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  1. Where in LOF? And if you have any idea ... who?
  2. No it's not. It's a rare, isolated case of unlawful behavior by union personnel. And typically, you ferreted it out. The frequency of lawbreaking on Wall Street makes labor unions look like saints. Maybe you could come up with dozens of cases of unlawful behavior by union officials, over the years. On Wall St and big industry, there have been thousands of criminal miscreants over the same period of time. For Free Enterprise to truly be free, labor must be represented. The only way to allow them to become major players in the free market is to allow them free reign to organize and the tools to compete. Anything less stacks the system in favor of employers. That would be you. The vast majority of employers in the US, have successfully rigged the system in their own favor, and against ordinary workers. Vive La France.
  3. He exaggerated the break in Democratic ranks to the point of distortion. Tucker Carlson is more of an actor than reporter. His use of calculated histrionics have no place in journalism. Nowhere on TV, outside of Fox, does any news commentator or analyst routinely punctuate extreme advocacy with overt theatrical techniques ... Japing and scowling by turns ... evil laughs ... facetious growling. This is not news, it's propaganda. In the video, Carlson claims that Trump's attacks on CNN have been justified because "they deserve it". Whatever the reality of the situation, Carlson is not someone to trust.
  4. Zkyllonen8 - Please don't post any more Fox "News" videos in The Liberal's Only Room. Here is Tucker Carlson throwing red meat to Democrats in an effort to create maximum division. His theatrics appear to have had some success. Carlson, seeing a public dispute on the left, is trying to inflame passions to the maximum, thinking, maybe he can further widen the gap. "Divide and conquer" tactics have been around a long time. Personally, I am repelled by Carlson and his ilk. Their disingenuous propaganda and fake histrionics have poisoned the well for too long in America.
  5. We have here an anti-union bot. The OPs entire focus is on hate of unions and everything about them. He comes down on the side of management every single time and is always dead against ordinary workers. So I find it hard to believe the lone anecdote where he wanted to protect a truck driver Every single one of Neomalthusian's examples are anecdotal and non-representative of of normal union practice ... Including large examples of unusual union rivalry, to petty examples of goldbricking. The evidence is overwhelming that labor unions are a huge benefit to workers almost all the time. Like everything else, there are sometimes disruptions. It is Neomalthusian's mission in life, to ferret them out.
  6. Wallco:--- You were warned two days ago for threats of violence. Wallco is suspended for one day.
  7. I thought it was a brilliant editorial, especially the first part which explained why the NYT settled on two, disparate choices:--- The problem of restoring the effectiveness of national institutions which no longer seem to function properly is reflected in two main lines of thought in the Democratic Party: One seeks to fix the system through existing channels and the other considers our institutions so damaged that only sweeping change will suffice. The two approaches are represented by Sen Klobuchar, who would work within the system and Sen Warren who's plans rely more on substantial change. At this point in the race, Warren stands at about 14.8%, nationally and Klobuchar about 8%. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html However, at this point in past races, some eventual nominees fared no better. So present rankings do not necessarily indicate final results. My choice is Elizabeth Warren. We need to join the rest of the advanced nations and switch to Single Payer. With her understanding of the banking and financial industry, Warren is the right person for meaningful reform. And Warren has great ideas in a wide variety of areas: https://elizabethwarren.com/plans But I would enthusiastically support Amy Klobuchar, should she gain a commanding lead in the primaries. She has tons of experience. And although Klobuchar would seek to implement her plans through already established channels, her goals are those of a Liberal. Like Warren, she is strong on tackling climate change ... fair immigration policy ... narrowing the wealth gap, health care, education and many others.
  8. In the end, the Grail is what matters. On the other hand, there are a few messy details, on the road to attaining it.
  9. I don't fault either of them. Like you say, the way the system is setup, they couldn't survive in office, without it. It's just a shame that our political system has been deliberately corrupted, by perfectly legal means, giving most of the power to corporations, instead of voters.
  10. Over the years, arch-Conservative OMGitzHIM has invaded LO more times than I care to remember, with similar bizarre accusations. OMGitzHIm is now supended for 2 Months.
  11. The people at BlackRock have done a truly outstanding job for me so far. Although the company hedges its bets by donating to both parties, it gives far more to Democrats https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/totals.php?id=D000021872&cycle=2014 This latest move away from fossil fuels, is icing on the cake. Now if only BlackRock would remove all the stops and go the way of Microsoft. One of the few encouraging signs in this bleak period of US history, is the surprising number of established enterprises who are progressively bucking current political trends. Microsoft's enlightened stance on global warming may already be encouraging other corporations to move in an environmentally cleaner direction.
  12. I find that fantastic news, both on the environmental/global warming front and because of my personal involvement with the company.
  13. Yes. I was under the same impression. And I had the same disappointed reaction when I saw the figures. Evidently Sanders and Warren took health insurance and big pharma contributions in the past. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/bernie-sanders-accepted-pharma-executives-donations-prior-pledge/story?id=64390750
  14. The Lev bombshell will likely make little difference. Senate Republicans are corrupted way beyond the rulers of any banana republic. They would profess their love and their loyalty to Vlad the Impaler.
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