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  2. They all are ! You can't get rich without fraud, cheat, manipulations and lies ! I'm rich ! Very rich ! Not in the billions, though. It takes one to know one.
  3. Dancing with the Stars.....The Apprentice.....that is rightwinger entertainment.
  4. Soros supports democracy and democratic institutions. He doesn't donate to fascists, which is why Limbaugh, Fox "News," and Republicans hate him.
  5. I'm not sure if he has even driven a car let alone an aircraft.
  6. true but how many female mass shooters have there been ? can you name at least one? I cant
  7. 2019 is on track to be the hottest year on record. Severe heatwaves have scorched countries around the world, Alaska and Greenland and Antarctica are melting, and the Arctic sea ice is fast disappearing. Human caused global warming is rapidly changing the Earth's climate patterns, to the detriment of most of the people on the planet, as well as most of the animal species and many plant species. The evil of those who are trying to block any effctive actions to deal with the climate change crisis for the sake of their short term profits, is beyond measure or sane understanding. This chart shows just how abnormally hot it's been in 2019 World Economic Forum 22 Aug 2019 Katharina Buchholz July 2019 was the warmest month ever recorded on Earth. According to NASA data, the average temperature over the past month was 2.34°C above the average temperature calculated for the years from 1980 to 2015 and used as a reference period for the chart. As seen by the monthly temperatures of selected years since 1880, winter temperature is naturally below the multiyear average of the reference period, which is a single figure showing the average temperature over a long period of time irrespective of seasons. Summer temperatures are naturally above the base period multiyear average but have been diverging further and further from it. While monthly averages increased with every 20-year period, 2019 is another jump up from 2000. It is among the warmest years since the beginning of recorded temperatures and it seems well on its way to breaking the record of hottest year ever. The global data for near-surface temperatures comes from onshore weather stations as well as from ship, buoys and satellite measurements of the oceans. According to scientific findings, the continuing global warming will lead to changes in the strength, frequency, spatial extent and duration of extreme weather events. 2019 heat also had a strong impact on polar ice conditions: The Arctic ice pack reached a historic low in July (19.8% below average), as did the Antarctic ice pack, which reached its smallest extent for July in 41 years of observations. Earth is heating up Image: Statista
  8. I misread the third one as "thrust"... or maybe you left out the H...?
  9. If my tribe is so bad, and so evil, then when why do insist on living around us? Why don't you and your tribe, move back to Africa...…..and live 'happily ever after'? Who is stopping you? Are you a slave....on the Democrat Plantation? Why can't you think for yourself? Infidel?? Did you just call me an infidel?? OK.....I will roll w/ it. Can I be a "honky", too? And a "cracker" ? Heheheheeeeeeee………… Are you a Muslim? Do you vote Democrat? Do you hate the Jews of Israel? Are you standing w/ Omar and Tlaib? I want all white Dems on this site to know....the depth....of your polluted heart. Zarus, You, coming up against me in a debate......or a basketball game...or a gunfight..... is like a boy scout.....coming up against a Mossad Agent. 😎
  10. And the Kochs brothers, the fossil fuel industry, the NRA, and the Polluting corporations prove it every day!!!!
  11. Evading, deflecting, and lying yet again. You are a thief who enabled the rise of Trumpism. You have no ethics or morals. The only "Democrats" you fund are 5th columnists from the far-right/far-left alliance of Our Revolution/"Justice Democrats" and similar dark money orgs. You are a fraud of the very worst kind. 9th Circle of Hell for you. Bill
  12. I'm calling your bluff. START the secession. I will keep my eyes peeled for a news story of your progress!
  13. And thus increasing world population. THAT is exactly what makes them despicable pieces of sh|t ! Without these two bastards (and other "philanthropists") a lot more folks would be no mo. You jerkoff !
  14. Fact filled articles (real journalism) like the following is why Facebook and the left are trying to keep the public from reading what Epoch Times publishes ... https://m.theepochtimes.com/ohr-302-notes-prove-fbi-tried-to-hide-true-source-of-trump-russia-allegations_3051582.html Just saying ...
  15. ha, got it, good one ... Yeah , the marxists in the 1960's sure made a mess of things , forcing the government to close down Psyche wards because they felt the treatment of the mentally ill was cruel and unusual punishment and where did these mentally ill people go? today we are so concerned with their feelings that we ignore the reality , they are causing the problem, and now instead of addressing their mistake, they want to punish us law abiding gun owners are rights because their feelings and rights trumps ours ( pardon the pun) I dont know if NeoConvict was joking around posting this thread or just posting it to see the reaction, either way Mental people dont have the right to bear arms in my opinion, as its a danger to the public or themselves. The last thing I want to see is some whacked out incel who spends hours and hours playing call of duty, who cant laid and gets turned down by a girl and he decides to go all Rambo on us because his widdle feelings were hurt
  16. Ahhh, geeeeeezzzzz! Is this how you debate? Demanding some forum guy to "show us the contract"? As if I'm going to have Hillary's employment contract in my back pocket; or a copy of the policies and procedures handbook. All I said is that IF the obligation exists, it is not some law or statute, but a contractual one. Then, you have to go and accuse me of "blowing smoke"! I'm having a discussion with you. I am explaining where I think the obligation to defend might be found. I am expressing skepticism that a government agency, a Trump controlled government agency, would take it upon themselves to spend money defending Hillary Clinton where it did not have to. That's all. At least I gave you a rational basis for saying that perhaps they do in certain situations. What do you base your opinion on? Furthermore, Clinton has not been indicted, tried and convicted of anything. I think she broke the law too - but that's just my opinion.
  17. Nope. I typically vote Democrat. I just refused to vote for your corporate whore and war enthusiast. I've never "propped up Trump." He's the worst president in the history of our nation.
  18. I wouldn't trust Trump to clean the carpets, let alone pilot a plane.
  19. He was a piece of sh|t no matter what. And so is his brother. Hope it was a painful death . . . and may his bro have one even more painful !
  20. I don’t know. But it was effective. But it was 86’d due to people saying it was inhuman. My thought is this- if you can zap back into life- so Be it . I was re-wiring my house last year, got shocked big time . After I came to. .. felt amazing. This is a joke .. kinda
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