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  1. I'll use your numbers. I'm magnanimous like that. 2018s take was $13 billion less than 2017. I'll use your $48 billion as an acceptable normal increase anyway so make the total $61 billion less take. But you are "forgettin" sumpin. There's a reason I asked you what the CBO's estimate of what the Trump tax cut would cost and that was $1.9 trillion over a decade so $190 billion/year. 190-61 carry the one(1), turn your head and cough and the REAL number is $129 billion tax revenue take over projections. How'd you miss that? The BIG thing is that Joe and tax paying American sixpack kept $190 billion more of their own cash. And that makes you furious.
  2. My bad, artificial spotlight. Kinda like bragging to your pals that you got laid when you paid a hooker. Again. Told you the insults just happen.
  3. They are not editing your posts. They are editing a quote of you post. Old trick. If it bothers you so much quote yourself in the original post then right below quote the edit, point out the difference and insult and calls names. That's how we goes about bidness here.
  4. I don't recall warning him. Every body gets one(1) from me.
  5. Rule the rules, Gavin. We don't dog other member's children at this site. That's too fine a line there. Only warning.
  6. Same child... Fine one to talk about The Queen's English. - I'll go yell at him/her. (Never know with gender identification.)
  7. No. Again... English not your first language? I asked the questions the way I asked them cause there is no wriggle room in the answers. I read your first link and it cites crap from the Tax Policy Center. My thoughts on the Tax Policy Center... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/180614-anyone-here-speak-teabagger/?do=findComment&comment=1059233577 I accept your CBO estimate of $1.9 trillion. I went with the first CBO estimate of $1.5 trillion before now. 1.9 is more betterer for me as I'll learn you when I bust out the math when you are done obfuscating. And this has STILL all been covered by me. It's just a little better now with the 1.9.
  8. I said I'd show up to pin your thread. Think you that I'm gonna have this debate in your thread and give you my views when it's been going on in the horse stable? Not bloody likely.
  9. Fine. Then, dog with a bone. Some questions: 1. What was the Mother government income tax revenue take the year before the tax cuts? The Deuce. The year after? Craps. What was the CBO's estimate as to how much the Trump tax cut would cost Mother government? I never said revenue would not grow without the tax cuts. Don't put words into my mouth. That being said as we are now here, go ahead and give me your estimation as how much revenue would go up as a normal matter of course and be sure to tell us how you arrived at that figure. Rachel Maddow is not an acceptable source. Remember, this is only the first year though I like where it's going already. Jobs are up, wages are up, inventory is up, folks are gettin trained up in their new jobs and on. This crap doesn't all happen overnight. Now go do your homework and be sure to show your work!
  10. So Mueller had was it 19 anti-Trump lawyers on his so-called team? Like I said, that's all good but it still exposes this as a witch hunt. Toss in that this is the DOJ, which turns out to be the establishment DOJ. More swamp creatures afeared that Trump isn't beholdened and is not playing the game the way politicians play it. Then the whole Strzok deal with his "insurance" comment. What we have here is the FBI using it's enormous power to try some cheap azz, lying political crap. This is great... Right outta the box with the Joseph Mifsud. Mueller says in his own report, that he didn't write, that Mifsud lied three times yet when asked by Jordon why Mifsud wasn't charged with lying like friggin everybody else on Trump's side was Mueller says he can't get into it. Mueller says that Trump wasn't exonerated which is no part of any prosecutors wheelhouse, ever. When asked about obstruction by some hack liberal Mueller is all "oh sure, yea he obstructed," but there's no charges. Pretty much when any Republican came down on Mueller's off the map conduct and hypocrisy he "can't get into it" yet when a liberal talks about innuendo and supposition Mueller drops to his knees. The bull$h!t is strong with special prosecutor. You gots liars being "believed" and used for warrants, the FBI swamp on a political witch hunt, buku cash and long time spent on this and still you idiots got Jack $h!t. It's friggin hilarious. Yep, the best bet you liberals got is screaming racist.
  11. I know this tune... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMChd6QchaU Lookie there, the illustrious YouTube wont let me post it. So, old school... Dingy Harry says on the Senate floor that Mit hadn't paid taxes for a decade. A week later Dingy says that "the word is out" that Mit hadn't paid taxes. Of course it was Dingy Harry that put the word out. Is this your gig? I'm mutha fu(kin teacher. I run when now? Oh, you say. That holds water like a broken sieve. As I said, I done covered this. It's here in The Mighty Horse Thread. Back when I was telling the CBO estimates of the tax cuts and then showing the actual revenue take and so on. Here's how it works with you liberals: You'll pester me on this until I go over it all, again, I'll kick your teeth in, again, win large, then months later you'll say the same crap again. Lather, rinse, repeat. You repeat until you run outta shampoo, don't you?
  12. Perish the thought, Mr. Duck. I said teacher would come get you, not The friggin Warden. It's like this, do you want me treating you like I do Ms. Franklin? I know, it's funny when it happens to the other guy. Now turn that around. The Warden can make you go poof and set up a slim excuse for justifying it. Do you really see The Warden doing that?
  13. Check the date on that pre-Mueller hearing post. It's like I can see the future. - Are you kidding me? This is the guy you liberals been tellin me long time now is The friggin Man? He's like my addled Grandfather in his dotage that I can beat at checkers cause I been cheating. (My Grandfathers where never addled. They both were boss. Don't get me started on thier frowns.) You know, I never savvied the right's contention that all this was crap cause Mueller had hired nuttin but left wing lawyers. I wrote that off as a dude doing his job and wanting the best, most motivated team around him. That's my spin. He didn't want right wingers on his team tanking the investigation and stonewalling stuff. So leftie been telling me long time now Mueller is a Republican ergo there is zero animosity. I guess lefty forgot about the establishment Republican. You know, the same kind of fu(ks that fear Trump stomping on their career as fu(k "say whatever" politicians. You Swinging Richards can never forget that never been a politician Trump gettin elected pizzes ALL these career types off to no end. Term limits! Also please to notice that I never got phat into this Mueller investigation, unlike the rest of you morons, cause we didn't have all the information. Now we do. Mueller didn't write this, he may have read it but he didn't read it that well. All this was a cluster fu(k of monumental proportions. Mother government has tried and failed. Thing is while She did that She's exposed just what an incestuous relationship it all is. Term limits! I gots more but I grow bored with this topic. - I found a local liberal radio station. You people are unhinged, it's like reading you liberals at this site. So I'm listening to this radio station, that's correct, I keep up with you liars... "Know your enemy." - Sun "teacher" Tzu. and a guy was going on, I think it may have been Tom Harkin. Any way his massage of the day was to not debate policy with the likes of me. His massage was to "just call Trump a racist." That's it. There is your democratic massage for 2020. Don't debate policy. Ya'll fu(kin done. - 25,831/637,619
  14. Fu(k me running. I just spent a good 2 hours on behind the scenes site stuff. I pretty much screamed at every body. All is the same. Yea me. Fu(k the dumb $h!t, I'm boss. You know, if one wants to be boss at a site like this one needs be teacher. It's a killer screen name. But you gotta teach. I been teaching. It's my name. I'm never gonna stop teaching.
  15. Been there, done that... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/262704-the-tanks-are-there-the-soldiers-are-there-the-wh-is-a-stones-throw-away-lets-roll/?do=findComment&comment=1061213058 got the t-shirt...
  16. Bull$h!t. I have shown that they are above projections. We been over this. Done told you I ain't going over it again. You've had your multiple shots, you've failed multiple times. Anyone can read this thread. What is it with you socialists that what has come before doesn't matter? Just cause you post some dumb $h!t that I destroyed long ago doesn't mean cause you typed it again negates former destruction. - I know, long thread. One thread. One of the many reasons I started one thread and stuck to it was so that I wouldn't have to type the same crap over and over. I'm tired of that, I'm tired of answering fool posts with links to my former posts. I'm saying fu(k ya'll, I done said it, it's here, get a life. I've buku killer crap I want to get to. None of it anything to do with politics. Get used to thinking three(3) dimensionally on the x,y,z axis.
  17. Ain't you doing it. How exactly now is it you contribute to my thread? I swear to Cow, if I have to come to my thread and read you one more time posting "Shilly Willy..." I'm gonna come get you. Fu(kin troll, go away.
  18. I pulled it outta my azz. Also, I know stuff. However, I'm glad to see that I've broke you of quoting MSNBC and the like. Now I've got you demanding the same which I demand. Now that you've grown up (some) let me take you to the next level, staff. You are stuck thinking that if you make me cite my correct crap from the correct sources you gonna "catch" me. That's my game. I learned you that. Only that $h!t don't work with me cause before I type Jack $h!t I make sure I'm correct. On my way to a million views why now? Damn sure ain't cause I post false crap. Second I do that I'm done. I'm far more stuck than you. I don't ever get to be wrong, not even a little bit. The longer I go on with being correct the greater the pressure is on me to keep that going. You don't have this self imposed mandate. You are not concerned with being correct. You are concerned with advancing your socialist agenda. So you play this game. But it's not a game to me. For me it's about being correct. Nice little side effect of being correct is that wins one the game. Fu(k the dumb $h!t, Will, this thread is not Fox, it's not MSNBC, it's not CNN. It's The Mighty Horse thread, wroted by I. Standard political tactics have no merit here. If I did standard political tactics I wouldn't be approaching a million. With nary the reasonable rebuke. What I request you begin doing in this thread is start acting like an adult instead of a petulant antifa type bloke. You know, a democrat. I read one of my crack staff's threads where he said that Trump had a ANNUAL GDP of only 2.97%. I just rounded up. I spent the last year learning how to read. First of all, where the fu(k do you get off asking me questions when you've sumpin like a gazillion unanswered questions in this thread? You asked me a question, I've gave you some few answers. Now I have a question, one I've asked many times before... do you have any children?
  19. He texted me today, friggin today at 5:50 AM. Says "Pheonix. Breaks 5 YouTube rule all the time" and then with the youtube http address. Like I'm gonna type all that from my flip phone to my PC. When's the last time I said I deleted his last batch of texts? Whenever that was I now have a new 67 texts from him. And I do answer him. Right here. Odd thing to say after posting in the most viewed/replied to thread at this site. What the fu(k is up with that? Besides right now I can go find one of your posts at this site and turn you inside out. Keep it here. Reply with sumpin political. And then 5 texts me with texts that says stuff, he says sumpin political in text then I'm why didn't you do that when you where allowed to post at this site as he's claiming he can always defeat me and so thats texts from 5 and why all of a sudden should I care about this drunk or hurting his feelings? And when did dealing out logic have Jack $h!t to do with feelings? Up your game, George!
  20. Post all the numbers and I expect it from dot.gov type sites.
  21. It's a capital "W." Way to think small. No one else shall ever be The friggin Warden. I broke that mold. Get your own thing! About what? Seems to me that when I first showed up here all I said was that I was gonna break view records. Then I did such. You gonna do this then you gonna do that, you sound like these fu(ks that been saying cents day one that Trump is... To be The Man you gotta beat The Man! Any time you're ready...
  22. Cause he made a picture? Well fu(k. I might be able to come up with some pictures. Let my pinned threads begin. And abuse my authority? Way to make my stock drop. And then my friends by association.
  23. That's my friend. That's fu(ked up. While that is allowed doesn't mean that I won't come get you.
  24. Me and you both. I do say that. Yep. Say it ain't so. Please to use The Queen's English. So you hid it and now you can't get busy on it. I'm not gonna spend my busy and impotent time searching for all that. What works more betterer, Will? Saying crap or proving crap? I get it, rules of the site and all but you cut your own throat on that one. But this is in my thread so here's what I would've done. I'd have went and found what you contend, copy/paste it here and then hand out a nice warning. This is why I hate hiding $h!t, Will, cause no one ever learns a lesson. You say one thing, Duck says another. I've seen no proof either way. It's a very easy thing to hide crap. Quite another to take the time to pound a recalcitrant into an ugly stain.
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