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  1. People who are comfortable with who they are do not change their dialect, at lest not intentionally to garner favor with others. My dialect runs from southern to a little more Midwestern. When I'm talking with mostly southern folks, it tends to get a bit more southern. If I am in a business setting, my speech is a bit more formal, or Midwestern. How about when a White guy tries to speak in a Black dialect to you - do you think that's funny? Admirable? Praiseworthy? I sure hope not!
  2. Well, same thing goes for them too! There's a reason I don't like most politicians.
  3. Idiot. I'm a Trump-loving Republican. I got both my jabs as soon as I could. You need to go look at the Black communities - they are the ones not getting vaccinated.
  4. Where I come from, we call that a phony, a huckster, or a counterfeit.
  5. The CDC is a bureaucratic creature with a biased political and power-related agenda. I don't believe a damn thing "they" (always un-named un-credentialed bureaucratic faces) say.
  6. I watch hardly any TV, other than Bloomberg Surveillance, and sometimes Maria Bartiromo. That's where you and I differ. I expect a good President to be well studied and well briefed on the topics I mentioned. I want to hear from my elected President, not some appointed expert. That just tells me that you should have your Boss's job. Your Boss/Bosses should be able to do your job at least on some level. If not, he should spend some time with you before a critical presentation to learn what you are presenting to him. Those Bosses of yours should be able to digest and present your analysis, but have you there if his audience demands deeper level details. If they can't do that, they deserve a big boot up their asses. 100% right, unless a federal law was passed preempting the state's various positions on this. But, that would be a stupid waste of time and resources.
  7. Awwww, we love you to, guy. Nnnnnno, not in that way! I wouldn't want anyone to get jealous or think that I'm flirting here.
  8. I'm guessing that you didn't vote for FDR either. But, If you did, shit, you better invite me to your next Birthday Party! I'm going on a Spaghetti-Monster diet.
  9. Now, there's a set of legitimate questions. 1. If I were Biden what would I do with regard to Covid? First, I'd authorize Booster shot vaccines for anyone who wants them, and I'd make them sign waivers acknowledging any risks. Second, I'd come out and say that I am not for a mask mandate, and then provide some details why I'm not. Being for a mask-mandate sends the wrong message about the vaccines. The vaccines fare far far more effective than masks. But, as I'm for states rights, I'd leave the mask question up to each Governor. Third, I'd make sure that theraputics like: Remdesivir, Favipiravir, Mrimepodib, Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, Dexamethasone (cortical steroid) and Baricitinib were widely available and easily accessible for people who even suspect they have contracted Covid (except for Dex which can be addictive among other things) . Then, I'd highlight the efficacy and potential risks about each of these treatments. Yes, I expect the President to be able to do this, not some bureaucratic "expert". 2. What can Biden do to prevent state/county governments from enacting mask mandates? If I were Biden, I'd go to each of the governors and discuss why I am against mask mandates. I would ask that they govern their state as they see best for their citizens and if that includes mask mandates, I wouldn't try and stop them. But as to the ones who are receptive to my message, I'd go a bit further. I'd remind Governors that Counties are in fact part of their State Government, and therefore under their control. I'd also remind them that they can generally preempt what city Mayors attempt to enact. See, without the ability to use police to enforce mask mandates, or by making it impossible for Cities/Counties to actually prosecute or fine "violators", the Governor's orders control. Yes, they actually do have that much power, if they aren't pussies about using it.
  10. Everyone always forgets that Obama is half white. But, no one forgets that he is all Communist, just like his mother.
  11. You are a real rube if you elect, follow, invest with, or form a partnership with anyone who promises "hope and change"! I PROMISE YOU HOPE.....AND CHANGE STEP RIGHT UP, TRY YOUR LUCK!
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