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  1. You beat me to it. Dr. Voke has now dropped the false notion that PP performs "services" other than abortion. That said, the new building will provide a nice backdrop for the evening news videos when the so-called doctor gets arrested and sent to jail for life.
  2. From your link: Your article ONLY mentions legal immigrants, which of course make sure things like vaccinations are in order. Although ILLEGAL immigrants aren't mentioned specifically, the places they are kept and processed are, as places where these diseases spread widely. The bottom line, as I and most other conservatives say, including President Trump, legal immigration is good, and illegal immigration is bad. The effort from the left to equate legal immigrants with illegal aliens serves to obfuscate the issue divide the country.
  3. Chuck!

    The view, from the left.

    You obviously have no idea how our system of government works.
  4. No she isn't. She faked her own death to get you out of her basement. And the line is still long
  5. Hey retard! How long you going to run from my question?
  6. How is my unvaccinated child endangering your vaccinated one?
  7. I was going to your moms, but the line was too long
  8. Look at the Leftists showing their misogynistic inner selves !
  9. Suppose you show us a mistake you admitted to then?
  10. LOL at Debbie You're not allowed to admit you made a mistake, are you? And you're gonna be here clear through the election, right?' This is gonna be fun
  11. Is a a leader's military service more important in a republic or a monarchy?
  12. See, your "posting fee" is why I quit donating money. Nobody wants to see your crap, and I ain't paying for it no more