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  1. Skans

    The Democrats gave it their all

    Do it at the Polls.
  2. Skans

    The Democrats gave it their all

    The shoe IS on the other foot. The Supreme Court is decidedly no longer controlled by the Left. I suppose that when Ginsberg goes there could be even another Conservative shoe on the 9-footed Supreme Court.
  3. It is a win, but a win for: 2nd Amendment Rights Check on Big Government Check on Bureaucrats and Bureaucratic Agencies Constitution and the Rule of Law Reasonable interpretation of the Constitution as it applies to Illegal Alien immigration For Conservatives it was never about Trump or even Kavanaugh, but the Will of the People to keep Leftists from butchering our Constitution.
  4. Democrat Dirty Tricks is something you will be saddled with for a very, very long time. Just watch. The Borking of Kagan is going to end badly for Democrats.
  5. In public, yes. In private, they would agree with me. Are you claiming that homosexuality is a "choice"? I'm not. I am claiming that it is a biological anomaly due to a malformation in that part of the brain or brain chemistry that controls sexual development. There are examples of people being sexually attracted to inanimate objects too - I think we can all agree that this is neither learned behavior, or a matter of "choice", but something going awry in that person's sexual development.
  6. She's trying to rape Brett Kavanaugh as we write.
  7. And old ones can stop worrying about it, especially when they are a half-century post menopausal. Now there's a truthful admission for you!
  8. What I have said about Feinstein, which is rather accurate I'll have you know, is nothing compared to the pre-planned rape-circus Feinstein has coordinated against Kavanaugh.
  9. The points I have made about Elana Kagan are far more "legitimate" than the circus Democrats are putting Kavanaugh through. Now, that is the epitome of "illegitimate".
  10. Deflection. I suppose that's all you have. Can't address the legitimate point I raised.
  11. I believe homosexuality is nothing more than sexual retardation. It is a mental malformation, which probably occurs during gestation, much like any number of mental disorders. Some part of the brain which is responsible for proper gender identification and attraction to the opposite sex was malformed in some way. This is not necessarily genetic, or genetic in every case. Are you aware that someone with Diabetes is precluded from piloting a commercial airline? People with Downs Syndrome cannot be in the Military. There are minimum IQ requirements for many, many occupations and professions. I happen to think that someone who's brain is malformed with regard to sexuality should prohibit that person from deciding cases about marriage, rape, incest, morality laws, etc. Beyond it being a clear conflict of interest, they do not have the "right stuff" in their mental makeup to be making such decisions for us as a nation.
  12. People are born with Downs Syndrome and I don't think they should be Supreme Court Justices either.
  13. Skans

    Independent voter

    While I am a lifelong Republican, many years ago, I voted for Democrats on occasion, and even supported one in a local election. The one I supported (actually campaigned for) was a fairly centered businessman. However, he got dragged to the left fairly quickly after he won office. I told him what I thought, and he didn't care. When he came to me for support next election cycle, I told him that I only support vetted Republicans. He was a friend of mine. Regrettably, we never spoke again after that.