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  1. You thought this guy could run a whole room with his wits?
  2. That would be opinion, far from analysis. You are telling us that a few skinheads have done more damage to America than the stupid Arabs did on 9/11. Awesome.
  3. Easy to say. She was fine when she first started. Same as you. I already see you going South. Flip side of the same idiot coin, liberal. I have a standing question for you that you hide from. You know where. Yea, right. See where Mr. Mack asked the question? I just happened to run into said question and I went and found the answer, with links. Wasn't that hard as I have near perfect recall but I did find and post the proof. Now I request that you do the same with your contention. Ol' teach shall never demand that which he is not willing to do.
  4. What time is it? Where are my pants? What's next? Sumpin sumpin about what liberals next want to put upon the likes of me. We may or may not get to me. Well, my above post was a bunch of horror. As liberals say they do not want law abiding citizens owning guns. Eh, certain guns. Liberals don't want law abiding American citizens owning semi-automatic weapons. My bad, liberals don't actually say that. They say they don't want law abiding American citizens owning assault weapons. What is the difference between an assault weapon and a semi-automatic rifle? Ah, cents I wroted that I st
  5. I did post her words. Of course as I was admin back then I could have manipulated all that. I think. Lot of work though. I'd rather just prosecute the horse thread. Far more easier for me to kick liberal teeth in instead by typing in the horse thread than running hither and yon making it look like liberals lied, cheated and stole.
  6. If the left wins the Senate... they gonna do everything they been saying they'll do. And then some. Puerto Rico and DC states. Imagine if the right found a territory that was predominately right and suggested that place be made a state? Screaming bloody fu(kin murder is what. But, as I've said these days it just doesn't matter. The left sees the path to power forever and ever, Amen. Tell ya one thing, not like it's really happened before but I doubt there is gonna be any stinkin leftie that tries me in real debate in this thread. We are done with that. If the pendulum doesn't swing
  7. Why would we care? Dot.clone is a living, breathing example of liberal bias, censorship, favoritism, liberal fear of the truth... I'm banned there and I never broke a rule. What is there to fear from ol' teach?
  8. There ya go, Mr. Mack. She'd been saving our e-mail and IP addresses. I saw that and fired her as mod right quick. I didn't, however ban her. After that she pretty much never showed up again under Middl3. Sometimes truthful shaming works. After that I took away the staffs ability to see e-mail addresses. What with a little bit of internet savvy, e-mail and IP addresses, toss in a begrudged liberal and that can be dangerous. A moderator saving e-mail and IP addresses. Who would do such a thing and why? We know the who. The why is so she could contact her cohorts on the left and scheme. She coul
  9. Option #2. Easy one, I just hide your posts in this thread. Option #3. I change your posts to sumpin gay. Option #4. I change your posts to the best of Ted Nugent. Option #5. I request that I become a Senior mod with suspend privileges (only when it comes to you) and we resume the old dance. Got your attention yet? You can't live without this site. For now it's gonna be half #2/half #3.
  10. Well, that was a pain. To see if FiveByFive had posted two(2) stupid youtube music videos on one page of this thread I had to log out to check as I can see hidden posts which can skew where I see his stupid youtube music video posts land. So I logged out, checked and sure enough 5 has 2 on this page. His posts are now mine to do with as I please. So many options. Option #1, 5. Apologize. Promise it won't happen again cause if there is one thing we all know that is you shall always break your promises. Then go edit the Steely Dan stupid youtube music video outta my thread. Just may
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