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  2. Bob always went for the dark meat. My favorite actor ever. He has TDS though.
  3. The question is, if homosexuality was still a crime, why would there be no one to pardon you? (This is really TOOOOO easy, folks!)
  4. Thank you! If you are not familiar with South Texas, you may not know that much of it is "brush country." The mesquite is so thick in many areas that it is impossible to see a person (or a cow, or a deer) if they are more than 200-or-so feet away from you. That makes for some very "up-close-and-personal" interaction with the illegals. The coyotes have sophisticated GPS systems enabling them to navigate through the brush during the night when it is overcast.
  5. The question is can Trump pardon himself? Or will he resign so pence can pardon him?
  6. I miss the cowboy, man ! And his cowgirl Melissa !
  7. Get ready for the inevitable 'poster child' case, highlighting a horrific crime, by a person who should still be in prison.
  8. Today . . . I got drunk . . . as usual. And just conked out. As usual ! I do not watch TV ... only internet . . . until I conk out. It looks like I'll have one more
  9. To be enforced retroactively. I just got done watching Pelosi and Anderson Cooper talk live. She is pissed about the Roger Stone pardon. Her new legislation would disallow pardons when the crime is aiding and abetting the POTUS in something illegal. She said Trump and his henchmen (!) are flaunting the law. Roger Stone will be told not to leave town.
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