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  1. You are correct. Pennsylvania does have preemption and I was not aware of that. Good for them
  2. Then kindly explain Philadelphia's regulations
  3. I think it will stand. Pennsylvania doesn't have statewide preemption like Ohio does, and Philadelphia already has stricter gun laws than the rest of the state, so city by city regulations are normal for the state. Glad it's not my state
  4. Chuck!

    Codename: Mackadamia

    Never saw that when Obama was running things
  5. Chuck!

    Codename: Mackadamia

    Small town Ohio, 12-16-2018
  6. Right now in small town Ohio Making America Great Again.
  7. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    Which bothers you more, Trump paying off a hooker with his own money, or Schiff paying off a 19 year old boy with our tax dollars?
  8. What lies did Cohen tell Congress?
  9. Chuck!

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    Stop lying Joe Have you no shame?
  10. +10 We're supposed to believe that a LAWYER said that Worse than what? He's STILL your president, And he is STILL putting American interests first The economy is STILL going strong Tariffs are STILL in place and working The caravan you fools tried denying ever existed is STILL in Mexico And America is STILL becoming greater by the day And you fools are STILL saying "we got him now!" like you have for the last three years
  11. I can't imagine the hatred inside of you that drives you to act this way You don't even remember how decent folks act.
  12. The difference is you don't go around the board hitting every thread on the front page with stupid shit begging for attention. His need for attention is so great that he's conived special treatment and special rules for him only, and he still won't follow them. He makes turds look good