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  1. Joe Biden is a corrupt asshole who sold America to China for his own financial gain.
  2. KISS - Seriously? You worship Chaim Witz with makeup. LOL!!!!
  3. Kyle Rittenhouse should think about running for President in 2024. America needs patriots like Rittenhouse.
  4. @Zaro likes you, Scout, and I don't mean in a platonic way. You two should hook up and swap yeast.
  5. Something, I am quite sure you regularly fantasize about.
  6. They don't make a mask large enough to spread across those porky jowls and under that triple chin of hers. I bet you could get almost a pound of fatback just out of her face:
  7. Mama ain't gonna help you out none! Mama tard of yer foul odor!
  8. Screw you Democrats and your stupid masks. You'll have to shoot me to make me wear a mask. Ted Cruz in 2024!!!
  9. If the States of California and New York were properly re-counted, I think it would be a heck of a lot more than that.
  10. Ok then, we have confirmed your membership and involvement in Antifa. Thank you.
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