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  1. Ah, I see, you are one of them gals that enjoys domination and abuse. Fine. Then. Go make me a sandwich and say sumpin about taxes!
  2. This is not exactly a one to one comparison but you know how the left is always telling us "my body my choice?" Why does this not apply to vaccine mandates? - This is one to one. Remember how the left used to go nuts over "Make America Great Again?" SlowJoe Biden has "Build Back Better" and that's just fine with the left. What's the friggin difference? - Rising energy costs, inflation, buku supply chain issues, record number of catch and release of illegal aliens, while border folks are busy catching and releasing there HAS to be buku smugglers coming across the border with record amounts of drugs, worker shortage cause of folks gettin paid to stay home and now firings cause of vaccine mandates, insane violent crime rates, dags and cats fornicating in the streets... None of these things are cause of democrat stupidity, ignorance, ineptness or negligence. All these things are desired and not only allowed but fostered, orchestrated. I've been screaming from atop my Pedestal of Perfection cents forever that the liberals want to destroy America so they can say "See? Capitalism doesn't work so lettuce try socialism/communism/Marxism/statism." Well, Virginia, the left is doing a fine job of destroying America right now. - So parents going nuts at school board meetings has risen to domestic terrorism and Shirley the local police can't handle this. Enter the FBI/Homeland security. Meanwhile this is just fine... Parents railing against left wing political hack crap being taught to their children instead of math, science, history and English bad. Open thievery no problem. - If mid-terms were held right now, well... Remember the 2010 mid-terms? But mid-terms are not for a year and I do not underestimate the ability of Americans to forget what happened before yesterday. Still all the bad crap that is happening right now is gonna get worserer which begs the question... How is the left and the drive-by media gonna spin all this come next summer so it don't look so bad? CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WAPO, NPR, PBS, AP, Reuters, BBC... can spin it all they want but Americans still understand what is happening to their pocketbook going back to yesterday. I'm thinking the left is counting on this massive, multi-trillion dollar social welfare bill to counter act the perception of the horrid economy cause Mother government shall be handing out record amounts of cash. Destroy the economy but in the same breath ease the pain with Mother government handouts. Seems kinda well thought out, doesn't it?
  3. Well, kizz my azz. I always woke up in the middle of the night and fed my babies. All four(4) of them. You don't have children, do you? I can tell. You don't know this thing. My favorite kid story is when I told my third, Rachel Lee, she was about four(4) and as was my wont when it was bed time it's Dad reads books, to go get a book. I had a library. So Rachel Lee had to go pick out a book next thing you know, as always, she walks in holding a book up to me, from my view it's a single book, but behind that book was more books. She's thinking once she gets in bed with me I have to read all the books. I read all the books. She picked out books that were all the same size. She's four(4) and I can't figure that out. Pretty standard Dad stuff there. There's still still millions of us Dads out there. Now way, lady, do you get to say all men. It's all good, be alone, my children are all adults, I haven't seen them for a while, next time I hug them shall be the happiest I've ever been in my life. So maybe not find a sub-par man?
  4. Now we are gettin somewhere. All the elections are always almost 50%/50%. That seems odd to me. Bring it home me, bro. Type a lot of words.
  5. That would be a solid no, then. It would be a honor for you to come to my thread yet I come to wherever you are and I think I need a shower. WTF? I'm going through my notifications. It's all good if you are drunk. I'm drunk right now. If you are are stupid I can't help you.
  6. Say what now? Are you a veteran? Do you have children? So if WWIII happens we'll come back to this?
  7. No, I did not. I do understand that Turkey has been going towards the dark side for some time now so that doesn't surprise me. NATO is more powerful than ever. Turkey has a certain element. Fine. Then. Side with Iran. I guess my next question with you, Mr. Martini is... do you have daughters? But then why do I bother asking you questions that you will never answer? Cause I'm mutha fu(kin teacher, that's why.
  8. Not a clue. Anyway last with you and I we were negotiating my return to the dot.clone site. I guess a thing was unbanning Anoyedliberal. What ever, she spells her name so oddly. That's my gal. You will never find when her and I talk in this thread anything going South. I get it, she's a liberal and can't find Jack $h!t to gig me on. She's a gal of integrity and when we are considered she ain't gonna lie about me. Same with Misty. I say you can't make either one of them lie about me. They would just rather not say. Stands to reason. You need to keep us separated. We all understand that if it you let me back at the dot.clone site... I will fu(k that place up in my spare time. So what the fu(k is admin of the dot.clone site doing in my thread? Why do you give me the in? I ain't hunting you down. The answer is apparent so why do you think just cause you are admin of a weak azz site you suddenly able to defeat teacher? I'm quite sure some few of them there stroke you. Where is your body of work? Does your fu(k site know that you try this thread and constantly fail? That would be embarrassing. Do they know you are called Common over here? How much did you pay for a muffler?
  9. The bidness of political debate. Most this entire thread is me. Exactly how I desire it to be. I would contend the drivel thing. You are, of course, free to point out said drivel instead of just saying it is so. Get busy! I have plenty of time. That's gonna cost you. Four lying sentences. What is your point? I am and I am not. Welcome to my thread. You should count more. It's far worserer than you can imagine. So you are judging this thread by how many retards reply to it? My life's work is done, I have wonderful children. The rest is gravy. I don't give a fu(k about replies, as you've pointed out, most of them are me. As it should be. All about the views. No idea what that means. Anyway, Mr. Guy you show up now and again, I kick your teeth in, you hide for a while, come back and lather, rinse repeat. Why did you think this time would work? Anyway, have your ever seen a political interweb site or thread where you allowed to continue to be this stupid? Now that you are here would you like to debate taxes?
  10. I've seen it reported that Trump has told "us" not to vote if this or that condition has not been met. The $h!t this arrogant boob says. First of all I can not think of a time when I'm not gonna vote because someone has a beef. That pretty much ensures the dark side will win. Sumpin cut off nose sumpin face. I've always not so much rejected the left's accusation of Trump being a narcissist, I kinda changed the definition to arrogant boob but that was some narcissist $h!t right there. Don't get me wrong I loved most all of Trump's policies and the laws he got done. Most impotently lower taxes are balls for the American economy. This still stands and SlowJoe is reaping the rewards of this despite what his dumb azz is trying to get done, which so far is pretty much nuttin besides flapping his jaw. Scratch that, he's let buku illegal aliens into America and fu(ked Afghanistan up forever and ever Amen. But then those are not laws, those are executive decisions. The Founding Fathers did warn us again the president becoming too powerful. Sumpin we don't need a king. Well, I wrote that a couple hours ago. Cents then I went drinking with my slum Lord. I am entirely hammered and this should go South now. Lemme see how long I can maintain. I had two(2) more things I was supposed to rant about... - The military with their I ain't gettin the shot crap. Sorry, when I raised my right hand at 17 I well understood that I was suddenly a second class citizen. I was at the beck and call of my Commander in Chief. "Yes, Sir" was the only thing outta my mouth when given a lawful order. Unintended consequences. So what now? This woke $h!t $h!t has creeped into The Mighty US of A Military? Perish the thought. Fine. Then. Dishonorable discharge and count yourself lucky if you don't spend some time in the brig along the way. - Sure, Bannon should be compelled to appear before Congress. If he doesn't welcome to civilian brig. Of course the next set of folks gets to do the same to their political enemies. Careful what you wish for. Also, The Mighty US of A Constitution is still in play. Bannon can claim the 5th. Lois Learner did it and we all fine with that, yes? - That, Mr. Guy would be a log on post. I may or may not get back to you.
  11. So, all you fancy that you gonna be the next one that gives me the bidness. Go for it.
  12. Lemme tell you a thing about these interweb political forum websites, far as I know. Most everybody wants to be boss. Easy 95% of you wants to be boss and hold sway over the next fu(k. If ya'll had edit/delete/ban/suspend power you would most assuredly use it. You would boast, you would be AOC. Yea, I'm back at CannonPointer. Kunt fu(k I thought we had an agreement. What part didn't I come through on? Far as I know only Isabel All Hail The Empress! Is forever banned. Site owner told me that. I reject this. My bad, if you want to debate boss, debate boss. My site owner, my admin, my Mr. Rippy lets me be on this. I hate you, CannonPointer, does your dot.clone site know you pester the horse thread? Let me back in. I'll fu(k your entire site up while never leaving the "Son of... " thread. Does Misty and Annoyed understand you are a puzzy? That's got to be a hard pill to swallow for those chicks. You are the mack daddy of that site. You should be able to whup me. Tonight I did you su(k, Fox su(ks and the axis/orbit question. That is a thing. Climate change is kinda your side's thing. You should know this term. I have pyramids, I have the universe, this orbit/wobble thing is very complicated. Lot of moving parts. Know what? Unban me, put my thread back and all my thoughts on Climate Change I'll give your site first. I don't have all it put together, I'm well into it, this is my third thing, I see things 3d, you gonna tell me I don't? No matter, I'm good. I'll give you more views than you ever had, I'll break your records. When does teacher not do that? I won't lie to your site, I'll provide content, I'll kick your kunt fucks teeth in at every opportunity from a single thread and ya'll won't have a damn thing you can do about it.
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