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  1. If the forum runs itself and I break even it is ok....
  2. I got an email from the advertising company. But never read it. Now I am filtering those type of emails to the email I read. So it wont happen again.
  3. it was 135 a month.. but went down to 100/month..
  4. There was something on the forum that was contrary to the policy of the company that supplies the ads. Keep in mind that that this website breaks even some months and loses slightly others. The ads being off for 6 weeks was not good. I cannot tell you to click an ad according to the rules of the advertiser. Thank you for your consideration!
  5. the few hours in the morning.. is when I had to pay the bill
  6. It had to do with some technical issue with hosting. It was solved and will not happen again.
  7. It had to do with some technical issue withe hosting. It was solved and will not happen again.
  8. Why is the search feature not working?

    I fixed.. it works..
  9. Websites For Businesses

    Great Opportunity - www.naaip.org has created over 7,500 Free websites for American insurance agents. We are now a website builder for all businesses. You are welcome to sign up. We are seeking an ambitious guy/gal who will sign up businesses. You will be able to in about an hour: -Edit the site specific to that business. -Buy a domain and host the site for that that business. -Explain to the business owner how search engines work and what the business needs to do to "move up." -Set up a Google Local, LinkedIn Business & Facebook Business account. The services that NAAIP provides are being sold for thousands of dollars first year and 1,000/year subsequent years. The quality of a NAAIP website is higher than anything I have seen in the market. Moneys collected from the business will be yours to keep - You can easily collect $250-$500 from the business owner. NAAIP promises that no ads or any revenue attempts from your client will not occur for at least 24 months. We want you to succeed. After 24 months, NAAIP will throw an ad on the site and request a minimal amount to hide the ad. There is training - The first step would be to create a free your free NAAIP website and see our system. We have a daily - (Monday thru Friday) 12 Noon New York Time Conference call which is geared to American insurance agents - but you are welcome to jump in. Obviously, this deal/job/business can be done anywhere.
  10. It will be solved soon.. Hold on. In meantime, post as a guest.
  11. It archived 27% of the topics. (18985/70201) If you have a very large site, it can be beneficial to reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archiving topics is an alternative to deleting which allows them to still exist and be viewed as normal, but moves them to a separate database table. Archived topics cannot be posted in or edited, and will not show in search results. You can unarchive topics after they've been archived if you change your mind.
  12. The main project of my company is www.naaip.org - which provides free websites for insurance agents - We help the insurance move their website up the search engines (obviously the agent would have to purchase a domain name). Our project is very high quality and we are at the stage where the website that we are giving insurance agents can be "stripped down" and used for any business. Stay tuned.
  13. The Secure website in the address bar - Major improvement?