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  1. Joe Biden is not crafty enough to be Satan, not smart enough, and not wise in the ways of the dark underbelly of mankind. Biden is easily corrupted and therefore a blind follower of Satan and his Demons.
  2. Unity = Communism Individuality = Freedom I am on board with Individuality and Freedom.
  3. To kill 1256 people daily and hide this from the press.
  4. There is overwhelming evidence that: 1. Joe Biden has conspired to extort foreign officials 2. Joe Biden has used his political office for monetary gain 3. Joe Biden conspired to steal the election 4. Joe Biden is part of a Mafia who executed Jeffrey Epstein (and I am sure others), engages in sex trafficking, rigs elections and extorts public officials. Articles of Impeachment should be coming soon.
  5. The Rat is guilty. You've been caught, tried and convicted by me. I leave it to the others on this forum to determine your restitution.
  6. Because Xi Jinping owns Chi-com Joe. Xi has Joe's old, saggy balls tight within his Chinese industrial vise, right where Xi wants him..........with the assistance of Democrats.
  7. Regardless of your poor spelling, you were just WRONG! Silphium, akin to Rosinweed, is a plant that was used in Roman antiquity as a contraceptive. Demand for its contraceptive use was reported to have led to its extinction in the third or second century BC.
  8. I spoke with Pat Benatar and this is what she told me about Joe Biden.... Joe’s a job-killer, a dream breaker, a gun taker Don't you mess around with us He’s a job-killer, dream breaker, gun taker Don't you mess around, no, no, no
  9. No, just typing too fast and hit the wrong key.
  10. For the most part, I don't dabble in Futures. Although, I did just purchase some late June financial sector calls. I was up 25% in a few days....and then I wasn't.
  11. Boy, you lefties are really keeping me busy fixing your posts for truth and accuracy.
  12. Here's everything you need to know about Tesla: Insider Activity Chart: Valuation (MRQ) Price/Earnings (TTM) 1,673.30x Price/Sales (TTM) 28.41x Price/Book 49.94x Price/Cash Flow 209.43x
  13. No, Lady Gaga does not suck dog dick. However, she has fornicated with a German Shepard. Do a search for "Lady Gaga" and "F-ing German Shepard", you'll see it for yourself.
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