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  1. Only a retard would think she speaks english fluently.
  2. Not to mention mental retardation.
  3. fishhead

    Charles Krauthammer1950–2018

    Story? Put down the pipe.
  4. Good, now them ni99ers will go vote you bigot cons out of office.
  5. His last words were 'fukk you trump'.
  6. She married donald, she's retarded.
  7. fishhead

    Charles Krauthammer1950–2018

    Give his corpse an enema and bury him in a shoebox.
  8. fishhead

    we found where pigtex lives

    That sign wouldn't do well in Austin.
  9. jihadists laughable..suck dick commie ahole.
  10. If trump sinks the NYSE this week, he's toast.