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  1. Listen to what he says in October folks ! If he's still around.
  2. The worse this pandemic gets, the more Trump, backed by his army of ditto-heads in the radio, Right Wing Media Machine and Fox, will proclaim himself the savior. We need a candidate capable of getting attention and contradicting the lie.
  3. I for one, have no interest in replacing Biden with Sanders, specifically. In fact, I think Sanders is also too old. For that reason, I was a Warren #1, Sanders #2, supporter, but that's immaterial to me now. More than any other factor by far, I want a Democrat. any Democrat, who has a fighting chance to defeat Trump. Biden is not that Democrat.
  4. Hell yes. Taiwan, which has extensive visitation and travel to and from mainland China got the virus under control by foresight and anticipation. As soon as they learned of the start of the disease in mainland China, they took quick and decisive action. Taiwan's early preparations can be found in this article. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/what-taiwan-can-teach-world-fighting-coronavirus-n1153826 Unfortunately, the Trump administration is far behind the timeline and prep of the Taiwanese government. If we had done the same, the epidemic could have been contained, just as they did. South Korea is another successful example of early and extensive testing.
  5. So far, no Democrat has been impolite enough to challenge Biden on his disability. Not in the debates or anywhere else. The Trump campaign will not be held back by any such compunction. They will have a field day with Biden's weakness.
  6. Biden's frequent lapses into gibberish are more than "feelings" in the eyes of beholders. The main impetus for any patriot should be to wrest the top spot away from Trump. Most Democrats would have a better chance than Biden. We've got to get a VIABLE candidate and not a sure loser.
  7. Is something wrong? Why aren't you cursing? By that I guess you disapprove of even the stingy amounts doled out. And you are fine with billions going to corporations that don't need it.
  8. The average American goes through $1,200 in less than two weeks. $500 for each minor is a ridiculously small amount. And unemployment insurance provided in the bill, lasts only 4 months. Big business by comparison made out like bandits: The airline industry alone got $60 billion, even though their planes are collateral enough for them to survive the crisis unaided.
  9. The more obvious Biden's condition becomes; And the longer we wait to replace him, the chances of defeating Trump diminish. A bad webcam video of our presumptive candidate is a sign that something is amiss within the campaign. It should be a professional effort by now. Or, at least, incompetent communications should not reach the public.
  10. At this stage of the game, the polls mean little. Especially now that they coincide with a crisis, the full impact of which has not been felt yet. Look at the man himself. Look closely and you will see someone who lacks the tools for extended political combat.
  11. Great blast from the past. Working together, in the face of this pandemic means we all must protect against the spread of the disease. Those most vulnerable, the elderly, and those with chronic conditions, need to self isolate for the duration. And those with a lower chance of mortality must pitch in to help the isolated and the sick. But they need to do it according to best social distancing and hygienic practices. And the heroes, on the front lines of the battle against infection; The Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals still need to protect themselves as best they can. After a long period of inexcusable stalling, Trump finally invoked the National Production Act to provide the supplies these health professionals need to both protect themselves and treat the sick.
  12. If we run Joe Biden, we will end up with four more years of Trump. "After going silent for nearly a week, Biden emerged in video clips and interviews from the basement of his Delaware home, where he is quarantining himself. Looking isolated and lapsing into occasional gibberish, he seemed ­every bit the mentally challenged 77-year-old he was on the worst days of the campaign." “He’s making himself irrelevant,” Saikat Chakrabarti, a former chief of staff to Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told The Post, saying the virtual broadcasts were not helping. After Trump's incompetent stalling in the face of the COVID19 pandemic, he should have yielded polling points to Biden. Trump is taking a hands-on approach to the crisis, with deceptive coronavirus briefings each day which have nevertheless, been a ratings smash. And despite the administration's stimulus package being a bonanza for financial elites and handing crumbs to the many, it has come under relatively little criticism. Biden is doing nothing to expose Trump's deceptions. We must draft a better candidate. The logical person to get Biden to retire is Barack Obama. It would be a final public service to country and party. For all we know, members of Biden’s family share the idea and would welcome Obama’s intervention. https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/democrats-fret-as-joe-biden-becomes-irrelevant-in-coronavirus-crisis/ https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/democrats-need-to-recruit-obama-to-bench-biden-find-another-candidate-goodwin/
  13. First time I heard it. Thank you. Powerful, moving poetry. Beautifully sung and instrumented. Evocative with all the references to songs and characters both recent and historical. At 78, Dylan is still a master. Personally, I would judge "Murder Most Foul" to be his most significant release since the 1960s. Kennedy's murder left a painful scar on our Nation which this work memorializes magnificently.
  14. And, ignoring what's best for the country, themselves and their loved ones, they love it that he sticks it to the Liberal establishment and Liberals in general. For most of them, this is far more important than policy or competence.
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