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  1. Not anymore they don't. They're dead. Seems like the officers found that out the hard way.
  2. The deputies should have left. They obviously were not prepared for this and what the heck did they think they were doing running around on an armed man's property without a warrant after they were told to leave?
  3. If they were to chant "death in America", I think there would be some who would make their wish come true. I'm starting a new 501C3 charitable foundation called: Make Your Last Wish, Punk ®
  4. Good for them to take off the mask and protest. I protest in spirit with the mask-burners. I no longer wear the mask of Covid shame either.
  5. I read your Islamic account. And, then I read the Israeli account. The Israeli account provided much more facts and explained exactly who the owner is and how the owner had title to the land going back prior to 1948 and even in 1948. Transjordan started a war in 1948, captured some Jewish-owned land and stole it from them. When the land was re-captured by Israel, the land was returned to the rightful owner. The rightful owner had records proving ownership in a long chain of title documents. The asshole tenants and squatter had no rights to the land at all. The Islamic account
  6. Here's the full, real story: Where is Sheikh Jarrah? Sheikh Jarrah is a predominantly, though not exclusively, Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem, located about a mile and a half from the Old City. What is the claim against Israel? The pro-Palestinian community is claiming that Israel is unjustly evicting four Palestinian families from their homes in the neighborhood and that this exemplifies accusations against Israel in the context of the broader conflict with the Palestinians. In response, the owners of the property (Nahalat Shimon), claim they have the legal title t
  7. The land owners had title to the land and the tenants' lease ran out. What's so hard to understand about this? You are attempting to conflate issues here to justify Palestinians starting a war over a stupid landlord-tenant matter where the land owners are clearly in the right.
  8. Yes, Biden lacks balls, lacks judgment, lacks IQ, lacks everything needed to be anything other than a bed-ridden memory ward patient.
  9. He's the F-ing President, and a horribly weak one at that. Presidents who lack balls drive chaos, dummy.
  10. I'm always willing to lend a helping hand, even to the forum retards like @RickyTavy.
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