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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. At this time we have too many rock-head politicians who do not want to see the whole picture of our being a small contributor to the make up and safety of our universe. Climate change is on a path to destroy our small contribution to the universe. One Democrat and the whole GOP group of senators are ignoring the most important issue of our times to save our planet. That is the motivation for Dr.joeb composing his new research article. He wishes to get our politicians all giving the highest priority to keeping our planet inhabitable. We cannot sustain our planet by ignoring it any more than we can keep using anything without maintaining it. Do you understand that any amount we set aside for planet safety is cheap compared to the consequences of global warming? We cannot afford to not addressing the issue of maintaining our planet habitable. It does not matter whether we allot 3.5 trillion or 10 trillion to saving our planet. That number is all but meaningless. The world economy must absorb the cost of saving our planet regardless of what number of trillions is allotted. Such an allotment only means that we are willing to allot any amount needed to fix the continuing damage being done by fire, hurricanes, flooding, and any natural disasters caused by global warming.
  2. We are winning the virus war. The economy is growing. We quit losing lives in Afghanistan wasting money nation-building. Jobs are more plentiful than ever. We need immigrants to work our farms, fast serve restaurants, house building and other jobs needed to be done. So, who do you think you are bullshiding. The only thing that has not come up to expectation is the slow moving on indicting Trump and his bunch. But that is a problem that does not seem to have a cure in our democratic Constitutional government that leaves too many loopholes for delaying justice. Trump will get punished eventually. Biden has not much power to do anything about the slow moving justice system in the USA. It is the way our fair-minded government works leaving too many appeals.
  3. Dr.joeb is working hard on a paper that basically is a how to make a universe. Sounds grandiose but it is about time someone came up with an article on how the great spirit constructed our universe. The article when finished will give an overall view of the strategy the great spirit used to build our universe. The title for this paper will be something like "Quarks to Infinite dimensionality". quarks make protons. Protons make neutrons. All atoms in the universe are made that way from quarks. And all of that quark business happens in an infinite dimensional universe. This article will apply the 2N color theorem published by Dr.joeb some time ago on both the micro and macro way of viewing the universe. The 2N color theorem characterizes the limitations of possible adjacency on both the micro and macro way of viewing the universe. It is the ideal way tol capture the big picture of our universe's construction. Since all politics relates to our universe this paper applies readily to politics and government.
  4. Dr.joeb Will be 82 tomorrow Oct 21. He will have a very happy birthday blessed with good health and love in his life. Dr.joeb hopes to foster the same happiness to all others. Truth marches on with or without us. Conveying truth is the only gift that Dr.joeb has to offer to any one. It is much easier to give than receive. Receiving truth means confessing and repenting often. Willing to learn is the most important virtue any one can have. May the spirits bless all viewers of this topic giving a mindset ready to receive and accept truth.
  5. Psychology and Political Science are inseparable. Knowing what motivates oneself is just as important as the motivation. Do you know why you are motivated for your political beliefs? This is the key to understanding ones emotional make-up in every aspect of a happy successful life. Just start meditating on those facts of life that make you think the way you do. Politics is just one important area that ties to ones feelings. Why do you prefer driving a Toyota or Honda over a US built car for example. Dr.joeb has never purchased anything other than an American made car. His deceased father worked for a division of GM. He w as also a Union Steward. Dr.joeb has always favored the Democrat as his voting record corroborates. However, now he knows why he has that state of mind...especially in view of the mess made by Bush Jr. and Trump administrations. Go forth and think of why you have beliefs about most anything but especially about politics because who leads the country politically affects everyone's life whether they like Democrats or Republicans.
  6. Dr.joeb is not a professional psychologist but he knows enough about that subject to understand what motivates many of us. There are two very basic modes of thinking that everyone seems to own without knowing they are forming opinions based on these two modes of mentality. Psychologist label these modes of mentality as Sublimation and Transference. Sublimation is characterized as a person's hostility is covered up by innocent jokes attacking others. Also sublimation takes the form of covering up hostility with fake nicety. Dr.joeb confesses that he is a guilty frequently of covering up internal hostility at a a viewer with innocent joking. For example for a long time Dr.joeb used the comical action of dunk tanks to innocently joke away a grievance with a viewer. He apologizes to any one who was offended by his dunk tank joking. But he basically is sincere in his attitude towards others when he behaves gracious to them with friendly words. Transference behavior is much more subtle and can be damaging to a person's relationships with others unknowingly. Transference comes about from a negative experience that colors their relationship with similar recurring confrontations with others who just do not understand why they are the object of hostility. The best way to describe the mental mechanism is by an example. Dr.joeb has a close relationship with a female member of his family that was infected badly by Transference. This woman was assaulted by a man in her early young years. Later she married the love of her life and had a child. Life went well until the male love of her life left her alone with her baby for another young lady. This event set up a Transference of that horrible life's event to where any woman who caused her to lose a man out of close relationship to her became evil even if the unwitting women who became the recipient of her lost man sincerely wanted to have a close relationship with the women living the transference mentality. I.e. the transference caused much contrived hatred towards the woman who was instrumental in extracting the man out of a major role in her life. This syndrome is the basis for mother-in-law hostile behavior towards women who take their sons away. The transference pattern can and does persist sometimes for the whole life of the person living the Transference. Any women or man who is perceived as taking someone away from their close relationship with a loved one will be the object of their scorn and hatred based on imagined evil acts of the object of their transference without knowing the mental state that causes their transference of hatred towards the innocent person who does not understand why they are being scorned. Do you see how Transference might be a powerful factor in hatred being expressed in politics? The mentality of Transference could be the main basis for political hostility towards others perceived as "liberals' or 'Rightees". Dr.joeb tries actively to not acquire hostility towards viewers by Transference. It is difficult sometimes to avoid Transference. Dr.joeb tries to understand others based on objective facts and not the wild imagined Transference mentality. Dr. joeb with this message has taken a page out of the book of Rachel Maddow who is remarkable at avoiding negative Transference.
  7. Do you know the secret about MSNBC news? If you don't then you are missing something very important. MSNBC gives all of the best News stories to Rachel Maddow first and then to O'Donnell next. The reason for this is obvious. Rachel is an incredible explainer of complex big news stories. O'Donnell matches her ability to a great degree. But Rachel is very special. You always go away from her program knowing the best news stories told by the best political commentator in history. So, start listening to Rachel and Lawrence every day during the week and sometimes both do special commentary on weekend. Hannity is a first class nothing ball who believes he has a divining rod for finding the make-believe mythical 'liberal' and 'conservative'. Tucker is as bad at telling political stories as he was as a dancer on Dancing with The Stars. Poo on those two. They have it coming. They are destroying Fox with their nothing burger comments.
  8. Do you see the picture of Dr.joeb? Does he have Belly Bloat? Hell no. He did his 1.5 miles of running/walking today besides extricating his lawn mower. Dr.joeb will be 82 in 8 days on Oct 21. He admits that he has a little rim of extra tummy fat that he uses for energy when doing heavy duty lifting. 2 hours ago Dr.joeb was extricating his 500 pound lawn mower from mud using his 2001 Jeep and a towing belt. Dr.joeb is a tired octogenarian. Dr.joeb needs food and rest. What is there not to love about Dr.joeb? He loves all you viewers even when you have bad opinions. He respects others opinions. He even changes his mind sometimes. Remember Dr.joeb lived the life of the Signer Abraham Clark whose pseudonym was "Willing to Learn". Clark published his political thoughts in the intelligencer. He was a political activist just like he is today in Dr.joeb's body. You see? Spirits only grow better normally. But growing better to those not willing to learn can mean becoming meaner and more evil. Trump is a borderline case on soul recovery. Sometimes he seems penitent but mostly he just blathers on and on about how he won the election that anyone with a grain of common sense knows is BULLSHID on steroids.
  9. You know what? Forty two percent of our population is full of feces due to a malfunctioning colon. Just look at all of those obese politicians like Trump. He is almost as wide from the side as the front. That can happen not from just being fat but it is at least half from belly bloat. Bellies that swell up are not just fat. The hardened feces causes at least half of the swelly belly. Folks with this condition frequently have confused mind from the awful backup of poison in their blood. Clear thought is impossible to attain with a swollen belly full of poopoo. This explains the dilemma of Trump and many others. Have you noticed how Democrat politicians have much less belly bloat as GOP politicians? Think about it. Biden is a svelte oldsters who looks in peak shape for his age. Swalwell and Schiff are two other wiry healthy looking guys. Just take a good look at the GOP senators. Notice their swelly bellies. Barr typifies the typical GOP politician full of poopoo as does Giuliani, for example. Trump favored fat guys with hopeless belly bloat like Barr because they are like him. His secretary of state was another example. Postmaster Dejoy is another fatty, too. Make no mistake Dr.joeb knows there are a few belly bloaters in the Democrat party. But there are damned fewer Democrats with swelly bellies compared to the GOP ones. GOP thinking nowadays caters to obesity. .
  10. Do they know what planet she is from? She looks a lot like a Japanese woman. Maybe Chinese?
  11. Do you see how this message should help understand that our universe is more than a physical reality? If so, then start working on fixing your life so that it plays in tunes that work for you. Hopefully they will not be evil ones. The choice is everyone to make. Some will not gravitate towards the good preferring evil.
  12. Dr.joeb is learning how a Neural network works. Neural networks offer an opportunity to do a holistic evaluation of a complex situation. Neural networks find application in Particle Physics, stock market prices, political elections, health and any complex situations where input covers a wide range of related and unrelated factors. The Neural network is patterned after our own human being way of living and surviving. At this time Neural networks have been developed to describe the life of a common house fly. Our brains have and order of ten to the eleventh power of Neurons that describe how our intelligence works. Some day there will be a Neural network that totally gives a description of how human intelligence reacts to inputs. There will be a high probability of using such a highly developed network to make predictions about how people vote, avoid health problems, find indicators of coming health problems, and much more. Dr.joeb just acquired a book titled "Neural Networks" by Michael Chester. This is an amazing book to read. For those among us who are pure Physicalists this book will help them support their belief that we are robots. Dr.joeb knows that is not true but if you want to make a case that we are nothing but sophisticated robots then this is a book for you. Atheists like Ronald Reagan, jr. no doubt will subscribe to this book's thesis. Ronald calls himself an "unabashed atheist". Ronald ignores totally the huge amount of empirical data suggesting that spirits exist. Dr.joeb's new research article now in the early stages of composition will give much fuel to the notion that our lives can exist at many dimensions to include ones that are likely the location of the notion of heaven and possibly hell. Dr.joeb believes there is a possibility that our spirits are like physical waves that can operate at different key levels based on the existence of the dimension of existence. Every one knows that in music there are 12 different keys in which you can play any tune. Analogously Dr.joeb believes that the human spirit can exist in different keys that are essentially the same tune at similar frequencies some of which appear only as ghosts. It makes sense that ghosts very likely are a key played that once played in a different key in the four dimensional reality where they once played in a key that worked in our four dimension level of the multi dimensional universe.
  13. Dr.joeb traveled 500 miles over the weekend going to his home in Western Michigan and later a side trip to Shipshewana Indiana. He kept a constant lookout for Trump/Pence signs on that lengthy travel. Guess what? He only found one. So, where did all of those embarrassing signs go? Dr.joeb cannot find anyone who admits their folly at believing in Trump. Today while cutting grass at his home in Western Michigan a neighbor that he met for the first time asked me if I was a Trumper. I said no. He shook my hand warmly and smiled. Now Western Michigan has been a strong hold for the GOP for the better part of the last 75 years. He no doubt got some of those Western Michigan folks to vote for him purely from their allegiance to the GOP over the years. They know better. And the election proved how smart they are now. He will never ever win enough votes in Michigan again. The GOP use to be the brainy party. And it failed to use its brain in 2016 but that is dead history. The GOP will come back to life when they bounce all of those foolish GOP senators who supported Trump. It will happen in the next election. The GOP is dead in Michigan.
  14. Science marches on and occasionally trips but not on assessing climate change. You don't have to be a genius scientist to see photos of the ice caps melting. Al Gore showed you plenty of pictures. Now any one with even ordinary intelligence should know about the phenomena of evaporation. Ice does not evaporate any where near as much as liquid water. Now that we have capability to evaporate more of our growing liquid ocean water due to shrinking ice caps guess where that water goes? Imagine billions and billions (quote from Carl Sagan) of pounds of new water in the Earth's atmosphere? Do you see that billions and billions of tons of new water in the atmosphere finds a way to increase flooding, hurricanes, shrinking ocean coasts, climate change, and a continuing horror of devastation to human life on planet Earth. You don't need to be a scientist to see this happening.
  15. Trump and his cronies still do not want to admit there was no massive fraud in any of our state's elections. Their own hired auditors could not find anything but a paltry number of votes that should have been counted as Biden votes. Still these mentally defective Trumpsters want to believe bullshid election fraud. Any one with half of an ass for a brain should be able to reason that all of the polls showed Biden winning. The election reflected the average of all of the polls that even included a sympathizer for Trump in the Fox Network polls. What kind of assos still insist Trump won. He is a lying fraudulent Narcist who believes he can make up his own reality. What is amazing is that so many think his reality has something to do with the real reality. Get a brain, assos. Our nation's survival bases on having smart guys with high intelligence and education running it. Being a president and actually doing the job requires someone with extraordinary intelligence and knowledge of our way of governing. A nincompoop like Trump cannot possibly run a complex country like ours. Everyone knew it in his close support team. Listen to some of the generals explaining that Trump had no ability to understand anything at even a low level of complexity. Trump has no analytic ability whatsoever. He could not pass one of dr.joeb's introductory calculus classes due to his limited intelligence and desire to use the little that he has. Amen. Only fools vote for fools.
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