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  1. Who gives a fuck? Every time trump opens his mouth, out comes a lie. Your concern is at most, Laughable!!!
  2. ?Rumor has it trump is at walter reed with covid, melania too.
  3. Trump owns this motherfucker, no matter how far your head is up his ass.
  4. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-enemy-voter-fraud-tried-192926065.html Ya just couldn't make this shit up.
  5. I gotta go to work, I have a JOB! I'll finish butt-fucking you fags later....
  6. https://news.yahoo.com/steve-king-us-lawmaker-espousing-racist-views-voted-162054066.html The beginning of the end for inbred, raised on hate, white-trash retards.
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