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    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Sorry for the typo. Adding to justices would increase our US Supreme Court to 11 Justices and not 9.
  2. Romney was known as a health care and education governor of Massachusetts but he seems to have a blind spot for university education. His positions on education were restricted to earl k12 education. Dr.joeb has restricted most of his positioning on education to the university/college level of education. Dr.joeb in the 1970-80s realized that our university teaching was becoming corrupted by professors from other nations unable to speak idiomatic English like citizens born in the USA. Gradually whole departments of high tech and science departments have become infiltrated and taken over
  3. Some of the GOP senators just don't get it. Ginsburg set them up for shooting themselves in the foot by electing going on to the spiritual world. She suffered with that cancer for as long as it took to open the GOP to shoot themselves in the foot by attempting to vet a Trump pick for the US Supreme court. The public at 62 percent want the pick to be held off until the election. No doubt there stupidity will cost them to lose a few of those tight Senator races in November. All the Dems need is to gain 4 seats and win the presidency. Trying to push though a candidate a little more
  4. Politics 101 as usual: Here is Dr.joeb's take on Ginzburg's death just before the election. It is well-known that hospitals can pull the life support unit off according to the wishes of the family. Dr.joeb was at one of those events for his brother dying of lung cancer. Euthanasia is practiced in most hospitals where they allow pulling the life support at the wish of the person's family and the person themselves who is dying. A similar thing happened to Dr.joeb's mother who was also on her death bed. That time the family was not consulted but a nurse showed up one evening when Dr.joe
  5. Clinton saved the nation from the Reagan/Bush Sr. disaster caused by the S&L bankruptcies that made new taxes. And recall Bush Sr. said "Read my lips...no new taxes". He probably had no idea of the devastation caused to the economy by the Reagan S&L bankruptcies that saw many go to prison. Mike Milken is probably still in prison. He did lots of broker deposits for astronomical loans to shyster/Mafia types. Michigan lost one of its Ivan Boesky who spent time in jail for his shenanigans. Ivan pedaled good humor by bike in Dr.joeb's neighborhood in North West Detroit. He went
  6. He even admits that he did nothing to warn our citizens of the coming pandemic. He compared it to 1917-18 Spanish Flu. He confessed to his affairs with prostitutes and payoffs. Are you reading Woodward's book Rage? Dr.joeb has read 5 percent of it already. Did you read Anonymous by Anonymous? Dr.joeb did. Anonymous are some of the good guys who protected our nation against Trump's monstrosities. One guy even hid destructive policy papers from Trump. He was his main secretary. Why do you suppose all of these brilliant lawyers and generals did that? They knew that Trump was a da
  7. Fact checkers have already did the checking. Everything Dr.joeb writes is absolutely verifiable truth. Only an illiterate idiot with little to no education believes the bullshid that comes out of Trump's mouth. Factcheckers have found 18000 and more Trump lies. Trump lies so often his followers have become immune to them. Tell Dr.joeb that Trump did not pay off prostitutes to keep quiet just before the 2016 election. That is absolutely verified by documents and testimony. Cohen went to jail for his part doing the payoff crime for Trump. There are checks that prove the i
  8. Just did a long drive along the river front close to Downtown Detroit. There were at least 3 Trump signs for every 1 Biden sign. Some would think this must mean Trump has a huge following. The truth is he is running 10 point behind Biden in Michigan. Obviously, his campaigners are swamping areas of Metro Detroit hoping that the signs will help them repeat the fiasco last year where Trump won the state by a drop in the bucket of voters. The piling on of signs is a symptom of how badly they have lost Michigan. During 2016 where they won by less than 30,000 votes Hillary virtually had
  9. Our founding fathers all did exactly what Dr.joeb does. Ben Franklin wrote his almanac with a pseudonym Poor Richard. It was common for political activists to not give their views personally. There were then and now plenty of reason to not associate views with a person but keep them objectively detached from the person. On Facebook Dr.joeb does everything personally for his friends that he selects very carefully. This forum is open to the public. So, Dr.joeb likes being like the founding fathers. And by the way Dr.joeb believes that one of his reincarnations was a
  10. You bet. Folks like Dr.joeb dislikes any one who supports a degenerate like Spanky. Have you read or listened to what Mary Trump has said about your psychopathic lying hero. Mike Cohen has confessed it all. He went to prison for the crime that Spanky actually committed. Cohen was just doing Spanky's dirty work covering up his weird affairs with prostitutes. There is plenty to hate with the behavior of the Trump bunch. As Biden has said ...we are better than that.
  11. You would have a complete change of heart were you to know that one of your family was sexually assaulted by Spanky. The man is obviously depraved. Why don't you do some fact-checking? Hillary won by 3 million votes. The idiotic electoral bulshid and the Russian using polls furnished by the slime supporting Trump gave the Russians an opening for tampering with the election. Comey did not help Hillary either with that baloney about emails that had already been checked and found to be totally legal. Hillary won the popular vote. That is the bottom line in a valid election. We are st
  12. Do you think the high and mighty Hitlerian Spanky Trump likes those commoner folks fawning on him? Realize this. He is a chameleon who pretended to be a Democrat and befriended folks like the Clintons. Fact checkers have collected 18000 or more flagrant lies by the psychopathic Spanky. And he also was a close friend of the child molester Jeff Epstein. Don't you fools supporting Spanky understand what a low-life he is? Where have you been hiding from the mile high evidence of his depravity. He even made a video about how he likes to assault women. Did you see that video
  13. Dr.joeb predicts there will be no appointment to the US Supreme Court until after the election. McConnel does not want to incur the wrath of his constituents from Kentucky by pushing for replacing Ginzburg. In addition, some of the Republican Senators prefer waiting for the election to decide who is to be president. It is likely that one way or another the replacement for Ruth Ginzburg will be after the election likely in January of 2021.
  14. What do you think about Spanky's recent insult to his goofy followers? Spanky said that he was glad about the Covid-19 virus because he did not have to shake the hands of undesirable folks. That is not actually verbatim how he said it but perhaps a mild version of what he actually said. it is clear he regards that rabble that supports him as undesirable low life morons. Trump is known as a Germaphobe. He sees himself as superior to the rabble that scream wildly at his crowded unmasked rallies. Truly Trump is a magnet for goofy idiots who believe his lies. And he is
  15. It's more like murdering a piece of a mother that is unwanted. When was the last time you went to a funeral for a fetus? Most folks believe it would be foolish to have a fetal funeral. Don't you wonder why? Allowing the Covid-19 to spread rampantly without addressing it resulting in over 100,000 unnecessary deaths is murder. Those folks who died from the virus because Spanky Trump did not do a crash program in January of 2020 to slow the virus down were real people with names, close friends and relatives, and real lives. What do you think about real mass murder? Abort
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