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  1. If Americans like their plan can they keep it and opt out of your socialism?
  2. Is now when I ask you more questions you wont answer?
  3. Soon as you answer those two(2) questions you get right on that. - Imagine an image of Archie Bunker saying "with the bagels now?"
  4. There are eight(8) PM s between us. She has mine and the commissioners explicit consent to post them all, but only all. Won't be none of this taken outta context crap. And lady? You are gonna want to edit out of those PM's all your personal data. Eh, standard. Bah...
  5. I did that. There was never any damage. This was last Friday... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/?do=findComment&comment=1061542842 The first two(2) questions please. There is no political debate in this thread! There's just me gettin it correct the first time (hence the lack of political debate) and a bunch of Days of our Lives crap lately. Nowz when you reply to the gazillion health care questions in this thread. Cause it's so hard to score. Have we just met...? And images fail me cause of those image sites. Nuttin new. I'll just splain it... Image of an Arab woman holding up her purple stained finger cause she just voted.
  6. Turns out I was mistaken... Wiki... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_tax_in_the_United_States which gets it's 2017 data from... https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/rp-16-55.pdf 2018... https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1/BILLS-115hr1enr.pdf Earners making $9,325 and under did not get a federal income tax cut. Which begs the question if you make $9,325 and under after deductions and other stuff do you pay any federal income taxes when it's all over? Any poor people here? I got 3% off. - This looks good...
  7. Archaeopteryx. MSPaint tells me that beautiful picture is two(2) megs. They dug that outta the ground and took a picture of it. Pretty sure it was in Zhongguo.
  8. 2014... Archaeopteryx. You could've just said you don't remember.
  9. I made you edit that post by reminding you of a certain rule and giving you the chance to change it.
  10. You almost just got one but you can still screw it up. I know, that and more. That's why I fired you as my admin Monkey which I ensure the unwashed masses is a honored position of esteemed privilege befitting a long standing former admin. Like I said... ...you can still screw it up.
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