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  1. Read this first...




    There was one in there that made you giggle. I had a point. Stiffs.   



  2. Far as I know no one has ever had thier account deleted. The Ol' Man won't do that and I don't have the priveledge. You can check out any time you want...

  3. Far as I know no one has ever had thier account deleted. The Ol' Man won't do that and I don't have the priveledge. You can check out any time you want...

  4. Only Chuck! and your ol' lady can ban or suspend folks? Oh my, that's a banning.

  5. With? Did I type with? Oh my, that's so embarrassing. You and The Thrasher converse at cap? I bet there a way for me to read all that. No, really, I bet there is. Just fu(kin with you man. About the, like I would do that thing. Able? I'm sure there is a way. It's an admin joke.

  6. Did you delete with molotovs avatar?

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. The answers are in the drawings.

  9. My status is the same as always, being concerned about myself.

    1. race ipso loquitor

      race ipso loquitor

      me,me,me,me,me--what an egotistical banned word-up!

  10. Point out your so-called "real spammers" do it in the horse thread if you dare, if not here, don't matter, I'm a friggin open book, and make your case. Dude, by now you should understand that it's not like I don't read the complaints, more like I just summarily dismiss them. Your turn.

  11. Oh well, doc mercer just started abouta gazillion thread after I told him not to. You probably don'tpay much atentiono these thingsbuti do. JT does the same thing.

  12. Chuck and I have talked about this and both agree. The owner doesn't really have much to do with this site so it's on us. Some people abuse the thread starting thing. When have you needed to start more than 5 threads? I say if you can't get your ideas accross in 35 threads a week than 36 ain't gonna get the job done either.

  13. You are such a girl Will. Behave or I will pay attention to you.

  14. Oh crap, sorry individual, first I'm seeing this. If you want me post in the horse thread. noticed that JFK think eh? It'showmy Grandma remembered my birthday. Is your mod problem worked out?

  15. One thing we don't get to do here is link to competeting sites. well, I do, but you don't. If this happens again I'm gonna go join those sites and start my own thread and next thing you know the siote has gone to Hell in a handbasket. Sorry bout your luck, I'm not fond of moderating but there ya go, a Warden's gotta do what a Warden's gotta do. A few characters left. Kno...

  16. Hello. last time I went to your site is was screwed up. Fix that yet?

  17. What the f*ck were you thinking?

  18. Ah ha, you gots no friends.


  19. And don't you bre thinking nuttin about me visiting here. You were simply the first I saw to try clicking on. But, since I'm here...


    How you like that?

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