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  1. Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming! Just wait! Indictments are coming!
  2. Most de-regulation since Reagan. Huge productive tax cut that has doubled economic growth from Obama's pathetic 1.6% average. Crushed ISIS. Excellent judges. Partly repealed and reformed Obamacare. Not that moonbats want to discuss actual issues. It's just smear, lie, smear, lie, smear lie. Repeat.
  3. This board actually had a little life a while ago. Now look at the trolls and imbeciles who start threads and post. Skews, Dontlooknow, Will Franklin, Fishhead, Supratruth, Lefty What an utter joke.
  4. They doN'T run it. They set-up safety-nets for the elderly, rather than step over their bodies on the street, u IDIOT. "Bodies on the street." Get some help for that psychosis, moonbat.
  5. Out of concern for your deep psychosis, I beg you to consult a psychiatrist and get some meds.
  6. Yes, since recession requires a reduction of GDP. The recession's negative growth has nothing to do with the worst recovery since the Great Depression, at massive cost, moonbat. Or with the fact that the real unemployment rate is at least 11%, likely 12%.
  7. What are you ranting about? I wanted to know if your "many, many" sources were challenged or if they were accepted as gospel. Bulls***. You ridiculed that I even cited sources. Yeah, you're a great one for resting on imaginary laurels. What a freaking sociopath you are.
  8. Moron, Still no substance. Reagun and bush 1 were criminal Felons, I see you still support the criminal element in our country. Reaguns couldn't make anyone look bad he was the poster child for Alzheimers. I never said there hasn't been any criminal Dems. Have I? As usual you show up with an unloaded head. Please continue to amuse us with what you DON"T know, dummy. I'm so very, very, very tired of stupid, uneducated moonbats like you pretending you know something. STFU and stop embarrassing yourself. Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th Century. But that flies right by your empty head.
  9. Oh my gosh, how dare Reagan win the Cold War while a few players tip toed over the law. While Democrats did the very same thing countless times themselves. That was Reagan's real "crime:" making liberal Democrats look stupid.
  10. Well gosh, it wouldn't be because of Obama's leftist policies and incompetent neglect, would it? Even Dems and liberals are admitting it. Because of the fascistic, often unlawful leftist policies Obama and Dems have imposed on the country, most against our will. Which exposes Obama's complete and utter campaign lie to be bipartisan and a uniter. He never, EVER was or intended to be.
  11. The Founders would bitterly oppose the stupid idea that Beltway politicians should run US health care. And S.S. And Medicare. And almost all of the fascistic liberal agenda.
  12. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Who cares what a lying troll "thinks?"
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