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  1. All day every day. Wasting my meager, sad little life away. Get a job, ya bum.
  2. Florence is still trying to kill duck.
  3. Little bitch opens her hole again.
  4. I remember as a kid, reading in Outdoor Life about the shore lunch on Great Slave, other northern lakes, Never made it up there to enjoy one... If i see walleye on a menu, I usually order it. Bueno stuff. I find the smaller/ younger fish taste better...You make yer own joke here.
  5. I hear ya. The whole scene got feminized. I release a lot of trout, but will not fish c&r only water. I eat fish.
  6. I ain't no fag, but I absolutely love trout with mushroom/wine sauce, cooked over open fire. Nuttin' better.
  7. fishhead

    sighted in my 7mm08

    .308 has reach. Why choke the thing?
  8. She's holding it with her teeth! You had teeth once.
  9. "Hard" is probably "stretching it".
  10. gimmie a sec! For that you get a real one.
  11. It comes naturally. So you in a wheelchair? Confinement? Basement? Why would a living creature choose to spend their life in this cesspool?
  12. The bitch was f-ed up. An immediate drug test would have been appropriate.
  13. AHC. Watch it! Don't be an Bad word.