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  1. I found an old .50 bullet encrusted in coral in the surf while vacationing at Wilmington NC once.
  2. When viagra first hit the public market the big guy really became a rampaging pedophile. Even Tattoo from fantasy island got nervous.
  3. biden lost his train of thought and said ' come on' eight times.
  4. biden has done zilch for this country in his 47 years of mooching off taxpayers.
  5. Less than a one percent death rate. democrats are pussies.
  6. Perhaps you don't understand the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and their prescient motive of establishing the Electoral College.
  7. Look up exit visas and which countries require them. Good luck snowflake.
  8. The good thing about America is if you don't like it you're free to leave. Unlike most other countries.
  9. You know, I would trust a Russian more than a democrat too. At least Russians aren't lazy welfare mooches and can fight.
  10. Why aren't there any great black majority nations?
  11. From this Veteran to joe biden...YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT. Trump 2020.
  12. A dime a dozen. We need immigrants that legally come here and can contribute to our society. Not more welfare mooches and rioters.
  13. The only reason blacks go so crazy when a White kills one of them (which happens much much less than when blacks kills Whites) is that most blacks hate Whites so much thus exposing who the real racists are, the blacks. It's also evident when blacks kill blacks (which happens all the time) and they do not care at all.
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