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  1. There is no helping someone who refuses to do the tiniest bit of research and expects the world to spoon-feed him. Sad.
  2. You can quit a job. You can simply refuse to comply with your employer's demand, and in so doing that, you will not go to prison. I was forced to do this under threat of 10 years of imprisonment by the Federal Government. BIG DIFFERENCE!
  3. I did. I posted it yesterday. In detail. Please, do your own research and come prepared to debate. Don't expect others to spoon-feed you.
  4. Oh, yes he did - he was forced to walk back his claim that it was an impeachment hearing. Try to keep up; I pointed this out in detail yesterday.
  5. Lewandowski is going to be recommended for the Presidential Medal of Freedom:
  6. Ha ha ha ha....Jerry Nadler had to walk back his lie of calling it an Impeachment Hearing. What a dope!
  7. No, not just paperwork. Finger printed a the Sheriff's office and photographed.....like a criminal! Threatened with 10 years in prison if I failed to do this. That should never be allowed. I committed no crime.
  8. Chocolate milk does have a lot of sugar in it. I never thought it was proper for schools to serve chocolate milk. IMHO, it is not the government's job to feed children. Their parents already receive food stamps, right - so why are they double dipping on tax-payer dollars?
  9. Gun owners are quite responsible in making sure their guns go to proper heirs or friends who already have guns and therefore can own them. In fact, the NRA writes articles about how to do this properly and has people available to assist with that, so that firearms do not get into the wrong hands.
  10. In 1995, I was forced, under threat of imprisonment, to get finger printed, photographed and registered with BATFE/FBI as owning a USAS-12. This was a Bill Clinton Executive Order. Yes, I became a victim of Democrat over-reach when it comes to simply owning lawfully acquired firearms.
  11. Ok, Zell Miller excepted.....oh, but wait, Zell is dead. Yeah, I'm right!
  12. That's nonsense. There should be no problem with children of gun owners inheriting their mom and pop's guns.
  13. Thank you for your permission. It helps me to contribute relevant information to forums like this one.
  14. I am a victim, as are all gun owners, of Democrat tyranny.
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