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  1. When we retaliate, it won't be out of love, I can assure you that. I have no love in my heart for vile Communists.
  2. Have you never laughed and just had fun with a woman before? Sad.
  3. And people wondered why Joe Biden hesitated to jump into this race! The Biden Slime grows thicker and stickier for him every day.
  4. liking it rough and degrading a woman are 2 different things. Here is an example of what I'm talking about when I refer to men degrading women: Man making a fist "I already told you with my mouth to shut up, c-nt"
  5. I have dated lots of women. I never dated a woman that was into being degraded. Men who do not degrade women do not attract women that like to be degraded. If my path even romantically crossed that type of a woman who liked being degraded even for a fleeting moment, it was too short for me to even remember much of the interaction. I imagine that they would initially come off as snotty, belligerent and full of fake drama which typically would cause me to ignore such a girl/woman.
  6. He begged me to show him my underground bunker, so he sent me a pic. I had to tell him that I'm not into dudes and that I don't have an underground bunker. He cried - never quite got over it.
  7. Yes. Marrying someone like that was the first wrong thing you did in that relationship!
  8. Sweetie, maybe you shouldn't play the stock market. You just aren't any good at placing good bets - you are doomed to lose.
  9. Oh, no - they have basketball courts for shivving government snitches, not tennis courts.
  10. Ooooo, sorry, I can't. I rent it to people like you.....well, I mean people like you but who actually have money.
  11. On one of my properties I do. Why, are you getting tossed out of your tax-payer subsidized roach motel?
  12. Their stock makes me money. But, some of their subsidiaries suck. It's a genuine dilemma for me.
  13. Do you like the squatty blond butch ones? The ones who don't put ribbons in their hair?
  14. Pssssssst - notice the grinning emoji..........and the past tense of the word "was". Ya think maybe I discovered that on my own when I clicked on your thread?
  15. In other words, she likes yellow fungi-toe nails and old-man peely feet?
  16. I've thought about buying a PCP rifle many times. The big holdback for me was filling the air reservoir. I refuse to go to a scuba shop to get this done. And, I'm not going to use a hand-pump to keep it filled either. Now, I see that on Ebay, you can buy high-presser electric pumps for about $200. I'd want to know more about these cheap pumps before buying an expensive PCP rifle. But, as far as i can tell, that's what I've been waiting for.
  17. OK, I know that. But, someone posted a screenshot of their menu bar related to one of their posts and it had the ability to pick fonts and a few other things. I'm just wondering what causes this discrepancy.
  18. I was going to chastise you for even watching something that lame!
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