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  1. Tillerson never understood that he served at the pleasure of the President so he got bounced. It wasn't the Rex show.
  2. And here's Ms. Franklin bringing our outside this thread argument unbidden into your thread which seems a tad rude, eh, Zaro? What you gonna do about that?
  3. Before and after... if every member learned to do that this site could have more nonsense at a faster pace. Speed it up, lady!
  4. 20% black vote for Trump. That's huge.
  5. Yep. That quiet base that's gonna vote on the economy and lie to the pollsters.
  6. That's a good start to this page. - So a Moderator was complaining in the Moderator thread that a member's thinly veiled threats were obvious so I replied... All you Swinging Richards are always asking me where the line is well the line is right there.
  7. Have we just met? Is your question rhetorical? Excuse me for a little moment here, Mr. Mack. I just destroyed a pint of mid-level Vodka and now I'm going to the weed. This weed is very good. interlude. There we go. Who is this member called fathead? Has this member donated a sites months life? Last time fathead bought a muffler he/she/it paid what now? Would you like for me to go give this member the what for? I'm considering an edict, kinda like diplomatic immunity, just for you. Hang on... - We here in The Mighty Horse thread love Us some Mr. Mack. - The edict has been issued. How would you like to be able to run a thread in the LO Room?
  8. What is that? It takes me to my profile. Why do you do that? You are not my foil nor my muse. Stop posting the incorrectly spelled words that I use. Stop using my phrases. Get the fu(k outta my thread. Get your own gig.
  9. You wouldn't have war mongering if I hadn't posted it. - Most defiantly I want the Jew fight.
  10. Pales in comparison to how many your Iranian General got dead. And would.
  11. You go ahead and yuck it up. It's all very fine when it's my problem.
  12. So, you are unhinged. Here I was having you pegged as a run-o-the-mill progressive just with a bigger mouth and willing to post lies. Ah, do you have any firearms? ("He's was such a nice, quiet, polite boy. He holds the door for me when I bring Mr. Slow in from his walk.") - Everybody's Grandma That meltdown was... Will, I like to think I had a part in prodding that on. Now I know who to call when I'm struggling with certain Mein Kampf elucidations. But then I been tellin the powers that be at this place that I'm the last person you need picking moderators long time now. Whatever, you are in. This'll be fun. Man, long as I've know you, ah, what immediately comes to mind is mustaches. Still works... Now so does this... I gotta hit submit before I giggle myself silly.
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