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  1. Still falling for that stupid lie?๐Ÿ˜† More proof that the liberal-left are mentally ill.
  2. Oh, but I am. Just ask me something? If you were a liberal, you wouldn't be advocating Socialized Medicine, moonbat.
  3. Oh yeah, right, as if the government can run health care.๐Ÿ˜… You have to be one of the dumbest moonbats I've seen in a long, long time.
  4. Only one aspect of it did. Mo they werenโ€™t. If the very first thing out of his mouth is stupidly and utterly wrong, I won't waste my time watching more liberal idiocy. Yes, huge tax hikes and vast regulation of the market are economically destructive. If you don't know that, you shouldn't be expressing any opinion about economic issues. Go read Amity Schlaes, perhaps the most authoritative author on the failure of the New Deal.
  5. "Submit to the State!" demand mostly Democrat governors. "How dare you go outside!" "We know what's best for your health, and we'll arrest you if you disagree!" Demand the same incompetent Democrat hacks who sent COVID-infected patients to nursing homes, including Michigan's governor.
  6. I don't recall that he said he'd finance his re-election campaign, wackjob. But here's a hint. If we like what he's doing, and we do, we'll contribute. Far and away the best president since the great Ronald Reagan.
  7. Oh yeah, as if a lying, babbling, irrelevant little dweeb like you knows what being a man is about. Imbecile.
  8. . Why are you using a time period and a graph that hide Obama's last two years, wackjob? To hide the truth. .
  9. When you gain possession of your own country, you can do whatever stupid thing you want, moonbat.
  10. Poor you. Poor Trump. You're both such sad, sad victims. Everyone just keeps picking on you for no reason. Don't worry... it can't be your fault. It's never your fault. Here's a hint, Dim. Hundreds of felonies were committed in an attempt to steal the election, then topple Trump in a coup. There are now three prosecutors looking into various aspects of this massive abuse of power. And you have absolutely no clue about any of it.
  11. but not a single one of your assertions is true.. ,. Blah, blah, blah from the dweeb, as usual. You know where my threads are. But lack the courage to even enter them, except to write your usual blather.
  12. . That's easy to answer. You're an ignoramus and an imbecile.
  13. Bullshit. GDP growth was a pathetic 1.7% and falling Obama's last two years. Real Unemployment was 9 - 10%. There was no Obama Boom. That's just freaking stupid.
  14. The original article was written by a Naval Academy Professor. Real men can control their emotions, and don't throw baby tantrums every day. , The government is filled with corrupt Trump haters, so I discount his opinion completely. Here are a couple hints. Trump beat the best Republican field in decades, then the heavy favorite to win the presidency. He has been strong enough to withstand the most corrupt and strongest onslaught from corrupt Obama officials as has ever been seen in the history of the country. And he's far and away the best president since the great Ronald Reagan. So your perfessor is an imbecile or a corrupt hack.
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