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    Swim,piano,vocal,mathematics,physics,bicycling and staying healthy, writing poetry. Published five books found on Amazon.com also in Kindl format. Poetry Lives Forever, Handbook for Excelling at Hockey and Living Smart, Bet To Win at The Harness Races, Bet to Win at the One Mile Harness Races, Improving Odds to Win The Lottery. In process of writing third book on harness racing covering winning at the 1/2 mile track. All books available at the ebay store DOULTONANDMORE. Available also is software titled BESTLOT that actually gives a great advantage in winning lotteries whether 3,4,5, or 6 ball lotteries.

    I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I love politics.

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  1. Every one knows that racism whether white racism or dark-skinned people racism is wrong. It just is what it is. People tend to trust those who look the most like them. That is the obstacle that confronts mankind. This state of mind is exactly why Dr.joeb advocates regarding all people as spiritual entities and not physical ones. It is hard for some people to understand that everyone is more a spirit than a physical body. Dr.joeb's realization of reincarnation has made Dr.joeb wish to convey that truth to all because it is about the spiritual development of soul. In the ideal stat
  2. How can any one be so stupid as to think Nazis, White Supremacists, and other extremists are democrats? These fringe groups all supported Trump.
  3. US postal service is still reeling from the sabotage by Trump's appointee US Postmaster General. We all know that the intent was to minimize mail in ballots by Trump. His strategy simply damaged our postal service by removing important sorting machines. Packages that use to take several days are now sometimes taking several weeks. Dr.joeb predicted that Trump like Hitler would have a scorched earth policy before finally ending his presidency on Jan 20 2021. Hopefully Trump will be indicted and prosecuted at that time. But do not count on that happening. Remember how N
  4. Correct the name Carlson to be Karl. Dr.joeb reads so many books that he rarely remembers their title or author. So, he went into kindle and wrote the title and correct name of author for the last 12 political books that he recently read. To be honest Dr.joeb does not remember the title of most of his own many research papers. He has to look them up almost every time. And sometimes he changes their title because of a current need to remember them. Along the same lines Dr.joeb has composed well over 300 musical compositions and nowadays when he does a new one he does not even bother t
  5. The Carlson book title is correct as Front Road at the Trump Show.
  6. Correction Rage was the Woodward Book. Carson book title is something like Front Road at the White House. It was the book that viewed the Trump administration from the point of view of the press conferences.
  7. Dr.joeb finished reading the Mary Trump book titled "Too Much and Never Enough". Dr.joeb gives the book a thorough thumbs up. The book is mostly about personal relationships between the Trump extended family. And as you can imagine there was a fair amount of back-biting, loving, accepting and the spectrum of emotional reactions to one and another in the Trump extended family. Surprisingly Mary was not hostile to Donald Trump in the early days of her involvement with Donald. He even set her up to do a restricted version of his biography. But he did nothing to help her with personal
  8. Trump's reality coming from whatever poop is in his head came up with a doozey when he said the stock market would collapse if Biden won the presidency. In stead the market broke the 30,000 boundary for the first time after Biden won the presidency. This was just another one of the nincompoop Trump's many fictions coming out of the puke in his head. At this time Dr.joeb is reading a number of books as he usually does. One of them is by Mary Trump's book who gives intimate details of the foolish behavior of Donald Trump. Donald Trump was his father's favorite son accord
  9. Dr.joeb sure knows what capitalism means. It is at the spirit of our nation that has made it great. Socialism is a nebulous ism. Socialism is always at the base of what an organized nation is. Socialism is about public roads, libraries, education of the masses, health care for all, strong military capable of protecting our nation. and much more. No nation can succeed without a huge number of social reforms. Capitalism and socialism make our nation great.
  10. Dr.joeb has been solicited to turn over his research articles to a publication that wishes to do a book on his research. The publication claims that it will distribute the book through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Dr.joeb does not want fame and glory. But Dr.joeb would like to leave his research articles for posterity. At 81 there is little Dr.joeb needs to fulfill his life. Publishing his work surely is one very important objective. So, Dr.joeb has decided to furnish his articles to the publishers. So far Dr.joeb furnished one article that related to his professional work for th
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