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  1. What a sad case you are. A "WHITE LIBERAL SUPREMACIST" has not been discovered yet. All you white supremacists are conservatives.
  2. Eleven innocent lives snuffed out by the white racist Dylan Roof? Not enough for you? Are you so bloodthirsty that you crave more? So be it. Here are some more. All white supremacist, conservative, racist swine.
  3. What impels the likes of you to deliberately misrepresent others? Why are you such a driven hater? What cult leader brainwashed you? How do you live with yourself? There are three kinds of lies: Lies; Damn Lies and Statistics. And there are two kinds of liars: Liars and Damn Liars. I choose my friends carefully and you are not among them. You belong with the vile murderers of Sri lanka. You prove yourself unfit to join Humanity. Nothing personal. Just the stone, cold truth.
  4. bludog

    who would support a ban on conservatives?

    No doubt about it: When people debate in a format which prohibits gratuitous belittling of opponents and using expletives against them, exchanges become vastly more informative and worthwhile. Overlooking the common practice of 'making-stuff-up', there's not much left but facts and logic to make a point. (In a perfect world, instant fact-checking would also change the game for the better). I was disappointed when we couldn't make the Civil Debate Sub-Forum materialize.
  5. Roof is a white supremacist. https://www.gq.com/story/dylann-roof-making-of-an-american-terrorist Sounds like your views, Duck615. Dylan Roof is a conservative of the white supremacist variety.
  6. - Tree Of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburg, Pa, Robert Bowers - White supremacist. - Aug 2017. Heather Heyer killed and dozens of others injured as white supremacist ploughed into an anti-nazi protest, Charlotsville, Va. - Finsbury Park, UK - Yelling "I want to kill all Muslims", Darren Osborn, a white supremacist ploughs into a crowd of worshipers in front of a mosque. - Portland Or. Two men were killed while trying to defend a woman against an anti-Muslim tyrade. - Timothy Caughman stalked and killed by a white supremacist with a sword, New York City. And the list goes on.
  7. Attacks linked to white supremacy: New Zealand Mosque shooter is a white supremacist. Anders Breivik killed 77 in Norway - a white supremacist. Satwant Singh Kaleka, the Wisconsin killer of six - A frustrated Neo Nazi. Killer at Jewish Retirement Center, Frazier Glenn Croos - A Klu Klux Clan leader. Shooter at Black church in Charleston, SC - White Supremacist who says he was trying to start a race war. Killer at mosque, Quebec City, Canada, - An aggressive online troll who hated Muslims and women. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/16/a-history-of-recent-attacks-linked-to-white-supremacism The list goes on and on.
  8. And you know ... ... HOW ! When you listen to interviews with them, it becomes evident that for the majority, politics is a far-off thing to which they pay little attention.
  9. Conservative just stage mass shootings. Otherwise they are very polite
  10. Heh heh. This one thinks he's been certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He's certifiable alright.
  11. Only judges and juries are entitled to proof. Maybe you think you're him.