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  1. Good article. Yang's UBI might be extremely hard to implement, even with a Democrat-controlled Congress. And if it should be passed into law, it would probably be challenged by multiple law suits and, most likely be struck down by the Conservative-dominated Supreme Court. So, in the President Yang political atmosphere of the near future, the only way to make it happen would be through constitutional amendment. In that scenario, the legislatures of at least 38 states would need to ratify a UBI to make it an amendment. But, stranger things have happened. Why not? See below. Yang's UBI would have enormous benefits. By creating demand, it would give industry a huge boost. And it would do much to reverse the wealth gap which has been accumulating for the last 40 years. And it would set a precedent for a near future in which robots dominate the labor pool. So $12,000 a year should be just a starting number, to be adjusted as conditions change. Social Problems Addressed By A Universal Basic Income: - Many American stuck in the wrong jobs because of a need to survive would be able to consider other options. - Due to automation, Americans are working harder for less. - Gives aid to 40 million Americans living below the poverty line. - Those living above the poverty line are empowered to contribute more to a create a robust consumer economy. - Many Americans would be freed up to take care of a child or sick loved one. Or do volunteer work. - Technology is quickly displacing a large number of workers, and the pace will only increase as automation and other forms of artificial intelligence become more advanced. One third of American workers will lose their jobs to automation by 2030. This has the potential to destabilize our economy and society if unaddressed. Here is a comprehensive explanation of the Freedom Dividend, on Yang's website, including how it will be paid for. https://www.yang2020.com/what-is-freedom-dividend-faq/
  2. As you observe above; Despite all unimpeded mass shootings, most people don't want the responsibility that comes with being armed. Since mass shootings started, nothing has been able to change that. Not the NRA, not Rush Limbaugh and not so-called Fox News. This is not likely to change. Large capacity mags have been responsible for far more massacres, than self-defense. In most cases, self-defense is just 2 rounds. It is the extremely rare that a high volume of firepower is required for self-defense. Large capacity magazines should be made unavailable through retail outlets. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=average+number+of+rounds+fired+in+self-defense+cases
  3. Agreed, in most particulars, where it counts. That and the political machinery to reverse the situation. In the gilded age, we were a plutocracy. Then, starting with FDR, we flipped to social democracy which lasted another 50 years. In 1980, the pendulum paused, before swinging back again. And now, we're a plutocracy, once more. But so far, despite all the lies and dirty tricks which are part of politics, the results of elections have not been overturned by force. Unlike e.g. Sudan, North Korea or Saudi Arabia, peaceful change should still be possible in America.
  4. So that mentally deranged igits like you can get vicarious thrills from a sick abomination shooting up schools full of innocent kids? Or because, at the time, there was only a militia and no organized military? Or maybe because the Founders thought it would be funny that imbeciles like you could troll backwater forums like this? Maybe the Founders had a sense of humor about future trolls like golfboy who doesn't know a breechlock from a flintlock; Or a stock from a barrel; or his ass from his elbow. Ha ha ha ha ha. When it comes to the world of real world weapons, golfboy sucks the big one. Stupid fuk.
  5. I didn't claim any of that. I said mass shooters are often loners and not too resourceful. As for this decade, high capacity mags are the biggest enablers of mass shootings. Everything else is self-delusion Milliseconds are critical. 1 second is a huge opportunity for someone to disable the shooter. 2 seconds is an eternity.
  6. Double action is grossly less accurate in the hands of a novice, which is what most mass shooters are. And six revolvers hold only 36 shots, altogether. Not the hundreds of round carried by many mass shooters. To say nothing of the pause between dropping an empty revolver and drawing a loaded one. A fact not applicable to most mass shooters who would be prevented from buying illegal high capacity mags at a gun store. Many of these mass shooters are loners and not too resourceful. Have to agree, more or less. But if a shooter with an AR15 and hundreds of rounds on his person opens fire into a crowd, and is shot dead by an armed citizen, it is fairly safe to say the shooter would have continued shooting, if not for the hero's intervention.
  7. I've been shooting guns all my life and I'm more than a little familiar with them. High capacity magazines give a lone gunman the best chance of carrying out a mass attack with being stopped. Close behind comes semi-automatic weapons. A shooter armed with a semi-automatic weapon, combined with high capacity magazines is extremely hard to stop, even by the young, the fit and the brave. Remove semi automatic weapons from the equation and what's left are revolvers which usually only hold six cartridges , bolt action guns, which take a moment between shots, pump guns, which are only a little faster and single or double barrel guns holding one or two cartridges. Remove high capacity magazines from the equation and, no matter what kind of gun, the shooter is forced to reload often, making him vulnerable to being overpowered The best way to shop a mass shooting, when the police are not there, is by an armed citizen. Alas, this has been a very rare occurrence. There are only 9 cases of this ever happening, compared to the dozens of unimpeded mass shootings. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/10/03/do-civilians-with-guns-ever-stop-mass-shootings/
  8. Great post based on fact. Showing that bigtex is cherry picking yet again.
  9. Increase crop production in places where it is low. According to Jason Clay, an expert in natural resources management at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), " the best producers in the world of a crop are 100 times better than the worst." Many farmers in third world countries have not yet benefited from plant breeding techniques which could improve food production. Also highly beneficial are modern practices of crop rotation and matching crops to the climate and soil, for optimum output while preserving good conservation of the land. Implementing beneficial agricultural programs on a country-by-country bases is not enough. In order to make significant strides in fighting climate change, the United Nations needs to be given sufficient power, control and funds to do more research and bring about beneficial agricultural changes, worldwide. We are already late in fighting climate change and currently it is estimated that 815 million people worldwide, go hungry daily. The problems of climate change and feeding a rapidly increasing world population need to be addressed simultaneously.
  10. But first and foremost, the entire world population must be weaned from meat and become vegetarian. Livestock is the biggest cause of profligate land use.
  11. Aquaponics: Yet another approach to reducing agricultural pollution and harmful gaseous emissions while increasing food production for a growing world population. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/aquaponics-fish-poop-food_l_5c48b7e3e4b025aa26bf6f82
  12. Unlike the purchase of inhabited territory, taking deed to a property does not buy the people on that property. So laugh the rest of your demented day sway; Tedious little imbecile that you are.
  13. You can no longer simply purchase 55,000 people. The days of the Louisiana Purchase and the sale of Alaska are over.
  14. Reducing the Amount of Wasted Food: Another way to feed a growing world population while preserving the environment and reducing harmful emission, is simply to throw away less food. It has been show that a full 25% of all food is never consumed. The problem exists throughout the food-production chain. From growing and shipping to end-consumers like restaurants and households. In the United States, nearly 50% of all food is thrown in the garbage. Unsold food from supermarkets is usually thrown away. It is a worldwide problem. Some countries like France has made a laws that this food must be donated to charities. Households can cut down on waste by eating leftovers and not preparing more than they need. Restaurants throw away many tons of uneaten food daily. Although restaurants are protected against civil and criminal liability as a result of consuming donated food, most restaurants simply throw out wasted food. "The environmental impact of food loss and waste is high. The carbon footprint of food produced and not eaten is estimated at 3.3 gigatonnes of CO2, meaning that if food waste were a country it would rank as the third highest national emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China." To cut down on the amount of worldwide food waste, we need international cooperation and laws. People need to be made aware of the seriousness of the of food waste problem. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/aug/12/cutting-food-waste-enough-for-everyone-says-un https://www.huffpost.com/entry/what-do-restaurants-do-wi_b_5469841 https://www.livescience.com/41301-way-to-feed-11-billion-people.html
  15. The Spy, Witch hat man, who is an evil opportunity hater. The great divider who hates everyone. Can't tell the forest from the trees.
  16. An inverted yield curve marks a point on a chart where short-term investments in U.S. Treasury bonds pay more than long-term ones. When they flip, or invert. It's widely regarded as a bad sign for the economy. Trump's tax cuts for the rich and tariff wars have done the US and the world great economic damage. We have now reached the economic milestone of an inverted yield curve. Always, in the past, it has signaled coming economic collapse.
  17. Yang has a detailed, comprehensive agenda. It's all laid out on his website and it fits together like a crossword puzzle. He explains what he would like to accomplish in detail and gives well thought out rationales. And at each stage, explains how it will be paid for ... No stone is left unturned. His site is like a progressive jigsaw puzzle ... assembled. It's a great read https://www.yang2020.com/policies/ Yang is definitely attracting attention despite how little time he got in the first two debates. It's unclear how far he can go, but he has qualified for the third debate and should get more time on-air than previously.
  18. I really like Andrew Yang's vision for America. He lays it all out, very clearly, on his website https://www.yang2020.com/policies/ Like other candidates, if elected, his work would just be getting started, pursuing his agenda.
  19. Were Warren, (or any of the more Progressive Democratic hopefuls) to be elected president, even if there were Democratic super-majorities in both houses, she would be unlikely to get more than a small part of her agenda signed into law. Too many Democratic senators and congressmen are obligated to corporate lobbyists and big money donors. And many Democratic lawmakers are ideologically far to the right of Warren. But if the Senate were to remain majority Republican, Warren's hands would be all but tied. She could implement some programs by executive order, but they are are subject to quick repeal by the next administration. Executive orders can be overturned by Congress. And the Supreme Court, now with a Conservative majority, can block an executive order as unconstitutional. Andrew Yang is running on on a "Freedom Dividend" of $12,000 yearly for all citizens. Is that likely to happen in his first 4 years of office? Or even in a second term? Maybe not. That said, a president has the bully pulpit and can be highly influential in shaping domestic and foreign policy, for years to come. A lot depends on how skillfully the president wields his/her weighty influence. Warren's ideas CAN eventually be implemented in the United States as proved by countries like Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore and Germany. It involves changing the tax structure, among other things. But if Warren became president, it wouldn't happen right away. However, should the electorate swing left, over time, and the government come under long-term Democratic rule, it's possible that Warren's agenda and more could be accomplished.
  20. That's why I stuck to generalities and didn't reveal much detail about myself. It's usually best to avoid providing personal background because trolls tend to use personal information of ANY type as an excuse to make knee-jerk accusations of stolen valor or fake expressions of disapproval and disbelief. And everyone can read what's written here. But I suppose it probably won't do much harm to reveal on the internet, that I served from '62 to '65. I'm not surprised. Your OP was too thoughtful and non-provocative for NHB. In fact, it was super-reasonable. NHB is basically a food fight and your OP didn't throw eggs in anyone's face. Golfboy posted a similar, thread but his is largely disinformation. Still it provides a hint of the kind of answers your thread might have received had cons responded to it: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/268111-how-does-germanys-free-university-work/ I noticed also, that you gave some good answers to a few other threads in NHB and although the reactions might not have made perfect sense, you escaped being trolled. 😁 We were in different services, separated by 17 years, so it's hard to make comparisons, based on experience. I have little idea how the army's policies and practices might have changed after I left. I can say this: In the early 60s, the Army used well-paid Warrant Officers for certain skilled jobs, such as helicopter pilot. Like civilians, it was the only job they did. But like enlisted personnel and officers, they could be assigned anywhere. Warrant Officers tended to make the service a career and there was a low rate of turnover.
  21. Knowing, as little that you can know anything, that education diminishes gullibility, you are anti-education. You would prefer that the uneducated to believe the anti-American untruths that Der Trumpkopfk regularly spews ... As well as his bought and paid for Republican stooges.
  22. I served 3 years in the Army prior to the end of the draft in 1973. Approx 3 months in Fort Dix, NJ ... 6 months in Fort Benning GA ... and 27 months, stationed in Coleman Barracks, West Germany. From what I observed, the vast majority of conscripts were hard working and conscientious. More so as a group, than the career NCOs. In fact, more career NCOs exhibited disciplinary problems, drunkenness and the like than draftees. Most of these NCOs probably wouldn't be able to get away with the same behavior in civilian jobs. In any unit, there were a noticeable number of NCOs who had been busted down from higher rank because of some kind of irresponsible behavior. (There are 13 enlisted Army ranks. 7 grades of sergeant). Back then, as now, it was extremely rare to find someone who didn't shun being dishonorably discharged.
  23. There is no one solution. But growing crops in vertically stacked layers is one of the contenders. And the problem of feeding the world's growing population is inextricably connected to the problem of how to slow climate change. "According to the United Nations, world population growth is currently running at 83 million people a year - meaning there will be more than a billion more people to feed in just 13 years." ================================================================================================================= Growing crops on the land is not the only way to yield produce. Food can be grown in vertically stacked layers, in buildings. This would save enormously on agricultural land use, which could then be converted back to CO2 absorbing forests. Phillips Electronics has developed banks of LED bulbs specifically for the purpose of producing cheap lighting to replace sunlight for crops. Crops grown in vertically stacked layers can produce produce the year round. And be much more productive due to receiving light, 24 hrs a day. Hydroponics are an ideal method to grow this way. These vertically stacked, "city farms" can be much closer to where the food is consumed, saving greatly on emissions from transportation. =================================================================================================================== Similarly, producing fake meat from plant matter is not the only way to produce imitation meat. A 2015 startup, Memphis Meats is growing meat in their facilities, bypassing livestock altogether. In 2018, agricultural giant, Tyson Foods invested in Memphis Meats. Unlike faux, plant based meat, vat grown muscle tissue is indistinguishable form the real thing. It will be on the market, competing with plant based meat substitutes, soon. https://www.memphismeats.com/ https://www.raconteur.net/sustainability/christiana-figueres-food-production
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