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  1. To cut to the chase.. if a forum that gets 1500 posts a day cannot cover a $100 monthly hosting fee.. there is something majorly wrong. I need to see that actual posters are making their Amazon purchase via this link.
  2. Instead, the ads appear minimized or in hyperlinks, and visitors need only to hover their mouse pointers over the links for the ads to appear. I dont think that anyone wants to see links on all the content they read.. It would be too distracting
  3. The reason that google and msn don't want to touch these types of sites is the fear of the negative publicity of ads on highly extremist political sites.... Google to earn an extra few hundred but potentially a political site may be neo-nazi... just aint worth the risk.
  4. that other site.. did not steal the site idea of a forum... this site earns about 20 dollars a year. At the end of 7000 years I could afford the attorney filing fee and the initial complaint. The other site seems to be down for a few days.... Has anyone else noticed that. I think it is just on my pc.. Maybe they blocked the place I am at.
  5. If you can figure out another way to pay for the hosting.. Tell me..
  6. If enough posters pledge to purchase via the liberal forum link I can get rid of that banner ad at the top. I am reasonably certain that that link will never pay a nickel.
  7. This forum is costing me $100 per month. Google and MSN don't seem to want to place ads here. Google ads covered the hosting previously. The only advertiser I found is Amazon. I am sure that multiple forum members buy from Amazon already. Please make your Amazon purchases from LiberalForum's link at the bottom of this page. I will post on this thread the monthly revenue that is coming from my Amazon account. This will include the actual purchased item and my 2-3% commission. It will be a running thread. Thank your for making your Amazon purchases via Liberal Forum. Forum members that make Amazon purchases please post your purchase on this topic - at a minimum tell me that you made a purchase on a particular day, etc. Direct Link to Amazon Another way to help the forum. Buy life insurance from www.beyondquotes.com - Tell us so we can thank you!
  8. If the forum runs itself and I break even it is ok.... the ads will probably come back in a few days.
  9. I got an email from the advertising company. But never read it. Now I am filtering those type of emails to the email I read. So it wont happen again.
  10. it was 135 a month.. but went down to 100/month..
  11. There was something on the forum that was contrary to the policy of the company that supplies the ads. Keep in mind that that this website breaks even some months and loses slightly others. The ads being off for 6 weeks was not good. I cannot tell you to click an ad according to the rules of the advertiser. Thank you for your consideration!
  12. the few hours in the morning.. is when I had to pay the bill
  13. It had to do with some technical issue with hosting. It was solved and will not happen again.