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  1. In all the time, up until kfools bought this site, I perma-banned just one person. And that was at at my own discretion. One of the reasons I quit as admin is that I don't appreciate perma-banning members unless the circumstances are extreme. So I disliked being commanded by kfools, to permanently ban members that offend him. Curious that certain soks like Mirabeau/BigTex, get away with it.
  2. Denial of reality is your specialty. But jeeze, gimme a break.
  3. Goldie Hawn look-alike but doesn't quite make the cut.
  4. Looks like she's soliciting herself, in traffic.
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha. The last casualty of the Civil War.
  6. As the site owner, he has power here which you and I don't ... Equally. He can suspend or ban anyone on this site. He could edit posts if he wanted to; or delete them. He can add or remove sub-forums, threads and posts. He could change the name of the forum. And so on.
  7. I won't dispute what you say here. But bottom line:--- He da boss. So in support of his strategy, I contend that "Since Liberals searching for a forum have their pick, most are likely to choose a friendly forum than a hostile one" But considering what you've said in the past, I'm guessing you'd like to get rid of the Liberals. Is that correct?
  8. So, liberals really are that threatened by the conversations that take place in NHB. Kfools grants them the right to use the "ignore" function, which they like to use as a form of punishment for Conservatives, but apparently that is still not enough. Is it ever enough? Or is it more likely the case that Liberals just ask for more and more and more and more. One of kfools stated goals is to grow the site by attracting more Liberals. Since Liberals searching for a forum have their pick, most are more likely to choose a friendly forum than a hostile
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha. Probably got sand kicked in his face yesterday and types "Pussy" today. You really scored one there, keyboard commando.
  10. Now where did I hear that before. Oh yes ... Our orange leader calls people losers daily. If a man can't be humble, at least part of the time, he's missing a vital part.
  11. I was a mod for a l - o - n - g time. First on the other site, for a short time. And then on this one for many years. One sees it differently after a while. Your mileage may vary.
  12. You think the job of moderator is a perk? Wait ... Didn't you refuse same a short time ago? Methinks you speak with forked tongue here.
  13. Most Conservatives on the site say some variation of that. But it's a myth. If Conservatives get a room which excludes Liberals, they will use it. And like LO, they will have disagreements ... Just not the same disagreements as Cons and Libs have between each other.
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