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  1. Well, that's your opinion. My opinion is that it is a news show designed to perpetuate slanderous lies about individuals. No. But, I was going to ask you the same thing when you said " Why would the courts be interested in what a private citizen (sam bee) has to say about another private citizen (hannity)". Either you were trolling, or you have a seriously warped understanding of how our judicial system works.
  2. Democrats Sue EVERYBODY!

    I'm a proud part of the disease, the deplorables, and the people who cling to their guns and their Bibles.
  3. For whatever reason (beyond my comprehension) tyranny and genocide seems to be a part of who we are. If it were just a one-time thing, we might be able to say it's an anomaly that will never happen again. But, genocide has happened periodically since the beginning of recorded history. Just like homosexuality doesn't seem to make much sense to me either, some really odd traits are somehow embedded in the Human code. For creatures that are about 60% water and 40% other complex compounds, Humans are ultra-weird animals. If we weren't designed by something smarter than ourselves, I think I'd be able to understand Humanity.
  4. I've listened to it. It is not comedy. It is a political commentary news show. Well, that's the way I see it. I will swear to it. Sean - how about you call me to testify when you sue Samantha Bee for Slander because I think you are a crook and a cheat because of what Samantha Bee said about you. Who cares what the court is interested in. What, do you think Judges dress up in their black robes and a cape and wonder around at night finding things to drag into their courtroom because they find it interesting? You and Phoenix read to many comic books.
  5. I can honestly say that I would not do that. There is nothing wrong with debating anything about guns. This debate has been going on for decades, even centuries. I view it a a battle between freedom and safety. Some people truly value their immediate safety more than they do freedom. Others, like myself, value freedom over a need for government branded safety. Actually, we both probably want the same thing, but fear different things. My fear of an overreaching mob-style, authoritarian government drives me to be pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment. The mass killings that I worry about seem to come about once every decade or so, in various parts of the world. Eighty years ago it came to Europe. About 10 years before that it came to Russia. Just a few others (there are many more examples) include Armenia, India, Cambodia, Iraq, Argentina, Somalia, Tibet, Syria, even Australia and America. This scares me way more than any rare occasion of senseless random violence. People gassing their own brothers like what Assad is doing right now, proves that we have not come close to evolving beyond genocide as a species. For now, firearms in the hands of citizens, are an equalizer, an invisible force that pushes against the evils of tyranny. Our Founding Fathers realized this because they experienced it firsthand. A tyrant is nothing more than a bully, an evil bully who has positioned himself into having the power to terrorize millions for whatever stupid reason. I see that as an evil that must be suppressed and stopped at all costs, which to me means making sure (to the best that I can) that every American is armed with formidable weapon(s). This is not about me or my "toys" - I've already got what I want or need. Your government could ban whatever it wants, and I will still be well armed. This is about YOU, and others, taking on the responsibility of being able to join together and put up a real fight if ever called upon to do so.
  6. Everyone does. But, that doesn't answer my above questions, does it.
  7. You don't have to be a "badass" to sue Samantha Bee. You don't even have to be a porn star.
  8. Oh, you mean the court will just throw it out without Sammy having to hire some expensive lawyers? I think Hanity should be allowed to look through her text messages, emails, computer, etc. to see if there is a pattern of behavior to demonize Hannity. Maybe go after the network that publishes her show too, and bloggers who republish her content on political forums to smear Hannity.
  9. Orwellian newspeak - "the term best friend is now outlawed" Yeah, that's going to stop kids from having best friends. The term "retarded" was invented by liberals to replace the psychological terms "idiot", "moron", "imbecile" first used by psychologist Henry Goddard. Now, if you call a low-IQ person a "retarded" or a "retard", liberals would prosecute you for hate speech. In the future, YOU WILL BE BANNED from uttering the following "Hate Speech" words: "Special", and "Exceptional", when referring to a low-IQ individual "African" or "Negro" or "Black" when referring to a black person "Oriental" when referring to an Asian person "Jew" when referring to a Jew. "Muslim" when referring to a person who prays to Allah "Leftist" or "Liberal" when referring to nutty Democrats "Democrat" when referring to any minority "Nazi" when referring to Democrats "Nazi" when referring to Antifa Democrats "Antifa" when referring to black people and a handful of white wannabe black people.
  10. If I were Hannity, I'd sue Samantha Bee for Slander. That's part of the conter-offensive we need to be looking into.
  11. Typical Authoritarian Leftist forced behavior-control. Ban kids from using the term "best friend" to force them to believe the way Leftists want them to believe. Ban guns to control Conservative gun owners. Now, do you see why you can't ever compromise with these folks? They are insane and they want to remake everyone to fit within the bounds of their their insane ideals.
  12. Except, I'm not the one going around sniffing little boys' backpacks! Seriously, Zaro, if a man went around sniffing little girls' backpacks, wouldn't you find that to be just a little creepy???
  13. An acceptable compromise leaves everybody unhappy. A good compromise can (sometimes) leave everybody happy.