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  1. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    Obama spied on the Trump campaign
  2. Chuck!

    Music Puk You David Thread

    What do the words "No Holds Barred" mean to you?
  3. Chuck!

    Desperate Shills

    Because you're a stupid piece of shit Because I'm gonna win five bucks the next time you ask for a link and ten bucks when you say you won. Another five bucks for you saying the words "failed to prove". Not only did she accuse Sara of trying to murder her with a poisoned pecan pie, She also called for someone to "lope her head off" meaning Sara's head. It's a catfight between a whiny Liberal snowflake in the MSM and the President of the United States' Press Secretary. Now go say the things I said you would so this dumbass with me can see how retarded you are, piece of Bad word. Act stupid over what everyone else knows. I'm enjoying it
  4. Chuck!

    Desperate Shills

    piece of shit, everybody knows of it. Stop acting dumb
  5. Chuck!

    Desperate Shills

    Because the bitch accused her of trying to murder her with a poisoned pecan pie
  6. The wording of the questions show the ignorance of the OP. Not to mention, neither fetii nor fully developed people go to heaven or hell. Souls are another question altogether. Do you know the difference between accept and except? Are you going to blame that on "predictive text" too, putting you in the same class as DB, or are you going to claim sheer ignorance and stupidity, as I think you are?
  7. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    ALL counter intelligence spying is done at the president's behest. Did you know that?
  8. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    You're just acting dumb, or in denial. I neither know nor care. The dems paid foreigners good old American cash to fabricate evidence on Trump to trigger the "counter intelligence" spying on the Trump campaign. The money has already been traced, so every time you try that "dems don't pay, they collect" you're simply lying. I don't care that you lie, you're a democrat and that's what democrats do. But I want to make sure you see this coming, after all your posts about "squeaky clean" Hillary. I read something today that says ALL counter intelligence spying is done at the president's behest. So the illegal spying on the Trump campaign must have been done at Obama's behest, on his command When it happens, don't act surprised
  9. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    He said the DEMS, Joe, not the government. As in the DNC and Hillary's campaign.
  10. Hold that thought and never let it go Well, then, I expect Mueller will be making the TV rounds exposing all of that, don't you?
  11. Chuck!

    Musings of a Free Man

    Keep lying, piece of shit. That's all you're good for I noticed you left a thread with FUK in the title. Uneven enforcement of the written rules, again. Piece of shit is about to lose his modship I thought you were better than that, but then again, I thought you were red, white, and blue American too, even if you were misguided
  12. She'll be here through the election, then split.