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  1. You've sent $50.00 to david@naaip.org


    please keep the conserative only post pinned  for another month

    thank you



  2. Does 123Urout actually get private ISP's? Id so he should be perma banned!

    1. nuckin futz

      nuckin futz

      Answer me please!

  3. Total amount: $10.61 USD Currency: U.S. Dollars Confirmation number: 4FF047561K4190616 Quantity: 1 Contributor: P***k M****n Message: Please list payment as OM
  4. j***y k****r sent you $50.00 USD Transaction Details Transaction ID: 972925452W966142S April 30, 2019 Money received $50.00 USD
  5. i paid the fifty bucks, i do not want my info posted but you can pin the conservatives only thread for the next month.

  6. Donation Details Total amount: $25.00 USD Currency: U.S. Dollars Confirmation number: 8TM34514YM6930936 Quantity: 1 Contributor: R***d S***g
  7. the paypal button was broken all this time. I fixed... You can send donations.. via this link.... and you can put your credit card or debit card in there as well.
  8. I finally found a solution. I have a forum set up at www.naaip.org - In which I am doing the hosting. So I don't have to spend the $50 plus $18 per year for the the domain. I am sure there are other fees. I will redirect the site to that site.. So on July 1st the the site will be redirect if no one sends me $52. If there are no takers, the site will cease at the liberalforum.org on 7-1-2019 send $50 to david@naaip.org via PayPal. Conservatives Only Pinned to 7/1/2019. Thank you for keeping this site up for the month.
  9. Fuk You David!

  10. Got it back up. For the sake of remembering history. Please download and spread.
  11. Got deleted by Vimeo after few minutes. I will look for other place to host.
  12. Payment from P****k M****n $10 Feb 18, 2019 Completed Feb 15, 2019 Payment from R*****d St***g Completed $25.00 USD