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  1. THIS ^^^^ says a lot about you. You are anti-freedom. Anti-Constitution. Anti-1st Amendment. An admitted hard-leftist, and Anti-American. From mine and most people's perspectives, you are the exact same piece of trash as are the Nazis. I don't see one bit of difference between what you want Zaro, and what the Nazis want. It is an obvious fact that hard leftists and Nazis keep the same company -example: Jason Kessler.
  2. Yes, I am defending Nazis - their right to speak freely and their right open carry where it is legal. I live in a country where the laws are to be equally applied to all. I also defend Leftists' right to speak freely and their right to open carry where it is legal.
  3. Ha ha ha, are you freaking serious! Leftists organized the whole thing. It's all on you folks! You are so clueless. Body armor is not regulated or illegal. It's the same thing as you leftists wearing your hoodies and baggie-pants; or muslims wearing head-scarfs and burkas. Open Carry means you can carry guns openly, including rifles. No one at any rally had assault rifles. Go read the NFA before you start accusing people of bringing assault rifles. I own an assault rifle. Do you? Of course you don't. Does anybody else on this board? I highly doubt it. So, I know what is and what is not an assault rifle. What qualifies you as a knowledgeable person when it comes to guns and body armor? Some of you leftists are really dumb, I mean dumber than snail spit. At least try to be accurate or look stuff up so you don't look so freaking stupid!
  4. The organizer of the nazi protest was a left-wing, Occupy Wall Street Obama supporter. All of the Occupy Wall Street Fasciasts should be charged with and tried for murder, sedition, rioting, theft, vandalism.
  5. I didn't write the above quote (notice I used quotation marks). But I will now give credit to the person who did write it - Spartan. Yes, I cut and pasted this from Spartan's post in the Liberals Only Forum. I read it and liked it, so I wanted to see how it would be received over here if I posted it. I can see who actually reads and intelligently responds, and who just spews nonsense for the sake of spewing nonsense.
  6. What I posted had nothing to do with that. Read it, I think you might agree with it.
  7. Untitled and Zaro, you really should read what I posted. All people in our nation should have the right to speak.
  8. So, then you agree with what I posted?
  9. "When I was a young man (this would have been in the late '80s, early-1990's IIRC) I remember an exchange I had with my father. We were looking at the news and there was a story about a neo-nazi group somewhere on the East Coast, and there were pictures of people standing there giving the Nazi salute and holding Nazi flags at a public rally. I was disgusted, and I looked over at my father who was standing there with a equally sour look on his face. I made some wonderfully ignorant comment about wishing I could go and bash the heads in of people like that...and my father surprised me. He turned and looked at me and said: "Yeah, seeing those flags upsets me; I put my ass on the line fighting a war against what that flag represents. But when I put on that uniform I took an oath; an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and that Constitution includes the right to free speech. A smarter man than me once said, 'I don't agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.' When somebody says something you don't like, and you think that makes it okay to 'bash their head in', then that makes you no better than them. They dedicated themselves to shutting people up too; burning books and throwing people into concentration camps for being 'politically undesirable'. So, what? Someone says something you don't like and you have the right to attack them for it? Where does that end? Better to let 'em spout their crap and show people how evil their ideas are. When we get to the point where there aren't enough people left to be offended by that then we won't have a country anyway, and when we become okay with people being attacked just for speaking their mind then we'll have forgotten what we're about, and what we fought for." I'm older now, and I'm a strong Constitutionalist, and I appreciate the simple wisdom of my father's words. I see people I know openly stating about how since the rhetoric of the modern neo-nazi is so offensive to them they are justified in using physical violence against them to shut them up. We have footage of people attacking others with bats, bricks, pepper spray, and balloons full of urine; simply for voicing opinions they disagree with. I try to talk about the First Amendment and have people calling me a Nazi sympathizer for it! I will defend any person's Constitutional rights - even the rights of people I don't like - and that doesn't make me a Nazi, but the very representation of what being liberal is supposed to mean! If we're willing to physically attack people just for saying things we don't like... then what have we become??"
  10. Don't ever be impressed with the ACLU - they do not support the 2nd Amendment but do support gun bans under the guise of "reasonable regulation". The ACLU is nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Democrat party, just like the SPLC.
  11. Violent thugs have taken over the Democrat party. You can see this guy Jason Kessler is a Nazi and was part of Occupy Wall Street and Obama's election. I always suspected Nazis were were the real Leftists, now we have rock solid proof. I am ready for the Democrat party to be completely destroyed and decimated.
  12. I don't know what this country is ready for. But, I am ready for the Democrat party to be defeated and destroyed.
  13. Thugs Wear Masks…

    You claim to have attended college, right Untitled. What college taught you how to write your above sentence? I'd really like to know. You must have received free money to attend a community college somewhere, but bought pot and smoked it instead of attending any classes.
  14. Why do you assume that? Because I'm not a communist like you?
  15. Thugs Wear Masks…

    United, you do realized that the Black gentleman in your last post is carrying a semi-auto rifle and wearing a bandanna, right? Thugs in masks are the exact same people as Nazis. Just ask Jason Kessler.