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  1. Morning crotchrot. Why are you still alive? You don't deserve to live. Only the good die young, I guess. Now go run and make a thread or six. "bludog talked mean to me again Waaaaah %*#@&+\@% !" Ha ha ha ha ha ha
  2. You beat me to it ^ ^ ^ The Ossoff - Perdue runoff is equally important. We need to win both to gain control of the Senate and bust McConnell down in rank to minority leader .... A tall order but within the realm of possibility. Winning these runoffs is crucial for the Biden presidency. It would be fabulous if we do it.
  3. Joe Biden desperately needs the Senate to be under Democratic control. Without it, his effectiveness will be seriously diminished. Raphael Warnock would be a fine addition to replace Republican Kelly Loeffler. So I contributed to Warnock's campaign today, even though I live two thousand miles from Georgia.
  4. It's a disgrace that nothing was done about the pandemic by the Trump administration. It's long overdue, but Biden will install the life-saving procedures which should have been put in place 9 months ago . It is a shame The Nation has to wait two more months until the inauguration.
  5. Look for Republican vote tampering and every kind of chicanery in the next few weeks. There will be unjustified challenges and lawsuits from the right, trying to gain an unfair advantage. And expect a defeated president to make further abusive grabs at power in a desperate attempt to avoid prosecution and trial. In the meanwhile it would not be surprising if Right Wing militias fomented violence. The Biden campaign has made clear that it is prepared for every contingency.
  6. Historic numbers of people in this election, cast their votes by mail. Most of those votes haven't been counted yet. There's no requirement for ballots to be counted by election night, so counting may continue for days or weeks. And since Trump tried to cripple the USPS and instructed his minions to vote in person, Democrats are more likely to have voted by mail than Republicans. The important thing now is to make sure states count every vote. The Biden campaign has anticipated cheating and has teams of thousands, including lawyers in every state.
  7. If from the start, Trump had not purposely and maliciously disregarded the COVID19 pandemic in the US, the chances are strong that you would not be sick today. I wish you good luck. And I hope you get well soon.
  8. Thanks for your research. Your points are mostly factual but where they are subjective, I agree with your ALL your assessments and conclusions. Don the Con is indeed the most successful con artist America ever produced. Obviously his skills, in that area are stellar. Unfortunately, conning people is about the ONLY thing Trump is good at. When it comes to solving the problems of our Nation and its People, Trump has been an abject failure: His bad judgement and incompetence has divided the American people more than at any time since the Civil War.
  9. I have zero loyalty to any politician. Just commitment which lasts only so long as performance of their official duties remains satisfactory, in my estimation. Politicians are primarily public servants. Their main duty is to perform the will of the majority that elected them. Their responsibility should be leadership with an emphasis on the common good. Some politicians might project a public persona which is entertaining, charming or otherwise pleasant; But superficialities should not be their main public attraction. Unfortunately, for millions, this is not the case now. W
  10. If Trump gets four more years, it will not only be the end of our Democratic Republic, but a worldwide environmental disaster, as well. The rape of the Biosphere will quicken. Carbon will continue to be emitted into the atmosphere at ever higher rates, and pollution will continue, unchecked. Yesterday, Trump uttered the clearest measure of his insanity yet:--- He threatened that should he win, he would prosecute Biden and Obama as criminals, and they would end up in jail.
  11. Under Trump, the greatness of our Nation has been sadly diminished. His mindlessly loyal acolytes have enabled him to make it possible. Here, they are turning on one of Trump's most subservient and groveling flunkeys, for failing to do the impossible to save him. Ironically, they are carbon copies of the very toady who's residence they are picketing ! Like their deified quack in the White House, they will not hesitate to throw one of their own under the bus, for any slip-up, perceived or real, in defense of their phony master.
  12. A death-cult is the perfect description of what Trump loyalists have devolved into. George Orwell's "Nineteen-Eighty Four" did not go nearly far enough to describe the mass psychosis of these mindless, boot-licking fanatics. And they have placed absolute faith in the most unfeeling , untrustworthy person possible. Trump is their Jim Jones and they eagerly swallow the Kool-Aid.
  13. That's one sick fucking joke. Only a Nazi would laugh.
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