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    I made a very popular post Called “jogger fatigue” This is obviously racist. First of all, I apologize for using the hard “r” That’s THEIR word. Even so, “jogga” is still an inappropriate term when used by someone with white privilege, like myself. I shall henceforth be more sensitive and refer to them as “basketball Americans.” I regret my inflammatory language, but I’m learning.
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    It is a good read. We are living a different world than the one we knew only months ago. As others have said, the pandemic has exposed the biggest problem with employer-based medical insurance in the most dramatic way possible. It is my sense that the political fulcrum is going to shift. We need to make sure all Americans have access to affordable healthcare. Losing a job and with it one's health insurance while facing hospitalization for COVID-19 (or other dire illnesses) is not an acceptable position for members of a civilized nation to be in. Bill
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    I have grown to like Trump. Wasn't a fan for the decades he spent in the tabloids or the apprentice. He's making a fine president though.
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    Below is an article written by the man whom I believe is one of the most powerful advocates for Medicare for All. The former Vice President of Corporate Communications for CIGNA, Wendell Potter, spent over two decades apologizing for and defending the greed and unethical practices of big insurance. Then one day a case came along that made Potter decide that he'd seen enough. He ended up testifying before Congress and blew the whistle on the medical insurance industry. [Link] If you are a MFA advocate and you see the name Wendell Potter on an article, I implore you to read what he has to say. The guy understands the health insurance industry, including the unethical, self-serving games they sometimes play, like few others understand it. Now that we are in the midst of a once-in-a-century kind of pandemic, the healthcare crisis in this country WILL become infinitely more pronounced. That's a guarantee. Below is Wendell Potter's take on the matter. I'd like to hear what you all think, too, as well as your solutions to this imminent crisis that was already in the making before COVID-19 reared its ugly head. Americans are about to learn something horrifying: how irrational it is for health insurance to be linked to your employment status The tragic effects of our battle with the novel coronavirus are seemingly endless. But arguably the most mind-blowing is this: the very pandemic that threatens to infect and kill millions is simultaneously causing many to also lose their health coverage at their gravest time of need. Here’s how: the virus has caused a public health crisis so severe that people have been forced to stay home, causing businesses to shutter and lay off workers. And with roughly half of Americans getting their health insurance from their employer, these layoffs mean not only losing their income but also their medical coverage. In other words, just as our need for medical care skyrockets in the face of a global pandemic, fewer will have health insurance or be able to afford it. According to one recent report, the cost of treatment for Covid-19 can run around $35,000. As the patient in the report exclaimed: “I was pretty sticker-shocked. I personally don’t know anybody who has that kind of money.” So, how did we get to such a dire place? Many will sadly lose their jobs over the coming weeks – with one estimate projecting as many as 30%. And as they do, Americans are about to learn something horrifying: how irrational and irresponsible it is for so many to be dependent on employers for health insurance. Take it from me. I’m a former health insurance executive who once profited from this system. It’s time for it to stop. America needs to finally get out of the business of linking health coverage to job status. Even in better times, this arrangement was a bad idea from a health perspective. Most Americans whose families depend on their employers for coverage are just a layoff away from being uninsured. And now, when many businesses are shutting down and considering layoffs, it’s a public health disaster. Across the country we’re seeing reports of layoffs in almost all industries. As we approach a global recession, some analysts suggest that a million or more US workers will lose their jobs in April alone. Consider what this means for health care in this country. We’ve seen this before. During the last big recession, researchers at Cornell University found that 9.3 million Americans lost their health insurance between 2007 and 2009. Why? As people lost work, their employer-provided insurance went away. During this time, roughly six in 10 Americans who lost their jobs became uninsured. And this problem compounds itself. If the reason you lost your health insurance is that you no longer have steady employment, how are you now going to be able to afford monthly premiums for some other private health care plan? This problem becomes particularly acute when you consider that premiums for health plans sold on exchanges are projected to soar, as well, due to “unexpected Covid-19 costs”. It’s worth noting that even in good times, the employer-based model fails to cover enough of us, with the number of Americans covered through an employer steadily dropping in general. Since 1999, the percentage of those with job-based coverage has declined by nine points. And it most certainly will drop like a rock in the coming weeks and months. It’s now clear that this system cannot handle our current reality. With so many Americans sadly on the verge of unemployment, the number that will lose health coverage will be crushing. As we rebuild our country’s economic base and reimagine the roles various industries play in our new future, we must also begin a difficult conversation about health care. If we’re dependent on jobs in order to have it, a lot of us will be left out in the cold. And at a time in our nation’s history where more will need quality care than ever before, the human cost will simply be too much to bear. Wendell Potter, a former vice-president for corporate communications at Cigna, is president of Business for Medicare for All https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/27/coronavirus-pandemic-americans-health-insurance
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    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/21/australian-researchers-see-virus-design-manipulati/ Hmmmmm ...
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    She also looks fantastic all the time. I like pretty women with brains.
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    I think Mr. trump said the sanctuaries must be open and not the church because the Church is the Body of Christ. "Our church will be closed until we hear from the health Professionals" , my Conservative Pastor said.
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    YO king...how do you like my new siggy ?
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    IMO, the pandemic has revealed a number of systemic weaknesses that need to be addressed. - Every person in America needs medical coverage, regardless of employment or wealth. It’s not just a moral imperative, it’s a public health imperative. It needs to happen now! - “Essential” workers are underpaid. Drivers, store clerks, farmers, pharmacy workers, warehouse workers and utility workers are also heroes. - Globalization may reduce cost but it is too risky to rely on global supply chains for food, medicines, medical equipment, disinfectant etc. We need to ensure a domestic supply of certain goods, even if it means paying much more. - If the economy collapses after a reasonable two month response to a global pandemic then something is wrong with the economic system. I’ve always considered myself center-left but the pandemic seems to be pushing me slightly further to the left on certain issues.
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    Changes in the insurance industry have become much crueler. Now they terminate a laid off employee's health insurance coverage on the same day they're shown the door. In the past, most insurers would end coverage on the last day of the month an employee leaves the job. So there are going to be thousands upon thousands of people who will contract the virus and, sadly, will be handed massive medical bills as well. Insurance companies are, indeed, unnecessary middlemen in our healthcare. They provide nothing that the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) couldn't provide with ease at an infinitely lower cost. Interesting you used that term, as it is also a term Wendell Potter uses regularly "Even big corporations are beginning to realize that the private insurance system is an unnecessary middleman. When I was toward the end of my career at Cigna, before I’d made my decision to leave, I was in a meeting with 50 or so of us and the CEO, and somebody asked him, what kept him up at night. And he said this disintermediation, which is a real fancy word that means getting rid of the middleman." . https://vtdigger.org/2019/06/23/qa-ex-health-insurance-exec-wendell-potter-now-fights-for-single-payer/ Agreed. It's time. Hell, it's way past time.
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    He will be gone next year.
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    As the COVID19 pandemic is demonstrating, health coverage linked to employment is now a double-edged-sword. One edge slices at continuing good healtha and even survival, while the other cuts off their ability to pay for the care they need. It's a "Catch 22". As the pandemic causes companies to fail financially, their former employees are stranded without the healthcare required during a pandemic. In such conditions, the Health Insurance Industry no longer plays the role in helping ordinary people from which they had formerly profited. Even in normal times, for-profit health insurance is nothing more than a middleman, skimming off a profit from one of the most essential services there is: --- Healthcare. We need to join the rest of the developed world and provide Single Payer Healthcare to the American People.
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    +100. I have seen this lady in action. She is fantastic !! Extremely fast--extremely smart !! She must be a hi-power lawyer. She can manhandle the entire press corps. She would make an excellent V.P. in 2024. I give her an A++. 🍺
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    Wanna watch a democrat lose a debate with anger and shouting? Here ya go...Hillary's campaign invited a bad man...Trump's campaign did not.
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    Geriatric Joe will be in a nursing home by next summer. How can you poor, dumb, bastards embarrass yourselves like this ??
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    1. Cartel members were 'renting' Mexican children, entering the U.S., and pretending to be the parent. We separated those assholes from the innocent children. 2. When you get busted for a DUI tonight, then you cannot take your 2 children to jail with you. The same principle applies at the border. This whole charge against DJT is just the same as the charge of voter suppression----it is one big crock of horseshit. Have a nice day...............(loser)..............😎
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    I see lots of black people in Trump hats. Are they racist or just misguided Kanye West fans?
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    The legal authorities supported slavery. The legal authorities were against the revolutionary war. The legal authorities burned down the davidians waco complex. The constitution is pretty clear, the right of the people to assemble and worship shall not be infringed.
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    Squatstopeepussyman, I still see your proving your a moonbatty idiot with every post...
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    It's hard not to follow the science. My Labrador Retriever was bred to catch a Frisbee and return it back to me. Blacks were bred to jump and throw a ball through a hoop. In any case, I will refuse to recognize differences in breeds. Specifically, it makes no sense not to call all dogs, "dogs", and all pets "pets". I appreciate your insight, and working on my own sensitivity training.
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    Im not a Trump voter. Also not a Hillary voter. Although, Trump has convinced me to watch....give him a chance.....be patient However, what has happened to Trump is a MESSAGE to DC outsiders....STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OUR CRIMINAL MAFIA CABAL
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    I hope that you do not have to do that my brother.
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    I am very disappointed in this drug now. Not because it can kill you, it can, but because it didn't kill him.
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    The point of posting this is that young women today, completely “freed”of any sort of male influence or societal expectation of appropriate behavior, have absolutely no emotional control over themselves. This is why you have seen such skyrocketing of anxiety disorders and depression among women since the feminist revolution.It Goes against God’s natural order of things for women to be out from under the protection and rational influence of men charged with their care and protection. All you have to do is watch this very short video clip to see what happens when young women are floating around in the world without men to shepherd them and without good, Godly mothers to teach them. They become snot-bubbling, incoherent, Rage-filled psychopaths (see video) If you disrupt the natural order, you end up with terrible behavior and very serious problems. Humans are pack animals just like dogs and most other mammals. We have a hierarchy, a natural order, that produces desirable and peaceful behavior. When you fuck with it and start calling men women and women men and saying they are the same, you end up with men who can’t leave their basement and will jerk off to porn all day and play video games rather than actually go out and live life. You end up with women like this. imagine if this girl had grown up in a loving, intact family with parents who love each other. Imagine if she witnessed her mother treating her father with respect, and her father treating her mother with loving care and protection. Do you think she would still be acting like this? I understand this is a very unpopular idea in the year 2020. But the natural order of things hasn’t changed. Biology hasn’t changed. God’s design hasn’t changed. Nature wasn’t “broken,” and it did not need the help of postmodern progressive activists attempting to “fix“ it. Post-modernism and attempted to rearrange the natural order to disastrous consequences, as you can see in this short video.
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    Yep...but the leftist media doesn't seem curious about Hillary or anyone else. Go figure.
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    You're the one that is feeling sorry for her. Anyone who acts like that deserves no sympathy. The fact that you give her some only proves how out there you are.
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    And soooooooooooooo what if she won the popular vote??????????????????????????? For your information the popular vote means shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Trump won the popular vote in 31 states. Clit won the popular vote in 19 states. So Trumps 31 state popular vote wins, trumped hillarious clit's 21 state popular vote wins, and was crushed in the electoral college vote count. (which BTW is where the popular vote count really counts, right?) Besides she counted 3-4 million illegal votes that should have been substracted from her total, and guess what, Trump even won the national popular vote too.
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    Great news for the environment and the effort to reduce greehouse gases. Cattle, including cows and other ruminants emit an enormous amount of methane which traps about 20X more heat than CO2, per volume. In addition, livestock requires far more water to produce the same amount of meat as plant-based substitutes. And livestock depends on vast areas of farmland to to grow the meat ... Farmland which could be used to feed people. As coronavirus spreads in slaughterhouses and meat shortages become more common, large numbers of people are turning to plant-based meat products. Previously, mostly a restaurant item, plant based meat products are beginning to appear prominently on grocery shelves. Beyond Meat, whose plant-based products are sold in more than 25,000 grocery stores nationwide, has been doing well since the pandemic. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/22/dining/plant-based-meats-coronavirus.html
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    If you read even a sprinkling of posts here in the Liberal's Only Room, you will see ample evidence of it.
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    You "know" a lot of stupid shit, Mandrake.. Which is why you avoid my evidence filled threads like the Black Plague, dweeb.🤣 You fool no one.
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    DJT is trying to bring everyone home. But in some spots we absolutely must stay a little longer to stabilize the situation.
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    Did you read number one aloud? This should end your multi forum quest of making an ass of yourself about that word.
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    And that never happens.the poor thing. "ASKHOLIO"
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    irrelevant... The Census is NOT a source for the definition of words... It's called a Dictionary..
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    My original comment was correct and accurate. The census has only TWO options. Can you prove that is not a factual comment?
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    No...that's you crying in my mailbox...16 months ago.
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    You need to ask Groper Joe that question. And any OTHER WHITE DEMOSHIT!!! They know ALL of them.
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    I always liked the cannonpointer stamp at the end of the post of the smiley face. Only problem is I think he is so used to it that when he uses a SOK he forgets.
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    You were never the problem.
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    It was found to lower survivability in COVID-19 patients. Isn't it just amazing how a drug that's been considered completely safe for decades suddenly is considered dangerous after Trump recommends it? Obvious liberal Fake Science.
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    It for decades has been one of the safest drugs given. Safer than aspirin. Given for decades in very high dosages to Lupus sufferers with zero deaths and minimal side effects. But hate-Trump Disinformation comes from everywhere, as those who spread it destroy their own reputations.
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    Abortion is murder. Take your semantics and shove them clean up your ass, belly button high. You're going to hell.
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    At his age, Trump is among the most likely to die, if infected. And if that should happen, at the same time he he claims to be taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive, it would be a devastating body blow to the entire Republican brand. That said, Trump is unlikely to be exposed simply because of the extraordinary amount of frequent testing on anyone likely to come in contact with His Orangeness.

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