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  1. As a Blue Collar Joe... ain't you types more likely to commit suicide at a rate that is three(3) time higher than the likes of I? It's a rhetorical question, genius, the studies are in. Just sayin. I summarily reject anything your type says. You know, psychobabble. Yes, I'm starting in on you.
  2. Has your best day trying to whup Will equaled my worst day whupping Bill?
  3. It's like 5 friggin rules. How can one screw up enforcing so little? Pfft. Will? Are you kidding me? This fu(k misrepresents the truth at every opportunity. Ask him about taxes.
  4. You struggle with not letting your politics sway how you deal with moderating stuff. That's me translating what you typed. - "Arghitty."
  5. I've been pondering the left's behavior of late, for sure they doing all the same stupid crap but seems they've doubled down on stupid and crap. They marching out women that don't recall being fondled while any one with any ties to a Clinton was there and saw it. The drive-by media is quoting anonymous sources that claim they heard a thing from someone else that Trump sucks. Russia, via the Ukraine is back and the left is gonna take down, they think, Biteme in the process while destroying Trump to pave the way for all things Green. The Wealth Tax is up, 8% now. Thank The Lord you people are still stupid. It's panic. The economy is balls. SCOTUS is 5-4 heavy on the right and We looking at another gain. What? The one friggin thing the left had for thier camp on the road to destroy The Mighty US of A Constitution was socialist Justices and that's gone poof. What we here are observing is a monumental setback for the left. So... panic. - What does pirate Quagmire say? "Arghitty."
  6. Buddy, you and I go back years, shame that you have never answered my salient questions. Do you have children? I have four(4.) I am Dad. Yet you gonna go off on the rest of us with your crap like we all suck when you've done what now? Retired teacher? These questions, and others, how many times I asked them?
  7. Where is my thread? Oh lookie there. The only person this shall serve shall be me.
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