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  1. I'll 'trigger' your ass ya stupid fukking commie clown.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-invokes-emergency-powers-sidestep-134100593.html 9-11? The dead soldiers? The fukkwad just shyt on 50,000 dead americans.
  3. A True American Patriot needs to stand up ag get this war rolling.
  4. fishhead

    Codename: Mackadamia

    Hope Mack's not drunk again.
  5. fishhead

    Jimmy Kimmel drunk trump video.

    He must be dehydrated as all hell.
  6. fishhead

    Jimmy Kimmel drunk trump video.

    Trumps on cocaine.
  7. fishhead

    Codename: Mackadamia

    Macks 'out on Highway 61'.
  8. fishhead

    What night is it??

    You old fukks don't have enough cocaine or viagra for one of them gals.
  9. fishhead

    Why Dems Voted for Trump

    Dems won't vote for the lying pos.