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  1. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/maria-bartiromo-doj-inspector-general-report-due-out-friday-and-covers-more-than-just-fisa-abuse Maria Bartiromo: DOJ inspector general report due out Friday and covers 'more than just FISA abuse'
  2. I know The term has only been around since 2016, and in 2019 they're trying to act like they invented it instead of lived it
  3. You may think so, but in another minute he'll be back to wanting them all banned See?
  4. So what? What is wrong with folks making their own guns?
  5. Why are you lying? Of course he can "report it stolen"! Why on earth would you say he can't? WTF is wrong with you? Are you really that stupid, or are you trying to find someone gullible enough to believe your nonsense?
  6. Negative, of course. In fact, exactly opposite. I am the one preaching for freedom, for choice, and the responsibility of living with those choices And you're the one preaching for taking those choices away Where I'm willing to use the death penalty on those who abuse their freedom, you won't allow the freedom in the first place, to avoid the responsibility
  7. Yeah, that freedom You can't stand the thought of free people in your world, people must be restrained, controlled
  8. Yep That kind of freedom really pisses your socialist ass off, doesn't it?
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