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  1. Nope. That's the puzzy way out. I know for sure that Mr. Clem has him some beefs with me. That's between me and him. I say that Mr. Clem is a gigantic puzzy and he is afeared of me. But that's us. Why are you trying to make me fight this fight you are afeared of? I done told you, Mr. Clem has buku posts in this forum. Go find one and get busy, punk.
  2. Alex Jones is a moron. But then so are you. You are fairly close to inciting violence there. I hate you like poison, this goes way back with you and me. I kinda want to come throw rocks at your house. See? I got away with telling you personally what I would like to do concerning you. You are inciting others to violence. So you are a puzzy.
  3. Far as I can tell, a bunch of white cops killed a black man. Again. Generally, the police are a bunch of authoritarian fu(ks that are still gettin away with what they want to. It ain't black or white, it's the police. It's always been like this. Fu(ks with control issues gravitate towards positions where they can have control. That you idiots try to make this political is sad.
  4. Third page at the dot.clone site in Misty's thread. You have a guy with the screen name David R, Mr. Pointer? That is the screen name of the owner here when I first showed up at this site. That is my man. That is the guy back in the day that I used to type stuff to. That is the man that made me mod 41 days into my being a member here. Your site goes David R? Oh my. I'm only third page. What else am I gonna find? Come on, bro, I'm barely looking. That is your site? I used to admin at this site. Mr. Fools is now admin at this site. Second Mr. Fools goes there I'll go all Warden/teacher on his azz. I say I don't have to worry about this. Every thing I thought is true. You liberals are lying, cheating fu(ks. When it comes to me, former admin, I know where the bodies are buried. - Conservatives? Yep, they do it. The liberals lie about everything. It's horrible, what they do. I really shouldn't prove it as former admin, that is not admin's place, if a liberal was former admin and they could prove it the other way they would do it in a heartbeat. They can never. If a liberal was admin what I say now wouldn't be. Still the horse thread. Logic still prevails. Just found this..
  5. I see you have WillFranklin over there as a member. I made that man a moderator. I made him a moderator cause he cared about this site. I knew all about his left wing crap. He did just fine. Then one day he went all final solution on us. Who knew? Turns out friggin dude is a Nazi. Site changed hands and Will went poof. I'd rather a Nazi among us so all can remember. Now I see you have a Nazi. Good for you. Does your dot.clone site know he is a Nazi? It's no big deal, he fooled me long time. So I been reading your site. I barely read this site. Go ahead, ask WillFranklin what he thinks about the Jews. You are admin of the dot.clone site. I am merely boss of the horse thread. I'm gonna kick your azz at your site from this thread.
  6. Nah, you fu(k, you came here, I would have never checked out the dot.clone site if you hadn't of posted in the horse thread. This is all your fault. I just took a look around at your site. Spent a half an hour. Your site is entirely crooked. If found buku stuff in a measly half an hour. I got busy with it the post above yours. I really don't care to dig into it any more. How do I say this? You liberals lie, cheat and steal at every opportunity. What you do not want me to do is to dig into your crap site any further. I'm good, bro. I've this thread. All you have to do to make me let your crap dot.clone site alone is run the fu(k away screaming from this, my thread. But then you are a attention needing fu(k, and this you can't let go. I understand human nature. If you keep this up it's gonna be your fault that I come to your crap site and rent all asunder. I am the smartest man alive. After all these years I am letting it be that I am The Lord of The horse Thread. This is good for me, this is way balls more good for the rest of you retards. Read and move along.
  7. Where was I erroneous? On I post I made? What time is it? I'm not really a moderator. I'm only boss of my own thread. I have zero power over you. Now, how did I get to where I am now? That's a whole nother thing. I was born a poor black child...
  8. So, in the interests of full transparency, when I first logged on tonight I had one PM. It was from Mr. Pointer. I did other stuff cents then. He assures me that I am not banned. Mr. Pointer has given me my new password. I don't know why that is needed. I'll take it. Mr. Pointer is admin of the dot.clone site. I used to be admin here. This is how it's supposed to be done. Like I said, I've been fu(ked twice now at the dot.clone site. Against my better judgment I'm now gonna go check that. Well, here we go... Didn't work. I tried twice. Now lemme go see if I can find the horse's son thread... I went more than page 10 looking for the horse thread. I'm fourth digit over there far as views goes, It's easy to look for. When I show up at this site when this thread is buried I just look for the 6th digit. i checked the dates, if my recent posts were back at the dot.clone site I'd be well before 10th page. Eh. Know what though? I know Misty. Here she used to be Misty Blue. You can find her recently in this thread. Here's what a thread of her's looks like at the dot.clone site just now... over 900k and it was started 11 March, 2011? Good for her. Bless her heart, she damn sure learned that one, that if one has their wits about them, that one should start a thread that is all about a singular person, from me. teacher here is 26,464/669.2108 Misty there is 21,380/954,724 I've always said that if I found someone that can beat me I want to go follow that person around and ask that person questions. Folks, I have been whupped. But right now I am persona non grata at the dot.clone site so I can't ask said questions. Besides that I want my chance to go ask Misty some political questions in her own thread. I desire to debate her. I know exactly what it took me to get over 600k views here. I been reading Misty's thread, ain't nuttin like teacher fresh there. This is odd, second page in Misty's thread I see a post by RichClem. Mr. Clem's post has been obviously edited. Or it's all just a horrible glitch that somehow took away all the quote stuff. I just read another post from a guy that used to be here, a guy I know for sure is a righty and he is in Misty's thread going all lefty. It's that or the dot.clone site changed his screen name up a bit to make that guy look like that. Yea, I'm into this just a few minutes, maybe they changed RichClem's name up enough to make it look like he said that $h!t. This is all horrible. I been reading the dot.clone site for maybe a half an hour or so. Thing that that site doesn't understand is that I have near perfect recall and I go back here cents 2007. Fu(k me running. Everything I might have could have done while I was admin here, I don't know, I never looked or tried, I'm seeing happen over there. All the worst crap I imagined is true. I'm figuring all this out just by the lies, by the inconsistencies. - I want site wars.
  9. All this is adorable. I know that one. I recently got up to over 500 notifications just cause I wanted to see if I could get up to 1000. You know, I was looking to see if I could get up to that fourth digit. I failed. I say we could debate that contention. All I ever did was enforce the rules and add and detract mods. Fu(k the admin Hell hole. No. For damn sure I preached that and I did that but in no way did lowrent ever have a light hand. I could go on. I've no idea what you do/did at the dot.clone site but when you were here that is so not my understanding. Shall we go over the molotov saga again? Was that happening when I was admin? Are you talking about the lowrent and 1AC thing? I saw that. Wasn't on my watch. WTF does that mean? What has lowrent done to you and why do you attempt to apply that to me? WTF, man, how long have we known each other? Check again. I've never done any of this underhanded crap so I am most confident in telling you to go fu(k yourself. Well, lookie there, a codisal. I gave you glitch. That was a gift. Yes, there will. This is not my firs rodeo. I'll be over there not holding my breath. Okay. So my last seven(7) posts are still there? My replaced sig is there? How would you know unless you just happened to view the horse's son thread shortly after I posted over there both times? What is this #6 thing? Go ahead and hold your breath, boss. Apparently, that's not how this works. Though I did recently apologize to 5 for telling him I'd break both his collar bones. It's al good, I'll set the standard. He's hanging onto this thing by the hair of his chinny, chin chin. Are you friggin kidding me? I know buku folks that are far more sorrier than you. I've many theories about that. First is that I'm the big dog. I know this one, I've always gone after the big dog first. Second is he's keeping his name alive. What better thread to do that at? Third is he's a masochist and I deliver. Do I have to go on?
  10. So I'm a moron and I've missed everything. It remains that I haven't seen you say it. So how do I go about finding all that which you've needed to be said? Link please? Oh my yes, hubris is still one of my things. I guess we've just met. Are you at this site to say crap or do you want to put forth a solid take? I can help you with that.
  11. Say what now? You've longed to see the horse thread gone? How is that working out for you? You are Pengwin, you are here cents May, 18th. You are presently 2,000 posts. Sure, I'm gettin that. WHF, bro? You just gave it all up. I ain't boss no more but I damn sure still have powers. But then when the fu(k have I ever cared about that? I ain't gonna dig into you. My gig is about texts. So, with a few words I made you go nuts.
  12. Short post, short thread. Read em' all. Eh, some few. You have to dig in to find us. Come on, bro, this site allows most every azzhole thier chance. We here at LF let them all go nuts. It is predominate upon you to separate the wheat from the chaff. This site is first amendment heavy. If that ain't your cup-o-tea, move along. Or... I'm mutha fu(kin teacher, I'll move you along.
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