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  1. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    There should be no conflict between social justice and economic fairness within the Democratic Party. Both are consistent with the egalitarianism that the Democratic Party stands for; As opposed to Republican principles of bigotry, racism, social inequality and economic elitism. The absence of social justice, living under social tyranny, widespread poverty, and ultimate concentration of wealth to the 1% are Republican goals, (Despite the lies of their propaganda, disseminated by the Right Wing Noise Machine). Democrats should strive for both economic and social equality without any conflict. But Big Money Interests are far more likely to be neutral when it comes to social issues than economic ones. Corporations and the very rich invest enormous sums of money to oppose economic equality but are less likely to oppose social justice. So the outcome we see today, is that social issues have made moderate progress whereas economic justice is being increasingly denied and the wealth gap continues to widen. Neoliberal Democratic politicians have responded by supporting social justice, for which they pay no penalty, but have joined Republicans in taking legalized bribes to write legislation shoveling ever more wealth from the ordinary people to the top 1%.
  2. I always thought Trump would start a war to rally support behind him. In one of his campaign speeches he said bluntly " I love war ". Trump has given many indications that he is itching to use nukes. He is recorded as having said to an advisor three times, " If we have nukes, why can't we use them? ". If, in addition to our covert involvement in many small conflicts, worldwide, a bigger war is coming soon, it is to be fervently hoped that Congress will deny Trump the nuclear football before his new war starts. We are the only country ever to use nukes. It would be appalling if we were to use them a second time.
  3. The more I think about it, the more unacceptable it seems. The Electoral College went into effect in 1804, when there were only 17 states, the Louisiana Purchase was still a howling wilderness and the Lewis & Clark expedition had not yet been launched.. No other Democracy or Republic has a mechanism which enables the loser to take office and forces the winner to concede. If ANY other country had an established provision for the loser to defeat the winner, hypocritical Republican politicians would be screaming bloody murder. But in the last 18 years, two Democratic presidential races were denied to the winner. First in 2000, by decree of the Supreme Court, where Bush became president despite Gore having won the vote. And just now in 2017 where Hillary won the election by nearly 3 million votes, only to be denied by a relic Electoral College, making the loser, Trump president. Clinton's popular-vote margin over Trump was greater than that of Richard Nixon over Hubert Humphrey in 1968, and John Kennedy over Nixon in 1960. This election was not in doubt ... The clear winner, Hillary Clinton was forced to concede. There is a terrible electoral injustice in the USA and its name is the Electoral College. At this stage in our history, the Electoral College has become just another Republican dirty trick, comparable to gerrymandering, meant to keep Republicans in power, against the will of the people.
  4. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    Thank you for your cooperation. I appreciate it.
  5. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    The new egalitarianism and the new social freedoms are wonderful. But without a minimum amount of material prosperity, they grow bitter-sweet. As the Republicans/Plutocrats reach their goals of maximum wealth inequality, and most people are living in abject poverty, social freedoms become less important than basic survival.
  6. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    pastandpresent66 - Please stay out of the Liberal's Only Room. If you ignore this warning, I can and will take further measures. As anyone can plainly see, the title of this room is "Liberal's Only". It is not the "Liberals and Independents Room". That said, although you claim to be an independent, it is obvious your views are more Right than Left. This room is not for Liberal Vs Conservative debate. And it is not for those wanting to disrupt Liberal debate in this room with contrary, viewpoints. This room is for the exchange of Liberal ideas among Liberals. For Left Vs Right debate, No Holds Barred is the place to post. You are welcome to post there or any other part of the site except for the Liberal's Only Room. Notice your post has been deleted.
  7. The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    Highly progressive taxes are part of the answer. The top 1% could easily be taxed at a 95% rate and not suffer any setback in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed. As it is now, staggeringly large fortunes are being stashed in foreign banks to illegally avoid taxes. And much money the wealthy have no other use for, goes in the pockets of Conservative elected officials, causing a lopsided political system. Democratic Socialist countries like Sweden, The Netherlands and New Zealand tax their rich at a high rate. Some have fled, seeking foreign tax havens. But many of their top earners have stayed, ostensibly, seeing the justice of the system. Sweden, for instance, has retained industrial giants like Saab aircraft, Volvo autos, trucks and heavy earth-moving equipment and Udderholm Steel, producing some of the most advanced alloys on the planet.
  8. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    Great post splunch. Welcome to the forum. In addition to the all-dominating propaganda and lies of the Right Wing Noise Machine; The rush toward monopoly and elimination of competition in the marketplace; And the ever-widening wealth gap, the political system itself is being manipulated to work in favor of Republicans and the corporations/owners that give them legal bribes in return for custom legislation. Since the candidate with the biggest war chest wins elections over 90% of the time, ordinary voters have little influence over legislation, which is dictated by Big Money Interests. Gerrymandering, although traditionally practiced by both parties, has become mainly a tool of the Right to artificially keep the House of Representatives dominated by Republicans. Dirty tricks at the polls, like providing wrong locations and times, in Democratic districts are a Republican specialty. And voter suppression in the form of ever increasing credentials, is aimed at discouraging likely Democratic voters. Also under Election Fraud and Republican dirty tricks, computerized voting machines are often flipped to give an opposite result. All the while, Republicans screaming about virtually non-existent voter fraud at the polls. In the last 18 years, two Democratic presidential races were denied to the winner. First in 2000, by decree of the Supreme Court, where Bush became president despite Gore having won the vote. And just now in 2017 where Hillary won the election by nearly 3 million votes, only to be denied by a relic Electoral College, making the loser, Trump president. If any other country installed the loser in an election for their leader, we would be screaming bloody murder. Clinton's popular-vote margin over Trump was greater than that of Richard Nixon over Hubert Humphrey in 1968, and John Kennedy over Nixon in 1960. I am hoping for a tidal wave of Democratic victories this year and in 2020, in reaction to Trump and Republican perfidy. But considering Republican financial resources, their noise machine and all the questionable tactics they use, I won't believe it until I see it.
  9. The last super rich guy to have devoted his life to the ordinary people may have been Buddha. People like Steyer, Buffet, Gates, George Soros and Ted Turner have made sympathetic noises toward the ordinary folk, from time to time, but have yet to go beyond tax deductable philanthropy and charitable donations, into the nitty gritty of passionate political involvement and partisan public relations. If today's left acquired one or several committed champions, in the 1%, to counter people like the Koch bros and Sheldon Adelson, it could usher in a true New World Order.
  10. my message issue still hasn't fixed itself. 

  11. People vary greatly in the amount of interplay between their fantasies and the reality the perceive with their senses. Some reality-test their imaginations more than others. And in different ways. It appears to me, that the recurring themes in your imagination are much more important to you than anything that happens outside your head. But if you've lived this long, paying enough attention, day to day to comfortably survive, then you're doing better than many others.
  12. Elitism

    There is a regressive Cult Of Ignorance in the US which has been encouraged and made respectable by Conservative lawmakers. This anti-intellectualism, whether it takes the form of anti-science, anti-art or anti excellence in general, is part of a tribalism especially pronounced, but not confined to the Religious Right. This Cult of Ignorance has been cultivated and paid for by part of the top 1% Economic Elite. It has worked spectacularly to keep Republicans in power and concentrating wealth at the very top, while deceiving ordinary people into voting against the best interests of themselves and their loved ones. So the the ignorant denigration and undermining of genuine elites in fields requiring excellence in skill and knowledge is inextricably intertwined with the efforts of Economic Elites to continue widening the wealth gap in their own favor.
  13. Elitism

    Agreed, people of extraordinary competence in their fields should not be undermined by the ignorant. And excellence in most fields of endeavor should rewarded, not punished. But excessive reward is not warranted. People should be rewarded for their contributions to society by being given generously prosperous and secure lives for themselves and their families. Most gifted people will rise to their level without wanton bribery. But what about that portion of the Economic Elite who accumulate staggeringly huge fortunes and use their power to deprive everyone else, so they can hoard even more? Unlike outstanding scientists, artists and professionals, who prosper mostly by merit, the super rich are often in the right place at the right time; Or born to the right parents with the right connections; Or lead pampered, indolent lives, leaving their finances to money managers. Often the super rich are sociopaths/con-artists who made their money that way. Why should the Economic Elite not be required to return a significant portion of their wealth to the society that made it possible? The top 1% could easily contribute vast sums to society with giving up any part of their lifestyles. The topic of rewarding gifted people begs the question of whether to punish the majority of ordinary people with few innate gifts ... Or, at the very least, not reward them at all. But from a practical point of view, these are the people who comprise the great bulk of the demand side in any Capitalist system. Deprive them too much and the supply side grinds to a halt due to shrinking demand. Also, a large oppressed lower class is a constant potential danger to those who repress them. Society is more stable when all feel affluent in some degree. Even from a moral and ethical point of view it is necessary to make sure everyone has all the necessities plus some extra to spend or save. It is not desirable to perpetuate an underclass so that a few may live a vastly better life and feel superior. Many religious groups espouse this type of egalitarian. And some of the most progressive Social Democracies in the world have implemented a reality in which all prosper. When there is free schooling, at all levels, for anyone able to take advantage of it, most of the innately gifted will get trained in their chosen fields. Maybe they should be awarded something extra, but not so much that their compensation cancels out their worth. All people who have feeling should be allowed security and dignity. Historically, this is a relatively new idea that has taken hold in fits and starts. But the cat is out of the bag for good now.
  14. Looking for a set of responses

    Exactly. In so many cases involving big industry, where the profit motive clashes with the public interest, corporations need to be regulated. Without governmental guidance and restraint on corporations, maximum profit, tends to override every other consideration. But a narrow focus on profits alone, is a false value ... Of much more importance is beneficial progress for humankind; And the well- being of the people as a whole; As opposed to fortunes so excessive, they can never be spent, for a handful of Plutocrats and their families. Capital investment and profit need to channeled to help solve the problems of the future and not just the quarterly bottom line. Otherwise, the air, sea and land will be laid-to-waste on a planet made unlivable for all human beings including the very rich who didn't see it coming .... Or simply didn't care while they were at the top of the social heap.
  15. Both are in the Northern Hemisphere, roughly halfway around the globe from each other. The Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of Florida,in he Atlantic. The Dragon's Triangle is off the coast of Japan, China and the Philippines, in the Pacific. Google is your friend. Why? There is no known relationship. It make sense only if it stays inside your brain. Most likely, it would not pass the reality test pioneered by people like Galileo, who observed celestial reality through the first practical telescopes of his own conception and invention. The first true scientists had a thirst to separate fantasy from reality. To see things as they are rather that what we imagine them to be, at any given time. For this, he Church tried to have Galileo executed. Constant kinetic self containment, sometimes called intuition, is the basis of theory in science where competing theories are reality tested through sophisticated, time-lapse photography using a variety of powerful telescopes, registering visual light, invisible, high energy particles, and radio waves, invisible to the naked eye. The data is then analyzed through the use of modern, higher mathematics. Powerful computers are employed to help analyze the data and integrate the different factors into a whole. Through these means, many seemingly plausible theories, made possible by informed intuition are proved wrong. Some turn out to be correct. Others may require more information before theory is accepted as fact.