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  2. Not an American, just a fan of the concept. I'm a Canadian living in Canada.
  3. Sure... Not that I consider my self representative.. What are you Deplorables gonna do in return?
  4. You Canadian? Do you live in America? I like to read outsider opinions on the state of America.
  5. And here we go.. They fall off their fucking bikes and they are expensive to repair and rehabilitate. Period.
  6. You're talking about the slander or about any criticism of someone who happens to be a minority.
  7. Inmates have no ability to provide for themselves. Once out, they can. Justice needs no "societal benefit" to be valid. It is its own justification.
  8. So, we must stand on principle with no regard for pragmatism? Is that your position? We must not "appease," even when failing to do so can reasonably be expected to make things worse?
  9. It is not intrinsically bigoted to insult a person who is a minority.
  10. it's literally impossible for a coward to earn a bronze star.
  11. When you prove anything that leaks out of your festering piehole, maybe then you get to demand proof of anything from anybody on this forum. You got my link. If you don't like it, too fuckin' bad.
  12. No...you can't communicate.. Why clarify what's wrong? Why not correct it? Because YOU are "playing games"..
  13. You think this is comparable? You're a fucking moron
  14. Testing would allow us to find this virus, corner it, and then we could track it efficiently. Every expert I have heard speak on the subject agrees that is required, step #1. Top priority. Still we get dithering, a twittering fat fvck doing nothing, so we blindly just start going back out into the world because we don't really have any choice. And then these fvcking idiots who simply will not accept anything except "it's obviously the dimmocrats fault" just keep repeating that brainlessly. Marching around complaining about their dimmocrat guverners while Trump does nothing. Nothing, except agitate and drive peaceful protests off so he can defile a Bible by touching it and posing for the camera.
  15. Like how she couldn't explain to Jake Tapper how much her agenda would cost...Jake asked her 3 times and then gave up. Guess what AOC studied in college and yet couldn't explain this...
  16. In a sense, but those have to be very specific accusations for those laws to apply. And those laws apply equally to all people, regardless of race. My point is it's not intrinsically bigoted to insult minorities.
  17. This fails to explain how "justice" is served by imposing increased economic hardship on those who have already received the standard penalty for the offense they committed, and does not address any of the points I raised. Once more, if potentially depriving criminals of sustenance is to be considered "just," why not simply starve them in jail? Would this be fair and just? Why, or why not?
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