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  1. No person can "transition" from a woman to a man or form a man to a woman. You are borne one or the other, and you will remain that gender forever, or until someone invents a way to re-engineer the wierdo's DNA, internal organs, external organs and reverse and regrow a person's brain to reflect a different gender. It always tickles me silly how Democrats claim to "follow science" and then completely fabricate nonsense when it comes to the mentally ill just to make them appear as though they are "normal", but born with some kind of gender problem.
  2. Do you want me to start with their living in the midst of beta and gama radiation? Endemic earthquakes? Fast food addiction? Difficulty for young people to find gainful employment? Too many old people? Discrimination against women? Racial discrimination against blacks and mixed-race citizens? Foot binding? Yakuza? Forced prostitution? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I admire about Japan as well, particularly their long-standing tradition of highly detailed artistry and craftsmanship.
  3. Yes, I am clueless about Unamuno - I thought I had acknowledged that. Ooooo, you nasty, nasty boy! It's not nonsense. There comes a time in every child's life where he or she simply needs to pummel another child with the skill and fury necessary to inflict enough physical pain to where the shitty little kid (and the onlookers) grow an instinctive aversion to bullying that child. No kid should be thrown to the packs of salivating wolves in public school without first being taught how to fight.
  4. Japan has lots of problems. And, if you haven't noticed, Japan is a very male dominated society where women do not have anywhere close to the opportunities there that they have in America.
  5. ^^^^^ I don't think I could have said it any better. I would add that women have the same right to play in women's only sports without mentally ill men infiltrating their teams and leagues. Sororities and women's clubs which deny men (or even mentally ill men who want to pretend to be a woman) membership are an important part of a healthy society as well.
  6. Thankfully, your opinion doesn't count for much. The school administrator took decisive action, and there isn't a thing you can do about it.
  7. Am I a bigot if: 1. I don't want women in my private club? 2. I don't want women in college fraternities? 3. I don't want women playing in male sporting events? 4. I don't want women in the Men's Restroom? ?
  8. The election was stolen. John Kerry subverted Trump's authority by negotiating directly with the Iran government while Trump was president. My opinion is a revolution is justified.
  9. I love the 1st gen Rocket 3 and came very close to buying one. I bought a Honda Rune instead. But, this new Rocket III (less the stupid faring) looks wicked fast.
  10. I'm strictly a road-bike guy. However, after riding a Yamaha V-Max for 10+ years, I have to admit that the super-motard my friend let me ride in the mountains was like a dream floating on air. It cornered effortlessly without slowing down.
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