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  1. Ha ha ha! Do you feel better now, snowflake? Did you accomplish your goal? did you find anybody who gives a fuck? you really got to look at things from somebody else’s point of view. There is no contradiction in those posts, your post backs up mine but if it makes you feel better and send you back where you came from with a smile that’s all that matters
  2. All that's happening here is you are being shown a liar. You come trolling in with these wild accusations from seven years ago and once your persistence got me digging, your accusations are being proven false. You got nothing but a seven year butt hurt even though you got your way Snowflake
  3. Have some more you lying fucking puss HERE is what I "said at the time:" In a classic example of lying to yourself, you made up this tale where I said what you wanted me to say, not the truth. So you made up the story and told it so often you believed it yourself. You guys did the same thing with Trump's Russian whore pee- tapes Truth means nothing next to your agenda
  4. Yes, he left the discussion. Faced with proof that he has been lying his fool head off over here and now he is back pedaling and walking away. Current situation: He disputes NOTHING I've backed up here, and is unable to produce any back up for his lying allegations on his own site, due to "memory holes" (I still laugh every time I type that) So what we had was a lonely, left out Libby who has lied to himself so many times he's forgotten they are lies and he thinks they are truth. Then he reads my quote, goes to the thread and reads some more, and realizes that he's been lied to, swallowed the whole made up tale, from himself. That's gotta suck Same with what he thinks I did to HIM He's told himself some story about some made up wrong he thinks I've committed, no doubt to ease his conscience on something I can't even imagine, and he's told himself that for so many years now he's believing it. That's why he can't find anything in his "memory holes", because it never happened. He made a thread on his board that said "I say we stay here" or something similar. I responded positively to it with a short post as already mentioned. The next day I had my one and only call with GW, the guy who owned cannon's site, and the next thing I know, I'm out of the mod team and Cannon has a thread titled "What Just Happened" or something like that. All these same stories were running wild then, with the same predictable results, I could back myself up and they couldn't, and pretty soon I was banned/not banned. I could log in, but couldn't post, see notifications I had PMs, but couldn't read them, nor send them. It became a bore and I post here exclusively, well, not exclusively, but this is the only political forum I frequent Now, all that trollery, pages and pages of it, for what? To have Mr. snowflake tuck tail and leave What a waste of time
  5. For crying out loud, make up your mind who you're whining about, you little baby Whatever I said about you wasn't nearly foul enough to cross any lines of decency Whatever it was, it seems to have slipped your memory too (damn memory holes) THAT is your major accomplishment? Hell, GW said the place was hosted for the next five years. That would've really been something if you crashed it that quick. That was your number one complaint, huh? I really have been living in your head for the last seven years! I have to hand it to you. I thought this was going to be a bore, but you've made it fun What a snowflake you turned out to be!
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