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  2. Travolta was king back in the day. He practiced this routine for a year... and yes, that is Fran Drescher he is dancing with in the beginning
  3. https://news.yahoo.com/former-fox-news-reporter-donald-trump-reputation-065954033.html
  4. Scientology is a ripoff of its members and goofy as any religion gets. But Travolta is a great actor, and I have seen no evidence that Scientology has affected his talent. The same is true of Tom Cruise.
  5. "Trump has no clue how to deal with China. The proper solution was the Trans Pacific Trade deal that he was too stupid to understand" anything the Black Guy did...he had to un-do
  6. Well, maybe you are right. Him and Uma Thurman won the dance contest in "Pulp Fiction", didn't they? I think they were doing that old dance.....called the Twist. Can you do the Twist? And yes, I would like to be flawed w/ few million in the bank. 🙂
  7. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. I'll send money in lieu of flowers.
  8. This is how a man dances. One of the best movies ever. It is just so fucked up !!!
  9. Trump has no clue how to deal with China. The proper solution was the Trans Pacific Trade deal that he was too stupid to understand. I do not want my dollars to be worth less. Trump is wrecking our farmers and pork and chicken producers. He does not understand diplomacy, world trade or economics. He is a boor and a dimwitted charletan. Trump is failing the American people, He must be removed!
  10. If my choices are between you and a women? I’d choose Bruce Jenner . Then kill myself
  11. A raped woman generally doesn't have time to use birth control. Where do the Republicans get their idiots these days? They found this one at a hospital, claiming to be a nurse.
  12. You have to admit , it wouldn’t suck to be flawed with a few million in the bank? Mans to be a great dancer too?
  13. Obama didn't sustain high deficits. Obama cut the deficit down to 441 Billion by 2015 and handed it to Trump. The recession caused early Obama deficits. You are claiming in one bad breath that factors affect revenue when Trump's revenue falls. But never mind the Great Recession affected Obama's revenue first term.
  14. Oh hell yes it is. More people have jobs, and the jobs and pay are better. The world was on fire in Obama's second term. terror attacks all the time. ISIS ISIS ISIS. What happened to to them? How about the rioting in America? What happened to that? How about the police getting assassinated ? Why did that stop? The country is way better now than in 2016, I challenge you to refute my points you Obamapoligist
  15. there is NOTHING fiscally conservative about the republiKLAN party....NOTHING
  16. I see him as a human being. With faults. As we all do. You are right about that Scientology-thing. I would starve myself to death, and then stand before God, before I would join those blind idiots. Travolta is also a pilot. A jet pilot. But I don't know his ranking. Some pilots can fly corporate jet, but not a 747. He is a human being. W/ good points and bad. Just like me. 😇
  17. Are you intentionally conflating “Republican” with being fiscally conservative? If you are, you’re being dishonest. If you’re not, you’re not too bright. Either way, you need to tidy it up.
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