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  1. The Lev bombshell will likely make little difference. Senate Republicans are corrupted way beyond the rulers of any banana republic. They would profess their love and their loyalty to Vlad the Impaler.
  2. Microsoft's pledge could be a trendsetting precedent which other corporate giants will follow. This is the first gesture of its type, from any major corporation in the world. Microsoft is joining Ikea and a handful of smaller companies, in unilaterally promising to go carbon negative. But Microsoft is upping the ante with its declaration to go even farther by vowing to remove all the carbon it ever released. Microsoft is leading the way with the single most effective CO2 removal and carbon storage procedure:--- Planting large numbers of trees. Microsoft is pledging to create a one billion dollar fund devoted to researching ways of lowering the percentage of CO2 in the Atmosphere. Bill Gates already has his own climate-focused fund. They are looking at a new technology, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_air_capture as one of their approaches. They are switching over to 100% electric vehicles. Microsoft pledged to publicly track progress toward its objective. And Microsoft says it will work with other companies to actively further these goals. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/16/796758230/microsoft-pledges-to-remove-from-the-atmosphere-all-the-carbon-its-ever-emitted
  3. So far, so good. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/12/17/half-of-active-duty-service-members-are-unhappy-with-trump-new-military-times-poll-shows/ Still, provided the chain of command doesn't crumble, and that's unlikely, all it would (hypothetically) take for a coup, is one pro-Trump general. Now we go from the unlikely to the farfetched: We don't know the depth of Pence' loyalty to Trump or whether he will still offer support after impeachment. Being a religious zealot, Pence could ostensibly be expected to snatch power and enforce a reign of rapture on an unwilling Nation. She's 79 but still ticking. I think Pelosi is principled enough to concede power to the candidate who is actually elected. Lincoln's assassination comes to mind. And today, the gun-toting Right has already absorbed an enormous amount of hate indoctrination. They will foam from the nose. Once that subsides, they will shriek and wail, such has rarely been heard in our lifetimes. As I think I mentioned elsewhere, Trump would probably end up in Russia. He's too much of an exhibitionist to seek a backwater. My Gawds, that's beautiful. May the Powers save it from development.
  4. Just one little problem with that: The US supports Israel. There's nothing to be "on to". A few things have been proposed. A train station, an embassy. While in no way religious himself, Trump has been a staunch supporter of Israel. So he is popular there. Not all. For instance, Trump enthusiastically backs the murderous House of Saud. Other than a few convenient exceptions, Trump is an equal opportunity hater:--- Muslims, Mexicans, and People of Color, in general.
  5. Since we are tossing around hypotheticals, this one can serve as grist for the mill, as well. But it's something that never will happen. Principles aside it would be foolish for Israel to shelter a deposed US president and endanger it's relationship with the US.
  6. Exactly. NHB is a perfect example. Most on the left, unlike on a political website like this one, do not often engage in verbal struggles for dominance. A far larger portion of the political left, not usually locked in left/right debate, still fully support facts, rational thinking and the scientific method, no matter where it might lead. Which is why they are usually on the side of fairness, equality, and social/economic justice. These values, trending to the greatest overall good. The vast majority of those on the left, living in the real world are not subject to the pressures of first-hand, right-wing attack, common on forums like NHB. So they don't feel pressured to adopt the opportunistic tactics of the conservative opposition.
  7. Impressive that you're actually growing some of these unique, very interesting trees. Agreed. And we need to practice forest management techniques that reduce the spread of fires and their devastation. Logging has removed most of the largest, most fire resistant trees. Livestock are another problem promoting the spread of fires. More at: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/public_lands/forests/ecosystem_restoration/fire_and_forest_management.html
  8. Diabolical. This ruthless white supremacy takes on a more dangerous aspect each day the Trump administration is in power. Trump has called Neo-Nazis "Very fine people".
  9. It is natural to ask if there is some immense technological fix which can reverse global warming. Scientists and others are dreaming up many schemes, most of which would be very expensive and likely to have serious, even disastrous, unintended consequences. But there is one, easily available solution that has enormous potential to tackle climate crisis. Research shows that planting a trillion trees, around the world, is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, slowing down climate change to less than half it's present rate of progression. CO2 and methane can be further reduced by the replacement of combustion with renewable energy and the increased consumption of plant based meat substitutes and beverages ... Thus greatly reducing the size of the worldwide livestock and dairy industries. Together, without any other technological fixes, these two methods can halt the progression of global warming. Now, all it will take to tackle climate change is popular insistence and the political will to take action. Read More:--- https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jul/04/planting-billions-trees-best-tackle-climate-crisis-scientists-canopy-emissions
  10. Viewer's perceptions of individual debate performances can be surprisingly dissimilar.
  11. That's great. We have trees growing around the outside of our house including a big red ash tree named Woody, in the front. Woody is green in the spring and summer but turns red before shedding his leaves in autumn. I hung a bird feeder from a lower branch and as I type, I can look out the window and view the different species that come to feed in winter. I give Woody a hug now and then.
  12. I am sadly pessimistic about the entire Democratic field. Not one of them seems willing to engage in a vicious street fight. Which bodes badly in the general election against Trump ... One of the most belligerent, combative, unprincipled liars ever to run for president. And the majority of Americans seem ill-equipped to spot his lies. IMO, Bernie seems best armed to expose him. Warren is second. Biden, not so much. The rest of them seem soft and placating. The most spirited debate of the night, (which is not saying much) came between Sanders and Warren. He claims he never said to her, "a woman can't win". She says he told her that exact thing. One of them is lying. Yet there was minimal dispute between them. How would this play out in a campaign against Trump? Probably very poorly for the Democratic candidate. Those are my impressions. I hope I'm dead wrong.
  13. After 10,000 years or so, of mostly absolute rulers, the history of the last 250 years shows that political change has not only become possible, but inevitable. In the short term, however, the status quo can be very frustrating to those of us looking for change. Recently, there's been a worldwide trend toward right wing populism and the US is no exception. With that swing to the right has come a disrespect for science and a disregard for facts found to be inconvenient. Both the left and the right are now using the same tactic of choosing their facts, or making them up. I believe many on the left have abandoned their value for factual reality in reaction to seeing how effective willful ignorance has been on the right. I'm hoping Biden's present popularity over Sanders, in battleground states is still residual from his time as VP. And Warren is not out of it yet. We will see. I for one, will support whichever Democrat takes a commanding lead; Which hasn't happened yet. Differences aside, any one of the Democrats is an excellent choice compared to Trump. Four more years is unthinkable.
  14. We have got to get corporate money out of politics. In order to fix these problems, we need Campaign Finance Reform and Lobby Reform which prevents corporations and super wealthy individuals from legally bribing legislators. We need to reverse Citizens United and end Corporate Personhood in the 14th amendment. And then we need to regulate corporations. We need corporations. They provide the accoutrements, technology and sustenance needed to preserve civilization. But corporations are not people and money is not free speech. And in the name of profits-above-all, corporations are capable of heedless abuse of people and the environment. Regulation is key to minimize the negative and maximize the positive of which corporations are capable. But corporations can never be regulated while they can still bribe legislators and dominate elections.
  15. Heh heh. Not likely, since Bernie is one of the few in Congress who was never in corporate pockets.
  16. Excellent video about pollution, global warming and one thing we can do now to mitigate their effects ... Work to save the world's forests and plant more trees. https://standfortrees.org/en/ 5&1/2 minutes.
  17. Crude oil is the opposite of a byproduct. It is the source for byproducts. A byproduct would be an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else. Oil is the source for a vast multiplicity of byproducts, including the different polymers (plastics), aromatics, a range of solvents like turpentine, benzine, toluene and synthetic rubbers, used in tires, hoses and pvc piping the world over. To say nothing of refined oil for fuel. This confusion over the uses of crude oil as a source, parallels the misunderstanding of what causes economic inequality, in the world. Choosing Judaism as a scapegoat, is buying into medieval, religious superstition.
  18. Without a doubt it is the corporations, the very wealthy, and the politicians in their pockets. Oil. “They say he left troops in Syria... do you know what I did? I took the oil,” "The only troops I have are taking the oil, they are protecting the oil" --- Donald Trumpduring a during Fox News interview
  19. So based on the Zionist conspiracy theories in this and other threads, I'm guessing there will be few surprises.
  20. I hope they are not based on conspiracy theories.
  21. With all due respect, but serious question. Are Zionist conspiracy theories really going to be the main ideas you tie to nearly every subject in LO? With your understanding of the complexities of health care and economics, for example, you are capable of bringing much higher quality fare to the table.
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