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  1. You've been banned TWICE. And now you're guilty of sok puppetry. Don't press your luck.
  2. Really? On Feb 19, 2015, Chuck restricted Str8tEdge from posting. The reason was: outing of members and family members. Here is the rule: "No, 'outting' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc. Linking to pages that have this info is permitted; ie: police reports"
  3. He's got a hell of an attitude on him. Methinks he's full of the proverbial horse bollocks.
  4. You never demonstrated as much here. Only mild belligerence. And bossy too. I, for one, am skeptical about your boasting. Translation: "I'm too qualified to be here". Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  5. No need to tiptoe on broken glass in LO. It's perfectly okay to be frank with one another other here. The only thing prohibited is personal attacks on other members; And the rest of the rules, which I'm sure you are in no danger of breaking, either. Maybe not. He's mostly an enigma to me.
  6. How do you know? I get the impression he is on the conservative side. Why did he put a conservative in charge?
  7. Flatulated gasses on all sides. Amidst the putrefying remains of last night's Big Mac.
  8. That tiny fist in the world's largest asshole.
  9. Heh heh. Tells me "don't believe your lying eyes". In this case, the grass was painted green in preparation for a general inspection. I wonder what Amazon does.