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  1. Yes. Lots of them. They want to Make California Great Again.
  2. Wow, Bill! Do you really believe the Republican effort to recall Gavin Newsom will succeed too!
  3. I particularly like the stack of 6 red "party" cups right there on the front dash. Do you think there is a keg in the back? If I were a cop, that would give me probably cause to search the vehicle. If I were a bad cop, that would give me the ability to plant a little weed in there too, arrest them, tow the car and dispose of the problem rather expeditiously. If I were a really bad cop..................well, let's just leave it at that.
  4. Graffiti is trashy, don't you think? The bare naked truth will be revealed in time, and time is my friend. I set it up that way, Zaro.
  5. A little late to the party, Sole? Do others think you are fun at parties? You know, the kind where the men drink beer from red cups and women sip box wine from plastic stemware?
  6. We'll just have to verifythis later on, you won't mind, will you Zaro?
  7. Imgreatagain was right, you do have a bit of a poo obsession, don't you.
  8. Bill, I just got one word for you....it's a new word....but it's a good word....and it's gonna put a whoop'n on your boy Quid Pro Joe... MAGA
  9. The amygdala has little if anything to do with a person's intellect, or lack thereof. But, you already know that, right?
  10. Except Dixie isn't an abscess on the ass end of America like Hong Kong is to China, Bill.
  11. Japan is presently struggling to hold on to what they have and is in a weakened state. They are in no position to take Hong Kong from China. Besides the two cultures are far more antagonistic to one another than Hong Kong would be with US or more so European culture. It's just that there really is no Europe and if there was, Europe wouldn't care anything for the freedom of Hong Kong citizens.
  12. Intellect should not be an obstacle if you are genuinely attempting to stimulate her amygdala.
  13. The last thing I would want to do is provide you with a script! Now, that would be dull, wouldn't it.
  14. A war for independence won't work. But, a war to become the 51st State of America might.
  15. You essentially called Imgreatagain a "prude". I also notice you use derogatory terms specific to females like whore, bimbo etc. when speaking to her. Now, I am assuming that you understand that a "pearl clutcher" is the opposite of a whore or bimbo. Furthermore, considering that Imgreatagain rarely posts anything about sex and usually tries to stick to the topic of politics, you reveal that you are actually significantly threatened by Imgreatagain's femininity, which is evident in your use of opposing derogatory feminine terms when addressing her.
  16. Oh, come on! That's not a "benefactor". Most people think of a benefactor as a trust fund baby. Someone who has enough money put away for them, run by someone else, so that the benefactor does not need to work to get by in life. Paying for your kid's education is just something you do as a good parent, to help your kid become a productive individual in life, if you are capable of doing so.
  17. Maybe she's just not into chicks. Or, maybe your approach is "awkward". Have you ever been told that your personality is awkward? You have, haven't you.
  18. I don't want to get to know here that well. However, Zaro does have a rather dry demeanor, doesn't she.
  19. No. You've seen people on TV who you think you know. I assure you, you likely do not know many, if even one, well off benefactor. They are quite rare, actually.
  20. Drive has little to do with IQ. And, there are not nearly the number of "well off benefactors" as you would like to believe.
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