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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Dr.joeb has compiled a huge list of evidence that points towards Spanky Trump having the soul and spirit of Hitler. Read it. Dr.joeb usually credits where he obtained truths offered. For example, read the statistics on the economy from 2008 to 2017 offered by our very own government. You can clearly see from the statistics that Obama's two administrations cured the disaster caused by George W. Bush. Trump just inherited an economy from Obama that was in a steady state improvement. Dr.joeb predicted that the economy would go down hill in t he latter years of Spanky's huge mistakes. We are seeing it happen now. Economists are predicting that we are likely going to go into a recession based on current trends caused by the Narcist president who has no understanding of how to be a president like Obama. He is morally and intellectually totally out of place trying to be a president. He does not even know that trade wars always hurt everyone. Even his expert advisor (not so expert however) Kudlow knows the truth about tariff wars. Everyone who has studied the notion of trade wars explains there are no winners in that type of war. Spanky denies reality repeatedly. And his stupid followers think he knows what he is doing. Fortunately, 60 percent of the public knows a fool when they see and hear one. The last tally showed Spanky has made over 10,000 false statements. Why do you suppose anyone takes anything that comes out of his mouth on policy serious? Only fools like him can do that. His 40 percent of public followers are the bottom of the barrel of intellectual capacity. College graduates almost all voted against Spanky. He caters to racist White Nationalists and folks that are just plain stupid.
  2. Since Sole result has brought up the topic dr.joeb would like to analyze the mental state of our misbegotten president Spanky Trump. Trump has a mental disorder known as extreme egotism also known as Narcist behavior. He truly lives in his own reality with little ability to see how his reality fits into external reality. He makes up the reality that he wants despite its odds with external reality. For example, every time he loses he calls it a win. He was taught in his early life that he had to win every game of life. He ignores wisdom of his smartest cabinet members. Some have even called him a moron because he does not even try to see reality. Trump's disorder cannot be talked out of him. He simply hears only one voice and it is the one in his own skull. Some of his smart cabinet members did their best to prevent him from doing damage to our nation. Eventually, some threw in the towel and simply resigned or were fired. One of the characteristics of a Narcist is that they tend to blame others for obvious screw ups as a way to satisfy their ego. Trump is full of defense mechanisms like that to protect is ego.
  3. That thought never occurred. Having an active mind that loves to think has nothing to do with schizophrenia. Dr.joeb has had that condition all of his life. And he has no mental ailments even remotely resembling schizophrenia. Often Schizophrenics have bizarre thoughts that seem to have no connection to reality. Dr.joeb remembers how his Step father got up in the middle of the night and took a can of red paint to his next door neighbors home and painted his door red!!! At work Harry was sent home one day for drinking oil that he was suppose to use to oil machines on the production line. The schizophrenic often has bizarre thoughts that he or she cannot control.
  4. Dr.joeb has had personal experience with schizophrenia. His step father suffered from that mental illness. The best way to describe the way this illness manifests itself is to note that most often the victim of it behaves as though his or her mind is racing out of control. The schizophrenic seems to have no control out of the erratic fast moving thoughts that come to his mind. In truth, schizophrenia is likely a physical disorder with genetic components. It is unlikely that you or anyone can talk a schizophrenic person out of his disorder. The only thing that seems to work is drugs. And there exists an assortment of anti-schizophrenia drugs. Lithium can help the schizophrenic who suffers with manic depression. Dr.joeb's step father stayed close to normal 7 out of the last 8 years of his life. The last year the doctors took him off of Lithium. The symptoms returned and he died after a hip surgery.
  5. Don't you believe that serial killers are evil? Surely, you must have an opinion on what should be considered evil. Do the 10 Commandments work for you?
  6. How does free will fit into your philosophy? Do we not have a choice to do good or evil? How does one define good versus evil? Can you?
  7. Don't you see that if all the universe is is a static fixed object where nothing can change because it is a huge frozen-in-time-object with no ability to evolve? Your logic defies the obviousness of reality. We live in a time/space continuum. Our universe is expanding. Don't you know about the red shift that allows us to judge how fast space is expanding? Religions teach us that we have the power to fix our souls by our behavior. What you seem to say is that evil cannot be fixed. Good behavior cannot change. We have no free will despite every religion ever created by man allows for free will. You deny free will by saying that things are always the same way they always have been and cannot change/evolve. You don't really subscribe to such nonsense. Do you?
  8. You sure sound like you believe reality is nothing but a big robot... Don't you see? There is not one whit of spiritualism in your characterization of t he current population. It is just a machine that keeps producing more like what is there until extinction. Extinction is physical in your philosophy. Why won't you answer this question: Are we just physical robotic beings or do we have a spirit that temporarily occupies robotic bodies of our spirit's choice? How does God fit in to your scheme? Or do you not believe there is an intelligence orchestrating the universe? Know this. Dr.joeb does not think it necessary to believe in an intelligence that we call God. Dr.joeb believes it is most important to believe in the existence of a spiritual realm that is really where we dwell permanently unlike the temporary robot body that we choose to inhabit when living a life.
  9. Sounds like you believe in the spiritual realm but have a hard time saying it definitively. Drjoeb agrees with bits and pieces of your philosophy but disagrees with the inflexibility side of the universe. The universe continually rearranges itself. Physical reality is not fixed. Fluctuations occur in gravity holding the whole blam-ed thing together. Gravity is like Jello holding the universe together coherently obeying Newton's laws of motion. Every force in any direction is met by a gravity-jello opposite force. Gravity is the one universal physical force that impacts all other forces. It is the force that allows everything else to happen via varying wavelengths. Physicalism is the study of Gravity Jello. When you exert force in any direction the gravity-jello pushes you back with its existing force. Do you get it?
  10. Human thinking is a reflection of human spirit. Spiritualism is paramount. Think spiritually and you will be more than you ever imagined you could be. You will not fear physical death. You will understand that your spirit is only temporarily occupying a body that is wearing out with age.
  11. Now is only one point in time. We live in a time/space universe. But our souls live without limitation of the time/space universe. Soul is forever. Soul can be changed by spiritual actions. We are NOT physical robots only. We have a physical body that our spirit uses as a tool to enhance our soul. Don't you get it? You seem hopelessly and helplessly locked in to physicalism. Dr.joeb is doing his best to help you see spiritual truths.
  12. Nawww….. There is no egotistical or pecuniary reason for Drjoeb to convey truth. It is about wanting to make life better for all. It is about giving hope for eternity. It is about helping others to understand that they are more spiritual beings than physical ones. It is about helping others to believe that they have a soul that can be built to their specifications through future lives. Hopefully, this knowledge will help most to live happier lives that will prevail for eternity. Dr.joeb already has reached that stage of understanding. He cannot improve his understanding of the purpose of spiritual life.
  13. Tomorrow Dr.joeb plans to do his last final review of his proof of the famous Four Color Theorem with generalization to being the 2N Color Theorem. The generalization is powerful because it allows a new way to view quantum physics. The 2N color problem is best thought of as a nonphysical process that puts a boundary on the possible adjacencies in N dimensions. The 2N color makes sense out of rotation in N dimensional space. And rotation makes sense out of centrifugal force. And centrifugal force is what gravity really is. When the big bang occurred many physical particles were scattered having their own rotational centrifugal force that we know as gravity. And every particle became connected to every other particle by means of its repulsive centrifugal force. In essence, the gravity we experience is like a gravity Jello that when we exert force in any direction the gravity repulses it. Gravity is the universal mother force of all natural forces. It makes the other ones existence. So, how do we know gravity is a repulsive force and not an attractive one like most physicists were taught to believe? Check the Sir Arthur Edington experiment that was designed to prove gravity affected light. Sir Arthur set up equipment to measure the deflection of light coming from a star behind the sun during a syzygy. A syzygy occurs when the sun is totally blocked out by the moon. It is the blackest that sky can become. Observed by Sir Arthur was that a star blocked out by the syzygy appeared to come from a deflected angle bending around the sun despite its actual location that would not be visible due to the syzygy. I.e. the light of the star was affected by gravity bending around the sun. If gravity were an attractive force then Sir Arthur never would have seen light bending around the sun. The sun pushed the light away by its repulsive gravity force. If gravity were really attractive then clearly the sun would have sucked the lights from the star into the sun rather than pushing it away. If the sun attracted the light then there would be no visible light rays bending around the sun. You see? We have at least two reasons for believing that gravity is repulsive rather than attractive. Gravity is the unifying force that connects everything in the universe with everything else. Many of the mysteries of our universe evaporate when viewing gravity as repulsive. For example, why is every electron exactly a clone of every other electron on earth? The same could be said for most every atom, too. Probably, particles that are unstable like plutonium uranium reflect perturbances in their gravity effects. The infinities found in many of the equations describing the universe forces likely disappear when viewing gravity correctly as a repulsive force. Dr.joeb copyrighted his paper explaining that gravity is repulsive many years ago. Physics will eventually understand the truth in what Dr.joeb has theorized.
  14. Spirits remain the same from life to life. Spirits are the action arms of our souls. Your soul is the permanent Akashic record of your life. You life is composed of what you did or didn't do. Your soul is the part of you that can live forever provided God wills it. If the bible is correct the day of reckoning will determine what souls are allowed to continue existing. The bible teaches that evil souls will be banished or destroyed in the final day. Dr.joeb believes that is an innocuous optional belief. He believes that all will have the chance through many lives to build a soul that makes the soul a happy heavenly bound one. Every one has the choice to make good or bad decisions. Make only good ones. That is the best way to live. If you make a bad one then you always have the option to fix the soul damage by CONFESSING AND REPENTING.
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