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  2. Alcohol is a cruel master ! https://www.facebook.com/335484068969/videos/315999675990336/
  3. 50+ years ago, when I graduated college, the government spent a lot of money at the college for research. That research money kept the college tuition down, so that I and my parents could afford it, without any loans. And in return, you received the space program, your GPS, your satellite television, etc., etc.. So where is the corporate "personal responsibility"? I worked in "corporate land" for 50+ years, calling it quits this year. Little by little, I saw more, and more deceit by ALL levels of corporate management (I was in management). Half way through my career, I went into management consulting, having been disgusted by what I saw. At least in consulting, I gave my honest opinion, but didn't feel responsible when they screwed the employees and shareholders.
  4. Poor pogorocks ... I guess there is nothing left in his arsenal to counter the facts and logic noted in my last post. He's nothing but a pathetic AGWTruther.
  5. The more he personally attends to a business, the more likely it will fail.
  6. Wow ... there sure are a lot of TDS suffering IDIOTS forecasting (praying for) recession.
  7. I was out of the country when this happend...I guess that is why I missed all hell braking loose: Illegal immigrant found not guilty in Kate Steinle’s killing wants gun conviction dropped The lawyer for the undocumented immigrant who was found not guilty in November 2017 for the 2015 fatal shooting of a woman on the San Francisco pier-- but convicted for illegally possessing a weapon-- has appealed the conviction, arguing that he had fired the gun by accident and "momentary possession" of a gun is not a crime. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 46, a previous felon and undocumented immigrant who served nearly two years for felony re-entry into the U.S. from Mexico, was sentenced to three years in prison for the gun conviction while he awaits deportation.
  8. yer a democrat....you too stupid to remember what you remember....
  9. who cares? the comparison is accurate. A mexican shoots a white kid, all hell would break loose... a muslim shoots a black kid and no one give a fuck.
  10. how is it a fail when clinton was behind it and dems voted for it?
  11. Always fun to watch your fails “evolve.”
  12. I'm waiting for these DHUMOSCHITS to explain why PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is a bad thing!!! You remember, when people were TASKED with TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES, EDUCATING THEMSELVES, AND PAYING FOR THOSE THINGS BEFORE THE "Big screen tv and $1500 cell phones". Oh wait, those are next on the list for government to "pay for".
  13. you need to get your facts straight, they didnt "present" bill clinton with anything since he was one of the democrats pushing for its repeal.
  14. Tell that to the elderly couple that committed suicide for medical bills. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/elderly-couple-found-dead-in-apparent-murder-suicide-left-notes-about-high-medical-bills/
  15. And after Congress had presented him with the veto proof bill as previously mentioned. Note that hat those were Clinton’s comments regarding GS, NOT anything actually approving the Republicans replacement, GLB. Like i said, get your facts straight. Heres the actual clinton statement: It is true that the Glass-Steagall law is no longer appropriate to the economy in which we lived. It worked pretty well for the industrial economy, which was highly organized, much more centralized and much more nationalized than the one in which we operate today. But the world is very different.
  16. I think these are the turkey vultures that migrate from Hinckley, Ohio. Perhaps they could purchase some recordings of dying and tortured vultures and play them on the stereo. That works for some invasive birds.
  17. I hope they had a nice vacation. Memorable at the very least. I bet my blood pressure went down ten points. Thank you, vultures.
  18. after declaring "the glass stegall law is no longer appropriate" he was one of the democrats leading the charge in its repeal
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