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  1. Me neither. Republicans better learn how to grow bigger balls and punch the lights out of Democrat shills.
  2. You did all of those test yourself, or you just believe what some Italian government hack is telling you?
  3. Like you wouldn't have done the same thing. It would worry me a lot more if people between the ages of 17 - 25 stayed at home listening to their Boomer-Parents cry about Covid-19. At that age, I would have been out all night causing all sorts of trouble and totally pissed off about having to be "locked down". I could have seen some of my sick friends at that age going around spitting on mail boxes, doorknobs, etc - just to get back at scared Boomers.
  4. Don't laugh Texas-Persian, your tax $$$$ will be paying for Cuomo and de Blasio's pathetic leadership, poor planning, bad decisions, and America's new shithole city - NYC.
  5. You are lost in the weeds. Your claims have nothing to do with the WHO being a leftist organization, which it clearly is.
  6. That gibberish generator isn't very sophisticated. It would take a custom-crafted gibberish generator to re-create Sole's gibberish.
  7. Maybe its like Mel Gibson in that stupid movie "The Beaver". Mel plays a depressed executive who creates a hand puppet caricature which acts as his "other" personality.
  8. I didn't know white folks lived on the south side of Atlanta. I don't mean any offense by that - no one I know ever goes down there.
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