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  1. Why don't you teach him, music genius. Ted Nugent has made plenty of money playing guitar and creating beautiful lyrics which make fathers of 18 year old girls cringe. Seems like he got something figured out that you didn't.
  2. Yeah, I like it. Hey, @lucifershammer, can't you give Duck615 a more appropriate avatar?
  3. Yeah, right. The Jury will hear this, and the defense lawyers will find out about it. They will call it the Maxine Waters Defense.
  4. Ted, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - I have no doubt you will survive this and come back to us loaded for Bear.
  5. I know, but they do still exist. And, the descendants of these people have migrated elsewhere who still have a discernible dialect.
  6. Hey, @benson13, tell me what the Ladies like.... Er, Ladies? What they like? Ummmm, I flick their titties and then run away - Momma says they like that.
  7. Hey, Ted, tell me what the Ladies like..... Alright, Skans, I'll tell ya .......... When I need some lubrication, baby! Kinda like, goes kinda like this You take her right ankle out You take her left ankle out You get her belly propped down You get her butt propped up Yeah lookin' good now baby I think you're in the right position now baby Yeah but if you ain't quite ready I'll make sure everything is a little nicer'cause I'm gonna get a little talcum I'm gonna borrow it from Malcolm Yeah you look so good baby I'm starting to drool all over myself I got the droolin', droolin',
  8. So, Nugent basically had the Flu. I've had the Flu twice. It sucks, but strong people do survive. WANGO TANGO TED NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT!!
  9. That is true, I can't debate that. Perhaps the founders figured that criminals will have guns regardless, and therefore thought it wise not to carve out a provision only for law abiding citizens.
  10. I hate to admit that I don't vote, but I'm going to take your lead here King. No is a Go! On the other hand, I think I'm going to write in "Donald J. Trump".
  11. That's a common problem when someone in the family speaks English, but the parents still grunt in Gullah.
  12. I don't care if gun laws "work" or "don't work". This country was built on the premise that all law abiding citizens could and should have firearms. It's what keeps us separated from the shithole countries.
  13. A fundamental test in life: Give your child a good name.
  14. She hates America. Prefers smelly euro-bums or hairy euro-lesbians.
  15. Sounds like a southern Dyke - it goes in the can too. Good female names: Andrea, Ariel, Beth, Elizabeth, Bethany, Beverly, Christine, Gail, Hailey, Irene, Jacquelyn, Kelly, Karen.... Bad names for Girls: Roxanne (put on the red light), Amber (mixed race), Ann or Annie (Anal Annie) Belle, Leslie (Lezz, Lesbian), Isabella, Dori (dumb fish), Fran, Fanny, Gabriella, Heather, Priscilla, Zelda, Randi (horny) - I'm sure there are others.
  16. It kills me that they haven't shit-canned CNN by now. We should team up with other T stock owners and vote the board out.
  17. Correction - millions of Americans, not thousands. And, I am one of those millions of Americans who vote one issue - guns. If you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Fagocrat who is against guns, then I am against you.
  18. It is pretty cool, isn't it. Personally, I'd ditch the fake palm trees for a couple of oaks or maples, and break it up a bit with a fountain and/or hot tub.
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