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  1. Yep. And the dimicrats HATE that he's gotten 9 million people a steady income rather than having to rely on government assistance to get by. Dimicrats oppress people.
  2. It was the dimicrats that put us trillions in debt. Quit lying about the Republicans.
  3. Lead by example dims, remove all doors and windows from your homes and invite in anyone who wants to come in and sleep eat and crap there.
  4. Where are ya SloMo ?

  5. Dear Doc, Do you think Kathy Griffin's hateful, racist, bigoted, violent, intolerant photo of her holding President Trump's <simulated> decapitated head will trigger some lunatic to cut her own head off? Thanks, Long time subscriber...Slowmotion426
  6. Liberals operate on emotion, their racism, their hatred for everyone, their intolerance for anyone who is not one of them, and violence. They are the most worthless people on the planet.
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