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    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Then you do not believe the GOP appointed judges who invariably said that the lawyers for Trump making his case had no evidence to support their claim that could have made any difference. Lying seems to be contagious with Trump followers. The only thing truthful happened when many of the Trump gang said that they insurrected by the direction of Trump. Do you believe Trump's Nazi and White Supremacist gang? Why not? They understood what Trump wanted them to do. The young business woman from Michigan paid with her life for listening to Trump's lies. Trump and viewers lik
  2. When will Elton get tired of looking ridiculous with his foolish counter claims to obvious truths? Does that remind you of Trump? Trump is a master of twisting and making up what he wants to be true. Elton is clearly programmed by the lying sack of crap we know as a criminal draft dodging lying puke who belongs behind the walls of a prison. Even McConnell knew that Trump is a dangerous criminal who might have got many killed in our Congress and his Veep. His ignorant idiot followers believe Trump Bullshid just like Elton.
  3. BGR should read message 12 in this topic to see how he has no way to define a liberal person. Only a liberal or conservative position can be defined. Liberalism is the totality of all possible liberal positions. Conservatism is the totality of all conservative positions. Everyone has about a 50/50 balance of liberal and conservative positions. Message 12 will clear your cloudy thinking that has no relevance to reality. Rush Dumbo convinced his moronic followers that he was the orifice of wisdom on labeling people as liberals or conservatives. He knew that the most stupid uneducat
  4. You like to make up reality just like Trump, eh? The Bush/Gore recount was going on and it got down to a difference of about 500 when it was stopped without checking 56000 votes that were not recounted due to some bogus claims where chads were hanging but the vote was easy to see clearly what it was intended to be. Of that 56000 votes Gore was winning 3 to 1. He would have won by about 17000 votes if the recount was allowed to check those ballots. It was easy to see how the voter of the hanging chad ballots voted. Recounters could easily see what the voter really intended for their
  5. Cohen plead guilty to 8 crimes all of them inspired by following Trump's orders. Have you forgotten who tried to kill senators and his Veep? It was his followers that Trump inspired to commit crimes just like he inspired Cohen to do his dirty business. Most of them have already claimed that Trump gave the orders. Do you think McConnell did not understand who was behind the insurrection? Trump is a criminal. And you know damn well that he is a monster fiend who deserves imprisonment. Our nation cannot afford to let a degenerate like Trump to take over our government with his desir
  6. Trump obstructed justice. Everyone knows that. Why don't you? Bad guys obstructing justice have been sent to prison. Trump will be imprisoned eventually.
  7. Check out the Cohen trial to realize that he was convicted of making an illegal payment instructed by Trump. Trump owes 3 years prison time for just that one crime alone. Wait until the IRS and the South NY district gets through with him. Then there is the obstruction of justice made even more graphic in Georgia by asking and pressuring the governor and his legal team to find votes for him.
  8. His was more omission crimes. Why did he not step up to the podium asking his moronic followers to stop insurrecting. Everyone who witnessed his behavior noted that he seemed pleased and not angry. His mob mainly cited his views that caused them to follow his lead. None to anyone's knowledge just decided to try and wreck our way of governing by killing members of Congress and their own Veep Pence. How do you explain that he did not act like a real president but seemed content that his followers were out their attempting murder and destruction. What do you think a real president like
  9. Trump was a co-conspirator in the Daniels payoff that was done to influence the election. Cohen spent 3 years in prison for doing it. He was just following Trump's orders. Cohen has since repented of the many crimes he helped Trump commit. The IRS is busily looking for Trump's crimes, too. He incited crazy followers to hurt Capitol guards and break in our sacred White house buildings. Are you that stupid not to realize all of these crimes? What kind of moron does no see crimes of Trump? Likely it is a crazed fiend just like Trump. You have contaminated your soul until you co
  10. Were you visiting another planet during that 4 years of the criminal Trump administration?
  11. How about paying off Ms Daniels? You know the lady that Cohen acted as a payoff guy for Trump and subsequently went to jail for 3 years. He paid off some other lady, too, through that guy who had the Tabloid. The Tabloid owner squelched the story to help Trump win the election.
  12. Two independent probes doing a recount showed Gore won by a huge margin of about 40,000 votes. There were about 56000 votes that were left uncounted until the recount. They found that Gore had the vote of 3 to 1 for Bush. There were counter claims that was just GOP bullshit. Gore won. The Democrats did not try to overturn the US Supreme Courts political ruling. That election was fraudulent. Biden's election is clearly honest. He won by 7 million. Gore won his election by 1 million but was cheated out of the presidency. We all paid the price for the slimy GOP thievery of the el
  13. Gore should have complained. The count was going Gore's way when the US Supreme Court interfered with the legal recount to award the presidency to the incompetent George Bush Jr. team. Estimates from those who did the recount came up with about a 17000 vote win for Gore. Look it up in the internet. The Florida Supreme Court wanted to go forth with the legal required recount. James Baker got his GOP stacked US Supreme Court with his friend Chief Justice Scalia to stop the recount and award the presidency to the one who lost it by over 1 million votes. The reason they gave was that
  14. Where were you when Bush Jr. was declared a winner despite statistics saying that Gore would have won the election if they had not stopped the legal recount? Were you lying then, too. Guys like you just do not face reality. You make it up the way you want it like Trump.
  15. No, no, no..... Cheney and Romney simply are the way honest republicans should behave. We need an opposition party to the Democrats. We do not need a corrupt opposition. Romney and Cheney both have a conscience that tells them right from wrong. They recognized the moral degeneracy of Trump. And they deserve respect for their standing up for their moral beliefs. McConnell has done the same thing. We Democrats still disagree basically with the trickle down theory that even good Republicans like Romney support. Dr.joeb read Romney's book recently. Romney is a trickle-downer. But
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