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  1. Better be careful, son.
  2. No. It's him and little willie going at it. I haven't even looked into who starts it. I do know that I've asked the both of them to please not. I'm even considering starting a "teacher's dump" thread and abuse the $h!t outta my God-like admin powers and put crap I don't like here, there. Like, perhaps, stupid YouTube music videos. You know, mascot, there's been for years folks complaining about all the crap at this site but then that is part of this site. But then on the other hand for a decade I been working hard to make this thread a thread of, well, first of all, about me, but then politics and political ideas and political solutions and political satire and political debate and buku science and images and jokes and all the other explainable $h!t I go on and on and on about but one thing I'm not fond of seeing in this thread (other than stupid YouTube music videos) is the words "suck black cock." I just had two(2) other ideas. I like to go by the book. First idea would be to make "teacher's dump" a locked thread so I can put crap there and nobody can post Jack in there. More impotently I'll ask the site owner, The Ol' Man for permission to do such. Half this thread would be gone and it would be a gazillion times more intelligent, smooth, salient, to the point, the flow would be pleasant, Good Lord I can't imagine. Of course, then, it's a serious abuse. But then I'd be like "fu(k everybody," I've an over a half million view thread, I've been, I like to think, a fair and hard working moderator, senior moderator, friggin Warden and admin long time. This site gets buku hits cause of me. It's not like the posts are gonna be deleted, I'd make some permanent announcement somewhere that if your stupid $h!t is missing look "here" for it. Turns out it was of no consequence. Of course if in this thread I get abused and it's salient and/or funny or of any value I'd leave it be. Just a thought.
  3. Read ALL the words. Me, 23 hours ago... And I have a post previous to that that explained how I was set up for the eclipse. - So another problem with the new software rears it's ugly head. I'm having trouble quoting quotes so that it involves the snapback... More crap for the growing list of complaints about the new software. Don't worry, folks, we'll get it fixed, but I gotta tell ya, I'm a horrible admin. I should be bothering people that don't want to be bothered about these things yet here I am posting in my thread.
  4. Come on, man, you been hanging in the cave where I keep a guy for screaming at? Eh. Big thing is the massive change in the rules of engagement. Our troops there for years have been complaining "I'm looking at a Taliban, why can't I shoot him?" And this always works... He said WAY more than that. Does one really have to ex military to understand these things? Are you current or ex military. Isn't it SSDD? You know, from Dreamcatcher?
  5. Trouble with The Queen's English? Where did he say that? Not saying he didn't but I don't remember such and so I request proof that he did, please.
  6. new topic

    It is a function of the new software. I'm quickly coming to the point where I hate it. Yea, I'm putting this one on the long list of things still to be addressed with this new software. You think you hate $h!t? Imagine my world right now.
  7. Yea, the drive-by media has been saying that all day. Too. Would you like to run away now or would you like me wait a while till I describe the vast differences in how Trump has been and will prosecute this war?
  8. Ah, you screwed that one up... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/217788-new-topic/?do=findComment&comment=1060009781
  9. new topic

    How do, Guest newperson? Why don't you just register that way we can more betterer customize our insults?
  10. Damn this new advanced search, I can't hardly find anything so you are just gonna have to take my word for it. While back I was talking about how Trump is gonna get behind the Resolute desk and see things in a different perspective. Like he said last night his instinct was to pull out of Afghanistan but now he understands things differently. He changed his mind. I knew he would and have said so and today the drive-by media is claiming Trump flip flopped yet when Slowbama, the half-breed stuttering muslim changed his mind the drive-by media said he "evolved." Way to spin it, liberals, that's all you have these days, spin. Trump also said he wasn't gonna tell everyone when the boom is coming or how long it's gonna be till we exit Afghanistan. This too I have talked about like when Slow said he would stay in Afghanistan for another 15 months. So the Taliban chills for 15 months. This is not exactly rocket surgery territory here, folks. So what did the liberals on TV and radio and print complain about today? "Whaa, Trump won't detail his military strategy for us." Trump won't detail his military strategy for the Taliban.
  11. But she forgot one thing... How fast is the bowling ball going when it gets kicked outta the ISS?
  12. That all seems about right. What is wrong with the posters attempt at figuring the terminal velocity of the bowling ball?
  13. What is wrong with this...? "There's a problem with this scenario. The Earth is traveling around the Sun at approximately 67,000 mph. When the earth and its atmosphere collide with comet dust at that speed we can observe shooting stars. If sand is pushed out of the space station the collision force is much smaller and the maximum speed that it will achieve will be limited by the terminal velocity. Every grain of sand will meet the ground virtually intact. I don't want to go through the calculation at this time but to illustrate the point: If we pushed out a bowling ball from the ISS it would travel at a terminal velocity of 350 mph when it met the ground...only then would it be a real sight to see." Hint: Speed.
  14. Like I said... - Clear skies and 2:19 of total eclipse for me today. Hours and hours of TV and radio and no mention of Trump being a Nazi. - No answers to this one... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1060007094 Come on, folks, this one is easy. .