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  1. Two good videos

    Intolerance, racism and far right ideas can be traced back to many influences as disparate as the Puritans, Calvinists, and the Old South where most white people were too poor to own slaves but were willing to give their lives to preserve that system. The nativist Know Nothings were a manifestation of it in the early 1800s. Jim Crow lasted through the 1960s and might even be making s comeback now. The Tea Party is a recent manifestation of the Far Right. But from my personal, anecdotal point of view, I didn't see Conservatives in my area become loudly vocal, in this agitated, exultant, aggressive way, until the election of Trump.
  2. Two good videos

    Needless to say, I too am upset, along with so many others. There is good reason to seek escape from what is happening to our Country right now. I still take Iggy to the dog park each day despite the often loud majority Conservative praise for Trump and nasty censure of The Left. And the emboldened racists who, until recently, felt compelled to keep it mostly to themselves. I'm usually outnumbered by as many other people as happen to be there at the time ... Sometimes as much as 20 to 1 They know I'm Liberal and I've been challenged several times now. I've taken to saying stuff like: "Trump? Who's she?". I have one Liberal friend, who I sometimes talk with, at the park. I wasn't there but he told me he recently got into a rip-roaring argument with some of them. He's even more upset about what's happening than I am. He says he thinks about it all the time. I'm luckier ... I seem to be able to detach myself temporarily, concentrate on other things and forget this ugly transformation the Nation is experiencing. We are going through one of those historical pivot points in history which contemporary observers are notoriously poor at assessing. Enormous societal damage has already been done, even in the short space of time since the Trump era and Republican domination of the Country took effect. It is hard to guess what the long-term consequences will be. A lot will be determined by what is yet to come.
  3. Two good videos

    The Terminator nailed it.
  4. While I hope this is incorrect, it is my opinion also. It appears to be part of Trump's personality to place blame anywhere but at his own doorstep. He will continue to fire and replace staff. And he will continue to denounce and threaten his critics both directly and otherwise. But he never has and probably never will accept his own blame. Instead of resigning, he will continue to declare victory. I'm guessing that when his misdeeds finally catch up with him and removal by impeachment looms, he will put up some kind of struggle.
  5. Thin and pathetic. None of the said statues ever inspired violence.
  6. Unlike the statues of the defenders of slavery, the statues mentioned above have never inspired violence; Nor are they likely to.
  7. They are all about returning to the past, in the future.
  8. The White Supremacist movement is backfiring on itself. Most mayors do not want violent clashes in their cities. So they are in favor of removing Confederate statues and monuments which incite hatred. Before the clash in Charlottseville there was little talk of removing these tributes to the South's defenders of slavery. Now, they are rapidly disappearing.
  9. By Design we are Revolution proof.

    There are many ethnic and racially heterogeneous nations which never suffered the fate of Germany, circa the 1930s & 40s, and in fact, did very well for themselves. The fact that we are a homogeneous society, compared to most others, is a double-edged sword. It causes some problems but prevents others. There may not be enough of a majority of any ethnic or racial group to take over and oppress the others, as happened in Germany. But there's no guarantee. So it's very clear, we need to replace the conman and his crew with a more progressive group.
  10. Then what are you doing in the Liberal's Only Room. As you can see, your post is gone from view. Please stay out.
  11. Hate And The Constitution

    In an partisan effort to discredit the counter-demonstrators, Trump made this same point yesterday. Like much of what Trump claims, it is nonsense. Since there is no way for police to differentiate who is on which side, beyond verbal confirmation, the permit applied to ALL demonstrators. Contrary to Trump's version, the Charlottesville police, recognized that a permit had been issued which must be applied to ALL the demonstrators that day. I have to repeat: Like it or not, there will always be opposition to partisan demonstrators on either side. The Constitution grants the right to free speech, by law. But it does not protect the speakers from the consequences of an offended opposition.
  12. Up until yesterday, I had mixed feelings about whether we would be better off with Trump or Pence. Today, I am unequivocally in favor of impeaching Trump. Whatever Pence' faults, and they are very serious ones, his history does not include racial bigotry. Although he perceives it his duty as vice president to defend the president, there's hope that Pence might be less destructive for our Nation, if he were president instead.
  13. Hate And The Constitution

    And this is one of the main problems with Trump. He is using the bully pulpit, trying to normalize these evil ideas. It may be a mistake for counter-protestors to show up, ready to fight the white supremacist demonstrators, who were well armed, themselves. But Trump practices false moral equivalency by saying that because both sides were ready for violence, the one side's morality is no better than the other. The counter-protestors represent the opposite of Nazi/Supremacist views ... They are on the side equality and justice. However misguided in their actions, they represent the good while the Neo Nazi demonstrators represent evil. But Trump cannot tell right from wrong; good from bad. He sees them as equivalent. He does the same thing when he defends Putin by saying that we do bad things in the United States as well, so Russia and the US have equally failed, morally. In both cases, there is a big difference. But since Trump is incapable of distinguishing good from evil, he always ends up trying to blur the boundaries and normalize evil ideas. Like it or not, there will always be opposition to partisan demonstrators on either side. The Constitution grants the right to free speech, by law. But it does not protect the speakers from the consequences of an offended opposition.
  14. NoGhost values on display ... Crass materialism and status "trumps" ethics and morality anytime.