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  1. Is your "one strong beer" what Thor was handing out in the Ultron movie? Why you lying to me?
  2. Pretty much, that's all I'm saying. The whole getting bent and posting thing is fairly/insanely interesting to me. I'm one of those rare individuals that can get bent and remember all of it the next day. In the horse thread if I say "what time is it?" or "I'm 3/5ths drunk" or "I'm hungry" besides the fact that I'll post "I've been drinking" (kind of a dead give away there) well, I don't hide my state of mind, Mr. Impartial. I understand our clientele. I say admin should. So far, I've drank a pint of 80 proof hooch. Snake-eyed meal tonight is fried chicken. When I'm done with tonight I'll be brushing my toofes and going to sleep. Not passing out. In the morning I'll wake up, not come to, I'll be a tad fuzzy, not hungover, the last thing I'll care about is this site. Damn straight I'll have gone on a tear. Check the horse thread a few hours from now. There is no telling what I'll do. If every body leaves me alone it'll probably be nuttin. Pfft. That's not gonna happen. I'll be bent. Should be good. This is my night out. I'm old, bald, not dating any young Hollywood models, I'm not gonna go out and crash and burn ending a blood line and spend the rest of my life in jail. It's all about the chicken. That's in my thread, ya kunt... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1061133254 Took me a whole minute to make that happen. I do that. Chicken. Call back. Continuity. Eh, you got my attention when you said "drink" in the OP.
  3. Washington Post, eh? If I did a horse thread post based on Fox news ya'll would crucify me. Rightly so.
  4. From what I've seen in life want supersedes affordability. I can afford a bunch of drinks every night. I want a bunch of drinks every week or two(2). I want a bunch of drinks tonight. Guess what? (Sip.) Even poor drunks find a way to drink almost as much as they want.
  5. And if she's a fat, middle aged man? Scratch that, I don't need all the PM's from you begging for me to make it so.
  6. A months donation for the hosting of this site. I know people, I can make that happen. Just boobies, one post, no full frontal, no penetration, and it's got to be a post willy nilly, not an OP, not a thread starter. And they have to be nice boobies, no tube socks with an egg hanging in them. You can link to the post all you want but no visual links. I shall be the judge of what nice boobies are. - Lookie there, folks, twelve(12) boobie pics and the site is paid for for a solid year. Welcome to capitalism. (This is gonna start some crap!)
  7. Busy and impotent schedule. Come on, son, get the meme correct. Done told you, I got hungry. I've been eating furiously for days and now I'm back. Prove they don't. I ALSO have insults. Now, I can go get the treasury data, do a long winded thing, again, but where's the fun in that? I may or may not be around all night to do such but right now I refer you to one of my more betterer moments from years ago... Ladies, gentlemen and dontlooknow... Mort. Original Mort can be found here... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=2793723 Lettuce begin... - Gonna use nice round numbers for this one sos you idiot bedwetters can more betterer understand all this, as there will be math involved. A forty(40) year old man has his self a small bidness. He is not a corporation, he chooses, right or wrong, to pay his taxes individually. There are a LOT of small bidnesses out there like this. Gonna call our guy Mort. Mort has a little machine shop. Mort the Machinest, Machinest Mort. Mort is single and makes exactly $200k/year. Mort is in the highest tax bracket, right now Mort pays $70k a year in income taxes. Slowbama, the half-breed stuttering muslim wants to raise taxes on Mort, as Mort doesn't pay his fair share. If Slow gets his way Mort will pay $79.2k in income taxes. Mort employs three dudes, Tom, skeptic and Harry in Mort's Machine Shop. Each of these guys makes $50K/year. Each of these guys pays $7.5k in taxes/year. Grand total of income taxes paid by everyone at Mort's Machine Shop is $95.2k/year. Mort's Machine shop make a profit of $400k/year, hence the saleries. If Mort has to buy sumpin, that comes outta Mort's salery. Every time skeptic breaks a bit, cause skeptic is a friggin moron, Mort has to replace that bit outta his own salery. A bit can easily cost a grand. Mort understands that he has to pay for these things, Mort is a bidnessman, Mort is a conservative, a Libertarian, in fact, a Perfect Libertrain, a consequential Libertarian, a Neil Boortz Libertarian, a teacher Libertarian, and Mort does not bemoan his poor self when he has to replace a skeptic destroyed bit, Mort assumes the risks. The cost of doing bidness. This risk/reward American/capitalist system is why Mort is in the highest tax bracket. Mort lives in a nice house, dirve a nice truck that he also uses for his bidness. Mort belongs to a semi-upper class country club. Mort works 60-80 hours a week and Mort feels that his hard work and risk entitles his self to some perks. Who is say that he doen't deserve these things? So Mort's bidness is doing okay, he's paying the bills, paying the taxes, paying the saleries for Tom, skeptic and Harry, he's paying for is idiot employee sleptic's bit destroying behavior. Mort's Machine Shop is standing pat at a $400k/year profit. But Mort is greedy. Mort wants to expand. Mort plays golf with Mitt, Mitt has kitchen sink assembly bidness. Mitt buys a certain part for one of his sinks from a black guy, said black guy, Leroy, is stiffing Mitt on the price of the part. Now, said part can't be manufactured by Mort, Mort needs a certain machine to fabricate this part and Mort ain't got it. This machine costs $9.2k. Mort can decide to invest in Mort's Machine Shop but Mort likes his lifestyle and Mort is worried that Slow is gonna raise Mort's personnel income taxes/year by, you guessed it, $9.2k. Mort is uncertain of his finacial future expences cause Slow is dicking around with the economy, not doing as a President should do and lettin everyne know what is coming down the pike. Giving the bidnessman certainty is not high on Slow's to do list. Personally, Mort the Machinest feels that Slow is doing his upmost to destroy capitalism so that he can say "see, capitalism doens't work, lettuce try socialism/communism/Marxism/statism", but that is neither here nor there. Now, dues at Mort's country club cost/year, you guessed it, $9.2k/year. Like I said, Mort likes his greedy, capitalist fueled lifestyle. Under Slow's plan Mort is not gonna give up his Sunday golf outing with Mitt to expand his bidness. Mitt's just gonna have to do what Mitt always does, fire some people and outsource to the Chinese. Greedy little Mitt. All of a sudden Mort hears that there is a guy running again Slow that will not raise Mort's taxes. (We gonna put aside that said guy actually want to LOWER Mort's taxes if elected). Word on the street is that this guy is 5/4 in favour of gettin elected. Mort the Machinest rolls the die and buys his new machine that will get him a new contract with Mitt the sink maker. Mort now has more work that he can handle, so he has to hire a new guy, Marchimedes. Bidness is good, matter of fact it's so good Mort give his self a HUGE raise. He also gives all his employees a huge raise. Mort now pays himself $300k/year, and his now four(4) employees now all make $75k/years. Mort's machine Shop now pays in federal income taxes $230k/year. Mort's Machine Shop used to pay $95.2k/year. Remember, Mort's employees have jumped up a tax bracket so they now pay a higher percentage. Is that fair? Same guys, same job, but that is neither here not there. This is called trickle down economics. Yes, Lucy, there are ramifications to raising taxes on the so-called rich. Also, Mort gets a general good feeling from the local community cause he employs the bit destroying retard skeptic. Remember, now, that Mort, Tom, skeptic, Harry and Marchimedes also now all pay more into SSI, state/local taxes, sales taxes, they all get more betterer rides, they spend more on the local economy, friggin skeptic now pays his retard nephew, dano bivins to mow his lawn, who in turn takes said lawn cash and and buys gum to mix with his lead paint chips, Tom starts seeing the local whore, Isabel, twice the week now, Harry smoke more weed, which makes him buy more Nintendo games and Marchimedes self publishes a book titled "How to build a pyramid", wins the Nobel prize for just being able to point out the friggin obvious and takes the ensuing cash and buys some dog and pony show internet political debate web site and makes lowrent admin who is so busy banning KingBlam that he forgets to eat or smoke for weeks at time and turns out to live to be 127 years old and crap I grow bored. - That was some years ago so if you don't recognize some site member names at that time feel free to swap your name for them and be righteously insulted. But lemme ask you morons, ever seen it broke down more simply than that? See, I don't need no stinkin treasury numbers, I have logic. Ain't $h!t you snowflakes can say. Other than lie. But then what's new?
  8. You liberals didn't care when the impeached, disbarred, perjuring adulterer, wait for it, perjured himself, was impeached and missed conviction cause Algore broke the tie vote. Friggin guy committed perjury, this is a fact, but lying to the court didn't matter cause it was about sex. (Wasn't the Stormy Daniels thing about sex?) So ya'll pinned your hopes on Mueller finding Russian collusion, that didn't work out so the next thing is that Mueller didn't exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice. Well, neither did Mueller indict Trump of obstruction of justice caused that wasn't what the co-called investigation was about. I know, this post is gettin complicated quick like. Maybe ya'll should wind up another special council investigation, hire Mueller cause it worked so well the last time. I'll be sittin over there still not giving a fu(k. But hey, watching Rachel Maddow have a spaz on TV is always entertaining. At least for me it is.
  9. What time is it? I'm hungry. That so Trumps this site. See ya.
  10. Fu(k me running. No way I can keep up with this. It's physically impossible. My log on post was slick, that's my deal. I made my case. Good news is that our liberalforum has some play. There's no bad news. News stands for North, East, West, South. It's an acronym. Bet ya'll didn't know that. - It's 11:00 EST, and I'm about to kick the $h!t outta some fucks, without leaving this thread. No one makes any one come to this thread. Thank you for the glorious views. And now a short break.
  11. Yes, that crew. I said that. Sorry, I stepped away to eat some chicken... I am Clegane, to you kunts... Correct. Do go on. We been on this cents forever. My thread, I'm demanding of you to compare. Don't lie in my thread to make your point. Fu(k Trump, I said it before he did. I'll take 2.97% any day. - I'm getting play, and don't steal my fu(king terms. Or, if you do, credit the man that came up with it.
  12. Fu(k me running. I only type so fast, and I type wicked fast, The Mighty Us of A Army put me in a room and made me learn how to type, it was a horror show, San Angelo Air Force Base, I was 18, instructor hated me like poison, I was recalcitrant, all I cared about was working out and seeing my way pretty Air Force girl friend. So one day I drove onto base in my Fiat 124 Spider and I was driving and I saw three Air Force chicks walking and one of them was fine with thier blue Air Force skirts and I drove by them and the fine one was my girl friend. I was so happy. Yes, I was young once.
  13. I say it does. Lowering taxes spurs the economy. Have we just met? Who's they by the way?
  14. Done done that, man. Long thread, cause you demand this today means that I have to retype crap again? Go find it. Do stuff like advanced search, taxes are keyword, author is me, do your home work, get busy. You fu(ks are never gonna waste my time or run me in circles.
  15. Is that a link? Am I supposed to go to that and get destroyed? I generally don't go to links. Put that into you own words and then we'll dance. Your turn.
  16. Welcome to The Mighty Horse thread. Saying crap is easy. Please to support your contention. - An aside, did you say this? https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/255105-not-one-anti-kim-jung-un-thread-by-republicans-since-trump-started-sucking-up/?do=findComment&comment=1061128443 The question is rhetorical. You killin me, man. Just behave. I'm not supposed to take time outta my busy and impotent schedule to go give you the what for cause you are special. Do you really want me to go all FiveByFive on you? I'm boss. I'm so lenient, I'm so compassionate to those that may have diminished mental facilities, I hand out warnings till the cows come home. How many times I done suspended you for a day and a half or three days or so? I shall win. I'd rather not win. I'd rather you just behave. What the fu(k, man? Why do you test me? A banned member contributes not. - Yesterday FiveByFive sent me 15 texts. Yesterday.
  17. Uh-huh. Whatever. This... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1061132954 You started it. Your turn.
  18. How about no links? Cause I know and remember stuff. Go ahead, pester me, see what happens. When Trump first put forth his tax plan the CBO scored it as over the next decade that it would reduce federal income tax revenue by $1.5 trillion over ten years. That's $150 billion/year, $12.5 billion/month. I cried bull$h!t, as a fiscal conservative I say that lowering taxes spurs the economy. I say money is more betterer left in the hands of the public than it is in the hands of Mother government. I said that the federal income tax take would still go up. Relativity speaking. Tax cuts were implemented, I'm good. Lettuce wait and see. That's what I said. Of course one of the things that makes liberals crazy is that only those that pay federal income tax were gonna be the ones paying less federal income taxes. In the tiny mind of the liberal this is somehow unfair, that cause some get a cut in federal income tax this should mean that mutha fu(kin everybody should get some. How the fu(k does that work? If you don't pay to mutha fu(kin begin with how does one get to pay less? Is it wroted somewhere that cause those that pay have to pay less that means that those that don't pay get some? If someone pays less on the federal income tax rate why should someone that doesn't pay federal income tax get more cash? False equivalency. My bad, I threw logic into the equation. And so it goes (who says that?) My most esteemed colleague, WillFranklin, was giving me the bidness some time back when the tax cuts came into play here in this, the most glorious of threads, about all this. He kinda petered out after six(6) months or so. He was busy telling me "we'll see come next April." Well, slick, April come and gone. Where you at? See, I remember stuff, that's why this... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/188307-desperate-shills/?do=findComment&comment=1061125459 the answer... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/188307-desperate-shills/?do=findComment&comment=1061125901 Seems a tad anemic to me, what with all his fervor back in the day. What happened in that day? This is the fu(kin horse thread, one doesn't get to start $h!t and bow out, no matter how long ago. Like I said, for the third time... I remember stuff.
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