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  2. No one allowed her to do anything. inserting names like comey & obama into subjects doesn’t make whatever scenario you’ve cooked up true. Exactly. Not obama & comey. The FBI did their investigation. Which also probably lost her the election mind you. The FBI recovered a lot of her emails. They also contrasted deleted emails w/ those of recipients of those emails and confirmed no nefarious or ill-natured discussions. I mean, I suppose we can always rehash hillary/obama every time trump does something stupid, but its never going to make trumps action/words okay.
  3. It's a damning report for Trump and the GOP. But it's now up to the Congress and the American people to take action. The Democrats can impeach Trump, but can't convict him, because the corrupt GOP will protect him in the Senate. But the Democrats can and should hold public committee hearings, where the facts of the report are attested to by witnesses, which will educate the American people as to what a criminal and traitor Trump is to America. Then in 2020, the American people will either save their democracy and our national security by voting out Trump and the GOP or we will sink into the abyss of despotism!!!
  4. She's a true believer, that one is
  5. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Trump approval rating hits new 2019 low after Mueller Report release. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/439832-trump-approval-drops-to-2019-low-after-mueller-reports-release-poll
  6. It is obvious to me... you’re the one playing games pretending you aren’t for the abolition of capitalism
  7. My advice to Trump..."It's better to remain silent and be thought an idiot...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Major League Baseball and the National Football League have been doing it for years, to the delight of fans everywhere: teams around the leagues wear throwback uniforms dating back to the origins of their franchise for special occasions or anniversaries. Now, the US Army is finalizing its decision to bring back a throwback uniform of its own in homage to the WWII Army—the WWII-era officer’s uniform colloquially known as “pinks and greens.” The original WWII Army officer’s winter service uniform consisted of a dark olive-drab gabardine wool coat with a sewn-on cloth belt (greens) and light-shade drab trousers (pinks). The brim of the service cap and service shoes were Army russet brown. Enlisted personnel of the era wore a far less flashy uniform; both trousers and service coat were of a medium olive-drab shade. The new incarnation of pinks and greens will be available to all ranks and will serve in the same fashion as the dress green uniform that was phased out in 2015. The current dress-blue uniform will revert back to an optional uniform worn on formal occasions. Based on photos of the prototype, the new uniform looks remarkably close to the original. The final version will incorporate many variations of the uniform that were present during World War II. For example, flight crews were authorized to remove the stiffener from the crown of the service cap to facilitate the use of headphones while wearing it. The resulting effect gave the cap a “crushed” look, which ultimately led aircrews to refer to that particular piece of headgear as the “crusher cap.” It quickly became a status symbol among aircrews as iconic as their silver wings and leather flight jackets. From the photos I’ve seen, the current prototype service cap appears to be styled as a “crusher.” According to Matthew Cox at Military.com, the Army is also considering making a WWII-styled leather flight jacket as well as a shortened “Ike” service jacket available to soldiers for purchase as alternate uniform items. The adoption of the new uniform is the Army’s attempt to remind the the American public of a time when pride in its Army was at a peak, according to Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel Dailey. In my opinion, Dailey’s logic for the change seems sound. The US Marine Corps has clung to its WWII service uniforms with very minimal changes over the years, and has thus avoided the identity crisis that many other service branches seem to suffer. By August 1945, the US Army was over eight million strong and had fought victoriously in some of the largest and bloodiest campaigns in the history of its existence. Why would you change that uniform in the first place? It would be like the New York Yankees getting rid of their pinstripes, wouldn’t it? Well, according to a 1954 issue of The Quartermaster Review, the change from the WWII olive-drab “Class A” uniform to the dress green service uniform occurred because of a vast surplus of uniforms. Laborers were using them as cheap work clothes; even prisons were using them to clothe inmates. The Army adopted the dress green uniform simply to reinstall pride among the ranks of the post-WWII Army. Seventy-five years after World War II, the days of laborers and prisoners wearing WWII-era uniforms have long passed. Kudos to Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey and Chief of Staff General Mark Milley for bringing back the classic.
  8. The hoax on Trump is two part crime, the first part of the crime was covering up what she did. The second part was taking out Trump
  9. personreal

    What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia?

    Trump warned the Russians and it worked. Obama...not so much...
  10. Who allowed HIllary to destroy her emails from the state department? who gave the people permission to destroy the devices? Who gave all the people involved immunity, Dow to the tech who bleachbitted the server?
  11. Share some law, socialist administrative authority law (communist) or sharia law, its all American as apple pie. Trending: The Daily Caller Defends Sharia Law: It’s “As American As Apple Pie” The IRA is the company responsible for the “Russian internet trolls” that produced and promoted content meant to sway the results of the election. And in their communications, they make it clear that it isn’t just President Trump they support, but also Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. >>>>>>>This means that many of the supporters for Sanders’ massive campaign that nearly defeated Hillary Clinton could simply be trolls, according the fake news narrative of the last 2.5 years.<<<<<<<<<< It is unlikely that many media outlets will spend much time discussing this, as the narrative appears to have already been made that it is Trump that Russians wanted elected https://bigleaguepolitics.com/mueller-report-reveals-russia-backed-bernie-sanders-will-cnn-cover/
  12. TrumpBGoneSoon

    What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia?

    Obama is the reason we're in Syria, Not Trump.
  13. Reality never pivoted away from Hillary. She is the guilty one...not Trump. No offense...but you really are in denial.
  14. TrumpBGoneSoon

    What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia?

    It's in the Mueller report. Trump is getting reports daily about Russia being involved in the 2020 election. &nbsp;
  15. I would have to agree about most of the righties on here... I find bigsky to be different, however. He is a lot smarter and funnier and more clearly tongue-in-cheek than the rest.
  16. that's funny....I just did a job for a retired navy guy....he remodeled his basement and I was hired to put carpet in it....while we were going over the job he had his thumb in his belt loop and this big mug in his hand...his mug was like a Thriftway mug....occasionally he would lift it up and take a sip...and then back to the waist line it would go.... he retired navy and said he has had a coffee cup in his hand his entire career...
  17. Pivoting to hillary isn’t going to change anything. Commendable effort though.
  18. Team Hillary worked with Russians and PAID them for a fake dossier to undermine our president. Now that the dems' hoax has been revealed...what are yer plans for the future?
  19. Duck615


    LMFAO your worthless opinion kunt
  20. Why not? how does one pay for and get a huge tv under social anarchism?
  21. I used to get so little sleep that, when I woke up for mid watches, I would swallow four No-doz pills just to get the eyes opened.... and then, there'd be coffee in my cup non-stop all watch long. And I NEVER used soap in my cup. I still have my cup that I got when I was serving with the UN... and I then took it with me when to my next shore station stateside and then on to an aircraft carrier tour, and it STILL has never had soap in it.... it's one of those standard navy mugs with command logos on them.. kinda creamy white in color...but the inside is totally BLACK.
  22. I'm not saying that is not happening but show me some proof that Russia is still interfering and what are they interfering with? If that is the case, as you are contending, then what is Congress doing about Russian interference? Didn't hear anything about Russian interference in the 2018 elections since dim-0-crpas regained the House. Hmmm... Can't have it both ways...
  23. Yes...it's official now. That fat lady swings...
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