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    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Read The book by Wolfe to get the details on what Bannon and a lot of other real scholars thought of Trump. They believe he is a moron.
  2. Obstruction of justice is a very serious crime. Paying off prostitutes before an election is an illegal campaign donation. Encouraging foreign intervention into our presidential election is totally illegal. And he did that publicly. Our founding fathers were very unequivocal in their demand to keep our nation free from foreign intervention. Our Constitution warns against using foreign influence. Spanky asked the Russians to hack the squeaky clean Hillary's email. His support team colluded with Putin's Russia. He laundered money. He is a co-conspirator with Mike COhen who is in jail for his part in that crime that includes Trump. Our founding fathers would have raged against that offensive behavior. But putting all that aside what we have is a psychopathic narcistic make-believe president who has not even the slightest idea of what it means to act like a real president. He must be impeached.
  3. Mueller did not say there was no conspiracy. He only said that he could not find enough evidence of conspiracy. You are twisting the results of the report to say things it did not say. The investigation of conspiracy is still very open. The circumstances point in the direction of conspiracy because of all of those Trump campaign workers having contact with Russians who were clearly answering to Putin. There is a smoking gun on conspiracy. But obstruction of justice is a certainty according to thousands of prosecutors who claim they would easily win the case against Trump for obstruction of justice, if it were possible to indict an active president according to the Constitution that provides impeachment as the proper course of action. This is what the facts are. Alternative facts is the myth made up by Trump. His poll numbers show he is one big liar. He can huff and puff and deny like he always does but facts are facts. He will be unelected one way or another. But the worst is yet to come when he is indicted, prosecuted and eventually finds himself behind his beloved walls. He mustn't be allowed to get away with his crimes against our Constitutional government or the door is left open for any president to do the same. He must be punished by the rule of law to preserve our way of life.
  4. NOpe. Dr.joeb has always said that Mueller would not try to indict Spanky. Mueller has simply paved the way with his detailed report for Congress to do the real investigation. Mueller is a diehard bureaucrat like Rosenstein. This type bureaucrat does their job within the constraints of the job. They never make BS statements like the Trumpy types. Dr.joeb never expected any dramatic action to come out of his report. He expects that he gave the report to the Congress to do their job. Mueller established the Russian collusion between the Trump support team. Spanky has received much financial support from Putin's Russia in the form of laundered Real Estate deals that are well known by Congress. Spanky can run but he cannot hide from his criminal activity. It will all come out in the end. Mueller did his part well. But his job was not to prosecute Trump. He simply accumulated the evidence needed to prosecute. Obstruction of Justice was proven unequivocally by Mueller. Collusion obviously happened. Conspiracy is still up in the air because getting evidence of quid pro quo behavior between Putin and Spanky has yet to be proven with witnesses. However, it seems pretty obvious from Spanky's behavior that he was in bed with Putin. Remember those secret meetings? Why did he have them? Why has he not given a reason for his closed door meetings with Putin? Why did he publicly ask Putin's hackers to find dirt on Hillary? There is way too much smoke not to realize that there is a real fire going on there.
  5. Take note of the NY Times article that claims Spanky wonders whether the public will demand he stay in office after his term expires or he is impeached. He is doing the same behavior of Hitler who ended Germany's democracy by becoming a dictator. Spanky may not even know that he is behaving in accordance with the contaminated soul of Hitler. Spanky gives more evidence every day that he is the reincarnation of Hitler. Spanky hates most of our nation to include the press, law enforcement agencies, and our Constitutional way of governing. Dr.joeb has correctly predicted his behavior since early 2017. And there is more to come in Hitlerian behavior. Pelosi has wondered whether Spanky will willingly leave the president's office even after he loses the election or is impeached. She has likely picked up on the evil spirit that has taken over our presidency.
  6. Mueller has never been the best shot at investigating Spanky because he was and still is restricted from prosecuting a president. Only Congress can do that. And you can bet that eventually they will file impeachment proceedings. The evidence is overwhelming that Spanky has defiled our presidency with too many crimes to enumerate in this short message. Schiff and Nadler are heading up the most important investigation that is allowed to impeach a criminal president. They will not let up. Pelosi is only temporarily avoiding recommending impeachment until she is sure the public is behind it. The next testimonies forced by subpoena will do the trick. So far Spanky has tried every illegal trick that he can come up with from his advisors who are willing to resist subpoenas in contempt of the law. They will testify or be jailed. Contempt of Congress is a major crime that can result in prison time. McGahn knows that he will eventually have to testify or face contempt of court.
  7. Happy father's day to all viewers....especially the ones that are fathers like Dr.joeb. Dr.joeb has many memories of the children growing up in our extended families. Being a father is about paying attention to the children by providing exemplary behavior full of love and concern. Our family dance school has encouraged family values for close to 30 years now. We have memories of many children growing up through activities in our dance schools. Dr.joeb has enjoyed his role of fatherliness to all of the children who have associated with our dance school. The future of America is in the young growing up to make a healthy happy productive world free of prejudice and hostility to others. Being a father is about encouraging our youth to be happy productive spiritually active human beings fostering the spirit of love and kindness towards one another. Dr.joeb feels that way about the viewers of this topic. He wishes to communicate the wisdom that he has accumulated over his almost 80 years of living on planet Earth. Dr.joeb will be 80 in October of this year. He wants very much to continue conveying what he has learned about righteous spirituality for at least another 10 years. .
  8. Spanky Trump is running scared of losing the presidency. He knows that Ziggy is out there waiting for the opportunity to spring on him. Ziggy will zig zag his name out of the presidency. Simply put we as a nation cannot afford to have a mentally deranged psychopath ignoring the rule of law that is the foundation for checks and balances. No president is an island of power in the USA. Presidents are not dictators. The House has the power to remove a president by impeachment. And that is the customary way a bad president should be removed. The House removed Andrew Johnson from his misbegotten presidency. Johnson defied the rule of law just like Trump. But Trump's defies are much worse than Andrew Johnson's.
  9. Do you see how Dr.joeb solving impossible problems in mathematics corresponds with him being the reincarnation of Evariste Galois? Galois is known for solving two famous problems as well as breaking ground on group theory. Galois is the mathematician who proved that there is no way to solve a quintic equation using standard algebra methods. He also is the guy who proved that you cannot trisect an angle with a compass and a ruler. Both of those problems were posed and unsolved for many years until Galois solved them in the early 1800s. Galois theory is taught in every major university in the world today. Galois died in a political duel at the age of 20. Dr.joeb now wins political duels in this forum regularly. And Dr.joeb is not through with publishing the solution to famous unsolved problems. By the end of summer Dr.joeb will publish his proof of the famous Four Color Problem with its generalization to the 2N Color Theorem. And besides giving a proof of the 2N Color Theorem Dr.joeb plans on submitting proof that gravity is not an attractive force but is actually a repulsive force. This revelation will end the quest for finding a Unified Field Theory that unifies the four basic forces of nature. Take heed. Dr.joeb is trying to show viewers a way of salvation. You must save yourself. You must CONFESS AND REPENT of your unrighteous behavior. Supporting a madman like Spanky is doing damage to the souls of his misguided followers. Realize this. Dr.joeb is not alone in understanding the danger of a mentally ill president. 60,000 mental health care professionals signed a petition stating that they believe Trump is mentally deranged. Countless prosecutors have said that they would prosecute Trump if he were not protected by the presidency. Bad presidents are to be impeached first. Then once out of the protection of the power of the president they can be indicted, convicted and sentenced to prison.
  10. If you checked the stats you would know that only a few GOP senators were up for election compared to the Democrats in 2016. The GOP predicted a more new GOP senators than they actually received. Moreover, the next election has a windfall of GOP senators up for re-election. They will pay for their sins supporting Spanky Trump. Some know it. McConnel is dead meat for sure. His rating his a horror story that would put him in the Tussaud Wax museum of horror. It has plummeted something like from 74 percent to 37. And he is not the only dead GOP Turkey. There are many more GOP senators up for re-election compared to the Democrats. Bush and Trump both are and were failed presidents. That is about all they have in common. Trump just has not had enough presidential time to destroy the good economy that Obama rescued from the ashes of Bush Jr.
  11. It is perfectly clear that you have no idea of what you are trying to say. Try to find a point to make before writing anything. That works.
  12. Dr.joeb recalls that his doctoral advisor Hidegoro Nakano believed that his revelations came from the spiritual world. Hidegoro was converted to Christianity. He is one of the great mathematicians of all times. His research is cited in most books on infinite dimensional spaces. Dr.joeb believes that Nakano was and is correct in this regard. You may not know but Dr.joeb has recently published his proof of the famous Fermat's last Theorem. Dr.joeb believes he had plenty of help from the spiritual world from angels that guided him to the 2 page solution of the Fermat's Problem. Sir Andrew Wiles claims that he solved the problem in a 200 page argument that was blessed by his close friends. Complex 200 page arguments are like computer operating systems. Likely such convoluted mental gymnastics has errors. At any rate no text book would use Wiles proof to verify the Fermat's Last Theorem when a 2 page solution that is air tight has been found. Dr.joeb solved that problem in 1998 but did not copyright it until 2002. In recent times due to old age Dr.joeb has decided to allow his proof to be made public. It is now published. The Fermat last problem eluded mathematicians for 360 years or so. Thousands of mathematicians and amateur ones attempted to find Fermat's 2 page solution. Dr.joeb submitted the proof to a Discrete Mathematics journal in the UK about 3 months ago. The response he received from the editor was that they were not interested in looking at it because they had so many other manuscripts from mathematicians that were invalid. Basically, the editor of that journal said that the proof can't be correct because none of the others were. Chuck you may not be the only disbeliever in spiritual assistance. But Dr.joeb has received by request much help from the spiritual world. He regularly asks for assistance when at an important decision point
  13. To Chuck's Guardian Angels. We all have these spirits that try to help us make the right decisions. Anyone that you have ever loved who died is likely to be at your side when needed provided their spirit has not re-incarnated. The spirit of Jesus is the most powerful one on everyone's side. Dr.joeb does not believe that praying to a nebulous creator works best. Though it is not a bad idea. And most religions preach it. The salient fact is that an atheist who does not believe in the existence of an omnipotent creator may still believe in the existence of a spiritual world. I.e. the belief in God is not as important as the belief that we are spirits and spirits exist everywhere. And the belief that we have a database known as the soul accompanies each life that you live. And each life that you live can modify your soul. Hopefully, you modify it in a positive way emphasizing development of talents, love of mankind, and righteous behavior. Most try to do that. However, there are evil spirits who actually invert good and evil. To such evil black spirits building an evil soul is considered good. Fortunately, there are not too many of those. For example, Hitler has a predominantly evil soul but even Hitler was not totally evil. His spirit likely is the one that Trump inherited. There are signs that Trump may have many internal conflicts due to the soul he inherited. At times it looks like he is trying to fix the damage. But the soul dominates the mentality making it difficult to make righteous behavior. We see that in Trump as he continually says things that he has to reverse to limit political damage. He is the most conflicted president we have had in recent years.
  14. Giving proof of his payoffs for Trump's escapades with prostitutes just prior to the vote in 2016. Cohen supplied evidence of the conspiracy with Trump to hide Trump's dirt.
  15. Chuck makes up baloney that he thinks must be facts. Chuck lives in his skull just like Spanky. Dr.joeb would be happy to see Chuck enter the real world with him. Come join Dr.joeb in the real world. It will be good for Chuck to lift the fog in his mind. Dr.joeb is praying hard for Chuck to overcome his mental affliction.
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