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  1. Clausewitz: War as Politics by other Means: Hardball politics is not war. But it can be confusing because of all the talk of war. The truth is, neither Democrats or Republicans in the US are in a position to physically subjugate the other, even though the rage that politics can cause, makes visions of war attractive to some. So far, with some notable exceptions, we have a government of laws not men. Rest assured, treason is being prosecuted.
  2. Liberals represent a departure from the Conservative past. And they are the wave of the future. Liberalism embodies adaptation to a changing world while Conservatism often wallows in conventions of the past, which no longer work. In 700 BC, there were no true Liberals in the sense we think of them today. Most major schools of thought were rigidly constrained by traditional religious dogma. Then, in 623 BC, came the birth of Buddha. His transformation into Siddhartha Guatama marked the first, widely accepted glimmerings of Liberal thought. Nearly all philosophy, at that time,
  3. Never cared about your thread one way or the other. Not gonna waste anymore time on this.
  4. Another thing we can do is elect Democratic officials eager to pass laws which encourage the formation and successful operation of labor unions. Without economic prosperity people feel alienated and resentful; Which is one of the major reasons for the rise of Trumpism.
  5. This is my hope also. But up to now, Republicans have been ruthless at enforcing minority rule and when push came to shove, Democrats have lacked the backbone to respond in kind. So far, Congressional Democrats are talking tough about repealing the filibuster. But their actions are what count, in the end. The filibuster is worth repealing because historically, Republicans have abused it far more than Democrats. The Founder's intention was for majority rule. That is what the Constitution demands. And the existence of the filibuster directly defies the Constitution.
  6. Here's what I think, FWIW: Trump has zero appeal for me either. He is a vile, obnoxious con artist who's entire focus is on "what's in it for me". He hides behind a gaudy, hairpiece and a heavy layer of conspicuous makeup, like a clown ..... What normal person does this? It is a declaration of perfidy even before the first word is spoken. Trump has no loyalty to anyone other than himself but places loyalty as the most important characteristic for an underling. And to gratify himself, he's comfortable abusing others ..... From having children ripped from the arms
  7. The Republican Party is not going away. The new Far Right radicalism along with the absurd conspiracy theories driving it is also a cult of personality, devoted to Trump. This extreme radicalism, which now has some representation in both houses, is no longer committed, necessarily, to Wall St, Corporations or the top 1%. This is why a significant portion of Big Money is now being channeled to Democrats. Even more telling, Trumpism proved not durable enough to win the last election ! When money talks, it often gets its way. In the long run, without Trump, the GOP will probably
  8. If the Democrats really could get rid of the filibuster and pass a reasonably unpolluted version of HR1, it would be the the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Reinstating the standing, talking filibuster is better than nothing but it's not enough. The anti-Constitutional filibuster has to go altogether; Because minority rule is not an option in a Democratic-Republic. Yes Democrats can use the filibuster also but we all know that when it comes to abuse, Republicans are miles ahead. This has been true for everything that can be abused, like gerrymander
  9. Minority rule has to go; But, up to now, the Plutocracy has been keeping it in place. There are signs that the rise of Trumpist politicians who are driven by conspiracy theories, will sour Big Money on Republicans. But it's far from clear that this is a permanent situation. The Democratic Party is also problematic for Wall St. because of the rising number of Progressives. So the shakeout from the recent chaos in Washington is still hanging in the balance.
  10. Hi teacher. I didn't know you cared 😁 I drop in here, from time to time, just for shits and giggles. But mostly, I found better ways to spend my time than political forums. I hope you're doing well with visions of pyramids still dancing in your head.
  11. A perusal of current news shows this to be true, by and large; And I stand corrected. If this situation lasts through the next few election cycles, it could have significant influence on US politics in the form of Democratic political ascendance. It could also be a death knell for another Trump run in 2024
  12. In addition to having the most destructive agenda of any other established group in power on Earth, the Republicans have turned our Constitutional Democratic Republic into a sham. They constantly steal presidential elections with a antique rule called the Electoral College. And they stack the House of Representatives by the widespread misuse of Gerrymandering. To distract from the real issues, like Plutocracy, The Republican Party misinforms a gullible portion of the American People who now live in a fantasy world because of it. This nightmare party has been able to spread thei
  13. The GOP is the party of the minority in every sense of the word. First and foremost, they are the party of the the Big Corporations including the Military Industrial Complex and the Uber Rich who own them. Second, they are the party of a minority of ordinary people that have been conditioned to value things like gun ownership, fetuses which are not yet human, and Blue Jim Crow, more than the welfare of their families and children. The Republican Party is: For Pollution Against Regulation For Climate Change For Further Nuclear Buildup
  14. Just popped in and saw this. Another lying Con making up stuff. He doesn't have any idea whether it's true or not. And of course, doesn't care.😊 As long as it fits his narrative.
  15. Morning crotchrot. Why are you still alive? You don't deserve to live. Only the good die young, I guess. Now go run and make a thread or six. "bludog talked mean to me again Waaaaah %*#@&+\@% !" Ha ha ha ha ha ha
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