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  1. You are a moron. I can take over this pinned tread and have my way with you whenever I desire. Make hay while you have the chance.
  2. The Jews have a spit of land about the size of New Jersey surrounded by muslims with buku fu(kin turf and yet the muslims want that spit of land. This is not about acreage. It's about hate. The same hate that burns in your cold, dark heart, laton. Welcome to the fray, moron. - You'd best move along and avail yourself of the killer qualities of this site instead of gettin your teeth kicked in in this thread. Savvy?
  3. it's funny when it happens to the other guy. My religion? I don't have a religion. Better said I have my religion, but ya'll don't see that so much, do ya'll? My faith and my politics do not mix. Sure you wanna open this can-o-worms? Listen, boy, Israel is surrounded by a bunch of fanatical fucks that desire to kill all the Jews. Please to engage me about the Jewish Homeland. That'll be a thousand or so nice views for the mighty horse thread. If you were put upon would you not defend yourself? My bad, you are a fuckin puzzy, you desire to legislate cowardice. Make no bones about this, Ms. Franklin, I say you are a Nancy Boy. You are scared, the only thing that can save you is a Mother government type with a gun. The fact that I ain't no stinkin Nancy Boy assaults your manhood. How dare I defend my self? You are a puzzy. You are a girlie man. And that's fine if you left it there. We'd be skipping and grinning if you would just fu(kin die and let me defend myself. But no, your pussification is so pronounced that you desire to legislate your cowardice upon me. This whole fu(kin gun thing with your types is cause I'll defend myself and when I do it illustrates that folks like you are cowards. Vast expanse.
  4. This is how I'm judged now? No quote? What's next? A nice stoning for no image? Holy fu(k what a tuff crowd.
  5. You are fu(kin worthless. Your crap posts in my thread diminish what I put forth. Go away.
  6. They a couple of azzholes. Really, Will? Google don't work in your neck of the woods? This is bull$h!t. Are you implying that these two(2) azzholes over the years haven't went outta their way to paint the Jews as Satan? What the fu(k is your problem? What the fu(k have the Jews ever done to you? Your ladies have said plenty. I can find all that. I have. Thing is that when I go there, prove stuff, you lie about it. You pretend it never happened. That's cause you are a lying cunt. Let me be clear, Will. You lie. You are a lying, fu(king azzhole. I take great credit for installing you as a moderator. Folks don't understand this. The more power I give you the more you gonna fu(k it up. You can't not fu(k it up. The ends justify the means. This is all so genius of me, dole out the power and see what the communist tries to do with it. Then point it out. Dance, puppet. It's amazing, I tell you retards what I'm gonna do, why I do it, how I go about doing it, how I set you retards up and ya'll still take the bait. So much joy comes with being The friggin Warden. Ya'll liberals are stupid.
  7. Hey, pinned thread moron, here's how you do this. You have to point out the difference between Slow and Trump, deficit wise. Oh, wait, you can't do that. I didn't see you screaming bloody murder when Slow was running up the debt. But when Trump does it you all incredulous. Hypocritical cunt.
  8. I know, it's all so horrible. Look what you just did there, slick. This thread starts sumpin like mid 2002. I'm hundreds of thousands of views, but it's your turn. And you do what with your big moment? Call me a name. You are the first to ever jump that shark.
  9. I'm saying I'm the guy for the job. I'm wicked white, I'm wicked smart.
  10. That's a thing? Outstanding. Will is a moderator. Who the fu(k wants to be a moderator for me? Will does, that's who. So far, generally, Will is solid. He gives me the bidness now and again. Never works.
  11. What the fu(k does being white have anything do with any of it?
  12. Remember this..." How you liberals cheered. That ain't the only example. It's all good, folks get to voice their opinions. But when Israeli PM Netanyahu says that the two(2) anti-sematic azzholes known as Tlaib and Omar are not welcome to his nation ya'll libs have a stinkin fit. Got hypocrisy? - I been here long time. Seems the left could never peg me as a racist until I posted this image... Cause of the Monkey. Seems if you put a black man and a Monkey in the same image, no matter the content/context, you are a racist. It's all good. Ya'll don't see me backing off and begging forgiveness. Nay. You lefties have failed. Cymbal banging Monkey is here to stay. - Yes, I have a case of the azz with all things Monkey. Go ahead, push me on this, see what it gets you.
  13. If they are saying revenue is down then they are lying. Revenue is up. You don't get to count money not taxed as revenue loss. With that logic 30 years from now that would be a very large number. It's cash legally not taxed that you are counting as a loss. That money is Mother governments no longer. It stays with the people. It matters not what the tax rate used to be. Kiss it goodbye, Will.
  14. So you're saying they are lying about revenue being down?
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