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  1. Yep At first, I thought the guy in the back of the truck fired the first shot, but I was wrong
  2. I told you I would knock it off if he did; that's the best you're going to get That, and, I'm sorry for picking on your retarded little brother
  3. The lesson is puss boy got his ass kicked so bad he went googling for something personal to silence my voice. When he tried to intimidate me with his little hints, I let him know I didn't care. So he violated forum rule simply because he couldn't handle my facts in the face of his BS Tell me this: Have you ever gotten so mad during an online debate that you went stalking the guy you were debating? Yes or no, please
  4. Way to stand up and be a man, you puss boy! I am NOT sorry I beat you at your own game I am NOT sorry that you have to punish me for NOT breaking any rules I am NOT sorry for refusing to kiss and make up like I'm some little kid on the playground. If this apology is SO IMPORTANT to you, then I bet you have LOTS of participation trophies on your mom's bookshelf Ha!
  5. I know that! I lost that debate, remember? I just posted about it
  6. Oh great Another dumbass who doesn't know the difference between crying and bragging. Puss boy set out to troll me, and he trolled me HARD, He trolled me to the very limit of his little troll brain. Then he got out trolled HA!
  7. There are three shots on the video I think the one I used for this thread isn't as good as the one I used the other day in the other thread If I have time I'll see if I can find it I expect puss boy to yank the rug out from under me any minute now, so I've been posting like my life depends on it! HA!
  8. Sorry dear, I'm not a liar HA! I won't issue an apology if it isn't sincere.
  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah You think I was trying to "set up" the forum, whatever that means. Seems like notifying you all about it as soon as I saw it sort of invalidates that argument, doesn't it? Let me guess. That's your retarded little brother I was picking on, right? Sorry about that!
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