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  1. I was skeptical that Biden would show up for the debate. But, I'm not afraid to be wrong about that.
  2. Are you at least going to have a couple of beers watching it? I'm all out. Bud Light or Ultra - I'll need to pick some up.
  3. Ummm, he acquired the building from a private party, not the government. So, where's the agreement that said he had to preserve the art work, whatever that is meant to be?
  4. I applaud private property rights and I condemn Socialists and Communist Bureaucrats who seek to dictate to us property owners things we can and can't do with our own buildings. Historic preservation laws are used by Socialists to stop all kinds of development.
  5. Now you know what a lying, thieving Biden-Supporting Democrat writes like.
  6. Benghazi deserved to be investigated and Hillary was culpable. Shit, the lady is a total crook, and this new letter proves it. It's time for that lezbag to go to prison. She'll like it there.
  7. Joe Biden is a CROOK! Got that you lying, dog-faced pony poo picker?
  8. What is your basis for disputing what was stated in the unclassified letter? Do you have one? Or, are you scared, so you just call us "fools".
  9. So, Trump owned the property and the building. And, some stupid bureaucratic agency tried to tell Trump what he could do with his own property. Yet, you approve of this - the government taking of Trump's property and then calling his activities on his own property "illegal". You are the quintessential Socialist/Communist, Bill.
  10. Let him take a break, but I would have someone separately recording this event, with Trump at the podium waiting on Biden during the breaks. Then I'd publish this on the internet right after the debate and call it "What Biden Didn't Want You To See...."
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