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    Hey SHITSTAINS, it's OVER and just a matter of semantics before GEN. FLYNN is a FREE MAN, with NO CRIMINAL RECORD and WORKING IN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION!!! SUCK ON IT, LOSERS!!! Is Judge Emmet Sullivan’s collusion cameo nearing its end? Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, on its own motion, ordered Judge Sullivan to respond within ten days to the petition for a writ of mandamus filed by Michael Flynn. Earlier this week, Flynn’s counsel, Sidney Powell, filed the petition for that extraordinary writ, asking the appellate court to instruct Sullivan to grant the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case against Flynn. That was after Judge Sullivan not only declined to grant the prosecution’s motion, but (a) invited non-parties to intervene in the case by filing amicus briefs (transparently, to make arguments that he somehow has authority to deny DOJ’s motion); and (b) appointed one amicus, former federal judge John Gleeson, as a quasi-prosecutor to make arguments that prosecutors are declining to make in favor of entering a judgment of conviction and sentencing Flynn. As I noted yesterday, Sullivan’s encouragement of amicus briefs, which are not authorized in criminal cases, flies in the face of Sullivan’s own very firm orders previously declining to permit amicus briefs in Flynn’s case — some two dozen times by Ms. Powell’s count. The appointment of Gleeson is equally astonishing and offensive to the principle of courts as impartial arbiters. Gleeson — who worked at the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York with Loretta Lynch (later President Obama’s attorney general) and Andrew Weissmann (chief prosecutor on the Mueller probe that brought the Flynn case — and now a Biden for President fundraiser) — has co-written a Washington Post op-ed portraying the Justice Department’s dismissal motion as an abuse of power. The three-judge appellate panel that is considering the mandamus petition and that ordered Judge Sullivan to respond includes Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, who was appointed to the D.C. Circuit by President George H. W. Bush (after being named to the district court by President Reagan); Judge Naomi Rao, who was appointed by President Trump; and Judge Robert L. Wilkins, who was appointed by President Obama. It is apt to get Judge Sullivan’s attention that the only case the panel cited is United States v. Fokker Services B.V. In that 2016 ruling, the D.C. Circuit granted a writ of mandamus against a district judge who refused to dismiss a case (on a deferred prosecution arrangement) because the judge thought the Justice Department was letting the defendant off too easily. The Fokker Court explained that, under Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, a judge has no power to deny a motion to dismiss charges. The D.C. Circuit there elaborated that decisions to dismiss pending charges “lie squarely within the ken of prosecutorial discretion,” and that judges may not substitute their view that a defendant should be prosecuted in place of the Justice Department’s determination that a case should be dropped. The D.C. Circuit’s order that Judge Sullivan must respond cites Rule 48(a), along with Fokker. The panel’s order invites the Justice Department to weigh in, but does not require it to do so. The Justice Department did not join in Flynn’s motion for a writ of mandamus. DOJ has made clear its view that the Flynn case should not have been charged and should be dropped; it has taken no position on whether mandamus is warranted to achieve that result.
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    It's all about the Benjamins. Kfools paid real money to purchase this website, and he's not about to take a loss on it. He doesn't mind getting a bit of liberal poo on his nose from a serious round of lefty-ass-kissing every now and then. Money buys a lot of Clorox wipes to get that liberal fecal-stain off your nose.
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    Nice knowing you. See ya next week.
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    kfools You have 72 hours in Hell for breaking rule #5 Good Day.
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    This judge needs to be fired/impeached, disbarred, stripped of ANY and ALL golden parachute programs and forced to live homeless under a bridge.
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    You Democrats are in real trouble. Biden had a friendly interview with liberal Andrew Sorkin, one of CNBC's Squawk-Box anchors. Sorkin would ask Biden a question, and Biden would never answer the question. You could seel Sorkin getting very frustrated with Biden's non-answers. These were gimme questions, what should have been an easy interview for Biden. But, Biden got combative with Sorkin, and would start asking Sorkin rhetorical questions. Nonsense questions. At one point Biden answered a question stating how he would send Coal and Air somewhere incoherent as part of his energy policy. Coal and Air. At other times, Biden slurred his speech and couldn't even read the teleprompter's prepared answers correctly. Biden couldn't have been more evasive, and yes, this was a very friendly interview. I think this interview with Biden even convinced Andrew Sorkin that Trump would be a far better president than lame-brain Biden.
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    The man creates GREAT content. It's engaging and insightful. I don't have to agree with him to know this is true. I even challenged him to a proverbial duel on my turf with my rules. He accepted. That's balls friends.
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    I've tried to help them in the past but I gave up.. this week they got their trump check I thought I'd share where most of the money went. They rented a car ( without a credit card or insurance) smoked hundred of dollars worth of crack.. drove the rental to Atlanta to smoke crack twice. Brought a cooler full of steaks then got high on crack and forgot to add ice 2 days later the meat was rotten. ( they did ice down the 2 cases of beer though) and just generally squandered away enough money to get them off the streets. Your tax dollars hard at work.
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    Thank you for posting this video! Joe Biden was/is 100% correct on every issue as that FAKE liberal tool & that FUCKWAD tCON Joe Kernen & Becky Quick tried to GANG FUCK him with their TYP. CORPORATE MEDIA QUESTIONS! Biden did an excellent job of explaining his 100% correct positions on every question! Squawk Box & CNBC are every bit as much as FOX, CORPORATE MEDIA GANG FUCKS HELPING TO RAPE AMERICAN WORKERS! The Ghost of Roger Ailes STILL lives there as it did when he 1st created CNBC & then FoxFake"News" & then FoxFakeBuisness!
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    That is EXACTLY the Democrat PLANTATION... in a NUTSHELL !!
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    You forced futz into damage control. 👍
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    All of you lib's are most definitely here for my entertainment.
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    My image of crackheads is now ruined. So wasteful.
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    Right. No legislative process, just directives at the discretion of governors and mayors. I hardly consider that legally enforceable.
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    I agree; and chimpanzees should be left in the wild & not disturbed. Few animals are happy in captivity. Problem is, many creatures are only safe in captivity. Sort of a Catch 22. There was a time when African poachers sold gorilla hands as ashtrays, and slaughtered giraffes to use their tails as fly swatters. And no self-respecting Muslim would be without a dagger with a handle made from Rhinoceros horn. I won't even get in to Persian Lamb, and how it's harvested. Harp seals, and the list goes on.
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    ...and releasing actual CRIMINALS into the streets to prey on law abiding citizens. Liberals are fucked in the head.
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    Kill those babies, drink their blood you sick fucker.
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    More content than anything, Iceberg is a typical word twisting Democrat, he doesnt have balls, he is just a ignorant Soros parrot and too foolish to know it.
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    Now would be a good time to EXTERMINATE all you SHTISTAINS like the VERMIN and FILTH you are!! See how this works, SHITSTAIN?? Not yet?? Stick around and I'll hand you your ASS in a paper bag!!!
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    Those grimy little crumbsnatchers are our best bet of achieving herd immunity before the fall. We should be letting them run wild.
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    Taking one for team MERICA!!! USA! USA! USA!
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    Think big picture. It’s gonna get better this summer, then , it’s gonna get worse this winter.
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    Gatherin' in the cold and flu season. Don't give up your Liberty - for the sniffles. (Democrat National Socialist Coup Attempt #7)
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    You don’t read anything that doesn’t fit your narrow irrational ideology.
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    Gotta love a good ragequit thread. A little light on the rage tho... So long @1AC
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    Sounds more like a lack of will. People are too preoccupied with reputations and past discussions. Just handle the topic, attack and criticize the ideas. It shouldn't matter who's expressing it. Tackle the ideas.
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    So.... we're to accept your version over that of a district court which just bitch-slapped an anti-Trump activist judge? Wait.....
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    You shouldn't leave based on what might happen... but If you feel that strongly about it. More libocrats means a richer target environment! It will be a turkey shoot!
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    This place is airport for headcases; nuts coming in for a landing, nuts idling on the tramac and nuts taking off like Bill Clinton's pants.
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    I am for FREE TRADE & TOURISM! What we should be doing is using the United Nations to pressure China & other "3rd World" nations to support UNIONS! COMMIES HATE UNIONS!
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    Because that's what his script said?
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    hey, you gotta have your priorities!
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    he was after Trump the whole time. The motherfucker KNEW there was no collusion right off the bat, yet kept our country in purgatory for two years and used his sham investigation to frame the 2018 midterms jail this corrupt deep state shithead
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    Most liberals would say, give him a stern warning.
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    Who knows what's going on? I can tell you the following, for certain: * Wall Street got a YUGE bailout with hardly a mention in the press, and the market has been on life-support in the form of never-ending and escalating repo loans from the government since September; the markets were faltering before covid, when the Fed dared to hint that it might start reducing that lending. * Large corporations have the resources to weather this lockdown, small businesses do not. If you want a conspiracy, and we don't assume it's a failed conspiracy, then it should be some theory that involves these beneficiaries. Wall Street banks and large corporations own both parties, so this is not much of a stretch, in my opinion. But then, we're left to guess. And our leadership sucks, across the board, at something like this. Whether it's intentional or not is for the wee hours going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. All I know for sure is it sucks.
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    My father spent 3 years in Burma, he & 40 other Americans , & 200 Gurkhas. He told me the British were dedicated soldiers, to the point when on duty, British pilots would even sleep in their aircraft. But the Brits had their noses in the air. Americans were much more down to Earth with the natives. The Irish soldiers even ate separately from the British. The Irish had many old wounds that didn't heal well when it came to England.
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    Many. Some of them are like you.
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    The flu has been with us for centuries, this bug is new. And it's highly contagious and deadly ergo - it's not treated the same as the flu.
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    I wish this was true, but your behavior on Gen Flynn suggests you are not.
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    Letting the libs take over your site may be the long play, but do you really have to kiss their asses too? 😎
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    Depends on how long the walk of shame was afterwards
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    Trump continues to lavish massive amounts of weapons to Saudi Kings...ie...dictators. Who then leach these weapons out to their many terrorist tentacles. This is not exceptional. The Bible calls it greed.
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    Deranged Imaginings, you mean...
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