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  2. You can't parse a sentence to prove it says what you claim... So your only option is simply to invent something even more stupid... Because otherwise... it looks as though you are simply airing your complete lack of intellect
  3. Well lets check the facts. I dont think you wanna view the unemployment rates we had in 1996, 1997, and in 1998 up until Bush of course. Lets go there shall we.
  4. Oh, boo hoo. The violent extremist thief has gone into hiding. Whatever will I do? Bill
  5. Yeah we know your a small minded fool. And I bet you have no idea what they are doing to you right now to cause your culture to decline.
  6. Hey BOZO...American Jobs went to China in a BIG WAY under your Invented 'GOD' and Myth senile raygun...small town America closed down during the 80s...along with the small farmer
  7. typical piece of shit lying race baiter The chances that anyone will take you seriously here at this point fall somewhere between "no chance whatsoever" and HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  8. Touche, cowgirl. I have a statistician in my family. He works in high-dollar finance. Investments and such. Money is his God,...…..but not mine. I think they call him a 'quantitative researcher". 🙂
  9. Hey zarus ... you still pushing the false claims that Clinton left the White House with the highest approval rating of any US President and that he had a budget surplus?
  10. As Lewis Black said...The difference between a DEM & a REPUB is; one blows the other sucks. They're all (99%) a bunch of egotistical children who are in it for the $$$ and put themselves in the front.
  12. Your tribe is dying out. Your time is running out. You are now left at about 60% in the US. White Women are having 1.7 children only. Mexicans who are capable of having children are at 62%. White Women it stands at 42% at this present time. While cavemen like yourself shoot blanks you are not having nearly as much children as people of color. And your birthrate is dropping rapidly. All of the people of color, the Blacks, Asians, Jews, and Native Americans applaud your demise. You are a very ignorant and highly misinformed individual. Which just exposes how socially and spiritually inept you are as a tribe. Your resources are low now. And you are stuck in a mental rut that forces you to co exist with people who are a different color than you are. You are dying out. And again, your time also is running out.
  13. They shouldn't even be allowed to buy BB guns. Why? Because they might shoot someone's eye out. Don't be an idiot.
  14. LMFAO That is as thin as a Victoria secrets model on juice fast Right wing extremest groups LMFAO Try something you've apparently never actually considered before: fire your incompetent fact checker and educate yourself.
  15. LIAR. Nothing in the article I linked is false. In fact, the truth is far worse than what's laid out in that article. If you want to challenge me on that, I suggest you start by reading my Clinton Legacy thread ... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/119154-the-p-b-s-whitewash-of-clintons-legacy/ . Then we can *talk*.
  16. I live in the MTs of East Tennessee, lived in the MTs if western North Carolina and spent time in Virginia and I can tell ya without fear of contradiction...the Confederate Battle flag means a lot of different things to alot of different people; who live in the South. I've seen a Black person or two wearing it. My Southern friend told they do it just to piss off the MOFOs who are still fighting the Civil War.
  17. The NPC meme is definitely bothering you.
  18. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/08/23/details-behind-patrick-byrne-allegations-of-fbi-political-espionage/ As we learn more and more, it just keeps getting worse and worse, folks.
  19. What you have is a very fabricated and biased report that was made up by some Right Wing Extremist group. This is false information. NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Agreement was created by the Global Elites. Its purpose is to force cheap labor and mass immigration in industrialized countries.
  20. My tribe does not wish to live with your tribe. As free Americans, shouldn't we have that right? You do not wish to live around the Ku Klux Klan, do you? And you have that right. My tribe does not like your tribe. We don't love you, we don't like you, and we don't respect you. Why? Because you guys are 10 times more criminal, and 10 times more racist, than we are. Let's face it. You guys are just a bunch of A/holes. And, nobody wants you around. Not the Mexicans, not the Asians, not the Hindu Indians, not the Jews, not the Mormons, not the Buddhists, not the American Indians. We all think the same thing about you. You guys are a bunch of A/holes. You start trouble wherever you go. You bring nothing to the table. You do not add points to the scoreboard. The worst students, the worst employees, and the worst citizens. Hell, I haven't said anything that you don't already know. Hell, negroes don't even want to live around other negroes. Why do you think Obama moved to 'lily-white' Martha's Vineyard? To get away from the nappy-headed, unhouse-broken animals in South Chicago? I will let you be the judge of that one. 😎
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