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  1. LOL! I'm just dumb 'ol Mugwumps from the Okefenokee big swamps. I dern't no 'bout money. Dern't learn no efinomics. Jest git me a meth-bong in my single-wide sitt'n nest ta my ping pong. Oh, but that thar 'ol boy @benson13 o'er yonder he keep try'n ta git in my bunker. Think's that's ware his wife be. I ain't say'n, nosiree!
  2. More proof that Biden is at the root of the U.S. flailing economy.
  3. Malmsteen would be my pick as well. And, I think Satriani is up there too. Both are kind of old now, but when they were in their prime, they were untouchable.
  4. Biden's weakness and his mishandling of China and Afghanistan are the root cause of this particular downturn. If we had a strong president who continued to make America's economy energy independent and independent from China, US stocks would be rallying on China weakness. Well, that's what you get when you elect someone who's son took huge bribes from China.
  5. I've got cash sitting on the sideline waiting for a downturn. I won't be jumping in right away, though, and I'll get some expert advice before I make any move. No need for you to worry about me.
  6. Seriously? No, I think I'm going to make you do your own research here, Zaro. Time to put on your boots, dig in and figure things out for yourself.
  7. Without any US equities markets, the US economy would look 3rd world.
  8. More than just an indicator. It is an integral part of the U.S. economy, just like the heart is an integral part of the human anatomy.
  9. Folks, this is why liberals should be relegated jobs requiring no more intellect than mudlarking and bone grubbing.
  10. i've got one similar to that - what year is that one from? Yes, it's a great all around knife!!!
  11. People got killed because of Milley's disastrous "escape from Afghanistan". Not directly related to what he did to the POTUS, but the metric of whether he is guilty of treason or not has nothing to do with whether anyone was killed. Trump was engaged in a Tariff war with China. He had laid out his plan for being tough on China during his campaign. He explained in raw detail why the US needed to get tough on China. And, Trump was at the beginning stages of implementing the plan the people of the United States elected him to do. Yes, dumping. China had been dumping raw steel and fabricated steel on the US market putting steel plants out of business. They did the same thing with plastic and electronics. This is a foolish thing to allow and proof as to why liberals should never be elected to any position in government. It puts middle class Americans out in the unemployment lines. China isn't just making things "cheaper". China's government is subsidizing the manufacturing of these products specifically to kill off certain U.S. industries. If an American monopoly were permitted to do what China has been doing, both US and European governments would bring huge anti-trust lawsuits against the company to break it up. China, has been completely immune from such action. Why? Because we still see it as a country rather than a huge corporation. Trump recognized exactly what China was doing. He not only bought it to the attention of Americans and Europeans, he actually took action. Action, which freaked out Xi Jinping and China's communist party.
  12. Who are you claiming hung the posters in the Teacher's classroom, if it was not the teacher? A student without the permission of the teacher? Shit, that's even more reason to fire the teacher! Might as well let students bring guns into the classroom and shoot holes in the walls. FIRE THE COMMUNIST INDOCTRINATOR !
  13. The New York Stock Exchange opens nearly 600 points down this morning after a horrible day Friday. Annalists fear that the U.S. equities markets and commodities markets are headed for the biggest correction since 2008. The country and the world have lost faith that U.S. leadership has the ability to effectively address Covid. The U.S., particularly Joe Biden, has floundered on the world stage lately as it pertains to China, Afghanistan, Covid-19 and U.S. economic policy. Surely, President Biden will be questioned about the sickness that seems to be ravaging the U.S. Economy. No one expects Biden to address questions about the flailing economy in any meaningful way. Most believe that he will avoid taking such questions and only speak of "Republican Obstructionism" and blame any economic woes on Donald Trump. So, I encourage everyone here to keep an eye on what Joe Biden says or does to improve the economy this week. If the Biden Administration fails to project any positive economy-boosting plans (who are we kidding here - Biden is brain-dead and surrounded by Socialists), then I fear today's sell-off is a harbinger of worse yet to come.
  14. Yes, the French are. If anyone can sniff out a weak-ass, senile, limp-dick, sackless, prison-punk pedophile, it would be the French!
  15. And, Trump was well aware of that. Trump had an agenda which he was working on in his economic war with China. Milley completely countermanded his CIC and gave information to the enemy during a critical time. Trump was never going to initiate a war with China - NEVER, and Milley knew damn well he wouldn't. There was no need for Milley to do what he did. He just thought he was above President Trump and could do whatever the fuck he wanted to.
  16. You're not a teacher either, so I wasn't referring to you. But, as you bring it up now, If I were King of Liberal Forum, I'd shitcan that horse thread of yours and banish you to Hell for ever saying the word "horse" ever again. I wish I had a cyber tool that would zap your nuts every time you or anyone else resurrected that Horse thread.
  17. 1. We were in an economic war with China. This was not just "friendly competition". 2. We almost went to blows with N. Korea, a puppet of China. 3. China was acting aggressively toward Japan and other south china sea couontries who are our allies. 4. Milley claims he was alarmed that Trump might have gone to blows with China - so, perhaps we were closer to war than civilians believed. That alone is enough to show he committed treason. All he needed to do was explain to Trump what he intended on doing. He thwarted the chain of command and needs to go.
  18. ZARO ON METH TELLING US ABOUT TRUMP'S MENTAL CONDITION Zaro, today would be a good day to go cold turkey and get off the drugs. Your mental decline lately has some of the Democrats on this forum scared.
  19. That black boy in the pink shirt is scared to fight men - he only hits women. And, the other two black men with this group seem scared to take a shot at pink-shirt after he attacks several women. Freaking pussies.
  20. 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason U.S. Code Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
  21. Honestly, I'm a bit lost - I read your statement, the one he was responding to, and I'm not sure what either of you are talking about.
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