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  2. That’s ok. Let’s pay down that 10 trillion Obama added to the federal debt first. How about we we start collecting federal income taxes from every citizen instead of the 40% net contributors now. I bet those 60% of tit suckers would help us finance some infrastructure.
  3. Their fault. If you haven’t figured out how worthless simpleton manual labor is by now? You deserve to be poor and destitute.
  4. Equal access doesn’t equal offering credit and more specifically the same interest rate to people with an unequal ability to pay. You’re a moron. 😂 Why do you think I have a 7% APR platinum card that many of you dolts will never see????😂
  5. Rest of what mueller report?
  6. What were they thinking. Oh I guess none of them were caught huh.
  7. Sorry buddy they are about to become the Clintons. Didnt you want to see another Clinton show. Well now you got it.
  8. She’s black he aint messing with that
  9. drchoke...when I was in the Army we use to say...Don't make something outta nothing !
  10. Of course, because you guys are traitors to the very foundation of our country. THIS is what the civil war will be about. Those who are willing to fight and die for their freedom and those willing to fight and die for unearned entitlements. 😂
  11. What trump ain't grabbing no pussy now. Or should he treat her like a bitch.
  12. She is sexually frustrated
  13. Satan wants all his little white children to forget about Harriet .
  14. Just just a few no clipping
  15. They'll know what we want them to know. No more, no less.
  16. The numbers have been similar under Trump. In 2017, 10 detainees died, and 12 died in 2018, according to data from the American Immigration Lawyers Association.. that only covers 2018.
  17. He said it! What are you talking about? True, Matt Lauer fed him the line "pure political correctness". And the link I posted left out the fact that Trump called Harriet Tubman "fantastic", but that he had a problem removing Andrew Jackson from the bill because he felt he contributed a lot to our country. That's irrelevant. And to be fair, I probably would have edited it the same way to further my agenda.
  18. And that goes back to people working three jobs just to put a roof over their heads.
  19. dontlooknow

    I told you about Mueller.

    I mean really he is just another republican covering for trump.
  20. Once again ultraliberals take Trumps words out of context and drchoke spreads the disinformation just like a good little drone. By putting her picture on another donamation is somehow racist ? From drchokes post: President Donald Trump, months before he was elected, called the decision to put Tubman on the currency (TRUMP WORDS MISSING HERE BY SELECTIVE EDITING) "pure political correctness" and proposed putting her portrait on the $2 bill. (TRUMP WORDS MISSING HERE BY SELECTIVE EDITING !) Old Mack: I called drchoke a cyber dick BUT really didn't mean it. ultraliberal version of what Old Mack said: He called drchoke a cyber dick.
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