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  1. lol not a nugent fan sadly. smarter eh. i love that the horse thread is still going.
  2. oh mayhap not here these days. dont know half of these people lol. she is taller. still blue-eyed. still dark blonde. sassy. looks like lews.
  3. they are good. we chat online quite a bit. i do know u i have missed being here a bit. she is great! she is so damn tall. i'm 5'3" and her head comes to below my boobs...wtf she's starting kindergarten in august '15...it goes too fast. she has memorized fox in socks, horton hears a who, and are you my mother? her favorite right now is are you my mother? and she insists on reading it to me. storytime takes an hour. when she hears a story she particularly likes, she tells me 'that makes my heart happy.' she does count. mostly money. i figured if i taught her the value of money early, we could use it to count instead of pins or pencils or something. so she knows what a dollar is worth and how to recognize some prices. and she keeps a piggy bank and is saving up for idk what. i won't tell anyone xoxoxoxo
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