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    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Tomorrow Dr.joeb will explain how he follows the example of our founding fathers in not identifying himself personally with his messages. Truth is best done that way. The founding father all understood not associating themselves personally with their opinions and factual statements. Dr.joeb was known as Willing To Learn during the revolution times. In case you didn't already know it Dr.joeb is certain that reincarnation occurs. It is the only religious truth that explains mankind's ability to evolve. We are not robots. We have a spirit and a soul. And our soul is the accumulation of causes and effects knowledge that we have gained by our own behavior and other's behaviors. Our soul allows our spiritual intelligence to grasp the effects of causes. Knowing causes that effect evil results is just as important as knowing causes that make happy good effects. Knowing chains of causes and effects is what our intelligence allows us to live successfully doing good works for mankind. Trumpy thinking results in many bad chains of causes and effects that lead to disaster. This is the explanation of Karma that all must understand. If understood, then heaven and hell become a reality. Do not develop a soul that causes you to live for evil effects only. That is what Hitler did. And you may have guessed that his reincarnation as Trump is busily emphasizing evil chains of causes and effects because he wills it. Evil people like being evil. On occasion some reverse their former evil trend. Free will allows reversing hellish evil behavior. Confessing and Repenting is the royal road to cleansing the soul of only evil desires emphasizing evil chains of causes and effects.
  2. The messages following this bullshid one give all any one with half a brain to see that you are a delusionary.
  3. Have you all forgot the highly illegal payments to Stormy and other prostitutes the month before the election in 2020? The one tabloid guy covered up the story no doubt for a payment from the Donald scumbag. Who can be so stupid not to see the evil behavior of Spanky Trump?
  4. There was an element of truth even if not an exact description of the 8 issues addressed in this article. Trump lies. People die from his lies. He is a mad man fiend as every psychiatrist believes who has watched his behavior. He is a narcist fiend with no conscience. I.e. he is psychopathic and sociopathic. He is exactly the kind of fiend that should never ever set foot in our White House. He goes down in history as the major blemish on our presidencies. He will eventually be indicted. He will be forced to testify in the January 6, 2021 hearings. That will be when his morbid monstrous behavior will become public. Only the scum of the Earth will still believe his psychopathic drivel. Our democracy will eventually wipe its feet on the lunatic Trump.
  5. Tomorrow Dr.joeb will post an editorial comment based on the wisdom of Abraham Clark a founding father signer of the Declaration of Independence. It will give all of those fools a kick in their Trump rump regarding the issue of using pseudonyms in a third person way. It turns out that every political activist in those days used pseudonyms preferring not to be identified closely with their political statements. Dr.joeb believes that he is the reincarnation of Abraham Clark. Dr.joeb is married to a descendant of Abraham Clark. Dr.joeb recalls how he had puppy love crushes on many young ladies with the name Barbara prior to finally finding the right Barbara descendant of Clark. After 52 years of faithful marriage to his final love of a lady named Barbara Dr.joeb realizes that in his reincarnation he was destined to marry some one connected to our revolution. Abraham Clark died in 1794 of heat stroke. He was only in his mid 60s and still active in the USA Congress. Few know about the exploits of Clark. He was the original instigator of paper money mortgages replacing hard silver and gold. He advocated for paper money mortgages on property. Like Dr.joeb Abraham was very interested in real estate dealings. Dr.joeb is still and active Real Estate broker who has made a fair financial success in real estate investments. Abraham Clark was known for having mathematical talent. Dr.joeb believes that Abraham Clark was the life previous to his life as Evariste Galois who lived from 1811 to 1832 and solved the most impossible mathematical problems of his day. Galois Theory is taught in every major university in the world just like what will happen with Dr.joeb who has solved three of the most important science and mathematics problems of his day. Galois never was celebrated in his life. Most of his fame came in the 50 years after his death in a duel over politics at the age of 20. Some of viewers of this topic know that Dr.joeb has calculated the statistical probability of his life to Galois as 40,000 times 110 billion to one where 110 billion is about the number of people who have ever lived on planet Earth. To find two people with the same statistical probability of spiritual markers would require evolving 40,000 times the number of people who lived. This probability makes physical DNA probability look puny in comparison. In addition, that probability does not include political activity. Galois was a political prisoner in one period of his life. He was an anti-monarchist. I.e. like Dr.joeb he disliked autocracy. Also Dr.joeb nearly died from a ruptured pancreatic vein in his stomach in exactly the same place where Galois took the ball of lead to the stomach that resulted in him dying of peritonitis. This event is also not included in the statistical probability of Dr.joeb and Evariste having the same spirit and soul. Reincarnation happens. It can only be verified by finding statistical markers that allow estimating probability of two lives being connected by reincarnation. Reincarnation explains child prodigies. Dr. Ian Stevenson investigated 3000 cases of children between the age of 3 and 5 who said they remembered previous lives. Dr.joeb is certain that Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Hitler committed suicide in 1945 and Trump was born in 1946. There are many markers that tie Trump to the soul and spirit of Hitler. Though it is difficult to assign statistical probability to most markers. The circumstantial evidence of Trump being the reincarnation of Hitler is overwhelming. And as everyone knows criminals are convicted based on circumstantial evidence many times. Some criminals are on death row based on circumstantial evidence.
  6. Do you think the video of him explaining how to assault women was fake news? Do you believe that he did not encourage the Jan 6 insurrection? Do you believe he didn't praise white supremacists as good folks just like those that they attacked? Believe it. There was many instances of real news that showed Trump was acting Hitlerian. Recently, General Kelley explained how he had a personal conversation where Trump praised Hitler. Where have you been hiding from reality? Most of those 8 things mentioned were miniscule in importance and were mostly true. Everyone seems to know that except Elton. Wake up to reality. Trump is a lying bag of poop. He lost the election by 7 million votes. Only the mental dwarf bottom feeder uneducated dolts believe Trump really won the election. So far no one has explained how Biden won every poll prior to the election, if the election was tainted.
  7. What is legal and what is policy can be two different things. Probably, most police departments have their own standard policy for when an officer can use force. An officer could violate policy but be legal. Probably officers are fired for violating official policy. Look what happened in the Floyd case. In that case it appears the officer violated both policy and law according to the court decision. You are full of false contradictory opinions. Seek truth. It becomes a habit to not form idle opinions without supporting facts. You have learned from your Master Spanky Trump that facts are what you want them to be. Our news media tries to support their editorials with facts. You should trust their professional editorials more than Trump Bullshid. The FBI, CIA and other law enforcement agencies always seek real facts before they act. Do you still believe the foul-mouthed Trump claim that he won the election? If so, then you are deaf and dumb to reality. How would you explain that Biden won every poll by a substantial margin to include the Fox News polls? The election came out just like the combined polls claim with Biden winning. And he won by about 7 million votes. Do you believe the pollsters conspired? Do you believe in Trumpy conspiracy theories?
  8. Whether house or business illegal break-in is the same justifiable Homicide situation. In fact it is true on the open streets just like the Florida ruling. Many states now allow one to protect themselves when threatened. People who go around thinking they can bully others by threatening them are yearning for a bullet ventilation. Dr.joeb does not like the loose way guns are not licensed and trackable in our nation. But he believes that citizens can and should be able to protect themselves with legal registered guns. Switzerland actually requires all males to be soldiers with knowledge of gun safety and when to use them. Switzerland has virtually no crime rate. Guns are not the evil. The evil is the laws that do not protect the public from gun crazy idiots doing mass shootings with what should be an illegal weapon. Insurrectionists fall into that category even if they are not gun-wielding but having other threatening weapons. It is too bad that any one thought they could get away with attacking our Capitol buildings. Trump set the mood for that activity with his lawless behavior. Hey. If he can get away with flagrant crimes then any one can. Trump must be prosecuted to uphold our Constitutional rule of law checks and balance democracy. AMEN.
  9. Yes, if someone is in the process of breaking in your home most states would not prosecute you for stopping the break-in in any way possible including shooting the felon in the process of committing the crime. If the person breaking in is killed by your action so be it. No crime is ever assigned to someone in the act of protecting themselves from an obvious situation that could lead to your being a potential victim. Remember the Florida case?
  10. Dr.joeb agrees that the Black community has to demonstrate against the violence of blacks on blacks. It happens possibly hundreds of times more frequently that blacks kill other blacks. Generally speaking one might guess that the number of blacks saved by white cops from injury and death is 100 times or more likely than a white police officer killing a black male. Most police heroically do their job regardless of color. True there are some policemen who are closet racists. Black policemen profile other blacks as much as white police. It is a sad reality that crime rates in black neighborhoods is way more likely than in suburban white neighborhoods resulting frequently more stop and frisks against blacks. It is time to protest the number of illegal guns on the streets and make laws that register every gun and force gun training for licensing gun ownership.
  11. Trump has one last friend in the media. O'Reilly the assaulter is on his side just like Epstein. Do you think it is a coincidence that only assaulters want to be friends with Spanky Trump? It is time for all Trumpsters to confess and repent of their stupidity in believing the bullshid that came out of the mouth of Trump.
  12. Biden is close to removing the Trump Sycophant Postmaster General Dejoy from our beloved US Postal Service. He is in process of replacing 3 of the Postal Service board members who when dominated by Democrat employees will have the power to oust Dejoy. Dejoy deserves a prison term for trying to obstruct our presidential election by sabotaging the US Postal Service. He will likely be prosecuted eventually. The wheels of justice move slowly. Imprisonment should be the answer to swine who think they can alter our democratic election by sabotage. Trump and Dejoy will make good fodder for crazed inmates in prison. Believe it or not some of those crazed prisoners have a patriotic mind. Many served in the military. Generally, bad guys still love their country unlike swine such as Trumpsters. We have no choice but to reward idiots who thought they could undermine our founding father's concept of checks and balances rule of law. Hitler got his. Trump will get his, too. A nation of laws that hates autocracy cannot bear to allow morons like Trump and his Trumpsters to exist enjoying the great freedoms provided by our way of governing. It is our Constitution that leaves open the door for morons like Trump and company. They take advantage of the US freedom to stain it with their swine behavior. Our justice system is filled with patriots who understand this message. Be patient. Heads will roll. Our courts have already shot back at the puke coming out of the Trumpster lawyers trying to save a mentally deranged lying narcist.
  13. We issue guns to police for good reason. Police need to have weapons that they can use to defend themselves from potential attacks. Any one could be a threat to a police person. That is why they are very careful in dealing with the public. One of my neighbors in Detroit was a policeman who stopped a potential criminal in about 1969 and let his guard down resulting in the offender snatching his gun and shooting that policeman dead on the spot. He lived down the street from where Dr.joeb lived in North West Detroit at that time. Dr.joeb still sees his daughter in his minds eye walking down that street looking very distraught. She lost her father by him not being as careful as he should have been. You see? No one can blame the Capitol policeman for shooting the invader who might have had a gun or a bomb. No charges were even considered for good reason.
  14. Breaking a window to get in an area protected by guards invited the death of that young deluded lady from Michigan who thought she was some kind of revolutionist. Breaking the window while armed guards protecting the Capitol building shows the depth of stupid dedication to Trump's cause. Be as sorry for the Capitol policeman who shot that lady as for the lady. No one wanted to fire the shot that killed that lady but some one had to do their duty to protect others. There is no way any one in that area with armed guards could know that the person breaking the glass did not have a rifle or pipe bomb. The Capitol police knew that some of the insurrectionists had brought pipe bombs.
  15. Trivial comments come from a trivial person. Insurrect is a verb. Insurection is a noun. You can turn either into a dangling particle by add an "ing". Do you fancy yourself as some sort of self-styled grammar expert? It is a symptom of a trivial mind that dotes on commas and apostrophes. Is that who you are?
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