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  2. You know you're problem, bludog? You have a problem assimilating real data. You're more comfortable with gnomes.
  3. Debs

    How Liberals Create Wealth

    Stupidity and childishness is all we get from the right now. They gave up intellectually. They decided Trump is a moron a LIAR and acts like a child so why not the ENTIRE Treason Monkey contingent just be pathetic childish PUNKS only trying to annoy since you are FAR TOO STUPID to do anything else. GOD you children are BORING
  4. kfools

    Kent State 2.0

    With what? Foul language. Lol
  5. BeAChooser

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    https://www.energy.gov/articles/department-energy-provide-24-million-study-dark-matter Well … there’s another $24 million we’ll never see again. Down a ... black hole.
  6. Will one of you left wing lunatics explain why Trump should not be president after your guy Mueller said there was nothing there?
  7. kfools

    How Liberals Create Wealth

    I'm happy to have a policy discussion with you. Want to talk about the green new deal?
  8. kfools


    You tried to topple the head of our elected government with a hoax. You are the traitors.
  9. Yeah pretty much spot on Kel
  10. Debs

    How Liberals Create Wealth

    This is all the right has now CHILDISH PUNKS. The right KNOWS they are too STUPID for policy discussion. Fact logic making arguments FAR too STUPID to even try any of that so every single rightwing troll is the same and acts like a petty five year old PUNK. Liberals are poopy heads NYA NYAH. Nothing but PUNKS not trying to BE anything but PUNKS. Their highest aspiration is to annoy their betters. To provoke since convincing someone they are right would take higher brain function and not ONE of you pathetic childish PUNKS will ever be able to pull that off
  11. I point and laugh at you liberals. Where is the substance liberals? Where are the facts on why trump should be gone? You guys are a joke. I point laughter at you left winger. How can defend the socialist record leftwinger? Should we look to Venezuela leftwinger?
  12. The Trump campaign and presidency has been folk wisdom and partisanship on steroids. The man has used propaganda and psychology on a naive segment of the American electorate to an impressive degree. His supporters have often reveled in his bold hatred of 'evil' liberals, people of different backgrounds, those in need and anything former President Obams touched. These are the type of people who turn their brains off when it comes to politics and social issues, and get angry at anyone who doesn't toe the line to their naive ideologies and partisan agendas, like nationalism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, discrimination against whole groups of people, claiming climate change to be a 'hoax', etc. It is total irony that the Trump campaign in 2016 used the refrain, "Lock her up!" against Senator Clinton when now he faces the monstrous allegations detailed in the Mueller report. Our sitting president will be a sorry soul once he faces the punishment for his grand, egotistical lies and brazen misdeeds over the past three years. How could he bear the emotional burden of the incredible shame and the terrible aloneness once justice is enacted? It's a dark, dark scenario that America itself will have to endure as well. All this on top of the horrific division America has endured, egged on by Trump , Russian intelligence agencies and their social media tools. Richard Nixon, the Republican Tea Party movement, and now rabid Trumpism in the GOP has politics in the abysmal state now apparent. Supporting conservatism today is to be in league with fools and the corrupt. It is in fact treasonous toward a democratic America. Trump routinely turns his back on citizens in need in favor of his partisan interests. Stubborn conservatism used to be regarded as somewhat quaint and even humorous. The present GOP consists of blatant subservience to a political scoundrel, and again, treason to the greatest country in history. Thanks Donald Trump.
  13. GolfPUNK is a LIAR. GolfPUNK knows he is a LIAR. The Mueller report DOCUMENTS the campaign working with Russia. That is PLAIN FACT.
  14. They take it from those that created it, but are out of power
  15. You are a LIAR bigMORON and of couse we all know how mind bogglingly STUPID you are. Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller THEN told him to LIE about it. That alone is worse than anything Muller did. Only someone as STUPID as you are could think even for a second that Mueller took 182 pages to say. Trump didn't obstruct justice. GOD you are stupid. I mean bone chillingly must have been left over from the first primordial ooze of stupid STUPID
  16. I am an inarticulate boob? Correct me big guy. Report was posted. How am I wrong?
  17. Blaze? GOD you are stupid propaganda is NOT education you ignorant brainwashed MORON. GOD you Treason Monkeys are STUPID. You get the Cone of STUPID just like the rest of you pathetic childish PUNKS too STUPID to know what is going on and FAR too STUPID to ever contribute to an adult conversation and GOD are you STUPID
  18. Are you slow Bluedog? You trying to say that Ralph nadle4 from years ago is who I was referencing today? Are you that stupid bluedog? Are you that ignoran5 and out of touch bluedog? Credibility with these liberal idiots is killing me
  19. Kfool you are NOTHING but a PUNK. Your side has a pathological LIAR as president. Your side has Rush and Hannity and FOX everyone of them LYING constantly and you call us liars. Of course I know its because you are STUPID. You KNOW you cant talk issues and details and facts so why not act like the petty childish PUNK you are
  20. Leftwinger likes to post gibberish. No Russian collusion. Mueller was your guy leftwinger. What now bud, Lynch mueller?
  21. You are a LIAR. Much of it has been CONFIRMED and not one BIT of it has been shown to be wrong. You are just a LIAR and a PUNK and being a LIAR and a PUNK is the only reason you come here
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