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  1. When? When are you going to leave us? Now? Maybe now? How about now?
  2. Well we're just about 3/4 through the year ... is it hotter by 3/4 of a mile yet? Would that be Fahrenheit or Centigrade?
  3. Oh goody ... an early birthday present ... thanks!
  4. Can we have "sooner", please? What will you think if he actually wins the presidency?
  5. You know, the Swedes are extremely humorous
  6. I'm well aware of that. I've traveled to China to secure manufacturing services for my products. Y'all also eat bugs right off the ground, rats, dogs, cats, snakes, scorpions and pigeons. I'm a witness, and you're not in China.
  7. Both Belacheat and Brady have been disciplined for cheating. You knows it, I knows it, all God's chil'ren knows it.
  8. They'll have an answer for anything that happens. And it's all our fault.
  9. Jim Carey, yes. The others, not so much. No one can top Jerry Seinfeld. I've seen him live ... non stop hilarity the entire time.
  10. Come on, fellow NHBers ... I'm trying to be humorous, here. It's not like I was comparing USA humor to anything else out there ... just the dry-witted Brits. Hell, we're the ones with the Jewish-American humorists, the best in the world. Just like Kenya has the best long-distance runners, France the best snails-and-butter (nobody else wants that crap anyway), the Germans with the best Muslim immigration welcome (current events!), Swiss with the best watch makers, Brazil with the best bikini waxers, Canada with the best hockey players ... the list goes on and on.
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