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  1. . Not one single liberal has to courage to claim it is? . There's a tremendous amount of racism where Democrats govern. .
  2. ^^^^Hasnt read a book in 30 years . The usual brainless babbling from a liberal. Who would be so stupid as to believe anything put out by the CBO when Democrats control the House? An EdithMcCrotchety kind of stupid.
  3. . Your stats are garbage, and you don't have the slightest clue why,. Viva Fidel, moonbat. In the real world, Free Market Capitalism brought us an affluent lifestyle that couldn't have been dreamed of just 100 years ago.
  4. . . What a stupid freaking claim. When you shop or buy a car or a computer, are you a whore? When you work for the wages you and your boss agree on, are you a whore?
  5. . But, I thought people hated Trump, and he is going to lose. that's what the corrupt leftist MSM claims, and they never lie.🤣
  6. . Obama caved to liberal racists to prevent minority children from getting a good education in WashDC. . Obama ....ordered his elitist white education secretary to roll back the D.C. scholarship program..... The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program once provided vouchers of up to $7,500 for low-income students to attend the independent schools of their choice. To roll back the program, the president drafted his white Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, former boss of Chicago’s public schools. Duncan played basketball at Harvard but he couldn’t be bothered to hand out assists to local blacks in the District of Columbia. Instead, he blocked them out and even took points off the board. As the Washington Post reported at the time, Duncan opted to “to rescind scholarships awarded to 216 families for this upcoming school year.” And as the Post said, “nine out of 10 students who were shut out of the scholarship program this year are assigned to attend failing public schools.” Like segregationist George Wallace, Duncan stood in the schoolhouse door, only he was facing inward. At the time, nobody speculated whether it was the uppercrust white part of the president that deployed Duncan to block needy black students from escaping some of the worst schools in the nation. Maybe the president’s black part was sensitive to charges of “acting white,” that are sometimes attached to high-achieving black students. https://amgreatness.com/2020/06/14/obama-left-african-americans-no-choice/
  7. . What a freaking imbecile. It's his side that's acting dangerously fascistic, and Trump who's standing up against them.
  8. . But Democrats have a snappy comeback. They are running on the slogan: We won't let you protect yourself, and we won't let the police protect you either! Boy, there's a sure winner. 🤣 . Don’t Forget: The Party That Wants To Defund The Police Also Wants To Disarm You JUNE 15, 2020 By Kylee Zempel A social worker and an abortionist won’t do you much good when an armed intruder is breaking into your home in the night — and if Democrats had their way, you’d be rendered defenseless as well. https://thefederalist.com/2020/06/15/dont-forget-the-party-that-wants-to-defund-the-police-also-wants-to-disarm-you/
  9. . So we shouldn't believe our lying eyes that it was ANTIFA and criminals behind the violence, right wackjob?
  10. . Yeah, we want to be governed by laws written by elected representatives not by unaccountable bureaucrats. How outrageous, right?
  11. . What we're seeing is a reality-free Radical Left assault on the country. Based on lies. .
  12. . The thread is about the only treatment for Corona, but this moonbat is babbling about pianos.🤣 Not that he has the slightest clue about the details of the deal or who was correct.
  13. . Excellent thread. The corrupt leftist MSM have waged a propaganda war against HCQ. Thankfully responsible medical experts are fighting back. . Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine By Jim Hoft Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease. Hydroxychloroquine is the first choice in a study of 6,000 doctors treating the coronavirus. In the field and in independent testing hydroxychloroquine displayed amazing results in treating the COVID-19 virus. But there was great pushback against hydroxychloroquine for two reasons. The first reason was because it was safe and very inexpensive. The second reason is because Donald Trump promoted its use. It is not a stretch to say the Democrat establishment would rather see people die than see President Trump be proven right. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/association-american-physicians-surgeons-sues-fda-irrational-interference-access-life-saving-hydroxychloroquine/
  14. . I count five lies in just those four sentences.🤣
  15. . Thankfully responsible medical experts are fighting back. . Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine By Jim Hoft Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease. Hydroxychloroquine is the first choice in a study of 6,000 doctors treating the coronavirus. In the field and in independent testing hydroxychloroquine displayed amazing results in treating the COVID-19 virus. But there was great pushback against hydroxychloroquine for two reasons. The first reason was because it was safe and very inexpensive. The second reason is because Donald Trump promoted its use. It is not a stretch to say the Democrat establishment would rather see people die than see President Trump be proven right. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/association-american-physicians-surgeons-sues-fda-irrational-interference-access-life-saving-hydroxychloroquine/
  16. .. The corrupt leftist MSM publicize fake polls, and liberals are so stupid as to believe them. 🤣 And there is a reasonable chance he'll win in a landslide. What bag of Showman's tricks will he have before the November election? And who would be so stupid as to think that problems in Democrat governed cities are Trump's fault? Rotsa ruck selling that lie, moonbats. . ‘We’re thinking landslide’: Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection Conventional indicators suggest the president’s bid for a second term is in jeopardy. But state and local GOP officials see a different election unfolding. By most conventional indicators, Donald Trump is in danger of becoming a one-term president. The economy is a wreck, the coronavirus persists, and his poll numbers have deteriorated. But throughout the Republican Party’s vast organization in the states, the operational approach to Trump’s re-election campaign is hardening around a fundamentally different view. Interviews with more than 50 state, district and county Republican Party chairs depict a version of the electoral landscape that is no worse for Trump than six months ago — and possibly even slightly better. According to this view, the coronavirus is on its way out and the economy is coming back. Polls are unreliable, Joe Biden is too frail to last, and the media still doesn’t get it. “The more bad things happen in the country, it just solidifies support for Trump,” said Phillip Stephens, GOP chairman in Robeson County, N.C., one of several rural counties in that swing state that shifted from supporting Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016. “We’re calling him ‘Teflon Trump.’ Nothing’s going to stick, because if anything, it’s getting more exciting than it was in 2016.” This year, Stephens said, “We’re thinking landslide.”Five months before the election, many state and county Republican Party chairs predict a close election. Yet from the Eastern seaboard to the West Coast and the battlegrounds in between, there is an overriding belief that, just as Trump defied political gravity four years ago, there’s no reason he won’t do it again. Andrew Hitt, the state party chairman in Wisconsin, said that during the height of public attention on the coronavirus, in late March and early April, internal polling suggested “some sagging off where we wanted to be.” But now, he said, “Things are coming right back where we want them … That focus on the economy and on re-opening and bringing America back is resonating with people.” In Ohio, Jane Timken, the state party chair, said she sees no evidence of support for Trump slipping. Jennifer Carnahan, the chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party, said the same. And Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, went so far as to predict that Trump would not only carry his state, but beat Biden by more than 100,000 votes — more than twice the margin he mustered in 2016. “Contrary to what may be portrayed in the media, there’s still a high level of support out there,” said Kyle Hupfer, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. He described himself as “way more” optimistic than he was at this point in 2016..... ...When pollsters ask Americans who they think will win the election — not who they are voting for themselves — Trump performs relatively well. And if anything, Trump’s field officers appear more bullish than Trump and some of his advisers. ...Yet in the states, the Republican Party's rank-and-file are largely unconvinced that the president is precariously positioned in his reelection bid. “The narrative from the Beltway is not accurate,” said Joe Bush, chairman of the Republican Party in Muskegon County, Mich., which Trump lost narrowly in 2016. “Here in the heartland, everybody is still very confident, more than ever.” ....like many Democrats, they suspect Trump supporters disproportionately hang up on pollsters, under-counting his level of support. Ted Lovdahl, chairman of the Republican Party in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, said he has friends who will tell pollsters “just exactly the opposite of what they feel.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/15/trump-glide-reelection-republican-officials-316457
  17. , Isn't it amazing how race baiters disappear when liberal racism is the topic. . Liberal historians hide liberals' racist past. And present. . Of course there is systemic racism in America and it's in the Democratic Party ,,,,,In 1892, the Republican platform specifically condemned the “inhuman outrages perpetrated upon American citizens for political reasons in certain Southern States of the Union.” The Democrats, those paragons of virtue, refused to include anti-lynching planks or planks addressing racial rights in their platform for all of the early 20th century. This was the era of Woodrow Wilson, a Democratic president who modern Democrats like to conveniently forget re-segregated different federal government agencies during his presidency. There was also a little racist movie called “Birth of a Nation.” Wilson loved it so much he thought it would be a great idea to screen it at the White House and viewed the film multiple times. A few years later, Wilson’s fellow Democrat and President Franklin Roosevelt was forward-thinking and progressive enough to express his distaste for Asian immigrants, and said that immigrants in general had brought “congestion and racial prejudices to our large cities.” He would later deny entry into the U.S. to Jews who fled from Nazi-controlled Europe during Hitler’s purges. Years earlier, while on the Harvard Board of Overseers, Roosevelt helped impose a limit on the number of Jewish students allowed admittance to the university. And of course, Roosevelt forced some 175,000 Japanese-Americans into camps throughout the desert Southwest during World War II, trampling all over their constitutional rights just because they looked different. One of Roosevelt’s staunchest supporters was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, who was nominated to the high court in 1937 by Roosevelt. FDR’s pal Justice Black was also, for what it’s worth, a member of the Ku Klux Klan. During the 1950s and the beginning of the Civil Rights era, Virginia Democratic Sen. Harry Byrd was so vehemently against the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision that he took the time to write a “Southern Manifesto” that opposed desegregation in American schools. The latter half of the 20th century brought plenty more of its share of racist Democratic politicians. Lyndon Johnson, who now is lauded as a hero for passing the Civil Rights Act, was fond of using the N-word behind closed doors and even changed his pronunciation based on regional dialect. Prior to 1964, Johnson was a stalwart against civil rights legislation in Congress and was a leader in the massive Southern Resistance movement of Southern states that opposed integration in the 1950s. Jimmy Carter, who loved falsely branding anyone who disagreed with him a racist, such as Ronald Reagan, supported legislation in the Georgia State Senate that would have eviscerated the Civil Rights Act in the early 1960s as well as housing rights. And in 1976, Mr. Carter stayed with the Plains Baptist Church even as it voted against allowing blacks to join. Even in the modern era, when we’re all supposed to be above such evilness, Democrats are still stuck in their old ways. Nothing has changed for the Democratic Party. Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia Democrat, wore blackface while in grad school in the 1980s. Or it might have been a KKK hood. We’re still not sure which. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, also has a racist past. Why aren’t they being protested? Just this week, the congressional Democratic leadership committed the worst kind of faux pas by posing in traditional Kente cloth in an attempt to out-woke the virtue signaling rioters in our streets. Black leaders were not impressed. Systemic racism is indeed a vile problem, one that must be addressed immediately. When Democrats stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror, we can begin the conversation about where the systemic racism truly lies. • Bishop Aubrey Shines is chairman of the newly-formed Conservative Clergy of Color and founder of Glory to Glory Ministries. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jun/12/of-course-there-is-systemic-racism-in-america-and-/
  18. . Exactly, as the corrupt leftist MSM carries Communists and Marxists as commentators.🙄
  19. . Ask the 100 million or so who were starved, butchered or died in gulags under Communism what they think about that, wackjob. .
  20. . Isn't it amazing how race baiters disappear when actual racism is discussed? Like how the Democrat Party destroyed many millions of minority American lives. .
  21. . I'm sure blacks will be helped if the country collapses, right wackjob? Or goes the way of Venezuela? Babbling imbecile.
  22. Who is Black Lives Matter? I mean, who could disagree with that? But pull back the curtain to see what they stand for, and it's really ugly; not that the corrupt leftist MSM will expose them for what they are. Part of the Radical Left. Who will be hurt the worst? People who live in the most dangerous, crime-ridden areas where the police are needed the most. . Black Lives Matter: A Thing of the Left Anchored on a Cop-Hate Strategy By JACK FOWLER June 13, 2020 2:28 PM Back in 2016 my pal Anne Sorock of Frontier Lab (now the Frontier Center, on whose board I sit) conducted a study of Black Lives Matter activists titled “The Privileged and the Oppressed,” a deep-dive market-research investigation into how BLM was (is) at its essence conduit for what she called “Progressives’ latest narrative.” At the time of its release I wrote about the report in the hopes of alerting conservatives as to what was at stake with this organization, as to its tactics and goals, as to how it was to be a tool for the broader Left, as to what it would vilify as it sought its objective. It all bears repeating. As to it being the edge of the Left’s wedge: Anne’s research concluded that BLM was a unique and powerful means — and most definitely not a fleeting opportunity — for a phalanx of causes to achieve political and cultural success. From the report’s introduction: Black Lives Matter as a movement represents the hopes and dreams of leftist organizers who shared with us that, until now, they had never felt such a sense of hope and excitement that their goal – as one operative put it, “total social upheaval,” and “systemic change” – could be realized in their lifetime. From veteran agitators like the Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers to a new crop of social-media-wielding female and LGBTQ leaders, Black Lives Matter is encapsulating the hopes and dreams of multiple generations of progressives in a way, they say, no movement has before. The three female founders of the movement have made it clear, and the message has seeded itself as far down the chain as the operatives we spoke with, that Black Lives Matter is the vessel through which all progressive causes can flow. LGBTQ, illegal immigration, abortion, and countless other causes are simmering just beneath the public face of the focus on police violence. Even police violence flows neatly, according to Black Lives Matter, into economic violence – wage issues, workers rights . . . The panoply of leftist groups come together under this banner. Cop Hate is critical and central to BLM’s strategy, because by vilifying the police, by portraying individual officers and departments in general as racist, despite clear evidence refuting “systemic” charges, it will achieve the objective of harming the principle of the rule of law. That is vital. And when that happens, the Left will strike and strike hard, and in many places, strike with impunity. Also from the report’s introduction: Black Lives Matter presents an alternative view of the American story, rooted in Marxism and one that thrives on encouraging division. Many have criticized its avoidance of facts about bias in policing — facts that would directly counter the Black Lives Matter narrative. Nevertheless, it has captured the nation’s attention through its use of social-media and cameras but also by recruiting the young Americans who will fi ll the streets with their presence and engage the public’s interest with their fervor. If Black Lives Matter succeeds, it will have reengineered the minds of America to view our system, our history, and our future, through the lens of division and hate. In its dishonest weakening of public trust in the police officer, the representative of law and order and equality before the law, Black Lives Matter weakens the very foundations of our country. To counter this advance, marketers of freedom must understand why they are losing mindshare to the left’s Black Lives Matter ideology if they are to effectively counter their messages and rebuild demand for our principles. The beauty, if you will, of BLM’s Cop Hate strategy is that it gives protestors actual foes, living and breathing, precincts, fat, juicy targets, as opposed to faceless programs or inert principles: The police, as representatives of the state, must be messaged as exemplifying the Black Lives Matter framing by being themselves oppressive and racist. Focusing vitriol against law enforcement officers is way to translate a political ideology (Marxism) into a tangible enemy that adherents can picture, encounter, and target. By seeking out stories of potential (founded and unfounded) injustices perpetrated by police and encouraging mass outrage in reaction to them, BLM is able to channel the emotion their message fosters against an enemy people can see. . . . The Black Lives Matter movement is wholly against dissent and freedom of speech and their success rests upon the silencing of dissent, but they are savvy enough to accomplish this through other means than solely legal. First, Black Lives Matter has created an atmosphere where forces more emotionally compelling than “truth-seeking” encourage fealty through the threatened stigma of being an outsider, and discourage diversity of opinion. Through our research, we found that both the Activists and the Allies were united by the fear of being ostracized from the left’s cultural community and clung to the community they were provided by publicly supporting Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter frequently uses shows of force – either by seeking them from university administrators or through aggressive demonstrations – to silence dissent, as well. Activists recounted to us that they found it appropriate to ask administrators to step in and stop perceived “hate speech,” although they considered themselves to be supporters of free speech. Finally, by portraying criticism of their cause as an attempt to stifle their speech, they in effect demand freedom from criticism. Somewhere through the flames, Saul Alinsky is smiling. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/black-lives-matters-a-thing-of-the-left-anchored-on-a-cop-hate-strategy/
  23. There is a large silent majority in the country who have been bullied into silence. Many people polled are embarrassed to say they support Trump, so they lie or just refuse to take the poll. And who gets the most publicity in the corrupt liberal MSM? Leftist lunatics and moonbats. But boy are liberals going to be surprised in November. 😁 . A New Silent Majority Is Coming Roger L. Simon June 12, 2020 Updated: June 12, 2020 Print Led by a media that is at once delusional and cynical—an eye-rolling combination—America is in the throes of a national madness. Few are able to tell the truth—and when they do, they are attacked by the mob, not only in the street, but in the board room. Just the other day, talk show host Tucker Carlson opened his mouth about the well-documented dishonest origins (the lie about Michael Brown) of Black Lives Matter and sent advertisers skittering like so many scared rabbits. You have the sensation that people across the country are hiding what they really think for fear of repercussions, retribution that will destroy their lives and livelihood. And they’re not being stupid. It could—and has.... A new silent majority is about to emerge, one far more sophisticated than the old Nixonian version and more sophisticated too than the BLM/Antifa fellow travelers in the Democratic Party and media, They already have their harbingers, their heroes, the few swimming upstream against a tide seemingly as strong (for now anyway) as any Louisiana hurricane. These are the real thought leaders, folks whose courage has also “popped up” and are providing examples for those hidden in their foxholes to come out and speak up. Among those to come to the fore in recent days are the Hodge Twins, two talented African American brothers with an antic sense of humor and the smarts to back it up. They have produced some clever videos, based on actual research, to dispel the myth that most cops are racist. Indeed, they show when it comes to those rare dirty cops, whites are just as much at risk as blacks. Not surprisingly, black conservatives lead the pack in this emerging silent majority, none more importantly than Shelby Steele, whose aptly-titled classic White Guilt does more to explain that madness around us than any work in recent memory ... Have we reached the tipping point? These harbingers tell me it is approaching. The whole world may not be watching, but a large part of it is. We will see soon enough. November is coming. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, I wouldn’t bet against it breaking the laws of physics and being a bigger one. https://www.theepochtimes.com/a-new-silent-majority-is-coming_3386854.html
  24. Another day, more Fake News stories from the corrupt leftist MSM. When I peeked, leftist lunatic Rachel Madcow was babbling in panic about this. . The new panic lie: Increased coronavirus hospitalizations and cases in the southwest Daniel Horowitz · June 12, 2020 The health “experts” and the media propagating viral panic porn think people like us don’t understand arithmetic. They think they can manipulate headline stories warning of increased cases of COVID-19 in order to push more lockdowns, ignoring all the ways that more cases are being discovered, while the percentage of positive tests, new hospitalizations and deaths, and the lethality of the virus are all waning significantly. . https://www.conservativereview.com/news/horowitz-new-panic-lie-increased-coronavirus-hospitalizations-cases-southwest/

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