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  1. Joe Biden came out of his basement for a short press conference on the economy. During Biden's statement read from a Teleprompter Biden reads “end of quote” after making debunked Social Security claim. Boy, Biden just mindlessly reads the teleprompter, not even having a clue what he's saying. End of Quote.
  2. You know what, I'll license you the rights to tackle that project!
  3. Hilarious!!! And, if you shove it in his prick-hole, it should clear up his sinuses so he can get back to sniffing girls.
  4. I'm glad you're a Democrat. You're really nutty.
  5. MAGA! While I agree with much of what the OP says, I have learned to respect, admire and even like Trump. I didn't start out that way - I was a Ted Cruz supporter, but I am 100% firmly in Trump's camp now.
  6. Harry Reid (D) you and all of the pro-Republican voters out there are responsible for handing the control of America's federal courts and the Supreme Court to the Republicans. Thank you, Harry for the kind parting gift of the Nuclear Option.
  7. Yes, we know that Scout. And, might I recommend that you vote for Joe Biden, because that is exactly what he promises: PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!
  8. What I will find enlightening is the defeat of corrupt Joe Biden. Trump has lived up to his campaign promises, much more so than any other president in the last 150 years. Transparent. Conservative. Protects the Constitution. Honest. Productive. Hard Working for the American People. God Bless Donald Trump.
  9. I do not bomb churches or hurt innocent people. But, violent, crazy nutters who attack cops and drive around in murder cars need to be put away where society can spit on and fling feces on them.
  10. Like the Democrats have an ounce of political capital with Trump or the Republicans right now.
  11. No. It really is not interesting. Only when SWAT comes to take Biden and Son away to Prison, will I find Biden's meandering outside of his basement interesting.
  12. @XavierOnassis - he's on an angry tear telling everyone to "F-U". Be careful, Xavier, don't stroke out on us before the election - we want to be able to cram some live crow so far up your anal cavity that you'll be shitting crow beaks for at least 4-MORE-YEARS!
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