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  1. chuck tried to run me off the forum with stalking, attacks, insults, lies, threats and behavior totally inappropriate for a moderator. i did not give enough of a fck to care and just stopped posting. you probably won't see this message as he has blocked all my posts.

  2. This account will be banned and closed at the end of the week unless I hear from you before then

  3. glad you liked the doc. let me know if you want to know about any others. i know mostly the best ones but several from conferences etc. glad you are ok!

    1. Spirited1


      Thank you again from my heart but, HOW do you know these Docs? Curiously Interested.

  4. Miss me yet?

  5. VERY hard to log on. taking long time. getting "Driver Error" notifs.

  6. i'm STILL hotter! funny, tarbaby is oddly silent. here, but oddly silent. probably afraid of chuck now like most young women are...
  7. this is the most you've been here in years. what's the matter? no cleaning jobs today? haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :D <<<<<<<<<<<< chuck!
  8. dano is incarcerated in a federal prison. seriously. he is dangerous and violent. ask him what he did. he'll tell you. he's proud and has NO remorse. @sshole criminals
  9. i've already explained a hundred times i am not posting a pic so you liberals can jiz all over it. ugh i look like my avatar today, right now, the one i am using here. that's good enough
  10. because polls are stupid just like this one is proving to be. all the soks come out to vote, half the names that should be on there are not, many are spelled wrong...just stupid wtf are you talking about? you have one, i have 4. dumb ass
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