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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Patriotism does not mean you cannot find fault in your nation's policies. Bashing Trump seems very appropriate as the patriotic thing to do. We do not ever want a president to be cozy with dictators like Trump. Realize this. Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. He wants to be a dictator again just like Kim Jun UN, Vladimir Putin, and the Saudi prince. He has not cured the very bad Karma that he received in his life as the Fuhrer in Nazi Germany. Some Voters were fooled by Spanky Trump. They voted without knowing shid about his abilities or character. And even when the damned fools found out that he liked to assault women they continued supporting this Basturd. What kind of fools are they? The worst kind of stupid unintelligent uneducated idiots who do not fact check and probably could not even do it if they tried because you have to be able to read unlike Spanky who does not read. Spanky is an illiterate loud mouth who has not the faintest idea of how our nation is a system of checks and balances works with no one branch of our government as an all-powerful dictator. Spanky does not get this basic fact taught to 5th graders.
  2. The Mueller report was accurate to the minute detail. There were no proven lies or distortion of reality. The witnesses who testified to the quid pro quo using tax dollars to help his campaign was not invented by Dems. In fact, all of the shenanigans of Trump since 2016 were real. The tape describing his assaultive behavior was not made up by Dems. His payment to quiet Daniels and the other prostitute were not made up by Dems. Trump has busily dug his own devastative political grave. All the Dems (like Schiffer) did was report the real facts. Only a fool would claim that the Dems made up Trump's atrocious behavior. He did it. They did what had to be done and expose the clown that Trump is. Where have you been hiding from substantiated truths? You do your self a grave injustice not to know real provable facts about the behavior of Trump. He was not impeached for no good reason. He committed verifiable crimes. In fact, he is a co-conspirator in the Cohen case that resulted in a prison term for Cohen. He has evaded the law that says he should have been prosecuted only because of the custom that says a president is not suppose to be indictable. But cheer up. As soon as he is out of the presidency he will likely receive an indictment for the crime that he and Cohen committed together. He is likely the first president ever to face a jail term. It is unlikely a Democrat president will pardon Trump.
  3. There is a beautiful story of how Paramahansa Yogananda felt some guilt that a young boy named Kashi dying. shortly after the age of 12. Yogananda told the boy that he would not live much longer. Sure enough the boy named Kashi died a few years later. Yogananda must have felt guilt. So, he meditated and prayed with all of his might that he could find Kashi in a new life that he was sure had to happen. At some point his prayers were answered and he actually found the home with the mother expecting the new life of Kashi. Here is the way Yogananda described his finding the new life of Kashi. BEGIN QUOTE Chapter 28 Of Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda: The thought became almost audible as I concentrated on my heart radio. In the characteristic, slightly hoarse whisper of Kashi, I heard his summons again and again. I seized the arm of one of my companions, Prokash Das, and smiled at him joyfully. " It looks as though I have located Kashi!" I began to turn round and round, to the undisguised amusement of my friends and the passing throng. The electrical impulses tingled through my fingers only when I faced toward a near-by path, aptly named Serpentine Lane." The astral currents disappeared when in other directions. "Ah, I exclaimed, "Kashi's soul must be living in the womb of some mother whose home is in this lane." My companions and I approached closer to Serpentine Lane, the vibrations in my upraised hands grew stronger, more pronounced. As if by a magnet, I was pulled toward the right side of the road. Reaching the entrance of a certain house, I was astounded to find myself transfixed. I knocked at the door in a state of intense excitement, holding my very breath. I felt that my long and unusual quest had come to a successful end. The door was opened by a servant, who told me her master was at home. He descended the stairway from the second floor and smiled at me inquiringly. I hardly knew how to frame my question, at once pertinent and impertinent. "Please tell me, sir, if you and your wife have been expecting a child for about six months?" "yes, it is so," Seeing that I was a swami, a renunciate attired in the traditional orange cloth, he added politely, "Pray inform me how you know my affairs." When he heard about Kashi and the promise I had given, the astonished man believed my story. " A male child of fair complexion will be born to you, "I told him. "He will have a broad face, with a cowlick atop his forehead.. His disposition will be notably spiritual." I felt certain that the coming child would bear resemblances to Kashi. Later I visited the child, whose parents had given him his old name Kashi. Even in infancy he was strikingly similar in appearance to my dear Ranchi Student (Kashi). Years later the teen-age boy wrote me, during my stay in America. He explained his deep longing to follow the path of a renunciant. I directed him to a Himalayan master, who accepted as a disciple the reborn Kashi. END OF QUOTE Yogananda gives testimony to the process of reincarnation in chapter 28. Dr.joeb knows for certain that reincarnation happens because of his discovery that he is the reincarnation of a political activist mathematician named Evariste Galois who died in a duel at 20 over politics and a girlfriend. Do you get it? Everyone and any one can live new lives because we are principally spirits and not robotic flesh and blood. Our spirits can return to physical life as many times as wished.
  4. Dr.joeb invites any one interested in his musical hobby to visit his facebook. Since Dr.joeb was a youngster of the age 5 he has had a hobby of music. He mastered many techniques for composing music during the last 75 years. If you go to Dr.joeb's facebook you will find about 10 videos of a cross section of Dr.joeb's musical hobby including vocal, classical, jazz, blues, slow rap, and compositions by Dr.joeb. Keep in mind Dr.joeb is a hobbyist and not a professional musician. He has a number of professional musician friends in his facebook. Generally, Dr.joeb does not wish to add new friends unless he knows them personally. But his face book is public. So, all are welcome to visit and see the videos. Dr.joeb always tries to explain the content of the video. So, you will hear Dr.joeb's comments. Let us all pray that our nation will continue being a beacon of light for the rest of the world. We definitely need to improve international relationships. Biden is our best hope. Vote right. Trump was not even a good business man let alone qualified to be a president of the USA that requires extraordinary experience. In case you do not know Dr.joeb's real life name is Joseph Brierly. He is a doctor of mathematics.
  5. Happy Fourth of July to all viewers regardless of their politics. Know that Dr.joeb cares for everyone's well-being. Tomorrow is a day to celebrate our great nation's birthday. Dr.joeb wishes to advocate spirituality in this topic. He believes that our nation needs to embrace spirituality to save our planet. We need to see our selves as spiritual beings rather than physical robots. Robotic behavior is behind the horrible violence committed against one and another. Dr.joeb abhors the violent demonstrations that have no value to solve an existing problem. Violence only creates more violence. We need to communicate with one another to resolve differences. There is no way to solve a problem with a gun. Too many think that the only solution to a disagreement is violence. Dr.joeb wants demonstrations against our youth killing each other over nothing of consequence. It is easy to understand the demonstrations against police violence but the violence of youth gangs against one and another is much more prevalent and needs to be stopped. Why not demonstrate in the streets against the violence of gangs against each others? Deaths of youth from gun shot is one thousand times more prevalent than the recent condemned by all police killings. We need to see violence in proportion to reality. Guns have to be taken out of the hands of gangs on the street. Who is supplying those guns to street gangs? How do they get assault rifles? Somebody is selling them illegally for profit. We need to have harsh prison terms for anyone guilty of supplying an illegal assault rifle.
  6. The cases of the Covid-19 are rising rapidly but not the death rate from it. Young people can die from the virus but most get a mild to no case of it. Rest homes for the aged are now quarantined and have already had a huge sacrifice of life due to the early ignorance of the virus. Testing at all rest homes is happening now. Testing will allow isolating those that are infectious. Things are looking up as long as the death rate continues going down. Fauci said that we can return to normal living when the death rate is low enough. The news has said little about the death rate from the virus. Rachel Maddow mentioned it briefly without giving any analysis that allows comparing it to previous deaths rates. No one seems to want to address the virus based on death rates. Why? Fauci said that the death rate going down is what will bring our nation back to normal infectiousness. Dr.joeb does not forget what experts say. Fauci is an epidemiologist with extensive experience and knowledge about the progression of epidemics? Why is he not talking about the death rates at this time? Is he being suppressed by the news media or Trump or neither? We know Trump does not agree with Fauci. So far he has not threatened to fire him. Maybe he will just suppress his thoughts by the threat of being fired. Fauci probably does not want to lose his job. So, no doubt he is cooling down a bit. Who knows? Dr.joeb smells something fishy going on by the media and Trump.
  7. Dr.joeb is highly suspicious of media reports on the current status of the Pandemic Covid-19. Early on Dr. Fauci explained that the Pandemic would be over when the death rates from it becomes normal. Statistics found in the Internet showed that in the USA over 16000 died from the virus in one day of mid March when the epidemic was peaking out. In late June one day showed a measly 400 deaths from the virus. Curiously the number of new cases in the USA has dropped somewhat but minimally while the death rate has gone down dramatically, if we believe the Internet statistics that are probably based on the World Health Organization data. So, what do we conclude about the media not reporting the real good news that the death rate has gone down dramatically? That is an easy one. Realize this. Trump has enflamed the media by attacking it for reporting fake news. He has no friends in the media. And he deserves their animosity. It is unlikely that the media wants to promote anything that excuses Trump from his atrocious behavior against our rule of law. The media dislikes Trump intensely. And they have good reason for their dislike. No other president attacked the media. His attacking of the media is simply his suicidal impulse that he inherited from his life as Hitler. So, we have to ask why the death rate has diminished dramatically while the number of new cases has only diminished slightly. The answer is simple. The easy pickings for the virus killing is now over for a variety of reasons. People with severely compromised immune systems have already paid the price of death. There are few such people left to pay that price at this time due to extensive mask-wearing and quarantining and the much smaller number of those eligible left who have not succumbed to the virus. Young people are getting the virus in huge numbers now. Young people rarely have compromised immune systems. They are easily surviving the pandemic with minor to no cases of the Covid-19. Dr.joeb tells the truth regardless of politics. Dr.joeb wants Trump to be exfoliated from our presidency. But he cannot distort truth to do it. Unfortunately, few have the ethics and morality of Dr.joeb. Dr.joeb just cannot allow contaminating his soul with distortions of truth. You should do the same. Vote for Biden. He truly is the right man for the job at the right time.
  8. Why is the media not explaining that the key thing is not the incidence of new Covid-19 cases but the death rates from it. We know that the incidences of cases have some what leveled off into a small downward drift. Yet, the actual number of deaths caused by the virus has dramatically gone down. At its peak in early April the number of deaths was an overwhelming 16000 plus on one day in the USA. Statistics found in the internet say that only 400 died in a recent day only two months later in the USA on a given day. You see? It is not the huge number of new cases that counts. The truth is that the young people now getting the virus overcome it with ease with their young strong immune system. In April the dying was mostly those whose immune system was inadequate and many were in old folks rest homes Those unfortunate folks have mostly died by now. The surviving older fragile folks have learned to stay at home and quarantine when necessary. Many of the younger folks have had the virus without even knowing it. And now have at least temporary immunity hopefully enough to last until a vaccine is available. It is easy to mistake the early symptoms of Covid-19 for allergy when they are mild. Dr.joeb had extreme symptoms. in the early stages most of the infection came from the sinuses. Then it moved to the lungs, ears, throat and other areas that were accessible and friendly to the virus. The sinus infections were the worst for Dr.joeb. Two to three times a day huge blobs of brown byproducts of infection as big as a plum were coming out of his sinuses regularly. Believe this. If you have a bad case of Covid-19 you are in for a helluva bad one to two weeks of discomfort. Take a lot of vitamin C. Dr.joeb believes his taking vitamin C jelly candies every day during the virus possibly saved his life.
  9. Hunter Biden, Joe’s surviving son, was on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, when Joe, on behalf of the U.S. government, threatened to pull $1 billion in loan guarantees unless a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma was fired. And Biden is notoriously soft on China, perhaps because Hunter has a $1 billion deal going with the state-owned Bank of China. Not surprisingly, it is being reported that the Chinese government plans an extensive campaign to influence the 2020 presidential campaign on behalf of the Democratic candidate. No doubt China’s support for the Democratic nominee will be especially enthusiastic if it turns out to be Biden. Perhaps that is why they have been slow walking the trade agreement with Trump. The China Morning News stated in one op-ed that China is saturating the election with 40 million plus in cash interfering once more in our election as they did in 2016.While they accused and screamed Russia, Russia and more Russia it was actually China interfering in our election during 2016. Claiming Russia did was nothing but a diversion by HRC and Obama et al to stop looking in the direction of China. The Democrats have made feeble efforts, including the lame Emoluments Clause theory, to make an issue out of President Trump’s business dealings. It will be interesting to see how the very real corruption issues surrounding Joe Biden play out if Biden becomes the Democrats’ niminee. The dim-0-crap apparatchik media does everything they can to cover up not only for bidden's corruption, but also his incompetence stemming from his increasing dementia. Of course the excuse of the wuhan virus pandemic has aided them in keeping him out of the lime light and public scrutiny. So, what's wrong that taking advantage of opportunity to get rich? NBA Basketball players do it all the time. True of other sports players, too. Do you believe in our capitalistic system? Are you a closet communist who can't stand others from profiting from their abilities and stature? What kind of a fool are you? Don't you like capitalism? That is the way communist supposedly think. Of course the guys that run communist government don't mind becoming mega-rich like Putin. They are flaming hypocrits. No doubt, you too, would take advantage of everything that you have going for you in the way of talents to get wealthy. Being wealthy offers opportunities and power to become benevolent and help others. That is the only reason that makes sense for becoming Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, and many other mega-billionaires. All of those charitable foundations (except Trump's corrupt one) are suppose to donate to making our nation a better place. Most do. Trump views it as a way to steal without paying taxes. Read Gates book "Duty" to see how often he mentions Joe Biden involved in our nation's problems. Biden has infinite experience about how to run a nation like ours compared to the doltish anti-intellectual Spanky Trump. Do you know why Hunter Biden is in the Ukraine? It should be obvious. He works for our nation as an information gatherer on the Putin attempts to take the Ukraine. Only a fool believes that Hunter could not get a better job as a lobbyist that is safer and more lucrative. He is our man on the scene to gather information for our CIA. He is another Valerie Plame. Remember her? She pretended to be working some job while spying for the USA. Some filthy pig in the GOP disclosed her identity and ruined her career and could have had her dead. You will not get the inside information on Hunter. By now the CIA has told those idiots who believe that Hunter is just trying to get richer. He is a hero.
  10. Biden understands our form of government and believes in it as our founding fathers did. He will act in accordance with the rule of law. Biden will not try to use our Constitution against the public. Trump should be in Putin's cabinet. Both believe in a Stalin/Hitler type dictatorship that is anti-American as all hell. Biden believes in our form of government and will act accordingly. Biden has suffered enough personal loss to understand others. They call that trait empathy. Trump has none. He has insulted good Americans regularly. Remember the Gold Star Family? That is just one of many such examples of Trump's callous disregard for others. Remember how he believes it is proper to treat pretty young women? Biden is a loving hugger and not a sexual deviate like Spanky Trump. Biden will not distort reality with lies and distortions of truth. Last count showed Spanky Trump had over 15000 fact checked lies and distortions of reality. Trump has shown that he has not profited from education. He has a bogus degree. He avoided the draft with bone spurs. Yes, it is true that the best case for Biden is he is not a fiendish evil schmuck like SPanky. Biden will win with ease in Nov 2020. Trump will face a jail term possibility in 2021.
  11. Here is something to think about in statistics. Dr.joeb has three karmic occurrences identical to his life as Evariste Galois who died in a duel over politics at age 20 but not before he shook the world of mathematics with his Galois Theory. The statistical probability of two guys having those same 3 karmic occurrences is 40,000 times 110 billion to one. Think about what that means. The life on planet Earth would have to evolve another 100 billion people since man appeared there 40,000 times to have 2 people with the same 3 karmic occurrences. And that is just based on Dr.joeb's publishing new mathematics, birthdates, and suicide of both fathers!!!! But wait. There is more not included in that statistical probability. Dr.joeb almost died at age 35 from a torn blood vessel in his stomach from a karate demonstration in exactly the same spot where Galois took the ball of lead in his political duel with Pierre D'Herbinville in 1832! That Dr.joeb has for years been blogging politics he certainly had another karmic occurrence with Galois. Both were vehemently opposed to -authoritarian governments by dictators like Stalin and Hitler. Do you get what Dr.joeb's is trying to tell all viewers? He is saying it is an absolute certainty of two things. Reincarnation happens. And Dr.joeb proves it by his Spiritual DNA that he is the reincarnation of Galois. Know this. Dr.joeb lived 60 years of his current life before he had even the slightest hint that he was the reincarnation of Galois!!! Read Parmahansa Yoganada's book "Yogi". He knows that we are principally spirits and not physical bodies like too many believe. Physicalist see life only as though we are all robots with no future other than a dusty death. And physicalists have no reason not to commit horrible crimes. What do you have to lose if your life is just as a temporary robot? So, many think all that matters is that they scoop up as much pleasure and material things as possible. Believing in physicalism is fertile ground for crime against others. .
  12. Can't stand a cold bucket of truth? eh? Dr.joeb has many objectives. One of his main objectives is to inform the foolishness of those who support Spanky Trump. He forgives those deluded folks and prays that they will all CONFESS AND REPENT. Dr.joeb realizes that they know not what they are doing. Face it. Trump has lived exactly the way an incarnation of Hitler would react to another life. At a deep level Trump hates the USA because our nation was the one who destroyed his horrible Nazi regime. Hitler was a Narcist, too, just like Trump is now. Trump is a sick man. dr.joeb does not enjoy bashing a mentally sick person but he has no choice because Trump endangers our great nation. Give one example of a highly intelligent person who supports Trump? Don't give the name of his obese AG Barr. He is clearly a sick bloated bag of poop. Thousands of prosecutors have condemned his actions. He will eventually be disbarred for his prostituting our beloved Constitution for his own sick reasons. WryCatcher needs to wake up.
  13. The only poll that counts is in Nov 2020. Trump is toast. He knows it, too. He is clearly scorching earth as he retreats burning bridges behind him like someone determined to commit political suicide. Know this. Hitler did commit suicide. Trump has the same reincarnated spirit as Hitler. Trump is a sick man who knows he is losing. And he was taught that losing is not an option by his racist father. Trump is going nuttier by the day. He is liable to do a Hitler bailout or Nixon resignation or both. He is not a good physical specimen despite his claims. He has secret medical examinations. He likes secrecy. He has still not allowed the public to see his tax records.
  14. Dr.joeb is currently reading a book titled "Yogi" by Parmahansa Yogananda, a famous Yogi. Here is an excerpt for chapter 16 from its last paragraph. It explains how reincarnation has been scuttled by Christianity and other religions. BEGIN QUOTE: The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, which was expounded by the Gnostics and by numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen (both 3rd century) and St. Jerome (5th century). The doctrine was declared a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second Council of Constantinople. At that time many Christians thought the doctrine of reincarnation afforded man too ample a stage of time and space to encourage him to strive for immediate salvation. But truths suppressed lead disconcertingly to a host of errors. The millions have not utilized their "one lifetime" to seek God, but to enjoy this world so uniquely won, and so shortly to be forever lost! The truth is that man reincarnates on earth until he has consciously regained his status as a son of God. END QUOTE ON PAGE 179 As viewers may know Dr.joeb believes it is possible to locate a previous life based on statistical probability just like what happens with DNA identification of a person. He refers to it as Spiritual DNA. He coined that phrase many years ago. It has caught on at this time. Just google search Spiritual DNA and see how many have jumped aboard t he Spiritual DNA wagon. Dr.joeb determined that he lived the life of Evariste Galois who died in a duel at age 20 in 1832. Galois mathematics is taught in all university math departments today. Galois mathematics theory allowed proving that you cannot solve a 5th degree polynomial equation with normal algebra operations. This was a long standing unsolved famous problem of his day. Most of the mathematicians were trying to find an algebraic way to find the roots of a 5th degree polynomial equations. Galois proved it could not be done. His theory also proved that there is no way to trisect an angle with a compass and ruler. Do you think it a coincidence that Dr.joeb just happened to publish the two page solution to the Fermat's last problem that Fermat claimed he had accomplished but could not fit in the margins of the paper claiming the result? The two page solution eluded thousands of both amateur and professional mathematicians for over 350 years until Dr.joeb solved that problem in 1998. He elected not to publish the solution until recently owing to his advanced age and limited remaining future. Dr.joeb also solved the famous Four Color Theorem and generalized it to be the 2N Color Theorem. In addition, Dr.joeb has recently published a paper explaining that gravity is a repulsion force and not attraction as believed for thousands of years by the world of physics. Dr.joeb found 3 karmic occurrences between his current life and Galois some time ago. Both Galois and Dr.joeb's fathers committed suicide. Both Galois and Dr.joeb published significant mathematical research. Finally, Dr.joeb's son has birthdate oct 25, two grand daughters have the same oct 25 birthdate, too. Evariste Galois was born on Oct 25, 1811. The probability of 4 people taken at random of having the same birth date is over 17 billion to 1. Combining the Statistical probabilities of suicides of both fathers, the common birthdates, and Dr.joeb's and Evariste's mathematical refereed published articles of famous problems computes to 40,000 times 110 billion to 1. The estimated number of all people who have ever lived on planet earth for the past 5000 years is 110 billion. Spiritual DNA has similar elements of physical DNA. Physical DNA is probabilistic, too. Based on extensive irrefutable circumstantial evidence Dr.joeb has concluded that Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Dr.joeb investigated that reincarnation some time ago when he found that Hitler committed suicide in 1945 and Trump assumed the spirit of Hitler in 1946 when he was born in a very racist autocratic family headed by his father. Hitler committed suicide. Trump is now purposely destroying himself as president by his crazed behavior. This is no accident. Joe Scarborough pointed out that it appears Trump is doing everything to destroy himself by favoring the wrong side of many issues including the testing for the Covid-19. Hitler self destructed. In Hitler's last days he hated the German public for not winning the war. He mercilessly had children under 15 sacrifice their lives by being soldiers. Hitler even expressed his hatred for the Germany that let him down. Trump is doing that right now. He is a threat to our nation. He must be removed from the presidency as soon as possible. And that looks like Jan 20, 2021 unless he does the Hitler final solution. Trump seems to hate most of the public in USA except for his fawning moronic supporters wearing red hats. They represent about 33 percent of the public. They are among the least educated and lowest intelligence. He has no following in the Ivy halls any where for good reason.
  15. Liberalism abstractly in governing means a tendency for a government to build bureaucracies and make regulations. Conservatism abstractly in government behavior is a tendency to do away with regulations and bureaucracy building. Conservatism in governing means to allow people to make their own personal decisions like abortion, taking physical risks like sky-diving, and anything that is of a personal nature that does not impact the general public. So, both liberalism and conservatism can be very desirable. Generally, both parties do a fair amount of both ways of governing. Possibly, the emphasis on conservatism is a small bit stronger in the Republican party but both have their own brand of conservatism and liberalism. Generally, in the past the GOP has emphasized not meddling in personal decisions like abortion. Today that is not true. Trump and his crony followers believe Roe V Wade should be reversed and allow big government to intervene in this very personal decision, for example. The true conservative believes that it is wrong to intervene in personal decisions like health care, abortion, home schooling, and so forth. Dr.joeb is very conservative on the abortion issue. He believes big government has no business telling woman how they can make decisions about their body that have no bearing on the general public. Similarly, Dr.joeb believes big government has no business interfering in health care. Jehova Witnesses have the right to refuse blood transfusions. Big government has no right to intervene in people's personal religion beliefs. Many holistic doctors practice drug-free medicine. People have the right to make their own decision as to whether they will accept chemo-therapy and other commonly accepted cancer remedies. Dr.joeb is very conservative about intervening in personal decisions by big government. He believes most people think that way whether Democrat or Republican.

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