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  1. While this position differs somewhat from my own, I do not find it completely unreasonable. I'm a believer in bright lines, not arbitrary "case-by-case" authority on such things. That lends itself to too much fraud and discretion in the hands of those who are not qualified in my opinion to figure out who is gaming the system and who is not. Healthy Adult - max 6 months - lifetime limit. There's work out there. It's a bade of honor to have done a nasty job in your lifetime. Children - no parent or guardian should ever receive direct benefits for children. Something needs to be set up to provide relief for children directly, even if that means taking the kids away from their pathetic parents. "Disabled" needs to be defined to only include those who are profoundly disabled - I agree with that. However this should exclude ADD, Drug addiction, self-inflicted disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders without retardation (like Sole)
  2. Because it is arrogant, repugnant, and blasphemous to depict a president as a god-like figure. But, it does go to what we Conservatives have said all along about Obama. There are those, mostly blacks but even Atheists, who worship him like he is a god. And, apparently, Barack Obama is OK with that.
  3. Black has nothing to do with it. Floating figures, feet off the ground was a classical 15th-17th century method of symbolically distinguishing between God and divine figures versus man and/or demons and the devil.
  4. How long do you think people should be allowed to get food stamps, SNAP, or any form of welfare, after which they are completely cut off from any more of such benefits? In other words, what does "temporary" mean to you time wise when you refer to safety nets as you have?
  5. Is that poison ivy in Obama’s portrait?

    I don't know about that. Truth be told, I've never been close enough to Obama to examine his hands. But, I do know the mistake that was made in that painting - I would not be happy with that horse$hit of a painting if I were Barack.
  6. Is that poison ivy in Obama’s portrait?

    Yes it is. It's a rookie mistake made by crappy artist who paints using a photo projector.
  7. I would like to volunteer to help make this happen. The spoil islands that make of much of Miami need to go back to mother nature. Tell me how I can be of help.
  8. No. I don't love them any more than when they were alive.
  9. See your above post where you ask who painted the picture of an angry black woman decapitating a white woman. My response was: " An angry gay Black Panther." That's right, Wiley is a homosexual too. Mentally insane.
  10. Abolish all welfare. Abolish food stamps. Abolish SNAP. Abolish Social Security Disability for those that never paid into the system.
  11. Is that poison ivy in Obama’s portrait?

    The painting is crap. You know it. I certainly know it. Everyone knows it. The painter even screwed up on where to put the thumb on the hand. This is because he likely used a projected photo to trace Obama's image before he painted it. It's a technique used by amateurish painters, and if they forget to invert certain parts of the image due to "mirroring", stupid mistakes like Obama's hand being reversed is what happens..
  12. There were no new tax cuts announced at 1:00. I wish there were, but there wasn't. I wish the Obamacare tax had been gutted, but so far, Trump hasn't kept that promise. I have hope. Never lose hope.
  13. Is that poison ivy in Obama’s portrait?

    So, it looks like the artist screwed up the hand and put the thumb on the wrong side of Obama's Left hand. HA HA HA HA HA- A TOTALLY INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT DESERVES A TOTALLY INCOMPETENT ARTIST!!! Perfect, just perfect.

    WOW! What a prediction. Damascus has been a crap-hole since the beginning of time. Here, let the Great Skans make a prediction: "SEE, DETROIT WILL NO LONGER BE A CITY BUT WILL BECOME A HEAP OF RUINS" Oooooo, the Great Wise Skans has spoken!