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  1. thats damn stupid like honestly you must be lacking a few chromosomes if you believe that


  2. First of to all the paranoid rednecks who have no education, socialism is on your side. I have lived in the Uk since 1991. even the conservative party of the uk are not as nutty as the republicans of the USA. you are the joke of the world. it is not communist to have a universal health care the GOP will try and use their racist fascist tricks of the republican party
  3. To Be liberal you must have an IQ higher then George Bush and Sarah Palin Combined lol
  4. I watched the the 2008 election very closely, I felt her interviews just5 showed how ignorant and uninformed she was.by comparison she did not appear as mental and in her own world detached from reality. I even thought she may have been going through a mental break down. im not qualified to make that assessment it could just be Sarah Being Sarah lol thanks for your reply.
  5. I want to say that my views on drugs are liberal. I feel that cannabis should be legal and all other drugs should be decriminalized. This trend is spreading across the world such as Europe and south America.
  6. Im from LA California have lived in the UK since 1992. I just recently watched some of Sarah's Palin's bizarre ramblings. I noticed that she had a slurpee big gulp. when she was giving this speech. I can't help to wonder what was in that drink ? to be honest I feel she could have been on cocaine. I am a drug counsellor and feel based on what I saw she was on some kind of substance. I know this may be old news to most of you. I would be grateful if we could have a debate on was she just mental or on Drugs or alcohol ? I would love to hear all of your opinions
  7. I have tried to get into the mind of a conservative. its even harder to listen to their crap in the year 2015. so backward and stupid. America has become a banana republic. the right to universal health care is enjoyed and supported by every modern industries countries in the world except the red necks of America, who feel even more important to own guns even when children get killed in schools by machine guns, shame on you shame on you. my motto is health care like the rest of the civilized world not guns
  8. the thugs and lunatics like Ted Nugent ( who has serious mental problems) may sway some Texas rednecks to vote republican lol but not the intelligent parent part of the country. we have a name for the redneck states and Ted Nugent would be the president of Dumbfuckastan. He is a joke to the rest of the world just like the Republican party. You see idiots Europe is very progressive. the loons from your party have been heard. they will not win , your fascist tricks will not win. the rstb of the world want a democratic president, not a another idiot bush that is the last thing the world needs is another fucking bush.
  9. I'm very surprised personally. I felt this topic to is very intriguing, honestly it was designed to take the piss out of the conservatives lol
  10. I first want to say that I respect all peoples who are contributing to this debate. im am not a professor or a scholar. but I will say as a working class guy I did all of my home work. any fact check would be 100%. to put fascism in a nutshell interims of the philosophy. they use left and right, the idea is Hitler and Mussolini both did what the American fascist republican party is doing. lying to people, bull lshittinhg the people. it was very ultra socially conservative. both created jobs works programs, the truth is the positive side of any socialism is health care and education
  11. the point I was making is the positive policies (like health care etc. were with the democrats in common with Adolph Its the conservatives who compare him to the democrats Its the policies his party have in common with the Republicans that well define the evil man I despise and we all know.
  12. I have done a lot of research on fascism and national socialism. the truth is Hitler and his party were far to the right on social issues to say the least. there economic policies were far from liberal ( banning all trade unions ) what I have both democrats and republican have something's in common with Hitler and His party First here here is what democrats have in common with Hitler 1. universal health care 2. gun control 3 generous provisions for the poor 4. Strong environmental policies 5. the first anti smoking laws here's what the Republican party have in common with Hitler 1. homosexuality is illegal 2. there both warmongers 3.intolerant policies with immigrants 4. woman have no rights 5.the death penalty

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    hey @teacher that sounds like too much work for me LOL I need that useless thing called *time* in order to authenticate facts and truths which get posted by deceitful Dems

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