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  1. Also, Hillary didn't change her adult diapers frequently enough. Podesta said she smelled like urine, poo and sweat.
  2. On this one thing, we actually agree - a woman does need to be given a length of time to discover her pregnancy and make her decision on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. The "life at conception" position is a purely religions position - one that holds no sway on people who do not follow Christian teachings. Therefore, it cannot be a sound legal basis (even though it might be a sound moral or religious basis) on which to restrict a woman's access to abortion. You and I differ on 4 weeks. I say 8 weeks is enough, and rely on current medical and biological evidence of fetal development to support this. You think that is not enough and want another 4-5 weeks and you don't cite any biological reason as support. But I think you might be able to find some biological basis to show that in most cases the fetus does not have any form of sentience or feel any pain within that 4-5 weeks we don't agree on. That is our point of disagreement. So, who is right? At this point, I don't think fetal science is exact enough to really answer this. I do believe the Supreme Court will have to take up the issue of a woman's access to abortion. Roe v Wade is based on the science of fetal development as was understood 50 year ago - that just does not cut it with what we know today. I also think that the 4-5 week time period that you and I cannot agree on will become the focal point of a new Supreme Court decision. At least I think that should be the focal point of any new Supreme Court decision on this matter.
  3. I'm watching Chomsky. That 90-year old rich Commie is gonna die soon. His little commie-kiddies think they're gonna get some bling from Daddy Chomsky. But, his new wife, that he married at age 86 (she was 51 and younger than two of his kids) is handling the dumb Commie like a champ. She's ass-raping him blind, while gently giving the old man the reach-a-round of a lifetime. Wait until those 3 commie kids of his wake up after Daddy's funeral and find themselves sh!tt'n in waste baskets on the streets of San Francisco. Maybe I'll start writing this New Best Seller now and capitalize on Chomsky's death too! What a perfect ending to a philosophical Communist's life - greedy capitalists devouring his remains like hungry wolves. What a fitting demise!!!
  4. You need to learn to live with a little space, it won't kill you! As long as your not a dumb Democrat, I don't really care who you vote for - that's your business.
  5. He's just a horny guy who would rather be chatting with you, Sole, than crushing boxes. Sad.
  6. No I didn't, I spelled it: F U C K. Learn to spell, you dumb Democrat.
  7. You spelled fu(k wrong. It's spelled "fu¢k".
  8. You should be glad you acknowledged this. Because I was preparing a big gnarly crow that Slideman barfed up to re-use on you!
  9. Your Socialist friends are ganging up on Creepy Joe, Benson. They don't like Biden at all. If Democrat-Socialists don't even like Biden, then who's going to vote for him in the General Election?
  10. Yeah. Let's verifythis. I say it won't happen. But, you are free to make all the dumb predictions you want me to cram down your throat later.
  11. Biden will be your man to go head-to-head against TRUMP.
  12. We know you hate Biden. But, Biden is going to be your your man to go against Trump, like it or not!
  13. I try my best not to give Socialist-Hollywood any of my money. I'd rather go shooting and give the Ammo industry my money!
  14. I don't give a crap about Biden's tax returns. That's his private business. In fact, he aught to be invested in health care stocks. Why is it our business what Biden, a private person, is invested in or how he does his tax returns? You F-ing socialists think everyone's tax returns should be public record anytime you want to look at them. That's why I HATE Socialists like you folks.
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