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  1. There we are, I found you. The fu(k, lady? I did soup. I did funny, I was engaging, I'm right behind you. Lady, I'm teacher, you are at my site.
  2. Anyway, my thread. Log-on post was taxes. Reply to that and I'll answer. - This is my turn. Know what? It's been my turn for a very long time now. I don't care. Any mutha fu(kin thing any of you can ask I have the answer for. I have been found wanting when? - I am The Warden.
  3. WTF? I get some points for trying, correct? I don't make anyone type in this thread. Folks in the know know more betterer than to type here. They have to be abused. I'm thinking I been a tad too nice lately, I'm thinking I have to back WAY off on my arrogance (that puts folks off) and step up the abuse of fu(ks that bring weak to the horse thread. That also puts folks off but they deserve it. Now that I think about it no one has lately brought weak to the horse thread. Not with politics anyway. They tell me I personally suck and all that, what the fu(k do I care? This thread is about me and what I think. Also, maybe, politics. I did politics tonight, I did taxes tonight. horse thread is long serving. Man I'm hammered. Sip. Hammered or sober horse thread is honest. I should delete this. I should type on. Sip. Any decision one makes when drinking is a poor decision. This would be irony. - I am responsible for what I'm about to say no matter my state of inebriation. Howz my spelling? Nancy su(ks. Chuck su(ks. SlowJoe su(ks. It's not paid for. This thread is boss of what is paid for. Everybody can kizz my azz. This is the horse thread, I am teacher, we gonna have us a math fest. I know, I was all drunk there, I'm still drunk, still, I can do math.
  4. Type stuff. It's on you. You invented a screen? Bro, I'm entirely hammered right now, I'm an easy 15 shots in. Any one that reads the horse thread should be able to tell. You can't maintain. Taxes. Next up with you is abuse.
  5. Ah, no. Didn't I destroy Mr. Guy the other day with the same take? Again, what I desire the horse thread to be is me showing up and typing what I call my log-on post, that is I make my most recent political point(s), the left reads and runs away screaming with nary the refutation. The right reads, nods their skull, goes "that makes sense," goes onto the next thing cause I got it correct the first time and they have nuttin to add. Perfect posting/domination. Then I get drunk and act the fool. Log on post tonight was taxes. This one don't hurt... Democrats desire to teach their political beliefs to all children in public schools. And when I say "this one don't hurt" I mean now and again ol' teach gets hold of it. That line was in the humor phase of the log-on rant. I wander into this stuff now and again. That's when I stop thinking and type. We, perhaps are gonna be seeing that one often. The Governor race in Virginia should clock that. WhipGate. So your take is that cause there are not so many replies it's just me bumping my thread. I don't care about replies. If there are replies, to the log-on post anyways, that means I didn't get it correct. You are not replying to a log-on post. How many times have I typed this over the years? You fu(ks come and go. Far as I know I am the longest surviving active poster at this site. Far as I know I'm the first to start a thread at an interweb political debate forum, keep up with it for years cause politics can't be broken down into a few rants. I'm here cents 2007 and I'm far from done. Ya'll are zero attention span spazzes with no patience. I don't have that problem. Ya'll don't think things through and ya'll damn sure don't have the patience to type what ya'll haven't thought through long term. A pox on your house. Shame on ya'll. This is serious bidness. I clock you fu(ks coming and going. I have a plan, I always have a plan, I been tellin you morons my plan cents forever, nuttin I do in this thread should be a surprise, besides my next log-on post, eh, this is politics, Nancy or Chuck or SlowJoe is gonna say or do sumpin stupid, that needs be pointed out but that crap ain't a surprise, it's gonna be a lie, the left lies like they breath, so why are my last two(2) times showing up sub-par views wise? I'd go read me but that's boring. Where was I? What was this? It was Mr. Martini asking me why I ain't ashamed of me being the only person that posts in this thread after he posted in this thread. Well, Mr. Martini how about if this is just my online diary, this is were I vent, this is where I put my thoughts down, no one makes anyone else post here, no one makes any body read this thread, well, other than my magic ability to make the admin of the dot.clone site read and reply here. That's odd. Other than that, Mr. Martini I was admin of this site, before that senior mod, before that mod, for years, before your time I guess but maybe the folks remember that I was wicked cool. The folks still get to come to this thread and enjoy the cool. I am staff. For instance, perhaps if you type things in this thread that are again the rules my betters well understand that I shall deal with it in such a way that they can look askance. My wrath would be terrible to behold. Everybody but me suffers. This is a world of text. Like I said, How many times have I typed this over the years? No doubt, maybe one day the next guy shall whup me. When that guy shows up I'll ask him questions. You are not the next guy.
  6. Look at you, you are coming around. It doesn't have to be ALL hate all the time. There can be hate AND jokes. I have a dog... The title of that image is "Hitler's Dog." Ah, the origins of that image and what I used to do with it at a interweb political debate site long ago and far away are possibly part of why I am banned there. Good times. An aside: There is a line at sites such as this that one can not cross. I hover just below that line. That's a damn shame cause I gots WAY more. So, what? The Church told them to acquiesce and they'd get fed? I don't know this story. You are on deck. Tell us the story in your own words, we'll all learn sumpin and we got to learn it at this site. More jokes won't hurt. You'll get to be, sorry, a teacher.
  7. Said soup recipe... Meat, crack, salt, Xanax, cash, a blow job, steroids, hot sauce, NyQuil, a link to the horse thread, chocolate milk, free beer, hookers, an invitation to our wedding, the promise that teacher is never gonna come to your thread and kick your teeth in about politics, I'll come fix your car, sneakers, this parting gift of wrenches both metric and standard, you get to first in line at any roller coaster anywhere in the world forever and ever, Amen, and I'll personally come lick your stamps sos you don't have to taste glue. That's some mutha fu(kin soup right there.
  8. That's a link to some one outside this site. I can link to folks outside this site. Too. When I link somewhere it's things like tax tables at Treasury.gov. Your thread title is... Republicans have become the Nazi Party
  9. Left tells us that everything in their progressive wish list is paid for. How can they know this? I haven't seen who pays what at what rate. Is it all wroted down and where can I read it? Seems to me if it was all paid for the left would do a horse thread type rant where they go "as you can see in table such and such number of folks will be paying this much more which shall yield that much more that goes into column A and with the corporate tax hike corporations shall add x to the federal revenue take, that goes into column B," und so weiter. I'm just a jerk with a keyboard and access to Treasury.gov and I can do that math. I've done the math in this thread, multiple times. But I can't do this math cause I ain't gots no stinkin numbers. They don't have the numbers so how can they have done the math and give us the great lie...? "It's paid for." - Hey, left, you want to pay for all this? Lower the tax rates cause every time that's tried the American economy booms balls. I know, then you lose the politics of envy. Here's a compromise. You get your infrastructure and social welfare Santa list if you lower all tax rates to the highest being 18%. For sure SALT remains non-deductible from federal income taxes. No, college ain't free, no illegal aliens don't suddenly become citizens, no, elections laws don't go from being state decided to fed decided, no, you don't get to teach white children they suck in public schools, there's a rant... So, white lefty parents, you can teach your own children they suck all you want. I propose no law that says you can't teach your own children any thing you want at home. Lefties, it's very simple, ya'll want to teach all children your politics in public schools. Wait, what? Did I get hold of one there? Democrats desire to teach their political beliefs to all children in public schools. Lettuce all take a moment now to reflect on this. I know, the right throws such terms as "indoctrination" around but how many get that? Have I ever proposed that all children in public schools should be taught that lowering taxes is good for the American economy? Again, I desire that math, science, history and The Queen's English be taught in public schools. If the budget can stands it also gym, art and music. A tad deeperer into the budget comes home economics and shop. What's life without a nine-fingered wood shop teacher? "Go ahead, Mr. Oak, flip us off with your right hand. Looks like a fist to us." You people are stiffs. Maybe that line two(2) paragraphs up shall get my views back up there.
  10. So I read that and had two(2) thoughts at the same time... 1. Maybe it's not such a good idea to let guests post cause then I won't be able to build a body of work abusing a certain poster. The Deuce. That's defiantly CannonPointer. Then I look again and I see that that post has been edited by the author. Author is Common(CannonPointer.) Only staff can see this. I'm staff. Good for me. I'm still a big deal. Not the last couple of times I showed up though. Views are down. I'm gonna have to put my crack investigative staff into looking why this is so. Who would like to intern as my staff? Anyway... I can't imagine anything more boring. If you mean the affluent being affie I would counter with I'm well on record of supporting lowering the federal income tax rate for all that pay federal income taxes. See, folks? Standard liberal debate ploy there. CannonPointer implies there I'm all for only the rich having their federal income tax rates lowered. Flawed premise, disingenuous at best. Building on said flawed premise like that worked in the first place. You mean this... Sure. We here in The Mighty horse Thread LOVE that one. Far from the only reason why We in The horse Thread support going overseas and killing a bunch of Stupid arabs but it is not the only reason. As is constantly Splained, Lucy in this thread. Again with the flawed premise. This is what is known as pigeonholing. I guess the MeToo crowd is only for the rights of women in America. Again, admin does your woke crew at dot.org know you use these sorts of words? Of course what does it matter with a bunch of hypocrites? Hunter Biden got the same pass. Yea, well, you were able to shut my mouth at your dot.clone site by banning me without cause. You have no such power at LF.org where the 1st amendment is boss, All Hail @kfools! After all, I am staff. Also emojis are gay.
  11. Fu(k, man, I'm working this hard but seems to me the rest of the site has zero sense-o-humor. But then I get Zaro in a car. Every thing that has come before with Zaro and I. It is voluminous. As with normal horse thread stuff it's ignored. Ol' teach gives up when now? I've 50 thousand miles under my belt on my Celica, I was young, on the Autobhan. Easy 120 mph. I'm lucky to be alive. Which one of you has driven that fast for that long? I look back at that now and that was nuts. I get Zaro in my car, my car is always a manual, my driving skills will show up quick like...
  12. My doll, look around, I guess the amount of attention doesn't matter, they are competing with me after all. Not so much in this thread but I look around. These men, these beta men are trying me over there.
  13. Say what now? I just got done with this... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1062663325 Just. Whatever, so you Johney come lately's are suddenly pining for the affections of my gal? Want some links? I'll play.
  14. So now will you drive my wedding limo? I know, it's Zaro and all, we've a few issues to work out but I'm confident, I wonder what she looks like, matters not, I'm a prize, I can drink any man under the table, I can eat my weight in Chicken Wings, I'm the greatest debater of politics, ever, I can prove this, there has never been a greater online courting of a gal than I've put forth, this is one for the ages, she's hiding, stands to reason, I'm a handful, but then chicks love that, I've wrote poetry, stuff rhymed, I'll have to keep after it.
  15. I'm so sorry. How are you still standing? I kinda know your pain as I lost my only son, Matthew Richard to lightning. He was 11. I couldn't spell my name for months. I can't imagine my pain doubled but I still have daughters. I guess you got to see your sons grow up to be men? I, at least got to see Mat get his first girlfriend, she was pretty. - Now that this is all personalized...
  16. Hot Pastrami on toasted Rye. Baby Swiss , mustard and don't spare the horse(ha)radish. A nice New England chowder wouldn't hurt. Where do I advocate for Wall Street? I'm gonna need some links. This is still the horse thread, CannonPointer, if you want to do taxes go ahead and show us how higher taxes does not destroy revenue long term. I get it, you are what they call engaging. You have the gift of gab. You can kinda tell a joke now and then. So, ah, social media astute. But this is the horse thread, I am all those things plus a bunch of facts, sources, logic... and my general disposition which is horrible to look upon. I thought we had an agreement? Welcher. At some point does not my allowing you to post here yet you not allowing me to post there seem some what hypocritical? Again, what the fu(k is admin of the dot.clone site doing in my thread? Does yours know you are here? More than you might think. Eh, I'm good.
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