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  2. 37% and dropping like a rock ROTFLMFAO!!!.....you rednecks should have gone with palin....hey wait....maybe you will in 2020!!
  3. trump is doing awesome....I love trump...and hate you.
  4. I'm vaguely aware of her and that she took over the show. A better debater than Bill Buckley is quite a claim. I'll need to check her out. Thanks. Bill
  5. do you like winning as much as you like watching them lose?
  6. Zhannity...."I think trump my man is doing a fine job"
  7. He bankrupted 6 businesses and walked away with money while not paying his debts. your spin does not absolve him somehow. he mismanaged the companies, his companies with his name on them. but he doesn’t have to take personal responsibility because it was someone else’s fault. you really are dishonest.
  8. Its halftime - and the score is tied.
  9. Don't you just hate losing? I like winning
  10. Well it says a lot to seek medical advice from a political forum desperate or stupid you can handle this guy - I’m going to start charging for free medical advice
  11. Honesty just isn't your strong suit, is it? Thanks for playing, liar Wish I could say it was fun,
  12. they are none of your business....there is no reason for the congress to have em...and you ass wipes are trying to use government investigations to do opposition research on a sitting president.....you people are going to face the consequences if you aint careful...
  13. What is the point spread? Are the Patriots favored?
  14. dont need to read it....here it is in a nut shell...from the guy that can do something about it..... now, listen carefully......no collusion....meaning the second half of the report was pure red meat for you dip sh its.... if ya aint got the goods on someone...ya aint got the goods.... next you dumb fu cks will be arguing that a woman can be a "little" pregnant....
  15. This is an away game for the Patriots....but they play well at home or away
  16. So now that you acknowledge the point I made instead of addressing it and how it is a contributing factor of WHY there is little civility in discourse you are going to be petty and tell me to forget it and move on. That is about like a drunk driver saying Sure I am drunk and ran over a few people but why are you focusing on my drinking why don't we talk about all the times I drove and DIDN'T run over a few people. If you REALLY want to get to WHY discourse isn't civil in political message boards instead of just using it as a vehicle to whine about the forum you need to address things EXACTLY like this. WHY in the world should I be civil to someone in the face of this kind of dishonesty?
  17. How do you know if you’ve never read the report? Clearly. How did you reach a conclusion to something you didn’t read? what Read the report and see for yourself.
  18. If I was head of programming at CNN or MSNBC. On the screen would be the full page of the Mueller report from page one to 448. Host and guests would do nothing but discuss the report in detail. How many days or weeks this would take? Americans would be screaming for impeachment.
  19. Putin gutted Hilly PIGQUNT....lol.....you are still suicidal.
  20. Point 1:You never know...I have been all over Philly and DC; I sure our paths have crossed. Point 2: OK seriously: I don't have any fake teeth because I don't want them. I had a bridge and could not stand to wear it. I don't have any military style rifles because I needed $$$...so I sold what I had.
  21. THAT is what they're doing wrong ! Take no prisoners! See how fast the flow dries up.
  22. Exactly, He uses the law to protect himself. Beat his vendors, contractor out of their services and money. The rest of it he ignores.
  23. this tooth was pretty far gone...and I do agree....around here, to get a dentist to do a filling ya gotta threaten him with his life.... dentists suck...I hate em.
  24. As a pilot, I know first hand urban areas generate heat. Nice thermal updrafts over metro areas. Before satellite technology, and continuing today, terrestrial temperature measurement points are subject to urbanization. I have always wondered how they factored out that variable.
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