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    Tossing bodies around, chicks, beer, moving and stacking heavy stuff.

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    Builder, installer, repairer and destroyer of stuff.

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  1. teacher

    Political Correctness

    Experience. I said "doubt." Never said it was so.
  2. teacher

    Mafia Hit Man Goes Full MAGAt

    You are trying to tell us that a mob hit man is pro-Trump?
  3. teacher

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    Sure. Until you screw it up. No, we don't. Ya'll do that. With your text.
  4. It's not fair I'm boss. It's not fair that from the friggin second time I registered at this site that I worked my way in by my text as a lowly member to be boss. It's not fair that I've kicked the teeth in of all comers over these last dozen years. It's not fair that an old, white, Christian, male, Yankee, Libertarian, W.A.S.P. heterosexual bloke is boss of a site named LiberalForum.org. There's some serious fu(ked up $h!t going on here. - So, that's what is put in front of me. Eh, I'm game. Bring it. - What time is it?
  5. I do believe I done asked it: How much did you pay for a muffler? There were some other questions. Everybody gets to watch it. My boss, the site owner says so, and I, the next peon down, says the same. After that there's nobody. Just you. - Am I, or anybody, forcing you to watch Jack $h!t? This is NHB. Welcome to the fray. - I see you have more stuff to say. Should I bother?
  6. Hello. This is not the bidness of the pinned thread. Five By Five is has just received a nice banning. yea All is not lost. He can revive himself if he pays for, in the terms set out by one of the presently pinned threads, the next full year of this site. That would be $600. Indulgences. Search me under that keyword. So with the rest of it: I say I needs be careful about eradicating 5 from this site. He has sumpin like 60k posts. That's a lot of work to just friggin submit to the database. I'm boss, I needs be damn sure I won't screw stuff up with this move. Anybody reading this that has buku knowledge of doing exactly what I propose that can give me council? I'm building pyramids and splaining why I'm the only one that knows what going on with the motions of the universe over here. Looking to delegate. I was supposed to have a chick that was slick with all this but I was mistaken.
  7. You still good. That's one. Good thing for you is that is all you need know how to count to. How many dicks do you have?
  8. I know. I saw it. I know what I said. What I said I said on the night I was the most pizzed off on the interweb, ever. Suicide. Lemme try sumpin completely different. Lemme get this dumb azz on the phone after I hit submit...
  9. At the very least you have a sense-o-humor. AND you may have read all the words. This is promising. But really, any reply from the Feds?
  10. Works for me... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/250694-new-zealand-shooting-graphic-video-those-with-soft-stomachs-should-not-view/?do=findComment&comment=1060990463 It's not that I have loyalty to The Ol' Man, I do, I happen to agree with him. Always have. After all these years I can't imagine a thing that he could do that that would make me rise up in opposition. And the morale of the story? Ya'll fu(ked. When I first came here liberal moderators fu(ked with me. Did stuff to me. I can show you where on this doll. The Ol' Man stuck up for me. I'm not gonna watch the video. I can never unsee that. I was warned in the thread title. I did, however, find the New Zealand shooter's manifesto. Here... https://katana17.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/the-great-replacement-manifesto-of-new-zealand-mosque-shooter-mar-2019/ All Hail Mr. Chooser! You folks should be saving the text of that. They who are called they do not want that to be read.
  11. how many members of your family work for the mossad? how many are in congress? how many members of you family are worth more than 100 million dollars, do you pay capital gains taxes/ ? do you even make as much money as the people i pay to clean my toilet?  THERE IS NO GOD

  12. Lemme ask you boys some stuff: 1. Are you natural born citizens? The Deuce. Are you active or honorably discharged Mighty US of A Military? Craps. Do you have any children? IV. What do you do for a living? Fin. What is your religion of choice? "There is no God" is cause for an immediate nice banning. Letter #6. On a scale of one to ten, one being very white, you know the other end, it ain't Halle Berry, what is the shade of your skin tone? Number G. Speaking of Halle, do you like boobies? Ate. If you could be any kind of tree you choose, would you rather be chopped down with an axe, cut with a chainsaw, or, handsaw, burned down, poisoned or yelled at, a lot? Nein. Are you willing, with a moderate cash donation, to pay for my looking askance of you in the future? Shi. How much did you pay for a muffler? That'll do. Did you idiots really contact the law? How'd that turn out? Really, just between us now, did they even reply? I think this should all be transparent, the whole ball of wax, in front of God and Country. Take screen shots and show us. This should be a lesson: What happens when retards pester Mother government. While you're at it, and while I can't claim credit for this thread, The Ol' Man made sure of that, I would like to go on record that if I had thought of this before The Ol' Man did I'd have done the same thing. Almost, I'd have just posted the video in my thread and maybe then it would get some views. I want to be named in the indictment, I want to swear on The Bible on a federal witness stand: "Yes, they are idiots."