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    Instead of worrying about a private citizens finances, you should all be concerned how career politicians became multi millionaires over their career
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    Sorry, but at least 3 of those individuals can't be educated on this or any matter. They've proven that over and over. They've just keep on spewing their nonsense.
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    Well I guess that about does it for this idiotic thread.
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    Trump did not send his son to Ukraine, in 2014, to be corrupt with a corrupt Corp. (Burisma) to the tune of $50K per month. But, Biden did. Trump never publicly claimed that he will withhold $1-billion from Ukraine, in aid, if they don't fire a Prosecutor who once tried to investigate his son's corruption in Ukraine. But, Biden did exactly execute that quid pro quo. Trump did not send guns to Mexico (Operation FastNFurious) that were then used on Americans, then he refused to let his DOJ Chief testify for Congresspeople when his impeachment loomed. But, Obama did. Trump never made up lies about Russian collusion to whereas he even lied to the FISA Court to get an investigation going. But, the Obama Admin did do exactly that. Trump never tried to impeach a President for reporting actual crime/corruption like all USA citizens are supposed to do. But, the Dems sure did do that! Trump never told a Republican politician that they can no longer be a Republican because they sent a thank you note to the Dems for saving the politician's life. But the Dems did exactly do that, to democrat Ms. Karen Whitsett of the (MI) state legislature. She thanked Trump, now she's banned from running for reelection as a Dem. tsk tsk.
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    Remember when Obama lied? You mean that time his lips were moving? @Imgreatagain
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    Cuomo is begging the rich folks that have left to come back... and bring their money with them. For a mere $10 grand they'll let you back in, no questions asked. What a bunch of idiots.
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    have a job fair and hand out employment applications. It'll scatter them like roaches.
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    Because Trump might win.
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    maineman was career navy, Annapolis too... yet he still hates America make sure you thank him for his service and for leaving the service
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    Oops...... I guess when you LIVE IN A CESSPOOL, you learn to OVERLOOK THE MASSIVE TURD FLOW that comes down the street, huh, SHITSTAIN??? ROFLMAO!! So, SHITSTAIN, when are you going to SECEDE?? Have your OWN little COMMIE/SOCIALIST Nation??
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    You like seeing people die because you disagree with their politics. Got it. Thanks for confirming you're an evil POS.
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    A successful self made man made the fatal mistake of believing trump instead of medical science. Worst of all, he gave his life for a cause that deep down hated people like him. The devil rode down to Tulsa, looking for some souls to steal.
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    It would be more nightmare
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    GOOD NEWS! House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler was involved in a car accident today! BAD NEWS: He survived the accident!
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    Successful Black Women - That Scream Racism... Ha!
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    Wears a mask to protest forced masking as a Nazi tactics, Wal Mart instantly proves them right.
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    Dems hate Christianity, Caucasians, capitalism, free enterprise, individualism, and most of all.......America itself. Dems are not good people. Dem hearts are polluted. This is why is they must be defeated in Nov.
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    I’m more of man than most of the liberal dudes here. Correct.
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    I refuse to allow this to stop me from living my life. I will not stay locked down. survival of the fittest. And if I die. I die I wasn’t fit enough to survive. So be it
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    The Karen is an idiot, the batista is an idiot and the people giving the money are idiots. This story shows everything wrong with America.
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    keep eating the corn out of your mommas shit
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    I think some patriot ought to rent a spray truck with quick set epoxy paint and obliterate the whole racist slogan.
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    Put their asses in a ditch and (peacefully) beat the hell out of 'em. Nice.
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    I hear she gives the best head. I heard that from her "adoring" husband. LMFAO 😂
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    You should follow your Mental Health Provider's suggestion for your TDS. ...Eating crackers and walking back and forth in front of a mirror. Ha!
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    Did they spy on Obama? Did they try to impeach Obama? Did they try get the electoral college to not vote for Obama? Did they say Obama colluded with a foreign power? Jesus fucking Christ dude.... What would you say if Bush did that to Obama in 2008? Seriously... you would be pissed off as hell Of course they were, they didn't need fucking lies to do it. ObamaCare and the rest of his failures did that. The Democrats harmed the country with what they did to a duly elected President.
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    Sara Palin knew the 2nd Amendment. That's all I needed her to know.
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    No excuses, If you don't show up with ID and 1 person 1 vote then you don't vote.
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    That's funny coming from a left wing nut Job that calls himself fucking Nutz.
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    No, If you want a true honest election. In person or don't vote.
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    I bet he enticed protesters into the auto zone to loot it with fried chicken. What an evil mastermind!!
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    Look ace. I didn't want to ban the guy. If you throw down the gauntlet and say I'm to much of a coward to ban you.....well.....you are gonna get banned.
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    Yeah, and there are NOW actual people that have been charged and are facing HARD TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON!!! You know, where you serve 100% of your TIME with a MAXIMUM time off for good behavior of MAYBE 1 0r 2 months!! U.S. Attorney Billy Williams announced on Friday that 18 individuals arrested during attacks on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse this past week are now facing federal charges. Court documents say protests in downtown Portland have been followed by criminal activity that includes assaults on law enforcement officers, arson, looting, destruction of property, and vandalism. The federal courthouse has become a target of leftist vandals and has sustained extensive damage.
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    Hannity calls them the N.Y. Toilet Paper Times.
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    I read your post OP so I looked around a little. Where the fu(k do you get this number from? Bing? Google? First of all in China, a nation of 1.5 billion, where the Yellow Menace Satan Bug originated Bing reports the death toll as less than 5k. In the US, population 320 million it's 145k. Right away that defies reason, defies logic. World wide it's 640k. Italy, 35k. Germany, 32k. France, 30k. Brazil, 82k. Mexico, 45k. India, 30k. UK, 45k. Spain, 28k. So far 477k with only 10 nations. So this got old quick. But really, China under 5k deaths? What kinda moron are you, Mr. Serve? China? You believe this? Here's your deal. You so want some form of government in this nation where you think you'll end up boss over me that you will tell any lie. You need a socialist/communist/Marxist/statist government to keep me from skull fu(kin you like I am now. You can't beat me with your intelligence, your wits, any truth, facts, logic, you're probably a little Nancy boy who could never whup me physically, you can't write worth $h!t, you lie even more horribly, you are a little puzzy. You are looking for real men to come whup men like me. You are a kunt. You need Mother government to kick my azz for you cause head to head, straight up fair like it is right now I kick your teeth in. What's it like to be stupid AND a puzzy? How the fu(k is your part of this nation that are such Nancy Boys gonna take over the likes of me? You have to lie to make a point. You suck at math.
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    She'll be voted out of office, may lose her license and the governor has already stated they will get a full pardon although this will likely never make it to court. Missouri is a castle doctrine state and honestly if I were them I'd sue the FUCK out of the city, not that they have anything.
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    I guess one can define “progressive” to mean anything one chooses and then credit the Democrat party, or its equivalent, with the progress. Yet, somehow, progressives are the most miserable, self-loathing people God had ever created. Strange.
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    And for no more police force, or reduced police forces. How about we just do away with all county and local governments - we don't need them.

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    Being offended does not make one correct. 

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    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

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