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  2. AP. Joe Biden was seen yesterday scampering back into his basement to avoid catching Covid-19. While he left his house for the first time in over two months to enjoy Memorial Day outing with his wife, he is now safely back home. Before that, the last time Biden was seen in public was just before he canceled a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 10, a precautionary move made by Biden amid his coronavirus fear. Just yesterday, a reporter shot this photo of Joe safely back in his basement and tucked in a Covid-19 free corner. When asked what he was doing, Joe explained "I'm working on the electric and communication cables to take my Basement Campaign world wide".
  3. So, everyone who is not incarcerated is able to provide for themselves? Why would they need assistance in the first place, this being the case? What is the purpose of our justice system? Is it not to benefit society?
  4. Sorry, that should have had a question mark. Splunch answered my question, and I hope you agree with him.
  5. Oh please. We don’t know what the military and wars will cost yet we still fund the fuck out of them.
  6. Not an American, just a fan of the concept. I'm a Canadian living in Canada.
  7. Sure... Not that I consider my self representative.. What are you Deplorables gonna do in return?
  8. You Canadian? Do you live in America? I like to read outsider opinions on the state of America.
  9. And here we go.. They fall off their fucking bikes and they are expensive to repair and rehabilitate. Period.
  10. You're talking about the slander or about any criticism of someone who happens to be a minority.
  11. Inmates have no ability to provide for themselves. Once out, they can. Justice needs no "societal benefit" to be valid. It is its own justification.
  12. So, we must stand on principle with no regard for pragmatism? Is that your position? We must not "appease," even when failing to do so can reasonably be expected to make things worse?
  13. It is not intrinsically bigoted to insult a person who is a minority.
  14. it's literally impossible for a coward to earn a bronze star.
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