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  1. Right. It would be different if you were having an intelligent discussion. That’s impossible with him
  2. XO is too stupid to know what he's doing, unlike William, who does it expressly to make responding more difficult. Hence I seldom respond to him Here is a new hack if you may not know about: You can highlight the part you want inside the quote box and it will attribute the quote to the correct person
  3. Excellent cite! Thank you I didn't know that Question, if you know it: is a green card considered an "nonimmigrant VISA"? How about work VISAs?
  4. I think he's saying YOU are not worthy of discussion on the topic of guns Because you're a lying attention whore I agree with him
  5. Are you claiming the foreigners who DON'T buy a hunting license CAN'T buy a gun? Because I'd like to see a cite if that is your claim
  6. They switched witnesses This is NOT the girl who was on the phone with Trayvon This is NOT his girlfriend. The prosecutors and Martin family duped the entire system And country
  7. XO is lying again/still Look at what he is claiming I said nine posts up
  8. I ordered both the book and the movie and they arrived today The book is fascinating and I'll watch the movie tonight after work Looks like he never confronts, or tells Diamond what he knows, based on my heavy skim through the book Looking forward to watching the film
  9. Please elaborate on this "loophole" I know next to nothing about this shooting That might change if you live to get really old yourself
  10. Video, not article, and it's seven years old. More recently, you disputed a mother using an AR15 to defend her family I'm guessing you like the old story (video, not article) because the mother received permission to shoot
  11. Of course Graham is swamp You have some good reading though Throw him out
  12. I have no idea what you are talking about When and where was this outrage? In any event, it has nothing to do with whatever you're talking about It was aid in response to dipwad saying Trump could post anti Semitic stuff on here and we republicans would make excuses for him.
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