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  1. I'm back. You're just gonna have to go ahead and ban me. How dare you delete solid dissenting opinion. What, is this a Russian site? Is this late 1930's Germany? Gonna send me to the gulag? Can't debate this issue from your weak posistion? Why do you feel the need to hide and censore this? Cause you are wrong and you know it. Your censorship proves it. Eat this again... Simple questions... Are we a powerful nation, both economically and militarily? Does with great power come great responsibility? Take a nation. Half of it's people can't vote, work, go to school, decide who they can marry, hold office, decide what they do at any moment of any given day, they must do as they are told, they must wear tents in the noon day sun, they must give BJ's on demand. Could these people be defined as slaves? Now, lemme ask you. With our power, is it not our morale obligation to help free these slaves? Should a line on a friggin map dissuade us from freeing our fellow human beings? Were the Iraqi women slaves? Are the stupid Arabs pretty well open about wanting to kill, convert or subjugate the non-believers? Does the Koran command them to? If they don't, are they bad muslims who will suffer enternally? Do the stupid Arabs stroll by militarty targets to blow up little Jewish children? Can you defend that action, not call them savage monsters? Why would CiCoW.boy say there are no WMD's when we all know there were? Don't bother with that one, Saddam used them on the Kurds. Think they just magically dissaperared? If Saddam had destroyed them why wouldn't he have made damn sure he documented such, invited the inspectors to witness and gotten the entire world, and the useless UN off his back? He'd still be in power, wouldn't he? How would his secretly destoying him benefit him in any way? Here's what I think. Saddam shipped them off to Syria. We watched the convoys on satellite. We know. CiCoW.boy got on the phone with Syria and said "Listen, we are gonna come to your little backward [butt] cees pool and bomb you back to the friggin stone age, then we are gonna come in and free your women. Just like Iraq. You want some of that? Didn't think so. Here's what you are gonna do. You are gonna pull out of Lebanon. We won't get on you like skin, or tell anyone about the WMD's, you get to look good to the world and still beat your women with sticks. I'll say there weren't any WMD's and take the hit. It's just politics. Taking one for the gipper and what not, one for the team. I get what I want, give the Jews a gift, a continue with my long term middle eastern plan." Syria pulls outta Lebanon. The Jews go in, kick [butt] and take names, serve notice to Lebanon without Syria there to say squat. Now the Jews got Syria off their backs and the mighty US of A on thir East. Who, BTW, are on the West of Iran. And thir North. Still with me? Remember this? Keep that in mind. Now, these Iranians. They gots Uranium mines. We can't keep Uranium outta their hands. They are building centrifuges to enrich this Uranium to beat the band. They say it's for nuclear power. You don't need enriched Uranium for nuclear power. We all know what they are enriching Uranuim for. Don't be stupid and say it's not for building nukes. Remember that picture? Do you think if the stupid Arabs had nukes instead of planes they would have bothered with planes? Remember, they say they want to kill us, and drive the Jews into the sea. After all, Allah commands them to. Yep, they gonna nuke us. But at least we get some warning before NYC and DC gets turned into glass. Cause they'll nuke Tel Aviv first. Will Iran use nukes or allow them to fall into the hands of someone that will? Like, say, Say Al Queda? Osama's dead BTW. But that's for later. If you say they won't then you are a friggin moron. Shame you get to vote. Doesn't really matter though. Old, rich, smart white men are in charge and they will do, are doing, what needs to be done. They got kids and grandkids too you know. Nothing is more important now in this day and age than keeping nukes outta the hands of stupid Arabs. Stay with me. We were authorized by the entire world to go into Iraq and free the women no matter what you bedwetters say. You don't get to pick and choose which UN piece of garbage you agree with and which you don't. If you claim one thing, claim the rest. Just is. Lemme ask you. Why isn't the Iran/Iraq border shut down tight? We could do it. We are the friggin Mighty US of A. Bait. If there is one thing we can count on stupid Arabs doing it's being stupid Arabs. We don't have to do nuttin. They are raising Hell in Iran, supplying the enemy, killing our boys. We are building the case. Sonner or later that, and the fact that the rest of the world don't want stupid Arabs with nukes, no matter what they say in public, is gonna lead to more useless UN action. The word go will eventually be given, the mighty US of A will go, the world will scream, wail and gnash their teeth at the evil imperialistic Americans while secrectly thanking thier lucky stars for us. We'll take our invisible planes into Iran on a dark night and destroy these facilities built for making nukes. We won't lose one plane or person. We don't have to invade, occupy, we just gotta make them start their nuke program all over with. If we don't soon mushroom clouds will grace our fair nation. Then we got more time to encourage the downtrodden masses of Iran to take matters into their own hands and get them outta a stone age theocracy. Maybe knowing we are there will sweeten the pot. They must learn we will not allow them to gain nukes. The old, rich, smart, white men ain't gonna let that happen. They got kids and grandkids you know. And all we have to do is let stupid Arabs be stupid Arabs. It's what they do best. In reality 9/11 was a Godsend. America got the wake up call that these Muslim monsters are serious. They don't care about dying. They are the tools of Satan. Hell bent on destroying God's chosen and thier allies. Kinda Biblical when you think about it. How do? I'm teacher. This is my first post. It's my theory. I can't prove it. But find a flaw in the logic behind my deductions. Think big long term picture stuff. You ain't heard this said before now, have you? Kinda explains a few things, don't it? See, you have to look at what is not said, but at what is done. If you see or hear a mistake reported, an inconsistancy, an anomolie, and you ask your selves, besides where your next six pack of PBR is coming from, "how could we not know the Sunies and [excrement]es were gonna go at it like cats and dogs"? Think maybe instead we damn well knew they would, we were counting on it, gets the Iranians into the fray. This war on terror is not about oil, lining haliburton's pockets, or because they tried to kill CiCoW.boy's Daddy, or WMD's, or yellowcake Uranium. Syria is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. So was Saddam, Afgahnistan. Why did we just recently send ANOTHER carrier task force to the Persian Gulf? That has nuttin to do with the surge. We have overall command of the area, it was not needed. Folks, it's about stupid Arabs with nukes. As dim as CiCoW.boy is, he understands this. Why don't you?
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    Political Correctness

    Experience. I said "doubt." Never said it was so.
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    Mafia Hit Man Goes Full MAGAt

    You are trying to tell us that a mob hit man is pro-Trump?
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    Conservatives ONLY thread

    Sure. Until you screw it up. No, we don't. Ya'll do that. With your text.
  5. It's not fair I'm boss. It's not fair that from the friggin second time I registered at this site that I worked my way in by my text as a lowly member to be boss. It's not fair that I've kicked the teeth in of all comers over these last dozen years. It's not fair that an old, white, Christian, male, Yankee, Libertarian, W.A.S.P. heterosexual bloke is boss of a site named LiberalForum.org. There's some serious fu(ked up $h!t going on here. - So, that's what is put in front of me. Eh, I'm game. Bring it. - What time is it?
  6. I do believe I done asked it: How much did you pay for a muffler? There were some other questions. Everybody gets to watch it. My boss, the site owner says so, and I, the next peon down, says the same. After that there's nobody. Just you. - Am I, or anybody, forcing you to watch Jack $h!t? This is NHB. Welcome to the fray. - I see you have more stuff to say. Should I bother?
  7. Hello. This is not the bidness of the pinned thread. Five By Five is has just received a nice banning. yea All is not lost. He can revive himself if he pays for, in the terms set out by one of the presently pinned threads, the next full year of this site. That would be $600. Indulgences. Search me under that keyword. So with the rest of it: I say I needs be careful about eradicating 5 from this site. He has sumpin like 60k posts. That's a lot of work to just friggin submit to the database. I'm boss, I needs be damn sure I won't screw stuff up with this move. Anybody reading this that has buku knowledge of doing exactly what I propose that can give me council? I'm building pyramids and splaining why I'm the only one that knows what going on with the motions of the universe over here. Looking to delegate. I was supposed to have a chick that was slick with all this but I was mistaken.
  8. You still good. That's one. Good thing for you is that is all you need know how to count to. How many dicks do you have?
  9. I know. I saw it. I know what I said. What I said I said on the night I was the most pizzed off on the interweb, ever. Suicide. Lemme try sumpin completely different. Lemme get this dumb azz on the phone after I hit submit...
  10. At the very least you have a sense-o-humor. AND you may have read all the words. This is promising. But really, any reply from the Feds?
  11. Works for me... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/250694-new-zealand-shooting-graphic-video-those-with-soft-stomachs-should-not-view/?do=findComment&comment=1060990463 It's not that I have loyalty to The Ol' Man, I do, I happen to agree with him. Always have. After all these years I can't imagine a thing that he could do that that would make me rise up in opposition. And the morale of the story? Ya'll fu(ked. When I first came here liberal moderators fu(ked with me. Did stuff to me. I can show you where on this doll. The Ol' Man stuck up for me. I'm not gonna watch the video. I can never unsee that. I was warned in the thread title. I did, however, find the New Zealand shooter's manifesto. Here... https://katana17.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/the-great-replacement-manifesto-of-new-zealand-mosque-shooter-mar-2019/ All Hail Mr. Chooser! You folks should be saving the text of that. They who are called they do not want that to be read.
  12. Lemme ask you boys some stuff: 1. Are you natural born citizens? The Deuce. Are you active or honorably discharged Mighty US of A Military? Craps. Do you have any children? IV. What do you do for a living? Fin. What is your religion of choice? "There is no God" is cause for an immediate nice banning. Letter #6. On a scale of one to ten, one being very white, you know the other end, it ain't Halle Berry, what is the shade of your skin tone? Number G. Speaking of Halle, do you like boobies? Ate. If you could be any kind of tree you choose, would you rather be chopped down with an axe, cut with a chainsaw, or, handsaw, burned down, poisoned or yelled at, a lot? Nein. Are you willing, with a moderate cash donation, to pay for my looking askance of you in the future? Shi. How much did you pay for a muffler? That'll do. Did you idiots really contact the law? How'd that turn out? Really, just between us now, did they even reply? I think this should all be transparent, the whole ball of wax, in front of God and Country. Take screen shots and show us. This should be a lesson: What happens when retards pester Mother government. While you're at it, and while I can't claim credit for this thread, The Ol' Man made sure of that, I would like to go on record that if I had thought of this before The Ol' Man did I'd have done the same thing. Almost, I'd have just posted the video in my thread and maybe then it would get some views. I want to be named in the indictment, I want to swear on The Bible on a federal witness stand: "Yes, they are idiots."
  13. Got it the first time. Again, what is this white nationalism/identity of Trump and I's that you keep referring to? Put it into words, son.
  14. Right here... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1060989458
  15. Thank you. Again the link to the New Zealand shooter's manifesto... https://katana17.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/the-great-replacement-manifesto-of-new-zealand-mosque-shooter-mar-2019/ Some excerpts... Sir Oswald Mosley is the person from history closest to my own beliefs. The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China. When he asks himself if he's a conservative... No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it. When he asks himself if he's a Trump supporter... As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no. And the drive-by media seized upon the first part of that statement and ran with it. Of course reading the entire manifesto illustrates how that the media took this and tried to make it about/blame Trump is a lie. Any wonder why this manifesto is so hard to find? All Hail Mr. Chooser.
  16. And I found a guy that did it. Caution: Neither camp shall enjoy this... but it's exactly what I've been saying all along.
  17. No, Will, you don't get to flee from this. Well, you get to and have but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let it go. This is the basis of half the progressive reasoning for friggin everything. Nowz your chance to Jack it outta the park.
  18. This is the winning post of the last few pages about a so-called muslim ban.