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  1. For some reason I can't reply to lowrent's Isabel thread. So I do it here... Come on, man, your video don't work no more. I HAVE to see this. I've SO much history with this gal. She hates me like poison. I used to send her killer, funny PMs with nary the answer. I've never met a liberal so Hell bent on killing babies. I still remember the time I made her lose her mind, word for word, I made her lie, I pointed it out and then she lied about it. She was the Mack Daddy of liberals back in the day, I made her say vile crap about me, she said I raped dead babies, I worked her, THEN I called her a b!tch. When do you see me called any woman a b!tch. I triggered her and she fell for it. Then she lied all about it again. She was head liberal at the time and I fu(ked her world up. I can probably find all this right now cept for maybe it was before the great software fiasco. Empress was my idea. I sent you a list of terms for her. YOU picked that one from my list. She never did Jack $h!t as admin. That's why to this day you can say she never moderated with bias. I used to beg her for her to go get her side and I would go get my side and that way neither of us could be blamed for bias. Never the answer. I know where the skeletons are buried. And yet though all that if I mentioned her it was always The Empress... All Hail The Empress! Can't tell me you don't remember that. Fu(k the dumb $h!t, I know a secret that I promised you I wouldn't give up and I never will. If I was a dick and not a man of my word I'd give it up right now. I can give it up and win. I don't need that $h!t to win. I'm fine on my own. Fu(k Isabel. I'm here twelve years. Find me lying. It's a very simple propostition, find me lying. Site is slowing for me, I know this deal, I type a lot, I'd better submit.
  2. It gets more betterer. I talked to him on the phone maybe a year ago. Ended up talking to his Mrs. longerer than him. She's wicked cool. We are developing a family here. Will included. You'd be surprised.
  3. teacher

    Ban Assault Weapons NOW

    They are very scary looking to the likes of you. So, whatever scares you is an assault weapon. Am I with my horse thread now an assault weapon?
  4. My sok hunter, 123urout, has just received his first assignment. I've my sok hunter, I've my conservatives only boss, I've stuff. See how this works? Delegate authority. Surround myself with excellence.
  5. I need more than that. It's all good, I been chomping at the bit to fire my mighty sok hunter, 123urout, up. That is correct, I know a guy, I ALWAYS know a guy. To the PM cave...
  6. Mr Zilla. If I KNEW that would he still be here?
  7. teacher

    Ban Assault Weapons NOW

    Fu(k the dumb $h!t, liberal, say what you really mean! This is what you mean... "Ban semi-automatic weapons."
  8. teacher

    Do liberals come here anymore?

    Masterful. Like Shakespeare posting. Oh do tell why. Be specific. This should be good.
  9. This works... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/255811-do-liberals-come-here-anymore/?do=findComment&comment=1061153581
  10. teacher

    Do liberals come here anymore?

    I've seen your stuff about this. "Waa, there's no liberals, more taxes, any day now we socialists are taking over, Holy crap did I pay a lot for a muffler, I don't need no stinkin math, I'm afeared of The Mighty horse Thread, do these pink chaps make my azz look fat?" Yes. I'm here cents June 2007. You are here cents 2018. Guess which one of us has a more betterer pulse of the site? Yet you go on spewing this swill. Damn sure ain't no stinkin difference at this site cents you showed up. I make sure of that. Cents I showed up? Big difference. When I showed up this site was dominated by liberal moderators. I got busy with The Mighty horse Thread. Moderators deleted me, edited me, replied to me, I kicked thier teeth in and so they did more of the same. 41 days of me into this site I sent a PM off to the site owner and asked to be a mod sos I could thwart the actions of liberal mods. What do you know? I got it. Then some few mods quit. Coyote and Kizzume come to mind. They quit in protest. Standard liberal has a fit cause they ain't allowed to censor me. I took over cause of play. You want to be boss and get back to your busy agenda of silencing opposition? Out play me. Good luck with that. This is NHB. This is a 1st amendment zone. I'm the guy that allows you to suck. As that stands you are allowed to lie. But the 1st amendment does not compel us to believe your lies. Take note, junior, I can come get you any time I desire. At this site I desire continuity, I desire that our members have certainty as to what the rules are, on my off time I come Jack up stupid lying fu(ks such as you. Eh, it's your turn. Now go continue on with your bull$h!t and pray like Hell to the God you don't believe in that on the morrow I'll pretend that you don't exist. Savvy?
  11. teacher

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    For me, personally, cause it's name is Liberal Forum. Just the kind of place I deem worthy of my impotent time sos I can come dominate and then rule with unbiased fairness. That's gotta pester some liberals.
  12. teacher

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    Gonna need a ruling on this one, boss.
  13. So, math wiz, (addition and subtraction really doesn't make one a math wiz) what is the total less tax take? Told you I wasn't done with you. Still ain't.
  14. Oh Hell no. Should I put my mighty sok hunter onto this? You've been correct before about things I've missed. I shall not look askance of that.
  15. There is no such thing as a meatless burger.