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  1. A "Free Speech Rally" is scheduled to start today at noon in Boston. The opposing sides are already lining up. I hope the Boston Police handle this better than the Charlottesville Police.
  2. Mr. Gorbachev tear down this statue. Where is Ronnie Reagan now that we need him?
  3. Van in Spain drives over dozens of Pedestrians.

    It was Trump's fault.
  4. The primary blame for the violence belongs to the White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis. However, it takes two or more to have a fight. The Leftwing Vandals (Antifa) and the Only Black Lives Matter mobs showed up wearing masks and carrying clubs, looking for trouble.
  5. Trump won't denounce White Supremacy

    I agree that Trump should have been more specific in his denunciation of the White Nationalists. The White Nationalists obviously came to Charlottesville looking for a fight. However, the so-called mainstream media is presenting a totally distorted narrative of what occurred. The media is describing the leftwing agitators as "counter protestors" . They portray the leftwing agitators as innocent demonstrators who were attacked by "rightwing racists". The media ignores the fact that most of the violence was initiated by the leftwing agitators. Nobody asked why the "peaceful counter protestors" were wearing backpacks and carrying clubs. And why were the "counter protestors" wearing bandanas over their faces.
  6. So what else is new? The leftwingers are always accusing the U.S. of killing innocent civilians. And they always have reliable sources, like the Taliban, Al Quaeda, etc.
  7. Transgender is not a social issue

    DITTO !!! It's biologically impossible for a woman to be born trapped in a man's body and vice-versa. Anybody who thinks that he is a woman trapped in a man's body is delusional and needs psychiatric help, not surgery.
  8. Nothing that the Radical Democrats do surprises me or shocks me anymore.
  9. Hillary didn't lose because she ran a bad campaign or because of Russian meddling. Hillary lost because the majority of Americans don't like her. If the Democrats had run a better candidate, they would have won. The Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves. They rigged the primaries to make sure that Hillary was the nominee. The Democrats need new blood. They call the Republicans a bunch of "Old White Men", but the Democrats in Congress are the same old fossils that have been running the party for thirty years. They look like refugees from Madam Trouseau's Wax Museum.
  10. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    The way that Trump is attacking Sessions reminds me of an Internet Troll. Trump is making a big mistake. If Trump has a problem with Sessions, he should call him into the Oval Office and talk to him, face to face. The Democrats are already after Trump's blood. He's alienating more and more Republicans every day.
  11. The Radical Democrats have been waging war against Christianity for years.
  12. The majority of the American people don't like Hillary. Most of the people who voted for her would rather have had another candidate. They voted against Trump, not for Hillary. The same is true of those who voted for Trump. They voted against Hillary, not for Trump.
  13. Whether or not Trump is guilty of anything, he sure acts like he has something to hide. He seems to be rattled by the prospect of Mueller investigating his financial dealing.
  14. Looks like Comey leaked classified government documents to the news media. Isn't that a crime?