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    Builder, installer, repairer and destroyer of stuff.

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    Tossing bodies around, chicks, beer, moving and stacking heavy stuff.

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  1. So you are new. I am damn sure the teacher. Look around.
  2. What the fu(k, lady, you had your chance and you didn't abuse them. This is not go soft time. You are representing LF.org and this is when you go for the kill. You don't have it and you are not our guy. Your are no where mean enough. Neither is Andrew. What is coming is ugly.
  3. Yes, I do. I still have some questions. You are just next. Fu(k me, this again? When do I not do this? So you are what now? Sumpin horse thread...
  4. Fu(k me running. We all know by now that Common is Cannonpointer. We all know by now that this guy is admin of LF.net. We all by know that I hate him, that I will will go find him. We all know that I've some few times asked him what rules did I break at his site. I know the rules of this site. So, next?
  5. I have no idea what that means., I do understand that my bro, my Mr. Mack, is entirely a bro of the horse tread.
  6. This is not your thread. You are far from this. Matter of fact I'm, the worst guy.
  7. I will absolutely throw you a party when you hit 1k. But you have to have a reason for this. Or not.
  8. Sure. Tell us more. But in the same breath. 88 posts.
  9. Why do I have keep having notifications and then when I click on them it's poof?
  10. That's A reason. I been saying that for a decade. Way more reasons. It's not a win unless they flee. He never admitted a damn thing. Don't get me started on that crew. That's because you failed. I did it in the comments. You get over your self and Andrew get over your self. Why does does owning this site mean that any one of you knows politics? That would be me.
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