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    Builder, installer, repairer and destroyer of stuff.

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    Tossing bodies around, chicks, beer, moving and stacking heavy stuff.

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  1. You lied about the bank robber thing. Fu(kin kunt. And then you deleted those posts.
  2. You lied. It's just us, we know you lied. Go fu(k yourself, liar.
  3. Good. It's pretty agreed upon that I don't lie. Welcome to the horse thread, lying fu(ks.
  4. I don't lie. It fu(ks with ya'll brains. Move along. My thread.
  5. I'm here 13 years. My not so secret weapon is that I don't fu(kin lie. One doesn't get to dominate that long without gettin caught in a lie. Ya'll can't fathom this, cause ya'll lie. I don't lie. What the fu(k is so hard to understand about this? I am your moral cerataintude. I always have been. Fu(k ya'll. The horse thread is where ya'll come for clarity. In am that man. We move along now?
  6. That would be a no. I play massive games. I win said games. I know how to play the game. Doesn't mean I lie. I'm here 13 years.
  7. Well, now ya'll have to decide, who is lying, lowrent or I? It's just that simple.
  8. Why don't you answer your phone when I call you?
  9. You are a b!tch. You used to ban people that you hated. At that time I had not the power thwart you. When I got the power all that stopped. That's when you started hating me. You go the fu(k ahead and lie, little b!tch. I tried to bring you back into the fold, hoping against hope, and I failed. My bad. You made a back door in the admin panel. I found it, I took that away. You are a lying kunt. You tool advantage of our friendship. If you weren't a fool old man I would come and make you swallow your teeth. Every thing you type is a drunken lie. When did you change? When did this fool site mean so much? When you gonna come get me, b!tch?
  10. You are a lying azzhole. I can't believe I used to call you a friend. I'm going to destroy you.
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