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  1. AOC radiates a basic integrity which large numbers of voters recognize as truth. She is not going away. That's why, when faced with the reasoning in AOC's proposals Conservatives are left with little but personal attacks.
  2. They have been offered lip service on abortion, gun rights and bigotry in return for the selling out their own interests, in favor of corporate greed.
  3. IMO, if he should end up being the Republican candidate, Trump should not be counted out. Under Trump's auspices the 2020 election promises to be the dirtiest in US history. He is now amassing a huge war-chest. Once the Democratic candidate is chosen, expect a smear campaign like no other. The media will be saturated with disinformation, conspiracy theories, slander and the most scurrulous lies. Foreign governments will be enlisted to interfere in the election process on behalf of Trump. The Trump Campaign will not only have vastly more funds than in 2016 but will be in a far better position to practice Electoral Fraud. Count on the Trump campaign to use vote-rigging on a previously unheard of scale. Possibly including: - Violence, threats of violence and coercion. - Legal threats. - Attacks on polling places. Vandalism. - Phone calls and letters targeting likely democratic voters and giving false information at to voting locations and times. - Vote buying - Mis-recording of votes. - Tampering with electronic voting machines. - Artificial Results I hope I'm wrong, but given the ample demonstrations we have had of Trump's corruption and perfidy, he will try every underhanded trick there is to hang on to power. Concerned Democrats should be preparing for the political fight of their lives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_fraud https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/10/08/trumps-campaign-was-run-shoestring-his-reelection-machine-is-huge-armed-with-consultants/
  4. Speaks for itself. I agree. I have tremendous admiration for both Warren and Sanders. And I have recently supported both with contributions (Along with Andrew Yang). My reservations about Warren 71, Sanders 79 and Biden 78, are as follows: As people reach advanced age, they are more likely to encounter serious mental and physical impediments. And their chances of dying increase exponentially ... So much so that people over 65 comprise only 13% of the population. And by 90 that number drops to 5%. The candidates are not exempt from these statistics. At the end of two terms, Elizabeth Warren would be 79, Biden would be 85 and Sanders 86. Unfortunately, Bernie just had a heart attack and Joe Biden is already showing signs of mental deterioration. Elizabeth Warren seems in good health, enjoying a 7 year youth advantage over Bernie. A sad fact about healthy old people is that time is not on their side. The older they get, the more likely they are to get sick or die of old-age related causes. IMO, if the the Democrats fail to win super-majorities in Congress but win the presidency, there is no less than 100% chance, that the Republicans will try to impeach. It makes no difference who the Democratic president might be. It would be far better if they were forced to base their impeachment on feeble allegations rather than legitimate evidence of incompetence. https://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/aging-in-america-how-its-changing/
  5. Long ago, laughing boy Duck615 swore up and down, he'd get even with me. Still waiting laughing boy. Duck615 chickened out. Now he's trying to laugh it off. Slinking coward, Duck615.
  6. I'm still waiting for you to get even with me like you swore up and down you would. You sniveling dung beetle.
  7. In keeping with the examples set by ALL the rest of the World's advanced nations, American Progressives should be striving for Universal Health Care with an option to retain private coverage, if desired. Health care should be a right, not a privilege.
  8. Everyone? You mean just the hallucinations in your head. In a rare moment of clarity, you are correct about Tulsi Gabbard. Albeit exaggerating wildly, as usual. Recently, Gabbard was one of the last to approve of the Trump impeachment inquiry. But only after dragging her feet for over a week.
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha. Funny, but so appropriate. SpyCarBill is basically a Right Wing apologist for Big Money and Big Industry. He is a sniveling toady for Power and Authority, while daily spewing hate at Democrats. Truly, SpyCarBill is a Conservative. Many of his fellow Conservatives, on these boards, are appreciative of his efforts to tear the Democratic Party asunder.
  10. There it is again. A (weak) attempt to reverse the truth. The Trump tactic of projecting his own faults at his foes.
  11. You'd have to look far to find someone more committed to the destruction of the Democratic Party than SpyCar.
  12. The current Trump tactic ! Try to project your own worst faults on to your foes.
  13. Are you at war? PTSD getting you down? We? What We. You are the only mutation of your type.
  14. Trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill and failing miserably. Warren is so squeaky clean so-called CoNcErVaTiVeS are renting electron microscopes from UMASS to try and get dirt on her. Paranoia will destroiya. I was responding to EltonJohnson, not you.
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