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  2. I told him that I had a chair bolted to the floor just for him. That's why he wouldn't visit with me
  3. Now watch I'll ask him a question and he will switch topic again. Why cant you show these people the post. You have them saved on your computer.
  4. The voters love this economy and they love the Trump Tax Plan. These are 2 major reasons that Trump will be re-elected in about 12mos. There are more major reasons and these are 2. 😇
  5. Reducing costs can make universal healthcare affordable. We can start by using existing buildings that are sound structures Using many empty buildings that are up to code would reduce a need for new clinics or hospitals. Many volunteers would bring down costs. Preventative health practices such as MRIs and CT scans will prevent more expensive problems in the future. Of course, creating low cost drugs would save millions of dollars.
  6. Great! We ate dinner and the movie is over let’s go back to your place
  7. You do remember me saying that me and my wife have a open relationship correct. Cause zo9 can never remember.
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