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  1. "For Christmas, I want a Bidet - been years since I could clean that hole!"
  2. I have absolutely no tolerance for that kind of person. I dated a woman who once went ballistic on me - started screaming obscenities over the phone at me for nothing.....and, that was the end of that.
  3. They are difficult to be around, aren't they.
  4. The longest I've gone without showering was about 2 weeks while I was riding a motorcycle cross country and camping. I didn't smell great, but trust me, there's a difference between a normal guy who hasn't showered in some time and an insane guy who just never showers. I would go into gas station rest rooms and wash down, brush my teeth, and try to wash my hair a bit. If my shirt was dirty, I'd wash it in the sink with some soap, ring it out and just wear it damp - it dried pretty quick on the motorcycle. And, I'd shave. I did my best to keep clean. Insanity is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a person. Not only can they not take care of themselves, no one else can stand being around them. For the most part they resent help, medication, etc. Most people just say "forget this, I tried", and then move on out of their lives.
  5. Overall, it was probably the worst place I had been inside. Creepy people to the core, looked and smelled like death warmed over. The one other awful place I had to go inside was a hoarder's condominium unit. Another insane guy. I couldn't say what exactly was wrong with him mentally. At one time he was fairly normal. Worked at a museum and some time before that he worked on wall street. I actually saw some of this guy's decline - sad, and it was not due to drugs. He went from a nice, friendly clean-cut guy to an unreasonable, demanding, impossible asshole - long stringy hair and long stringy beard. He had that same bum-sweat stench - I had to hold my breath around him. He lived in one state with his 90 yo mother - basically squatting without electricity or running water because they never paid the taxes on her house and someone bought it at a tax sale. Then, he had a townhome (once belonging to his dead brother's) in another state with freaking nasty shit wall-to-wall and stacked all the way to the ceiling in every inch of that 1000 sf condo. The stench of the town-home and his body odor made me feel physically ill. Let me tell you, it's hard for me to have sympathy for mentally ill people. Many are not kind, not nice to be around, completely irrational, angry, act erratically, do disgusting things live in squalor, and they smell really bad.
  6. My job. Beyond that, I can't say why I was there. But, I can describe what it was like. When I walked into that house, I felt like I walked into the Twilight zone. It was hot, sweaty and there was no electricity. The stove had sterno cans which replaced the long dead electric coils. On the window sill, there were drinking cups filled with moldy water and one that had old fermented milk in it. There were other empty food containers and dirty eating utensils strewn about. The ceiling plaster was falling apart. The wood floor looked more like a dirt floor. One guy was nervously smoking in a dirty pair of boxers and would walk out of a bedroom, walk back - he kept repeating this. The nasty-foot guy just kept mindlessly pacing back and forth. There was also an 85 year old, somewhat normal, lady who lived there - she was my business. I think there was another "skinny" woman in there who didn't show herself much. The place smelled like bum-sweat, urine and rotten food. I had to breathe through my mouth the entire time I was there.
  7. When I die and go to Heaven, if I see Ted Maggot Kennedy waiting to usher me in, I will surely know that I totally screwed the pooch!
  8. I saw a man's feet that looked like that once. I once had to go into a house of crazy people. It was the second dirtiest, nastiest house I had ever been to. The people who lived there were shuffling diseases who were barely clothed. The one guy with feet that looked like the above (he was a white guy, and yes, his feet were that color) paced back and forth barefoot the whole time. I couldn't stop looking at those damn feet. Nightmarish feet - and those^^^ just brought back that ugly memory.
  9. Trial? They have to charge him first. To do that, they need to arrest him. How did that work out in the Launderie case?
  10. Thankfully, my dental hygienist is gentle and cute.
  11. RELAX YOUR JAW, I need to reach that back molar.
  12. I value that at no more than $500, if original, framed and at a sidewalk art festival. How much did this one fetch?
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