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  1. It will be solved soon.. Hold on. In meantime, post as a guest.
  2. It archived 27% of the topics. (18985/70201) If you have a very large site, it can be beneficial to reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archiving topics is an alternative to deleting which allows them to still exist and be viewed as normal, but moves them to a separate database table. Archived topics cannot be posted in or edited, and will not show in search results. You can unarchive topics after they've been archived if you change your mind.
  3. The main project of my company is www.naaip.org - which provides free websites for insurance agents - We help the insurance move their website up the search engines (obviously the agent would have to purchase a domain name). Our project is very high quality and we are at the stage where the website that we are giving insurance agents can be "stripped down" and used for any business. Stay tuned.
  4. The Secure website in the address bar - Major improvement?
  5. What happened to forum?

    We had an upgrade to a SECURE site .. with an SSL certificate.... There was a slight bug... it got fixed..
  6. I got rid of the Reputation...Was that smart?
  7. I have no idea.. but it is not required.. but sex and location are.. .. those two things things normal to know if you are chatting with someone..
  8. I am sure if you uploaded that stuff.. no harm.. but from now on it will just be location and sex..
  9. www.beyondquotes.com is the perfect website to compare term life rates. You, the visitor, are under no obligation - You are welcome to consult with a licensed insurance agent from your state via this portal. Please visit.
  10. Members logging in - required to insert location and political party - That is what I thought I required - is that a good idea?
  11. Step Required Political Party: Political party you identify with? ✓ Gender We want to know where you are. ✗ Location We want to know where you are. X so it does require political party.. but requiring gender and location.. is probably a good idea.