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  2. I didn’t have heat electric or water for 6 days this past winter. That’s when I sued my landlord and moved .F THAT
  3. She stated its not a high priority offense... She even stated that she won't prosecute drug dealers..
  4. I lost heat in February once. It was soooo cold. Could not get warm. It was awful. People who complain about global warming have no idea of how much worse the opposite would be.
  5. I recall you posting that the other day- what is her defense on this ? What does she intend to gain by NOT prosecuting ?
  6. In Massachusetts awhile back a DA stated that she will not prosecute shoplifters or people breaking into your house... Can you imagine someone breaking into your house and the DA won't prosecute ? You might as well just give the guy a key
  7. The Baltimore riots were insane- I was there . Talk about some of the most bizarre behavior
  8. Well it was assumed a battery radio of some sort to stay up to date on current events- candles - meh- those lights that go around your head are better . Batteries there too heat? Depending on the season . I can always get warm- hot is when people start getting crazy
  9. Look at what they did to Reginald Denny. how did the Korean store owners keep the looters out?
  10. LA Riots and looters....."There were mothers looking for milk and bread...." Classic from Maxine Waters Rodney King verdict and Los Angeles riots[edit] When south-central Los Angeles erupted in riots—in which 63 were killed—after the Rodney King verdict in 1992, Waters gained national attention when she led a chant of "No justice, no peace" at a rally in the midst of the riot.[28] She also "helped deliver relief supplies in Watts and demanded the resumption of vital services".[29][30] Waters described the riots as a rebellion, saying "If you call it a riot it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable."[31] In her view, the violence was "a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice." In regards to the looting of Korean-owned stores by local black residents, she said in an interview with KABC radio host Michael Jackson: "There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes... They are not crooks."[32]
  11. How do you play music with no power? you need candles, batteries, light and heat. i lived without heat once for 4 days.. it was a nightmare.
  12. There is also a rule or saying that everyone (most people) are two paychecks away from being homeless - or something to that degree
  13. Heineken- awful let him have those. Gin, guns, music, diet ginger ale, water, some nourishment- and I can stay home for days . Read , sleep drink dance. Im an easy person to please
  14. Check our the riots under Rodney King Your friend Maxine Waters defended the looters... Wanna hear what she said?
  15. You need food, medicine, baby stuff if you are burdened with that horror, and booze Everyone assumed he was stealing beers. He may have just been moving his stash to a dry place to consume them. Heineken should have used him in an ad.
  16. sure is a lot of crime in the red states after disasters isn't there...Wow, can't trust anyone
  17. Hey I’ve seen the panic set in first hand during the snow storm- and FLOOD ! Lmao
  18. A famous looter . Insane And I see your point on getting drinks . Makes sense
  19. The rule is about two days without power and you are back to the Stone Age. EMP would do just that.
  20. Nothing funny about procurement of beverages. That man is world famous. Just google the Beer Looter. But yes, en masse looters are retards. Stealing from their neighborhood stores crap they don’t need.
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