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  1. bludog

    Fascist leftist scum

    Ha ha ha ha ha. You are blind even to your own ignorance. You don't have a clue. This site? https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/myth-busted-actually-yes-hitler-was-a-socialist-liberal/ They play fast and loose with the facts to fool the ignorant and gullible. No wonder you believe them Not surprising that those belonging to the cult of ignorance get their so-called information from a right wing propaganda outlet.
  2. bludog

    Fascist leftist scum

    Ray Donovan is very confused about who represented what, in history. This kind of self-confident ignorance is useful to Trump and his ilk when exploiting Americans while putting out protestations of help and assistance.
  3. New Zealand's new budget prioritizes the well-being of its citizens over the growth of Gross Domestic Product. This is a first for even the most advanced Social Democracies. Other Nordic model nations may, effectively, behave similarly to New Zealand. But New Zealand is the first to formalize its goals in an official policy statement. This is important in the same way as the US Constitution. New Zealand's Wellbeing Budget is a statement of values which will attract international notice. The Wellbeing Budget 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/what-nation-isnt-obsessed-with-ensuring-economic-growth-new-zealand-apparently/2019/06/14/f2aeabb8-8ee4-11e9-b08e-cfd89bd36d4e_story.html?utm_term=.b3e524d54c97
  4. Every administration has made efforts to gradually streamline government by judiciously paring back on unnecessary practices and personnel. But Trump is going way beyond that by requiring advisory panels to to terminate (fire) at least 1/3 of personnel by Sept ! Up to now, these expert advisory panels have been crucial to the efficient functioning of the larger, Federal agencies they advise. This is a self-defeating move that can only have a destructive effect on the Nation. If Trump is not working for an enemy, he might as well be. But since Trump is unconcerned with the problems these agencies deal with, he is quite happy to cause them to fail, as an excuse to eliminating them. Agencies that deal with Pollution control, Climate Change, medical research, are unimportant, in the presidential view. Another step Trump is taking to rob the Nation of its intellectual resources, is banning the participation of Chinese researchers in the US. Further, he wants to limit visas to Chinese nationals. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/30/us/politics/trump-china-researchers-espionage.html While security should never be ignored, simply banning all Chinese with ability from participating in their various disciplines, in the US, is tantamount to cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
  5. bludog

    Is BLUEDOG a communist?

    The name's bludog. Never forget it. OMGitzHIM is now suspended.
  6. bludog

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Cooperating, as a team player, with Obama in the role of Vice-President was one thing. But Biden defying his biggest donors, in the role of presidential candidate, is another. There is ample evidence that he will probably NOT pursue affordable healthcare, because of his corporate obligations. https://theintercept.com/2019/05/06/joe-biden-pac-coporate-special-interest-money-pledge/ That slogan appeals to me as well. And I can appreciate it. But it's not nearly enough. Running on being the "Not Trump", is inadequate.
  7. I've always called it "I Know I Have To Go Away"
  8. The Emoluments Clause alone ...
  9. bludog

    Stand behind Biden

    For that reason, among others, I have switched my support from Bernie to Elizabeth Warren. You see, I care about a candidate's past record far more than their prestige or ability to survive as a politician. At this time, I'm also partial to Pete Buttigieg, but need to learn more. I eagerly await the debates for further clarification about all those who participate. The notion that a candidate's past record should not be carefully scrutinized, has no place in a Democracy The primaries are us Democrats chance to choose between candidates. Since at this stage, Biden is the front-runner, those who disapprove of him have a double obligation: To promote their own choice; And to expose the front-runners past failings. If we don't do it now, the Republicans will certainly do it later, far more harshly should Biden become our candidate. And they will not hesitate to deceptively embellish on reality ..... That is the real definition of mudslinging. Trying to keep Biden's true political past hush-hush, is a big mistake. For me, one of the most important differences between the Democratic and Republican parties, is the extent of control exerted by corporations and the very rich. Almost without exception, Republican lawmakers are in thrall to wealthy special interests. Corporate Democrats like Biden tend to support Liberal social causes, which have little effect on corporate profits. But since they take special interest money, they are pressured to back legislation meant to increase corporate profits even when it's at the expense of the environment or widens the income gap. Biden has been doing this his entire career --- See post #2 in this thread. Point taken. The only relevant criticisms are Biden's past record and his behavior. Should Biden win the primary, he gets my support and my vote. Replacing Trump is of first importance. But who he's replaced with, comes directly behind.
  10. bludog

    What Makes America Great?

    We are now living through an era in American history, which looks more like vision #1 than #2. Wealth inequality, already, badly out of balance, is steadily rising while National prosperity is in decline. The social safety net of FDR and LBJ is disappearing. Labor unions are dying out. Big money interests control our government. We are engaged in endless conflict at the $$behest$$ of war profiteers. We are attempting to bend other nations to our will, including our allies, by levying tariffs. Pollution regulations are being rolled back. Nothing is being done about Global Warming.
  11. A reasonable assessment as long as Xi Jinping is not replaced by someone less enlightened. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China This state of affairs has mostly given the Chinese president the power to act independently of the National People's Congress. The Chinese Constitution currently caps the presidency at a 10 year term limit. But that is likely to be lifted: https://www.npr.org/2018/02/25/588726045/china-proposes-to-lift-presidential-term-limit Making Xi virtual dictator.
  12. Yes. That is a big difference between the US and China. China is more similar to the Nordic Model of government, where corporations are highly taxed and regulated. In both China and most of Northern Europe, the corporations are forced to share their profits, instead of taking an ever bigger piece of the pie, like in the US.
  13. bludog

    What Makes America Great?

    Agreed: Labor, be it great or humble, should be honored. Because all those who labor make a contribution to society. But honoring labor is nothing more than lip service if the vast majority of those who contribute are so poorly compensated that family savings and savings for retirement are at a low ebb, while family debt has skyrocketed to the highest in history. And laborer resources are further depleted when government chips away at medicare and medicaid in the death of a thousand cuts. And when laborers get too old to work, the vast majority are faced with continually reduced Social Security --- All this so that a small handful of the very rich can become even richer, at the expense of the rest. Honoring labor lacks substance when private schools and the banking industry can lawfully saddle some of our best and brightest with student loans, which rob graduates of the chance for prosperity for decades after they graduate. Today, in the United States, the minimum wage is being kept artificially low, so that corporations and the ultra wealthy can make higher profits. While at the other end, tax laws are being passed which put a higher burden on most labor but give big breaks to the corporations and the rich. So called "right to work" laws and the stacking of the NLRB with plutocrats, along with an unregulated, union-busting law firm industry, have all been responsible for the near extinction of labor unions in the United States. In truth, in the United States of 2019, labor is being sullied, not honored.
  14. In many ways, this sounds like the Nordic model of government. There is an ongoing effort to distribute wealth equitably. Prosperity for all seems to be the goal. And China has it's own variant of a generous social safety net. So-called "Red" China is certainly, no longer communist. The US is well along the way to plutocracy.
  15. bludog

    Stand behind Biden

    Insightful post ^ ^ ^