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  1. This works... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/328740-iphone-chargers/?do=findComment&comment=1062140968
  2. Class in Session. WTF, lady? I'm wont to say that this Dog and Pony show of a website is but the micro of the macro and there it is. Again. Righty tells you to edumacate your ignorant self and lefty tells you to do what he says. Ignorant is not a bad word. Ignorant means "unacquainted with." Now go get your pretty little head acquainted with volts and amps. That's a good start. Now Valence shell electrons.
  3. I am The Rememberer of Stuff. So a charger and tires. Ah, gallows's humor.
  4. Doesn't hurt. Imagine a well. Volts is the size of your bucket and amps is how much water is in the well. I'm quire sure that doesn't help you but I get around, a guy in this thread was talking the capacity of said charger. He was correct. Ask too much of your charger and your charger is gonna give up the ghost. Did you not just recently tell all of us that you were spending $7k on a road trip? Buy a good charger and be done with it.
  5. Who misses John now? - This whole Ruth thing. It's in the horse thread the last time this happened and then there's the one before. Right has the Senate, gonna be 6-3. This is big. - Two(2) prisoners taking a shower. One drops the soap. After a bit one(1) prisoner says to the other, "you gonna pick that up?" Other prisoner says, "nah, waiting for you."
  6. How do? Sorry, but I am the common folk. When the fu(k am I not the common folk? When the fu(k have I never been the not leader of the common folk?
  7. This is easy. FiveByFive, Front and Center! I recently changed my flip phone plan to it just being me pre-paid. Should be easy, Should be cheap. But then cents I did that I been racking up charges from you. I did the math, and, I get charged when you text/call me. At least four calls today. It's a flip phone, I am not your way back into this site. I am not your friend. It's a flip phone, I have no idea if I can block you. I bet I can. But then here we are. Sumpin sumpin physical violence. You do not get to text me those things, yo
  8. Gonna need a source on that one. I only read the thread OP and title. This is a thread? I'm fairly astute, I get around, I haven't seen this one, Mr. Scout. Like it matters to me the next liberal fu(k I destroy.
  9. Depends on your political inclination. Sorry, that was a tad much.
  10. You whupped a mod. Maybe. Show me any other thread on God's Green Earth where you get to do that and walk away skipping and grinning. Now we all have to live with this.
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