95 percent of what is repeated over and over and over.... Read it here as a reminder of what has to be done and will be done sooner or later. Go back to normal living as much as possible realizing that this epidemic will be over soon enough. Dr.joeb believes by May 1 we will see light at the end of the tunnel. And as the old joke goes hope that the light is not a train coming at us. .
  14. Dr.joeb truly believes that the virus will be under enough control to allow going back to normal living abiding by quarantine rules and the honor system of keeping distance between others. Dr.joeb believes that by mid April test kits will be freely available for all. He also believes that there will be new research that stymies some of the epidemic. Dr.joeb wishes that studies will settle the question of how much immunity is had from having a case of the covid-19 and the infectious period. Since Dr.joeb has already survived his first dose of the virus he wonders how much immunity he now has and whether he is no longer infectious to others.
  15. The honor system will work. Most folks behave according to policies that save lives. It is a no-brainer. Trump and the Congress need to find a way to make test kits available for every medical facility in the USA including doctor's offices. Dr.joeb has an appointment with his GP coming up this month. He plans to ask him whether he has a test kit. Dr.joeb's doctor is a great doctor who specializes in geriatric medicine. Dr.joeb respects his opinions on the epidemic. Dr.joeb will let you know what his doctor believes is the solution to this Covid-19 virus.
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