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  2. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

  3. sounds legit... sometimes it amazes me how my heart survived as much caffeine as I pumped into it. I really did drink coffee all day long and all night long every single day at sea.
  4. Oh they’ll do their oversight & hold meetings... but at the end of the day, they won’t be able to hold trump accountable in any meaningful way ... at least not while he’s in office.
  5. I'm not going to hold my breath.
  6. "My sources" We know all about yer sources Goofy. Hey potato-boy...did you put the enemy on "ignore" too? LOL
  7. How they painting his face on barbed wire?
  8. The same thing you’re talking about. No. At the time lynch/obama & comey headed the FBI. So they gave permission to hillary to destroy property? Or... did they investigate the incident? And reovered and contrasted many of them. If you have evidence to the contrary... by al means. I’m sure trump would appreciate your assistance. “Rocketman, if you’re listening, I hope you are able to provide evidence to the contrary.” Yes. This a huge story to people who wish to rehash a finished story every time trump trips over his feet. Rocketman, meet dead horse... 🐴 Huh? This is relevant how...? So you don’t believe muellers findings, only his conclusions???? That’s gonna be a tough one to resolve.
  9. I think you'e wrong. Pelosi and the Dems will do what is necessary. I'm worried about the American people, who never seem to understand that the GOP is their enemy!
  10. They've gone from the dems' Russian hoax to Boots & Suits, the crime of the century. LOL
  11. My sources tell me BigSky is living in Ted Kaczynski's old second hand plywood cabin somewhere in the middle of Montana.
  12. She'll be here through the election, then split.
  13. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Yet another Trump supporter arrested for death threats against Democratic Congressmen/women. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/john-kless-death-threats-muslims-racist_n_5cba432de4b06605e3eea883
  14. WillFranklin

    Musings of a Free Man

    Violent rhetoric, like Chuck! and the Republicans engage in, results in threats of violence, and actual violence. Yet another Trump supporter arrested for death threats against Democratic Congressmen/women. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/john-kless-death-threats-muslims-racist_n_5cba432de4b06605e3eea883
  15. Correction, the wall that Mexico is building and paying for.
  16. WTF are you talking about? Are you in another reality? Who runs the DOJ? Who did not prosecute her for statutary violation of the Federal Records Act? stop the lies... they are missing 33,000 of them. This is a huge story, it always has been. Where do you think the the "lock her up " crap came from? The Russia Hoax was designed to hinder Trump's presidency an it did. What is wrong with you?
  17. I don’t expect much from the dems. Rolling over has become an olympic sport to them. They will cower to republican threats that if dems keep pursuing trump, it will hirt dems in 2020. As if republicans are offering up a road map to beat them. No. They just don’t want congress to keep digging so they make up doomsday scenario & dems bite.
  18. she has a mental disorder, you can tell.
  19. great idea...trumps picture all over the wall he is building....awesome.
  20. No one allowed her to do anything. inserting names like comey & obama into subjects doesn’t make whatever scenario you’ve cooked up true. Exactly. Not obama & comey. The FBI did their investigation. Which also probably lost her the election mind you. The FBI recovered a lot of her emails. They also contrasted deleted emails w/ those of recipients of those emails and confirmed no nefarious or ill-natured discussions. I mean, I suppose we can always rehash hillary/obama every time trump does something stupid, but its never going to make trumps action/words okay.
  21. It's a damning report for Trump and the GOP. But it's now up to the Congress and the American people to take action. The Democrats can impeach Trump, but can't convict him, because the corrupt GOP will protect him in the Senate. But the Democrats can and should hold public committee hearings, where the facts of the report are attested to by witnesses, which will educate the American people as to what a criminal and traitor Trump is to America. Then in 2020, the American people will either save their democracy and our national security by voting out Trump and the GOP or we will sink into the abyss of despotism!!!
  22. She's a true believer, that one is
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