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  1. Sure, we all know that, it's easy to say and all but I'm in the possess of proving that and that, while easy for me it takes lot of time and typing. Someone has to throw the tea into the harbor. It takes a Warden.
  2. Well, it's not exactly "site wars" like I thought it might be. Turns out it's just me.
  3. I just went to the dot.clone site. My thread there is titled "Son of...and the horse you rode in on." It's surreal. You know how you ask how all that is happening in America can possibly be? So devoid of logic? At the dot.clone site they have a subject line you can fill in for your post, I love that, my subject line was... I'm a big boy... Then the post goes... I can take it. Cents the last time I was here, and I read, all kinds of shenanigans been going on in this thread. I'm seeing stuff now that wasn't here the last time I was here. SOME of what, eh. First time I came back I did 4 posts. Good stuff. That went poof. Second time I came back I was gettin a case of the azz so I only did 3 posts. That went poof. Next time I tried to come back I was banned. Mr. Pointer and I went back and forth in the horse thread, you know where, he promised me the moon, he blamed stuff on his, well, I won't say what he called his tech guy, but, and I'm being generous here, there was a bunch of glitches. Now I'm back again and glitch is the word of the day. The more this site screws with me the more apparent it is that site screws with me. Ya'll really that afeared of me? Rhetorical question. I'm still going over what it takes me to be able to make a few posts in a row without gettin screwed with. What ya'll gonna do when I start bringing my "B" game? Or replying to your posts cents I been back? And why is this thread still hot? Go to page #8. I see at least three of my posts where I don't say anything. Does that sound like me? No one has any trouble with that? Rhetorical question. The begged question is if you gonna let me be here and so obviously sensor/edit/screw with me and in the process prove that this site won't treat me fairly doesn't all that just illustrate that ya'll have issues with the 1st amendment? Why not just ban me and be done with it instead of proving that the left can't deal with ol' teach? I've a theory. Ya'll think the revolution is a done deal. Ya'll are now in charge and it's time to taunt. Or another theory. Ya'll think this convoluted editing crap works. So many more theories. I'm dealing with children here. The child, Mr. Pointer, has managed to get WAY past puberty, still hasn't got laid and this is what he fancies a nice fu(king. I never know what is gonna be here later so that is enough work for me. - So I saved what I did there to here. Ya'll can find that. It defies logic. Nuttin any of them over there can do to me in the horse thread. Giddyup. They can edit/delete that $h!t, they can say I'm telling lies and I can't prove otherwise. And here we are again. You can believe ol' teach or you can believe the other fellow. It is your choice to make. I don't care. The other fellow and I know the truth. This is a recurring theme in the horse thread and I'm just fine with that.
  4. I understand all that hence the... He's banned there. Go figure. Which reminds me, I should go check in at the clone site to see if I'm banned yet. Again. This proposition does nuttin for me other that the ability to bend him to my will, continue on with the 5 jokes/insults and point out once again that I'm wicked cool. Not much in this one for you, I'll give you that. You'll have to goto the admin panel, type your password, couple of clicks to get to where you do damage, more clicks to do said damage, and that, no bull$h!t here bro, I always said if I went past 4 keystrokes or so for a fu(k that was too much work. Serious. For me I'd have to log on every single night and check up on 5. Now that I typed that out loud I'm an idiot. But I said stuff, I stand behind said stuff. You have him blocked and all. You are a family man and that is wise. I'm an idiot and genetically incapable of fleeing from battle. The horse thread proves this out. Also my kids are grown and I'm single. All this really costs me is a bunch of reading and typing. Fortunately I can read and The Mighty US of A Army forced me to learn to type which I still have a case of the azz about as I was promised way more more playing with guns as opposed to typing. I mean there was plenty of guns and all but then every second I was learning to type were precious seconds I wasn't shooting crap up. Sorry. I guess what I'm saying here is that maybe I'll have a day or two where 5 doesn't pester me. Unless I bend him to my will and then I am mutha fu(kin teacher. Either way I'll still be teacher.
  5. Sir, I flee before your masterful debating skills. Actually I don't really know you so I did some research... That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves. hehe It wasn't so bad. I now have a proposition to bring before Mr. Fools. Here goes... 5 has agreed to the following conditions if Mr. Fools reinstates him: 1. I, teacher, of the colossal brain, Lord and Master over all I survey, may I live and rule forever and ever, Amen, am FiveByFive's handler. I'm his Warden, Priest, therapist, lawyer, bookie, jailer, counselor, IRS agent, Sensie, babysitter (we all know who the baby is,) dog walker (we all know who is walking the dog here,) guy that shall do things to him that site's rules precludes me from spelling out. The Deuce. FiveByFive shall NEVER contact Mr. Fools or I unless we contact him first. Craps. No stupid youtube music videos ever. Not a one. IV. No spam. (Mr. Fools and I shall be the sole deciderers of what spam is.) For instance, 5 gets to say "Trumpocolypse" once. Didn't really hammer out whether that is 1/day or whatever but 5 is pretty used to me telling him not more that once/page. Common sense says that he doesn't get to say that in one thread then goto another quick like and say it again. Smart money says 5 will screw this up first day. He always does. But you know this is the only member I've failed with and I had to deal with you idiots for years. I desire to bend him to my will.
  6. FiveByFive has texted me 13 times today. Many few in the last few mikes. I'm gonna freak him out and call him back right now. This is gonna be ugly.
  7. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. American Indian lives matter. Inuit lives matter. Swarthy lives matter. Olive lives matter. Asian lives matter. Uralic lives matter. Mongolian lives matter. Irish (what are they, translucent?) lives matter. Aboriginal lives matter. Pacific Islander lives matter. Mayan lives matter. Incan lives matter. Arab lives matter. Persian lives matter. White lives matter. FiveByFive's life... well, the jury is still out on that one. We hear he once dropped a button in a Salvation Army kettle and this is being investigated. Santa has yet to be reached for comment. That's all I can think of off the top of my skull. If I've missed any just imagine them on this list. That would pretty much be all lives, eh? I heard that some guy got fired the other day for saying all lives matter. Ah, I see there is a thread about that... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/321551-dean-fired-after-saying-black-lives-matter-but-also-everyones-life-matters-in-email/ You people are the best. Who the fu(k is writing these rules? How is saying all lives matter racist? How come hardly anyone is pushing back on this? Can someone please to splain to me how saying all lives matter is racist? I'll be over there not holding my breath waiting for an answer to that one. Looks like most everybody is folding in the face of this nonsense. There is a reason for this. - A big difference between the left and we righties is if the right hears that some corporation adopts a policy we don't care for we'll still buy stuff from them. We won't go camp outside the CEO's house screaming foul crap through a bull horn. We won't go find the CEO's kids and torment them. We don't burn stuff down because of a difference in politics. We understand that more than likely half of that corporation's employees are left, a half right and the other half center. We righties do not desire to make other Americans suffer financially because of a difference in political opinion. We righties feel that there is a time and place for all of us to make out political inclinations known with legal ramifications. It's called elections. We righties are not spoiled little brats that violently act out when things don't go our way. But then cash is boss and you spoiled brats well know this and take advantage of this. Corporations well know this. This is an advantage spoiled brats have and I really don't see this changing any time soon because it is just not within the mindset, the morality, the human nature of righties. Good for you liberals, you are using the very capitalistic system you so hate against itself. And they say irony is hard to define. - I can do buku more paragraphs but I'm boring myself. I should splain how this makes Republicans fold. Anyone wanna take a crack at that?
  8. Trump is doing plenty about Russia. Sounds like sumpin our enemy would do. 0:13-0:18... You were saying?
  9. Steven Wright is the best. I wrote a Steven Wright joke a while back. Goes... I'm allergic to the Epipen.
  10. This is me at the dot.clone site... You know? This crap who's online at the bottom of the page? 348 guests right now? No one questions that? Who the frig when ya'll are viewing numbers they know to be false goes "yea, we win?" We all know the truth. Welcome to the horse's son thread. I couldn't care less that ya'll numbers are false. It's what liberals do. What matters is I'm back, baby. - What matters to me at this point is that I do not give the powers that be any reason to suspend/ban me. How you doing Mr. Pointer, Ms. Liberall, Ms. Misty? I never had any reason to suspend/ban any of you. Besides Mr. Pointer, he always screwed everything up. Every time. He was always a giant bad character. This guy is your admin? This guy is your leader? - Eh. I'm back at the dot.clone site. I'm still here.
  11. i am back at the dot.clone site. I desire that I have two(2) political threads that are ignored.
  12. Excellent. Instead of all the typing I did there from now on when I get all arrogant I'm just gonna use that youtube. Do you know how much work is is being this arrogant? The pace of my hubris has increased. Thank you.
  13. Eh. You liberals couldn't do away with The Mighty US of A Constitution by the amendment process or by the vote so now it's gonna be by revolution. Lettuce get real, that's what this is all about. Ya'll desire socialism/communism/Marxism/statism and now you fancy that screaming racism is gonna get that job done. I'm quite sure all you fu(ks marching in the streets, tearing $h!t up, burning $h!t down and having your way with defenseless statues are gonna end up with ya'll in charge of a socialist/communist/Marxist/statist nation and for your troubles ya'll gonna end up with a nice, luxury dacha in the countryside and be the first Minister of making teacher shut the fuck up. As I've always said if you get your wish you gonna be standing with me in line for bread before you home to your one light bulb apartment. Looks around, morons, when communism comes calling who does it work out for? The people that already have the power and money. If you get your so-called revolution the rich fu(ks that back this revolution are gonna be the equivalent of the present Russian oligarchs. Think Soros, Algore, Clintons. They gonna have the corner on the market. See any heavily socialist or communist nations where the rank and file are living it up? The gap between the haves and have nots shall increase exponentially and won't be Jack Sh!t any of me or you genius woke fu(ks can do about it cause the 1st, and more impotently the 2nd amendment has been done away with. But have faith, righties. Any of us taking up arms to protect a statue or storm CHOP? We ain't that worried. If it ever gets around to where The Mighty US of A Constitution is in jeopardy, well...

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