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  1. Skans

    Nice quote

    Here's another nice quote: "Those who enter the country illegally should be shot just before they cross the border and left there as symbols of what happens to foreign criminals."
  2. A guy who writes fiction. Good fiction, because he can tell a good story. But, also someone who isn't much for technical details when telling a fictional story either. In other words, perhaps Mr. King should continue to dwell in the land of make believe, where he can develop his characters and the plot as he sees fit. Because, the real world seems to be a little too much for him to comprehend.
  3. Because, mentally ill people can be entertaining.....in a rather sick way, but entertaining nonetheless. "Accidentally"! Sure.
  4. I too feel that we all have a duty to speak out against those who advocate for indiscriminately trashing the lives of others we may not agree with.
  5. Benson thinks he's some kind of Democrat operative who makes a difference by spamming this forum with nonsense. Hope he enjoyed his little vacation.
  6. Exactly! And, as someone who has been around a person who is truly obsessive compulsive, I can tell you, these repetitive antics really grate on people's nerves.
  7. Because Maxine Waters said: "They’re going to protest. They’re absolutely going to harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the president, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.’
  8. Homosexuals are mentally ill. Why is it that everyone knows this. We knew it 50 years ago. But, heterosexuals buy into the gay paranoia that leads them to do everything possible to try to eradicate this simple fact.
  9. Maxine Waters is a magnet for retards.
  10. That's right, Xavier would never accuse the National Socialist German Worker's Party of ever being a dictatorship! Democrats - We love to hate them, but we can't shoot them..............Why? Because the law says you can't shoot them.
  11. Too large with no bang-for-your-buck! Low capacity and relatively low power. No southern man would be caught carrying a freaking Kimber 45! Wilson Combat - maybe; even perhaps Colt.
  12. I hadn't read this earlier piece, but it seems to support what I've said. But, since you've given a bit of effort to this, I'll help you Slideman. First, read todays WSJ. Second, look at the metrics of China's top ETF's. http://etfdb.com/type/region/emerging-asia-pacific/china/. Next, compare what is going on with two similar companies Ali Baba and Amazon. Read the research out on Ali Baba. Next, read the metrics on the Chinese Mid Cap Indexhttps://www.msci.com/documents/10199/40f3a075-40ef-489b-9209-8c4e754f73bd . That's enough for now, Slideman. When you finish that homework assignment, let me know.
  13. My own research. Don't believe me, Slideman? I have confidence that you are smart enough to fact check me on this. But, if not, then wait a month and see if I was right.
  14. China's economy is on the verge of crumbling into a deep recession. The debts of China's companies is at an all time high, causing a broad-class of Chinese companies to be rated "junk-bond" status, and beyond. Chinese default rates are rising as well. Junk bonds are risky investments which have speculative appeal to some investors because they offer much higher yields than bonds with higher credit ratings. This is to compensate for the higher risk of default by the companies issuing these bonds. You can see this in the stock prices of Ali Baba vs. Amazon. While Amazon has an astronomical P/E of 285, it continues to rapidly outpace Ali Baba (P/E 51) mainly because of Chinese recession fears. What this means to Chinese companies is that they are now having to pay upwards of 8% on any new debt. With the tough trade tariff's continued by the Trump Administration, this could cause some of China's mid and small sized companies to quickly go into death spirals where they simply cannot afford the cash needed to conduct business. So far, Chinese President Xi Jinping has refused to budge in trade negotiations with the Trump Administration. On top of this, Xi pledged a package of $20 billion in loans, and $106 million in financial aid to Middle East nations, as part of what he called an “oil and gas plus” model to revive economic growth in the region. So, while China's mid and small size companies are on the verge of collapse due to the rapidly escalating cost of borrowing, China's President is pledging large sums of money which it could use to provide these companies with some more liquidity during the trade wars with the US. Some speculate that if this broadens to super-large cap Chinese companies, and/or the rates continue to climb, China's economy will be thrown back 50 years to a time before Nixon opened the doors to the west for trade.
  15. Skans

    Class Warefare

    There are many out there who would love to donate and deposit some free heavy metal to the flesh-buckets of worthless beggars.