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  2. If we can't live in peace w/ each other.....why is it wrong to split-up? If Texas wants to secede, wouldn't that be a blessing to your tribe? And mine? Or did you want to play a little game called---"Cowboys and Indians"? Would that assuage....your hurt feelings.....over that slavery-thing? 😯
  3. Too funny, so you think I’m running from the truth, good for you! So Tell me, in which of your undergraduate classes did they teach you the fine art of psychoanalysis through reading posts on a forum? This is an amazing skill you have, you really should market it.
  4. Gabbard is a closet right winger. She has no business in the Democratic party.
  5. Btw who wrote the dumb captIon which seems to be the source of your misinformation ? AGAIN NOT ALL GUNS, ASSAULT WEAPONS FAT BOY I ORDER YOU TO RESPOND. (into the zero college Texas communication now)
  6. I think that anyone who is willing to blow themselves up is mentally ill. Possibly from some form of trauma or brainwashing, but certainly mentally ill.
  7. Rodolfo Montoya, 37, from Huntington Beach. Sounds like a Mexican possibly related to Tony "Scarface" Montoya
  8. Yes, keep running from the truth. You are in decline. And you have no technological advance to stop it. Nothing.
  9. Paul Krugman: Trump is ‘disintegrating before our eyes’ as stocks plunge and the presidents barks orders to US companies https://www.rawstory.com/2019/08/paul-krugman-trump-is-disintegrating-before-our-eyes-as-stocks-plunge-and-the-presidents-barks-orders-to-us-companies/
  10. Its not race baiting. You cant handle the raw truth. Your kind is facing genocide. Its happening faster than you think too. Now tell me what weapon is gonna match the World Order. You only have about 20 years left, and then it all falls down. It might be before then with all these White Women sleeping with Black Men.
  11. You can't parse a sentence to prove it says what you claim... So your only option is simply to invent something even more stupid... Because otherwise... it looks as though you are simply airing your complete lack of intellect
  12. Well lets check the facts. I dont think you wanna view the unemployment rates we had in 1996, 1997, and in 1998 up until Bush of course. Lets go there shall we.
  13. Oh, boo hoo. The violent extremist thief has gone into hiding. Whatever will I do? Bill
  14. Yeah we know your a small minded fool. And I bet you have no idea what they are doing to you right now to cause your culture to decline.
  15. Hey BOZO...American Jobs went to China in a BIG WAY under your Invented 'GOD' and Myth senile raygun...small town America closed down during the 80s...along with the small farmer
  16. typical piece of shit lying race baiter The chances that anyone will take you seriously here at this point fall somewhere between "no chance whatsoever" and HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  17. Touche, cowgirl. I have a statistician in my family. He works in high-dollar finance. Investments and such. Money is his God,...…..but not mine. I think they call him a 'quantitative researcher". 🙂
  18. Hey zarus ... you still pushing the false claims that Clinton left the White House with the highest approval rating of any US President and that he had a budget surplus?
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