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  1. Not true. He posted in NHB for a long time before disappearing on his own.
  2. You look like a doofus. Nothing that a haircut and a tuxedo couldn't cure ... But keep the cap on. You lose points for having one sock lower than the other. Sorry, I don't exchange pictures with guys. What's up with route 61?
  3. The only thing you missed was the train to a job. Lying, as usual.
  4. Yes. And then there is that little detail.
  5. With the whole world watching. What an embarrassment for the USA. We elected this comedian?
  6. When I saw the spectacle of The Leader Of The Free World, repeatedly looking at the sun with no eye protection, I realized how much I had underestimated what an imbecile he really is.
  7. I'm done with the Democratic Party

    johndnorth - I guess you probably posted in the LO Rm by mistake. As you can see, your post is no longer visible.
  8. Escalating in Afghanistan is a big mistake on many levels. It is a complete flip-flop from all his campaign rhetoric saying we should get out. If he really wants to win, 4,000 more troops is anemic at best. When this proves inadequate, expect many more escalations. He's caved to his generals McMaster and Mattis ... The military's job is war and they will nearly always council more of it. Interference in Islamic countries like Iraq is led directly to the rise of ISIS. More US military involvement in the region is a recruitment tool for terrorists. We should be building at home instead of destroying and killing abroad. This is a foreign adventure of choice. This war is totally unecessary.
  9. Great post. Sometimes in history, what goes around, comes around.
  10. Are you a good person?

    Your brilliance shines far in excess of a mere dullard like Einstein. Society can never pay you back enough. Your name will live in history.
  11. From whatever angle you look at it, Trump is one hellofa high maintenance individual. For Trump "Too much ain't enough".
  12. Are you a good person?

    I can relate to this question better than the first one. And the answer, without an autobiography, is mostly yes. Everyone is very complicated and each of us has many sides.... Sometimes contradictory. Ultimately, it's what you do in life that counts the most. Second is what you wrote/said. Third is what you thought.
  13. Two good videos

    Intolerance, racism and far right ideas can be traced back to many influences as disparate as the Puritans, Calvinists, and the Old South where most white people were too poor to own slaves but were willing to give their lives to preserve that system. The nativist Know Nothings were a manifestation of it in the early 1800s. Jim Crow lasted through the 1960s and might even be making s comeback now. The Tea Party is a recent manifestation of the Far Right. But from my personal, anecdotal point of view, I didn't see Conservatives in my area become loudly vocal, in this agitated, exultant, aggressive way, until the election of Trump.
  14. Two good videos

    Needless to say, I too am upset, along with so many others. There is good reason to seek escape from what is happening to our Country right now. I still take Iggy to the dog park each day despite the often loud majority Conservative praise for Trump and nasty censure of The Left. And the emboldened racists who, until recently, felt compelled to keep it mostly to themselves. I'm usually outnumbered by as many other people as happen to be there at the time ... Sometimes as much as 20 to 1 They know I'm Liberal and I've been challenged several times now. I've taken to saying stuff like: "Trump? Who's she?". I have one Liberal friend, who I sometimes talk with, at the park. I wasn't there but he told me he recently got into a rip-roaring argument with some of them. He's even more upset about what's happening than I am. He says he thinks about it all the time. I'm luckier ... I seem to be able to detach myself temporarily, concentrate on other things and forget this ugly transformation the Nation is experiencing. We are going through one of those historical pivot points in history which contemporary observers are notoriously poor at assessing. Enormous societal damage has already been done, even in the short space of time since the Trump era and Republican domination of the Country took effect. It is hard to guess what the long-term consequences will be. A lot will be determined by what is yet to come.
  15. Two good videos

    The Terminator nailed it.