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    Builder, installer, repairer and destroyer of stuff.

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    Tossing bodies around, chicks, beer, moving and stacking heavy stuff.

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  1. Yes, they are. I'm four kids. I worked so hard. I was young, I went balls, man. I love my children, my children love me. I did not screw that one up. To this day.
  2. Nuttin I can think of. Whatever, bro, you've yet to prosecute a thread, you are site owner and all and we all are pulling for you, you do the PP thing, that's nice and all and LF.org is yours.
  3. And there's a nice thing, site owner. You screwed that up. What the fu(k, bro? horse thread 101. Fascism, socialism, communism, who cares?
  4. That should be a thread title violation. Somebody should rat somebody out.
  5. I've seen most of them all come and go. I wonder, how is it exactly that what with your Marxist crap you are gonna whup this thread? How is the new guy gonna whup me? Anyway, matters not, the kids do stuff, sorry,
  6. Far as I know that would be a correct definition. There it is. Ich hatte im Deutcland zwie yaren gevont. That was odd.
  7. You are owner, you are boss, you have every advantage, the only reason this thread is pinned is cause you spent money. Don't let your ownership of this site dictate which threads get pinned.
  8. Because you said so. Roger that, you are site owner, you can do any damn thing you want to. I acknowledge this. Why is this thread pinned?
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