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  1. And the probable cause is? See, Zaro you should worry about such legal terms cause when you accept our first date we are gonna be breaking laws and if we get arrested the Judge is gonna wink at me and give you the "you have no idea what is in store for you, young lady" look and then the romance continues.
  2. I could test this theory. Somewhere in NHB is a thread called "Conservatives only" or some such nonsense. That would be my fault. I knew it would fail but I was making a point. Conservatives want nuttin to do with a thread where only conservatives hold sway yet liberals are most proud of a sub-forum where righty is bounced. Micro of the macro these days. It's like I can see the future.
  3. Worst thing you can type. If I started a thread about lies I would quickly prove said lies instead of just saying crap. Is this what passes for a thread these days?
  4. @kfools the other day I whupped Rikitavi or whatever the fu(k his name is when he had a pinned thread. Kinda got busy, lots of questions about what he had to say. Said fu(k didn't answer a single one of my salient questions but said fu(k did take the time outta his busy day to say that I'm horrible and spooky and he asked me not to pester him again. I say he begged me. I'm a polite bloke and all so I said to him "never reply to me and you are golden." I'm sittin pretty. Remember the other day when I was lecturing you that you are not destroying the punks at PP? That you have to destroy them with the correct questions? Get that job done and they'll beg you to leave them alone. Not so much fun for Brittany or PP. If you make them stu-tu-ter and bolt after five(5) mikes where's the show? Next? But then you won't be back. I get it. The thing I did to RickyTavy the other day? That's destruction.
  5. Is this correct? I saw it on Fox but from what I saw a teacher spoke out again CRT at some local thing, when they were exiting a black lady looked right at her and gave her the index finger across the thought and next thing you know she was fired as a teacher. The sum lot of you fu(k liberals have every opportunity to prove ol' teacher is mistaken about this before I go nuts. The other day a Professor was locked out of his building cause he did the same anti-CRT thing. It's all good, for now you communists shall say it ain't so but in a little while you gonna be saying it's necessary to right the ship. I'm clocking your lying azzes. Let it not be said that teacher does not have your measure. I'm watching it happen. Sumpin sumpin Star Wars: "This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause." Mid term elections can not happen fast enough. I told you fu(ks that when the half-breed stuttering muslin got elected not to get too cocky. Ya'll did kinda well. Now it's off the hook. Ya'll are firing teachers now? Now the left is proud of this kinda thing? That's new. Not. That's the left burning books in this nation. Of course I have the other image... Just saying.
  6. Release the Kraken! Sup, bro? Welcome to the site. What is your point? Don't be afeared to type. You joined yesterday and already have 131 posts? Good for you. You'll kick FiveByFive's azz in no time. No, I ain't gonna watch your youtube. Before that happens tell us what you think that youtube means. In your own words. Also I don't get your joke. Any thing I can do for you?
  7. This works... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/345068-tell-me-your-pick-and-ill-tell-you-who-you-are/?do=findComment&comment=1062570318
  8. Fu(kin morons. I've done this joke before, you know where. Mr. Martini has given us two(2) choices. There's even an image and the sum lot of you bite. Thank you, Mr. Martini. Kinda, sorta a perfect analogy of the two(2) party system and how well you plebs have been trained. Tribal animosity. Probably on whole I wager that conservatives see that glass as half full and the liberals see it as half empty. Originally I guess what this question gets after is are you an optimist or a pessimist but these days it's all about politics. Not sure what Mr. Martini's point is but then that doesn't matter as he is an idiot. If he had a point he would have made it know by now but then like most of you idiots here ya'll don't think things through. "Look at me I have a half-baked idea... never mind." Thread goes away. Old joke... Glass is too large, get a smaller glass. All of a sudden it's full. Same amount of liquid. Perspective. Sumpin outside sumpin box. Full transparency a few years after I thought of this joke I saw George Carlin say the same thing. In no way am I stealing George's joke. I was the second azzhole to think that one up. George then I. There's worse things. I know, this entire post falls short now that that's know but I ain't no joke thief. That's like stealing tools.
  9. So what is next? I'm gonna post a take no one has ever thought of before? I'm sorry, have we just met? I am teacher, turns out I'm quite busy kickin the teeth in of every liberal at this site. It's a job. I love my job. Next guy is what?
  10. I don't care. Next thing any body puts upon me am I not gonna find a way to make it means liberals su(k?
  11. I should do go whup that guy. It's a member. Not fair! So far tonight I am Putin's Bitch and Jan 6. Double log on. I don't get it. I'm doing my best to get hammered and type stupid $h!t. My latest thing is to be stupid. That comes easily. Fu(k me this is the horse thread.
  12. I am front and center. This is now my thread. Lately I've asked you many questions in my thread. Who the fu(k doesn't answer direct questions and pretends said question were not asked? You do. This is not gonna be nuttin new, it's a formula, but fu(k me runnin I'm gonna have to go hither and yon to kick your azz. In the end you are just another fu(k liberal that I have to, again, destroy. What thread is this?
  13. It's a pinned thread and I'm not seeing how this breaks the rules... That should work, one step. I've another fifty(50) images on that sorta crap. This never fails... Fu(k Pelosi... Start a pinned thread defend a pinned thread. Gettin my point yet? Sumpin sumpin politics...? I drew this... Here's a joke... I can go on. No way, admin, do you get to pin a thread with your political take at this site! It takes away our entire premise. Imagine the wayward liberal that just happens to show up tonight and said snowflake sees your pinned thread, sees that you are boss and more often than not what they gonna think? Stormfront. Trumper. Not welcome. There's a PayPal lost. You are admin, your gig is welcoming members. Is this site an open debate forum where you hold sway? That was a tad harsh. Don't get me wrong your take is maybe/should be LF.org is a debatable interweb forum where all are welcome. Or look at the liberals over my years. Want me gone. I'm spooky. I say that you should be admin of LF.org, the site that takes on all comers and you are our admin, the guy that enforces the 1st amendment.
  14. That's all fine and dandy. Why did you, admin, pin your own thread? I'm sorry but do the high and mighty of this site have some sort of sainted authority to make yours predominate over the rest of us plebs? It tends to maybe think that those of us with less authority ponder that we are not on an equal footing. kfools asking for cash is an entirely different deal.
  15. No. I just did a nice rant about that, you know where but then you are afeared of that place. Not worth a thread.
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