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  1. As pregnant Jenny Marx traveled to Holland to beg her relatives for money with little success, while she was away, her husband Karl had yet another affair, this time impregnating Lenchen, the family’s housekeeper. Jenny had asked Karl for nothing but love and loyalty, and given him everything in return, including co-authoring many of his writings. Karl feared that if Jenny ever learned of his adultery, she would leave with the children and he would be without any possible source of money. Without Jenny, he would have to give up writing and find real work. Desperate, he cowardly begged Engels to take responsibility for Lenchen’s child as his own, which Engles agreed to. Karl again left London, and Jenny again had to fend off creditors and care for Karl's family by herself. As she told him during these hard times, “Meanwhile I sit and go to pieces. Karl, it is now at its worst pitch…I sit here and almost weep my eyes out and can find no help. My head is disintegrating. For a week I have kept my strength up and now I can no more.” Karl’s replies were heartless and devoid of any sympathy to his wife's plight.
  2. Yeah, maybe. But, you will remember me, Xavier. I am burned into the memory circuits of your Leftist Brain - and no amount of drinking or drug-binging will erase your thoughts of me, until that final breath you take here on earth. Then, after your body is dead and rotting, there is a possibility that you will remember me one more time, as God's final judgment befalls upon you. As the Lord's omnipotence shines down upon your soul from above, you may remember old Skans saying "I told you so".
  3. I really don't know what the thinking was behind this piece of Missouri legislation. Maybe it's just a slap on the back for the pro-gun folks. Or, maybe there is some deeper thinking behind it as in a set-up for a Supreme Court decision. The Supreme Court, if it took such a case, would first have to address whether a State can pass a law declaring that it will ignore or void a Federal law, even assuming that Federal Law is Unconstitutional. If it did this, it could affect "sanctuary city" status as well. I suspect that the Supreme Court would rule that a State is preempted from doing such a thing. It might also rule that a State can't ban something that hasn't happened yet. Either way, this would avoid having to actually decide any pro or anti gun matter.
  4. Interesting position. I too don't think a state law can ban a federal law. However, to the extent the federal law is contrary to the Constitution the State law may be valid. The Supreme Court would have to weigh in.
  5. I'm not. But, just today, as I was visiting a particular financial institution, I noticed a nicely framed statement hanging on the wall. It said: "The Patriot Act requires us to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities. We are required to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means for you: When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents. " It's my money, and the freaking government has no business telling banks to identify me in nothing more than business transactions!
  6. I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about this yesterday. This is so obvious, does it really even need to be said?
  7. See, you wouldn't have learned that over in the LOF. I'm glad to assist you out of your delusional state, even if for but one fleeting moment.
  8. First, it wasn't silent - I listened and there was much cheering. Second, McCain deserves to be ripped. The more I find out about McCain, the more I really don't like the guy.
  9. Utopian? No. Delusional. Yes. No one has perfect health. Let me clue you in on something.....YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!
  10. Skans

    ISIS Crushed. Thanks Mr Trump

    Obama is a community organizer and a bureaucrat. Making any concrete decision, on his own, would probably take decades.
  11. In fact, the entire patriot act should be repealed - it was and continues to be a horrible piece of legislation!
  12. He was a highly educated drunk. He was often unemployed, not for lack of education or skill, but lack of drive, mental illness, and laziness. Yes, read about the man Karl Mars - he chose his squalid lifestyle, for what reason no one really knows, other than related to substance abuse and likely mental illness.
  13. I have no doubt that in the urban-slum microcosms within which they reside, their views probably are prevailing.
  14. Ohhhh, I never played - I will defer to your expertise in this regard. Now, run along to the LOF and have fun playing patty cake.