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  1. Helluva way to ensure world safety. Likely to get us all killed in a blinding flash. Any number of unpredictable events might tip the delicate balance. An example of which is unfolding now. Nothing is acceptable except mutual, verifiable, nuclear disarmament. That applies to the entire World Nuclear Club. And it goes for biological and chemical means of mass murder as well. Afterwards, the same should be negotiated for conventional means of warfare. ? True; And an understatement of massive proportions.
  2. bludog

    Burma Shave & Route 66

    I overheard it at the Blue Note Cafe.
  3. bludog

    People are generally mini-plutocrats

    More often than not, this is the case. A counter-balance already exists in the form of labor unions; Which a hostile plutocracy is fighting hard to suppress.
  4. I don't blame you. So am I. What is more important: The satisfaction of getting even with a nuclear enemy or the survival of the human species? There is no telling the exact extent of either Trump or Putin's madness. Especially Putin, about whom we know less. Either of their pathological conditions may be worse than their public persona reveals. If we are really on the brink of a nuclear exchange, humankind is in grave danger. Why would Putin want a bombed-out USA? Even if he and Trump were successful in arranging no retaliation for a Russian first strike, a nuclear winter with radioactive dust would settle over Russia too. Not only would a nuclear exchange destroy civilization as we know it, but depending on the severity and duration the nuclear winter that follows, Homo Sapiens could become extinct. This is the lesson of the Chicxulub meteor strike, near Yucatan, 65 million years ago which led to the extinction of ALL animals over 50 pounds and famously, all dinosaurs except birds. At the very least, a nuclear war would destroy civilization as we know it and usher in a new dark age. Many assume that even after an all-out nuclear war, some privileged people, in deep, well supplied bunkers would survive and carry on once the dust cleared. The lessons of the distant past extinctions tell a different story. Even without Russian help, Trump may never be impeached. As you have indicated, tribalism driven by disinformation guarantees him a base. And with the help of newly emboldened Russian cyber-interference and massive injections of "dark" money into his campaign, win the 2020 election. The best we can hope for is that present events will wake people up from their complacency and deliver overwhelming voter turnout in the mid terms and beyond. Large voter-turnouts mean Democratic victories. Perhaps restoring sanity again.
  5. Fox Spews red meat. Keeping the base riled up for all the wrong reasons. They are gushing lies straight from the Trump and Russian playbook. You can hear it parroted every day on NHB. And Hannity & Levin play their parts so well.
  6. Why is Trump sucking up to a Russian dictator whose avowed aim is to replace the US as world's number one? Why does Trump belittle US intelligence services for investigating Russian interference in US elections? Why does Trump try to disrupt NATO which would hold Russia in check? Why does Trump always side with Russia and not the United States of America?
  7. bludog

    Helsinki Fallout

    The Surrender Summit in Helsinki should have erased any lingering doubt of Trump's severe emotional dysfunction and ineptitude. But Trump's base stays loyal. Can he ever do anything that might cause the tribe to disown him? https://www.newyorker.com/podcast/political-scene/despite-the-helsinki-humiliation-republicans-stay-loyal-to-trump
  8. bludog

    Burma Shave & Route 66

    When I googled the ad and played it after about 40 years, I was surprised how long it was. And my memory had changed the singer's voice into a much more powerful, strident delivery than it actually is. The only part of the jingle I remembered and the only part that impressed me were the first four lines. Wherever wheels are turning No matter what the load The name that's know is Firestone Where the rubber meets the road The rest of the jingle is mediocre. Those first four lines are widely remembered. The phrase, " when the rubber meets the road " has become an American idiom similar in meaning to " The moment of truth "; But choosing to use " When the rubber meets the road " imparts a far more powerful visual component.
  9. bludog

    Burma Shave & Route 66

    They went from chimps who can't talk to aristocracy who can't talk. I vote for the chimps
  10. Heh heh, bizarre. I guess if you want the job bad enough, you put up with nearly anything for the interview. Just yoking. I missed the thread and can't answer for Xavier.
  11. He didn't lie. You wrote all those things he mentioned. I clearly recall them. Either it is you who are lying or he has a better memory .... Probably both. It wouldn't be worth the effort to search through your over 2500 posts, just to make you own up. And even if someone did, you'd probably say it was fake, or you didn't say what you said. Or some other damn imagined loophole from the Cult of Ignorance.
  12. bludog

    Nicknames for trump. What's yours?

    Der Trumpkopf Mein Trumpf
  13. XO is one of the most knowledgeable members on this board, of any political persuasion. That's the truth.