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  1. teacher

    Desperate Shills

    So, Will, April has come and gone. You are supposed to be doing your treasury.gov thing to me in the horse thread. What gives?
  2. This is not your Father's Oldsmobile. What the fu(k, people? Do you not think there is a coming lesson here? See, one has to anticipate what this or that guy will do and then set $h!t up accordingly. You gots to give them their rope. The better to hang themselves with. I don't give a fu(k, everything I'm doing is going balls. Yea, I scheme, I set it/you dumb fu(ks up, I think years ahead. How long I been a member here at this site? I'm juggling multiple balls, no telling how any of this will turn out but the smart money is on me. That's me stacking the deck. All I have to do to stack the deck is submit good stuff.
  3. Folks, this ain't your Father's Oldsmobile. If every other boss of some dog and pony show of a interweb political debate forum does things in a certain way does that mean I have to kowtow also? This site is never gonna be huge, We allow our folks thier say, turns out that allowing folks thier say is a bad thing. Right gets their say, left gets their say, not choosing which to moderate is a bad thing. So I hear. Next thing you know the left or the right wants to shut this $h!t down. Not so much the right. Don't get me wrong there is a certain percentage of the right that desires me to squash dissent, same as you leftist fu(ks but it's far less. I been here long time, I pay attention, I'm in the trenches, I'm admin, I see most all of it. See, I say that the left needs have unencumbered access to spew their swill. The right has equal billing. I get Hell from both sides for allowing this. Both sides get to have their say. And then we gots no fu(king rules so what are both sides having a spaz about? Both sides want me to have a ruling? Fine. Then. You both suck. Now and again I read the threads, against my better judgment. What's my job now? I'm second in command, after the site owner. I say my job is to find a way to keep site members. Banning is a last resort. Pulling the trigger on ban is a Mutha Fu(ka. I choose not to do it. So you are left, or you are right, thing you idiots needs understand is that you are idiots. You can't debate, ya'll have zero original ideas, ya'll have no solutions, ya'll parrots. Let that ride.
  4. From... https://news.gallup.com/poll/257639/four-americans-embrace-form-socialism.aspx So all these years of me, a conservative, calling ya'll liberals socialists pans out. I was correct. All of a sudden you socialists are admitting that you are socialists. Why is that? Done told ya'll why, long ago, right here in this, the most glorious of threads. With the election of Slowbama, the half-breed stuttering muslim ya'll got cocky, ya'll thought this was the wave of the future, it was your chance to come outta the commie closet and roar. I'm like... Pelosi and Schumer says ya'll ain't socialists. Warren, Bernie, AOC and others say ya'll are. Ya'll gots a mess in your house. Ya'll can't agree on what lies to tell. That'll do.
  5. was perfect. What else were they gonna do? I had them solid, buckle (keep as) or boot me, conjure up some boot me rules along the way and there ya go. It learned me how web sites work. So I tried again.
  6. Bro, I dominated, I broke records, I well understand that a bloke such as I needs be thwarted. Look at it from their perspective. It's a cookie cutter, lowest common denominator, one size fits all kind of a web site. There's no room for someone like me. - Fu(k me. Two(2) posts in a row with zero funny? I'm off my game. My bad. Just not my night. Maybe I should smoke some weed...
  7. What's all this, then? The House snowflakes have subpoenaed Trump's tax records. Why? Mnuchin told them to pizz up a rope. Rightly so. Trump rich. He's had his financials gone over with a fine tooth comb cents forever. More so as he's a NY State resident. If Trump had itemized a gumball he hadn't chewed it would be public knowledge. If you cheat the IRS it shall be public record. There is no record of Trump gettin over on the IRS. No person in The Mighty US of A is compelled to air their financials. It's the law. So now, you socialists, as you can't stands the law, are trying to use the force of Mother government to compel a individual to show his money stuff? Guess how much money I made last week. That's correct, guess. Fu(k you. How much did you make? What are things ol' teach would never ask of anyone for a gazillion, Alex. So this is the liberal thing? Expose Trump's cash? Ya'll failed miserably on the Russian collusion deal, ya'll have been beat, and I mean beat like a rented mule beat. Your hopes and dreams are dashed, you tried the law, you failed, and now ya'll hope that with the exposure of Trump's financials you gonna get the job done? Sorry, morons, law is still boss. Law says you idiots don't get to see his financials. Same for all of us. Law is very clear. So now you little snowflakes are also very clear that you don't give a fu(k about the law. "Trump is President, now is the time when the law doesn't matter." Long as it works your way. Eh. Nuttin funny in that post. My bad.
  8. After 12 years? Gotta love that. No.
  9. I do. Helluva thing, bro, to predict this sort of a thing this far out. This is the horse thread, Mr. Zilla, how often do you see me calling $h!t? And when I do, how often am I correct? Thing is, when it happens, I'll still be here. Remember I called Trump back in 2011. Thing you idiots should be asking is "how does this fu(k know these things." "He's got a mutha fu(kin thread called sumpin horse and he's killing us." I'm good. I enjoy my take. None of you are ever gonna be me. It's a fu(kin decade, I have the thing, if I ponder it and flesh it out and say it's so the last decade when didn't it happen? I'm good, there's a reason I'm boss, I understand politics more than the next ten of you creeps put together.
  10. DP was my very first political site. I dominated. That site was my first 10k+ viewed tread. And then another. Then another. I was Warden of The Basement. I cut my teeth about politics there. I taught that place smack. I showed that site what is possible, then they banned me. Friggin 10k, like that's a thing. Now I'm working on a million. Tell Vauge I said he sucks. I am what is possible.
  11. Done said it's Biden. I'm wrong when? Would you like full fledged boring analysis of all this? Cause bro, it's long, it's boring, I'd have to type stuff about the mental state of the left, what the drive-by media is up to and how they are gonna fail and that's a lot of typing. I know, I should just do all that. Thanks for nuttin, Mr. Zilla.
  12. teacher

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    Yes, I do. Correct. If I had the ability to give Mr. Zilla the power to exert power in only this thread I would Shirley do so. I don't doubt that if I gave Mr. Zilla God-like moderator powers and request that he refrain to using said powers only in this thread he would do just that. Dude is cool. But we are no were near that. I made the mess that is this thread and I'm still here to deal with it. This thread is about hypocrisy. A living, breathing example of the hypocrisy of the left. The left can have an entire sub-forum titled "Liberals Only" but the right can't have a single, stinkin thread titled "Conservatives Only." I've made my mutha fu(kin point. Long ago. All this extra is bonus. See, lowrent, I'm slick like that, you are a normal, authoritarian "yea, my team," ban that mutha fu(ka kinda bloke. I don't want to ban that mutha fu(ka. I want to turn them inside out. Lowrent, just beating them down with authority doesn't get the job done. Eh, know what? Nuttin gets the job done with these liberal jerks. My way doesn't work, your way doesn't work. These are liberals, they will lie. Best one can do, other than other things that I do, is bring some funny. So it's a joke now? I've a joke. When don't I have a joke? Fu(k the dumb $h!t, a joke... Many idiots, over the years, walk into my bar and go "I'd like a nice drink." Me: "So would I." That's all. Where am I? Is this thread pinned? Are we done yet? This is the Liberal Forum. Every body gets to have a say. Have your say, make it count. - I do so love a pinned thread.
  13. teacher

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    What the fu(k, man? Mr. Zilla said "please." You don't belong here, no more than Mr. Zilla or I belong in the Liberals Only Room. How is it you don't understand that I started this thread to point this hypocrisy out? It's one thread. You have a sub-forum were I can't come get you, but that is not enough for your SJW snowflake azz. Lemme ask you sumpin... Why the fu(k can't I and conservatives like me have one tiny, stinkin thread unmolested by communists? Fool, we conservatives don't need one tiny, stinkin thread. It's about the principle, this thread is a trap, it's bait, always has been. You? Hook, line and sinker. What the fu(k is wrong with you liberals? I tell you years in advance what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna do it, and still ya'll take the bait. So that was all said. Here's where I hoped it would never go. Get out! I'm boss. Also, you're gay.