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  1. It's only called trumpvirus in democrat counties which are all third world shitholes. Everywhere else around here in working middle class land we all call it the KUNG FLU VIRUS.
  2. Democrats have to have someone to hate. Hate holds their party of hate together. Even when there's no reason to hate someone they gin up hate anyway. Trump 2020.
  3. Here's an example: He doesn't take any pay for being President. He donates his salary to various charities. Why do you hate him for that?
  4. Just cough into your arm and your pc won't be hacked.
  5. There was young black guy standing in the doorway of the Men's room where I work blocking it and not allowing any White males inside. Two of the employees came and got me. I quickly walked right thru him and almost knocked him down.
  6. And Bubba Wallace threw a drink into a White driver's face. That driver should of got out and stomped his racist ass.
  7. The Kung Flu Virus has less than a 2% death rate...<shrug> what are y'all panicking about it for?
  8. I reckon one thing i've learned from the democrats is to vote by race and gender. Reckon President Trump will get my vote AGAIN.

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