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  1. The deezer makes his debut on the .org stage !!! A blast from the past. Howdy deezer.
  2. And you are most likely a Putin asslick. How much do they pay you to troll here?
  3. What makes America but it's people. I do not want them to die before their time. I love America.
  4. Trump cannot be left to become a two-term president by default. The only sane way to hold the coming election will be by mail-in ballot, or through the internet, or both.
  5. The US is now in the beginning stages of the pandemic. Trump failed to do any preparation despite being informed. And he's still dragging his heels. Clone governors like Tate Reeves of Mississippi are proceeding as if there is no threat, exacerbating the problem for states which are taking protective measures. By the time this is over, seniors will be the vast majority of the dead. Trump and his ilk could have helped enormously but chose not to. They have blood on their hands.
  6. I hope like Hell that you're right, OldBarn. But I'm not nearly as convinced as you. In reaction to all the misleading information, incompetence and callous disregard of The People, Trump actually got a bump in support.
  7. Thanks for that Olivaw. Good tip about using hepa filter vacuum bags. Makes sense !
  8. Thanks for that OP Redstone. Maybe it should be Bluestone? All Capt Crozier was guilty of was trying to protect his crew. And they deeply are appreciative of his efforts.
  9. - BUMP - For me, it's a no brainer. People can recover from economic hardship. Nobody comes back from the dead.
  10. Shades of Jim Jones and his followers in Guyana. Trump is offering the same Kool-Aid.
  11. Neither did those doing the shooting have tanks, modern warplanes or fighting ships; Against which, firearms would have been worse than feeble. And again, semi and full auto assault and battle rifles are useless against tanks, modern fighter-jets or high altitude bombers. On the coast, they would be nearly as useless against warships. Not a shot was fired in the Bundy confrontation. Firearms could not prevent Bundy from losing his case and paying a hefty fine. If these armed individuals had been foolish enough to open fire and sustain it, they would have summoned the full force of of the modern war machine against which their weapons would just as well be pea shooters. Whether the men and women in the US military would have been willing to war against fellow citizens is beside the point of this argument. Legally armed citizens cannot protect freedom, especially from a rogue, tyrannical regime, which would have little compunction about mowing them down.
  12. JeremiahGoldberstein - This is an official warning. Do not post in The Liberal's Only Room. The next post you make here will result in a penalty.
  13. Soldiers and sailors have fired on fellow Americans in the past. What looks like an illegitimate regime to one may seem perfectly fine to another. The soldiers who opened fire at Kent State might have been far more reluctant to do so, had they been recruited from anti-war protest groups. Also, no one knows which of the soldiers fired for effect and which didn't. Ideology would undoubtedly have played a part. In 1863, 4,000 federal troops faced off against draft rioters, killing many. https://www.history.com/news/four-days-of-fire-the-new-york-city-draft-riots In The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, troops fired on the strikers, repeatedly, at different locations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Railroad_Strike_of_1877 In Ludlow, Colorado, militia men attacked a tent colony of striking miners, killing many, including women and children. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/militia-slaughters-strikers-at-ludlow-colorado At coastal cities, warships certainly could use intelligence reports to pinpoint missile fire at concentrations of enemy. Likewise, jet fighters and bombers could be used on guerillas, anywhere in the country. Firearms would provide no answer. Tanks are invulnerable to legal firearms, no matter the caliber. Period. End of story. Any limitations that tanks have would need to be exploited by means other than normal firearms, like assault or battle rifles. The use of makeshift weapons like Molotov Cocktails does not depend on firearms. Various forms of bazookas like the M72LAW, wire-guided missiles, with shaped charges and such, are not legal firearms. Firearms, in the hands of civilians, to guarantee American Freedom, is a joke. Those who believe they have such power are mistaken. The only way a citizen army, using firearms could defeat the government would be to get help from within the military itself. Not at all inconceivable. It would be hard getting the American military to turn on their own countrymen, neighbors and kin. Is The Right To Own Modern Firearms Effective For Safeguarding Against A Rogue, Tyrannical Regime? No.
  14. Firearms are portable pistols, rifles or shotguns. The most modern firearms are either semi automatic or full auto. Buy how can this: Stand up to this: And this: Or these: Victory could not be achieved with firearms. The only way a citizen army, using firearms could defeat the government would be to get help from within the military itself. Not at all inconceivable. It would be hard getting the American military to turn on their own countrymen, neighbors and kin.
  15. Second would be the rare and exotic Snow Leopard, surviving and reproducing in one of the world's harshest environments.
  16. Yes. I like watching these kinds of videos. I keep up wih them as they appear on YouTube. Hadn't seen this particular one yet. If you haven't already, check out "The Lion Wisperer" on YouTube. Also "The Dodo" website. My favorite big cat, in case you hadn't guessed, is the Puma (Mountain Lion, Panther, Cougar, Painter, etc).
  17. Sometimes when not posting in NHB, you have to have patience before someone responds. I have a fascination with Pumas. They are beautiful, sleek cats. This particular one has the sweetest disposition of any I ever saw. And the trust between owner and cat seems absolute. Even though stunted in size, if a pet with the weaponry of a puma should ever lose its temper, or allowed to get really hungry, the result could be disastrous. Still, I can see the allure of owning one of these magnificent cats. Male cougars can get up to 220Lbs and measurements taken in the wild show they can leap 18 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontal. That means a large cougar could jump over a greyhound bus, the l - o - n - g way. That's farther than any other cat except for the Himalayan snow leopard which equals the cougar in leaping ability. There are only four "roaring" cats: Lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar. Despite the name and appearance, the snow leopard isn't a leopard at all, but a different species with a common ancestor, in the distant past. Cougars are actually classified as the largest member of the non-roaring cats and their anatomy has similarities to the cheetah, to which they are closely related. Cougars range from Tierra Del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America, all the way to the Klondike, in northern Canada. That makes them, probably the most adaptable cat in the world, with the roaring leopard, a close contender. I've sometimes wondered who would prevail in a contest between a leopard and a cougar of the same weight. But of course the cougar is in the Western Hemisphere and the Leopard, in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  18. Listen to what he says in October folks ! If he's still around.
  19. The worse this pandemic gets, the more Trump, backed by his army of ditto-heads in the radio, Right Wing Media Machine and Fox, will proclaim himself the savior. We need a candidate capable of getting attention and contradicting the lie.
  20. I for one, have no interest in replacing Biden with Sanders, specifically. In fact, I think Sanders is also too old. For that reason, I was a Warren #1, Sanders #2, supporter, but that's immaterial to me now. More than any other factor by far, I want a Democrat. any Democrat, who has a fighting chance to defeat Trump. Biden is not that Democrat.
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