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  1. Make sure you spam all of them so they can all charge Joe for their hard work on this.
  2. It is dumb for you to claim I need to be black in order to comment on how I feel being white.
  3. Don't lie. You were not talking about defeating him at the polls. We were discussing impeachment, and you said "consider it done".
  4. A. Working at his job, making money and providing valuable services B. Traveling in a bus attending campaign rallies all across America C. Meeting with foreign dignitaries to discuss foreign stuff D. Investing his Millions that he made from graft, kickbacks and extortion. D. Jerking off while watching Kiddie Porn E. Smoking Crack Cocaine with his son Hunter Biden F. Sleeping the day away listening to the crickets chirp chirp chirp.
  5. That wasn't a demand, dumb-dumb. No one has impeached Trump at the present time, so it can't be verified.
  6. She's got the look of a girl who would just want to cause you problems. Definitely not the kind who could keep her mouth shut and just enjoy the carnal fun of having sex. Mouthy Italian girl. She would demand that you only look her in her eyes and she would be talking the entire time, unless you stuffed something in her mouth. Well, she has 5 children, only another Italian could enjoy that......just not my type.
  7. I'm fairly certain that "Debs" is someone else who regularly posts here under a different name.
  8. It is a key criteria for consideration as a member of the Democrat-Communist Politburo
  9. Let me make that determination, William. Are they a package deal, or do I get to choose?
  10. He's a communist. More likely he wants in Buttigieg's panties.
  11. PM me with a photo of your sister and I'll let you know.
  12. I had an affinity for older women, yes William, I know about these things.
  13. I fear that all of the money that Nancy Pelosi invested in her cosmetic surgery was never allocated to fixing up that dusty old piece of leather between her legs. It would be like grabbing this: President Trump did tell me that he would agree to grab Pelosi's rotted leather slit, for the good of the country, if she agreed to back legislation to lower taxes on the middle class.
  14. Yes. And, before that he worked for Bernie Sanders. He is the link to the big money that flowed into Cortez's campaign.