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  1. That's me reminding you idiots a while after that first came out. Sooner or later I was gonna remind ya'll, again, but what with the hypocrisy of the liberal worrying up about Trump doing exactly the same it's been reminded anyway. Also, Trump didn't spend my tax cash to do it.
  2. Don't worry your pretty little head about such things. The hot means nuttin. The only number that matters is views.
  3. I'm good. Searched YouTube for that and they went all Hollywood, never getting to the point so I took a strand apart by my damn self and drew it up. Now I know. Now ya'll know.
  4. Beards are all wonderful when it comes to bird's nests and Christmas lights and all but at some point you have to eat soup.
  5. The thanks I get from one of my own for bringing Christmas lights.
  6. Well, until that happens I'm just gonna have to suppress my anticipation. Barely hanging on here.
  7. - I say the cost of illegal aliens upon this nation healthcare wise is wicked huge. That cost is passed on. Without this cost healthcare would cost less in this nation. Seems the liberals are all for illegal aliens thus said liberals have no problem with higher healthcare costs for Americans. What? Liberals want Americans to pay more for healthcare to cover illegal aliens? Say it ain't so. - I like to smoke weed, it gives me something to do. - So Mother government has found a guy that lied to Her. Naturally the thing to do is to get this guy to tell Mother government more stuff as the first thing this guy said to Mother government was a lie so all that follows is not a lie. Dude is no way gonna tell a lie to get him outta trouble for telling a lie. -
  8. The first 30 seconds were horrible. I'm not gonna push my luck. Or we can watch my music...
  9. Lambasting a successful joke works not.
  10. Good thing I'm not BeAChooser.
  11. Thank you for putting that on record at a place where I shall remember it.
  12. You little fu(k, how many times now you posted that in this thread? Spam? Five in a row. It's not horse $h!t but should I be gigged for spamming my own thread?