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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Think about it. Why do we have government? It is not about some nebulous mass of people who yearn to be free since they already won the revolution against Great Britain. It is not about a nebulous mass of people. It is about what they want and need in the way of how government is run. I.e. government action is about making we the people stronger and more survivable. You so-called lame notion of a socialist that you cannot even define is stupid. Why do you engage in such stupidity? It is clear that everyone is a socialist in the sense that we believe in having a government that tries to make policies and laws that help our nation survive in a good way with jobs and income. Good politicians recognize that they are suppose to work for the people by structuring government in a way that we survive with maximum well-being of all.
  2. So, what is your point? Socialism is just government action. Every politician that has ever lived believes in government action or there would be no government. Forming a nation is all about government action. The point is that all politicians at least claim to want to make everyone better off with their social policies. Isn't that what government is all about? You would not think that by watching FrankenTrump use the presidency for himself. He obviously cares nothing about the people who make the country work. They are referred to normally as the working classes. Garbage collectors, plumbers, road paving companies, carpenters, administrative workers,.....etc These are the kinds of people who government is suppose to work for. Bernie would like to improve on some of the policies. He believes that our youth deserve a chance to get trained and educated without going into horrible debt. After all, these are the young folks who are to fill the working class jobs. We sure need them to keep our nation running. Health care is another of those programs that every other civilized nation has installed as a way to treat illness in a way to avoid bankruptcy. Canadians do not lose their home from an extended illness. Bernie has the right ideas for social reform. Kudos for Bernie.
  3. Trump might try to do that. But even the GOP Senate will be repulsed by such an action. They know that horrible crimes against our nation were perpetrated by Stone, Manafart, Flynn, Gates, and others.
  4. Yes, FrankenTrump is a worried autocrat communist style person, if he is allowed to be one. Good observation by personreal. Though it appears he is accusing Dr.joeb of communist activity. Dr.joeb is a die hard Democrat Republicanist. In Dr.joeb's previous life as Evariste Galois he was known to be a Republicanist. Galois was an anti-monarchist. It cost him his life in a duel with a monarchist named Pierre D'herbinville who was a sharp shooter. Galois essentially committed suicide by agreeing to that duel. He didn't even bother to take a second with him because he knew that he had little to no chance of survival. He was only 20 at his suicidal death. But he revolutionized mathematics of his day. Dr.joeb hopes that he can live up to his reputation when he lived the life of Galois. He has published 3 articles so far. He has many more to go. Most of Dr.joeb's mathematical research is already done but needs to be updated. If you are mathematically inclined you should go to Scholar Journal of Applied Sciences and Research and look for the article by keying on Fermat. You will see why literally thousands of amateur and professional mathematicians failed to find a solution to that puzzle that started in about 1657 and was finally resolved by Dr.joeb in about year 1997.
  5. For now Trump is in bed with all autocrats especially the so-called ex-communist Putin. He would like to have absolute power like Hitler. In a sense he is Hitler without the power of Hitler. Hitler assassinated every one he thought was an enemy in the Nazi party. The Nazi part was not formed by Hitler. He took over the leadership by assassinations. Trump would do the same if he thought he could get away with it. He likes assassinators like Putin, Prince of Saudi, and Kim Jun. He would order the assassinations of assorted Democrats like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and everyone in the Democrat party, if he thought he could get away with it. Dr.joeb suspects that Trump may be even plotting a coup d'├ętat in case he knows he will lose the election. He still thinks he can pull another 2016 with Russian help.
  6. Don't count out that wily character. He is appealing the conviction that looks bogus. His problem is he confronted Nike with deep pockets. They no doubt lawyered him to death. But he can appeal. It is never over until the fat lady sings. I still maintain that Kate Smith was the fat lady. True many believe that it was the fat lady in an opera. Probably, it is both. He lost Daniels as a client. So, not much will come of that FrankenTrump debacle unless it is decided by a prosecutor to go for Trump when he is ousted from the presidency in Jan 2021. Do you like dr.joeb's new pet-name for Trump? FrankenTrump sees fitting. But Dr.joeb has toyed with Trumpula reminding one of Dracula. What do you think? Should it be FrankenTrump of Trumpula? Dr.joeb likes FrankenTrump the best. He is a monster and a stupid brutish one at that.
  7. So, he had a token half-hearted effort. He did not choose to mix it up in the stupid caucus in Iowa with 20 others doing that. He preferred to separate himself from the pack. Obviously, he knew he had no chance in NH because Bernie owns Vermont and NH. Can't blame Joe for saving his real campaign for the rest of the nation...especially since now the race has boiled down to possibly 5 candidates but only 3 are likely to have a real shot at the nomination. Bernie, Joe, and Bloomberg are the only 3 left standing after the next few weeks. Dr.joeb would not bet against Bloomberg despite the Stop and Frisk error that he made in NY City. He apologizes for that mistake. He would not make that same error again. He is not a racist like Spanky. It will be a real dog fight going to the end. Dr.joeb still favors Joe Biden because of his vast experience in federal government and international politics. He is identified with Obama. And Obama is still the most popular president of today. Dr.joeb knows that who ever is the final nominee will wipe the floor with the monster Frankentrump pretending to be a president.
  8. Do you feel in the political air the undoing of Spanky? Recall how reckless Hitler became in his last days before he committed suicide. Hitler hated the German people and blamed them for the loss of the war. Spanky has already started his hatred for the USA people. Disrespecting the USA national anthem gives a hint of how his mind is unraveling just like Hitler. He is re-enacting the final days and months of Hitler's crazy attempt to control the world. Even Trump's wife was showing respect for the flag and the anthem by holding her hand over her heart and looking very somber. Spanky was goofing around pretending to be the director of the orchestra playing the anthem and smiling like he enjoyed his disrespect for our nation. Spanky is coming unglued. Barr knows something horrible is going on with Spanky. He won't be able to cure Spanky's mental disorder any better than all of those other guys like Tillerson, General Kelly, and more. Barr made a bargain with an evil force and now he must find a way to escape the repercussions. Many have already deserted the sinking ship. Meanwhile Spanky pretends like he is having a huge victory. And his muttonhead followers are glowing with joy because they believe his nonsense. Recall the glow of the German people when Hitler gave those rousing speeches. They are the same kind of fools who believed in Nazi Germany.
  9. Good news! Dr.joeb has accepted his 3rd research article to be published in the Scholar Journal of Applied Sciences and Research. This article uses partial differential equations along with calculus integration to find how to stock parts for a large fleet. Dr.joeb created this mathematical research working for the US Army. It was used for provisioning spare parts for US Army systems. Dr.joeb designed and coded the software that does the actual calculations to find the best way to provision spare parts. The interesting thing about the article is that the optimization shows that weighting factors like mean time to repair and storage capacity are not relevant. Dr.joeb has many more research articles to publish. Most of the research and application was done while working for the US Army in the period 1976 to 1997. During that period Dr.joeb was doing lots of individual research in pure mathematics. It was in 1997 that Dr.joeb decided to solve the Fermat's Last Theorem in 2 pages like Fermat claimed he had done in 1657. 350 years have gone by with no one until Dr.joeb came up with a way to prove Fermat's last Theorem in two pages like Fermat. Basically Dr.joeb solved what was considered near impossible to find a 2 page proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Literally thousands of mathematicians both professional and amateur have tried and failed to come up with the proof. Any one interest in seeing or obtaining a copy of the proof would have to buy one from the Scholar Journal of Applied Sciences and Research who published the proof last summer. It was the first of three research articles published in that Journal by Dr.joeb. Dr.joeb wants to remind you that Evariste Galois solved the major historical problems of his day, too. He did his research from 1811 to 1832 when he died in a duel over politics. His work was hardly recognized for many years. Galois solved the famous problem of proving you cannot trisect an angle with a compass and ruler. In addition, Galois proved that it is impossible to solve a five degree polynomial equation. Both of these problems had been attempted by thousands of mathematicians before Galois solved them. Do you still doubt that the spirit of Dr.joeb is the same spirit of Evariste Galois? Comprenez vous? Pourquois vous ne croyez pas que Dr.joeb est la spirite de Galois?
  10. Obama shid out more intelligence than you have brain power. You are in bad need of confessing and repenting. Why do you debase your soul? Do you think you are worth nothing? You have a sick soul. Fix it or live in hell with it. CONFESS AND REPENT NOW for your own good.
  11. Dr.joeb should remind you also that Professor Dr. Ian Stevenson head of a Psychology department in a Virginia university investigated the lives of 3000 children between the ages of 3 and 5 who remembered previous lives. Dr. Stevenson published a number research articles on reincarnation. Do you see? The question is simple. Are we just sophisticated physical robots capable of making more robots like us or are we spiritual and physical? The preponderance of evidence from ghost hunting and other paranormal occurrences suggests that the world is not just physical but is also spiritual. There are evil spirits as every exorcist priest knows from personal experience. The known facts are quite clear. We are spiritual and physical entities. Our spirit is more important because it does not die like a physical body. Dr.joeb believes that his spirit when in the spiritual form between lives chose a life as his current one to make others aware of reincarnation. Reincarnation takes the sting out of physical death. But more than that it makes you realize how important it is to build a healthy soul full of good karma. GO FORTH AND CONFESS AND REPENT. It is the way to fix soul damage. Do not let evil minds like Spanky corrupt your soul.
  12. Some of SPanky's close supporters are now looking for a way to save their careers. Barr is wiggling out of his predicament at the moment. He's not good at it. He will be punished eventually. Spanky cannot make the landing softer for them. Stone is a stone's throw away from his prison term. It won't go lightly for him when he is pitched into a concrete cell with bars. There will be little sympathy for the close supporters of Spanky. Ex-supporters are also getting into the same mode of operation. Lately General Kelly is opening up his slant on his Spanky years. Truly, only a fool will take a position offered by Spanky. He is a sadist and masochist going from one extreme to the other according to what ever nonsense is going on in his skull. Is this the kind of president our founding father deserve? Many of them were willing to give up every thing to free our nation from Great Britain. Character counts. Spanky has evil character. Dr.joeb knows that Spanky is operating with the soul of Hitler. He has no idea who he is. He does not see the forest for the trees. Do you think it just a coincidence that Spanky was born in 1946 and Hitler committed suicide in 1945? Where do you suppose the spirit of Hitler landed? Consider this. Dr.joeb has explained how he found a previous life as a mathematician who solved famous problems just like Dr.joeb. Dr.joeb's son, 2 grand fathers, and the mathematician Evariste Galois have the same birth date of Oct 25. The odds of that is one out of 365 (neglect leap year) to the fourth power or 17.7 billion to one. Dr.joeb's father committed suicide just like Evariste's father. The odds given of Dr.joeb's and Galois lives are about 40,000 times 110 billion to one making physical Dna look puny in identifying criminals. And the odds given do not even include that both Galois and Dr.joeb were political activists with the same mind set. Finally Dr.joeb almost died at 32 from a karate demonstration that tore open his stomach interior at a place where Evariste took the ball of lead in his fateful lsuicidal duel over politics. Dr.joeb is proving to you viewers that reincarnation happens. And the behavior of Spanky is clearly the same behavior that Hitler exuded in his miserable cruel murdering life. Spanky says he can shoot some one on mainstreet. He is not kidding. He holds no sympathy for his victims like Hitler. He has no ability to empathize Hitler surrounded himself by generals just like Spanky. Hitler was a lowly corporal who no doubt was forced into the German army for the 1st World War. Spanky simply dodged the draft for Vietnam. Both of these miserable lives were full of cowardice. Both sadistically found ways to kill innocents. Both singled out a minority to gain power. Spanky will end up in the junk pile of history just like Hitler. When will you believe like Henry Ford that reincarnation is a reality? It is the only way to explain child prodigy. It is the only way to allow for a God that loves his creatures with free will. It is truly the only sensible religious belief about life that is possible according to Henry Ford who believed he had extraordinary gifts for doing mechanical things base on previous lives.
  13. Dr .joeb forgot to mention SPanky's disrespect of our national anthem. Didn't you see him not standing with his hand over his heart during the national anthem. It was on most news channels as a video. He pretended be the orchestra director instead of standing seriously showing love for the nation. He tried to make a joke of our anthem. What kind of an ashole be he? No president in history would have tried to make a joke of our Star Spangle Banner anthem. He is a sick mind who lives only in his only skull. He cares nothing about anything but himself in what he believes is a winning role but it is the worst losing role ever played by a president. The GOP Senate allowed this monster to continue. They will pay the price for their idiocy in 2020 elections.
  14. Creating a non-representative Senate was only done to unite the states in the late 18th century some of which would have prefered to be their own nation. We as a nation was not so united at that time. That notion is obsolete as all hell nowadays. State borders are not important when considering the federal government actions. All states are suppose to be treated the same by the federal government . The Interstate highway system crosses all borders. Generally, federal programs are not suppose to treat states in a way that gives one preference over the rest. Giving two senators to California and Wyoming is obviously stupid and unfair to California voters.
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