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  1. bludog

    2020 predictions: Beto O'Rourke v. Trump

    Texas Liberal: Welcome to the Liberal's Only Room sub-forum of LIBERALFORUM. Please feel free to participate her and/or the No Holds Barred sub-forum where the pace is much faster ... The other big difference being that, unlike L.O., Conservatives post in N.H.B. without constraint. In NHB, helmets are recommended for newcomers. In L.O. the subject, "2020 Predictions" has been exhaustively discussed here: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/213243-so-who-are-we-going-to-support-in-2020/ It might be edifying to read the last few pages of that thread, as they are the most current. There is even some discussion of Beto O'Rourke. Here is one of my posts, from that thread, regarding Beto: I would add now, that O'Rourke is a young, attractive, truly progressive Democrat who does not accept corporate pac donations. I have long argued that we need young, progressive blood, in the Democratic Party, with the energy and stamina to fight the Conservative, Plutocratic agenda. Beto appears to be one of those who might fill the bill. That said, he will need to prove himself in the crowded Democratic primary, against luminaries like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.
  2. bludog

    10 reasons I don't believe in God

    That goes for you too, pest.
  3. bludog


    If any of the Crime Family, especially Trump go to prison, justice will have been served. But I am skeptical that neither Trump or his crime family will be incarcerated. Although he might get impeached. There are separate and unequal justice systems for the privileged and powerful and the rest of us. Absent violent crime, they won't do hard time. And if the unlikely happened, Pence would surely dash to the rescue with pardons, all around. Just like Ford pardoned Nixon.
  4. bludog

    10 reasons I don't believe in God

    It's one thing to be insane, and not interject your drivel on others. Its another thing to be insane and a nasty, little pest, to boot.
  5. bludog

    Is the U.S. a terrorist nation

    Yes, and we are a also bully nation, deploying our superior forces mostly against people who can't effectively fight back. Eisenhower's warnings seem to have had little effect on a congress which has abrogated their war declaration responsibilities and allowed a succession of presidents to unilaterally order our troops into conflicts. A congress lobbied and in the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex. The result has been nearly endless war. Recently, in a hopeful turn of events the pattern was broken. In a rare, bipartisan effort, Bernie Sanders, along with Mike Lee of Utah and Chris Murphy of Connecticut, sponsored a resolution to end US involvement in Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. It passed 56 to 41 in the Senate. In order for this bill to get to President Trump’s desk, it must pass the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Speaker Paul Ryan has effectively disallowed a vote on the resolution, despite the fact it would almost surely pass with bipartisan support.
  6. bludog

    10 reasons I don't believe in God

    I'll hedge some more. (not really). I'm an agnostic. I agree with all the points in the OP but still don'r rule out the possibility of God(s). The reason is that we are in the infancy of our scientific knowledge. There is a stupendous amount yet to be understood. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese had glimmerings but we didn't really start true scientific inquiry until about 500 years ago. Imagine what we will know 10,000 years in the future, if we're still around. And 100,000 years after that.
  7. bludog


    At first, some, including me, suspected Melania might secretly harbor a core of Liberalism. Now, she is revealing herself as a self-centered whiner with little, if any social conscience.
  8. Yes there would inevitably be abuses. But without large campaign donations, it will be hard to sustain campaigns for the duration times we see now. I suggested the same. I feel it would curb the out-of-control spending and media circus that the long primary season is now. Criticisms were that there would be little time for new candidates to gradually introduce themselves to the public and become known … Like Bernie did.
  9. The way I would describe my own politics:--- I am for social and economic equality, as much as possible. I support the things that make life better for ordinary people, the 99%. My political opponents are those who hold beliefs and support policies that are inspired by plutocratic loyalty to the detriment of everyone else. I also oppose bigots. I want to nullify their agenda, making progressive policies possible so the vast majority of the people can be prosperous and secure again. That's why I'm a Democratic Socialist. But if believing the Republican Party today, far more than Democrats, is the party of deceit and elitism, then I am hyper-partisan.
  10. Interesting that you didn't or couldn't find an a realistic way to describe the Right Wing Noise Machine without being pejorative. I never pre-judge anyone. I have to see for myself first. And I certainly don't call people names, without provocation, as you're trying to imply. But I wouldn't want to dance with someone who has given me reason to think she's any one of those things you mention. My first preference would be a Liberal woman. After that, chemistry will take its course, one way or the other. Only a Liberal masochist, would be attracted to a racist, plutocratic, worker-hating, climate-destroying, science denying ignoramus. I don't like interacting with such people. And from what you've said about your reaction to NHB, it sounds like you don't like to interact with them either, despite the claims. What I see is that the lion's share of the mischaracterization goes from right to left; Something like 90/10 or 80/20. Thanks for the history. Judging by what you say, you are a rare exception to the rule. There are ZERO Conservatives like that today on NHB. As has been observed, many times, all civilizations have had a shelf-life and have eventually ended. Except for those now extant, of course. Sometimes a people, having gone far down the path of decay, are able to right themselves and make a comeback, for another defined period of time. The US seems to be in a devolving cycle now. Like Venezuela or Turkey, we are changing from to something different than we were. In the US, Plutocracy is now in the ascendance. But no one knows the future.
  11. Here it is for the second time Crom. And you get a nice little vacation. Enjoy your time off. Just a little hiatus. The next time will be longer. And so on.
  12. Eight posts started by Crom33 within the last three hours. The limit is five with a 24 hour period. Just a friendly warning Crom. Stay within the rules of the NHB forum. Next time, it might get ugly. There will be price to pay. And we wouldn't want that, would we Crom?
  13. If I hadn't heard real people, here in Conservative land, give their opinions on whether Social Security should be abolished, I would not have said "I already know what they think". What would one call it? The Right Wing Information Machine"? That would be giving a false description, causing a naive listener to be deceived as to the nature of the machine. I, for one, refuse to protect Republican deceitfulness. The phrase, Right Wing noise/propaganda/disinformation/indoctrination machine, is not a mischaracterisation. On the other hand, Republicans mischaracterise Democrats all the time. For instance, pundits and their adherents saying Democrats are Communists ... Which is a perfect example of Republicans parroting their disinformation machine. First a pundit, then an adherent. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/06/29/charles_hurt_new_generation_of_democrats_are_communists.html Charles Hurt is an American journalist and political commentator. He is currently the opinion editor of The Washington Times, Fox News contributor, Breitbart News contributor, and a Drudge Report editor. Wikipedia https://www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/opinion/letters-editor/democratic-party-party-of-communists/
  14. This is painfully true and there is a good reason. Too many Democratic lawmakers were, and still are, taking corporate PAC money, to win campaigns. And once ensconced, they get money from lobbyists. These Neoliberals favor free-market capitalism, just as Republicans do. But they tend to be Liberal on social issues, which the corporations usually don't care that much about. Issues like racial parity, LGBT rights, women's rights, and the like. A small but growing Democratic movement has arisen in Congress, for lawmakers to disavow taking corporate PAC money; Making it more likely that they will respond to the will of their constituents and not corporations. This is true also. Bipartisan measures are far more durable than either party acting by itself. Bipartisan government was possible as late as 1990. The rise of the massive Right Wing Propaganda Machine (political correctness aside), has made bipartisanship unlikely, today.
  15. bludog

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    This far out, Biden's 26.2%% lead is far from insurmountable. At this point, Bernie 18.8% polling is solid and could increase, substantially. Warren, with her ready-to-go campaign machine, could surge .... Or O'Rourke. Or even Steyer, with his resources, at the bottom of the list.