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  1. Trump is President. AOC excelled at giving head behind the bar. She's a dumbass. Trump is a billionaire. p.s. There's no such thing as bigfoot.
  2. Sorry Son, I wouldn't mind going again even at my age. I've been twice and I think that's plenty. It'd be a blast though if they let me fight again with relaxed military standards. No marching, running or saying Sir to anybody.. I wouldn't do any falling in at formations or taking orders anymore. But I wouldn't mind killing some more camel Bad worders while drinking whiskey. How many wars have you fought in?
  3. Liberal response to this topic is virtually nil. Just like everywhere else. Hahaha
  4. barry HUSSEIN sotero preached sea levels rising and global warming the whole time he was in office...then he went and bought a multi million dollar mansion RIGHT NEXT TO THE OCEAN hahahaha
  5. Legal Citizens and ESPECIALLY Veterans before illegal aliens. Always.
  6. In the 8 years Obama was in office only 1 house was built in my neighborhood. No one had any money. In the short time President Trump has been running the show 29 houses have been built in my neighborhood. My 401k is showing YUGE return rates. EVERYBODY around here has money now. The only ones complaining are the lazy deadbeat welfare mooches who will NEVER work a day in their lives ever by choice.
  7. You don't have walls on your home? Where do you live? Out in the open?
  8. See all the bigoted racist stereotyping that the dimicrats do? They call all weapons 'assault weapons' too.
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