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  2. Our Revolution was at the forefront of suppressing the Democratic vote. What-the-hell are you talking about? Many of the main figures in the 2020 BS campaign/Our Revolution were Jill Stein voters who then (and now) attack Democrats. Members of our party will never forget what you all did in electing Trump. Shame on you! Do you see that BS in now in 5th place and sinking in South Carolina? He is an anathema in our party. And you are a fool. Bill
  3. Personally, I was against eric holder’s subpoena blockade. However, an IG would conclude no evidence to suggest Obama or Holder were responsible and/or privy to the FF debacle. trump however is obstructing any attempt at transparent oversight. And the prosecutor for trump found corroboration & obstruction. But due to the POTUS privileged position, no one can (or will) bring the POTUS to justice whilst in office.
  4. Hillary was out of touch will some of her own base...they walked away.
  5. Well, you either make cuts or raise revenue, dopey. What did Obama do?
  6. splunch likes to talk about Fox News and than wonders why the ultraliberal agenda driven media is reporting this riot: NY POST: Footage shows hundreds of migrants occupying French airport terminal https://nypost.com/2019/05/19/footage-shows-hundreds-of-migrants-occupying-french-airport-terminal/ The Daily Mail: Hundreds of migrants occupy France's Charles de Gaulle airport, demand to meet the Prime Minister and call for an end to deportations https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7049815/Hundreds-migrants-occupy-Frances-Charles-Gaulle-airport-call-end-deportations.html
  7. Oh, you mean hillarious's missing emails appeared in wikileaks? Or was it the dnc emails that were given to wikileaks and leaked? We do not think the dnc emails were hacked by russia, we think they were given to wikileaks by a dnc insider, that was killed 2 days later by execution. When the keystone cops (fbi) came to the dnc to get the server that was supposed to have been hacked, the dnc said they would not give that computer to the keystone cops (fbi). Instead of getting a court order for the server, they just left and said nothing more of the problem. The server would have proven that nobody hacked into the dnc computer, russia, or china, or g britain, or sauie arabia, or israel or france or anybody. THIS IS ANOTHER GOOD LOOK AT WHAT OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE LOOKS LIKE. Trump asks russia and others in front of the entire country to help him get more of hillarious's destroyed emails AND the DNC tells the keystone cops (fbi) to shove it up their noses. Which one is clear obstruction?
  8. personreal

    NPC University

    Yep...posted that one on this thread too.
  9. No....birth control is 99.5-99.9% effective..... And No....that's not my argument, dummy. The debate should be responsibility...Why are you libtards so afraid of responsibility???? Because if people were responsible and self supporting, they wouldn't need you gargantuan government. 😂
  10. king of the county

    Romney Backs Trump After GOP Rep Calls for Impeachment

    Yes surprised us all
  11. Thank you for your efforts to secure a second term for Mr. Trump.
  12. It doesn't have anything to do with whether or not it's legal. If they need somebody else to pay the bills, they need somebody else to make the decisions.
  13. Imgreatagain

    Dontlooknow- has lost his mind

    Actually - it’s not. It really reveals a lot about people on this forum. i’ve had it up to my eyeballs with liars, hypocrites and bs artist . That goes for right and Left I’m fine with blocking people .
  14. Phoenix68

    Iran For Idiots

  15. Old Mack

    NPC University

    How about this one ?
  16. Wrong. I send money to ONE group, one that despises Trump. Get that, you fucking idiotic stalker?!?!?! WE DESPISE Trump. We did exactly NOTHING to help Trump, you repetitive lying pile of dog shit. We just didn't help Shrillary. The problem is your party put up a hideous candidate.....absolutely wretched. That's your fault. Plus, you made the miscalculation that everyone would vote for her anyway. They didn't. They still won't. So go fuck yourself.
  17. If there is a reason that mueller did not leak sensitive information to the house I can think of 2. 1) his sensitive information was a nothingburger. Theres my favorite word. 2) he didn't dare to leak like he had during sessions time as da, because now he was dealing with Barr, and he knew that Barr would find him out and cuff him in the pokey.
  18. Life is about the decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions. If they parents CHOOSE to do drugs and cannot support the children without the assistance, then place the kids in the foster system. Obviously the parents don't put them first anyway. As for the last sentence...if a clean test is added as a qualifier, those people would no longer qualify.
  19. Literally none of the leaked emails came from Hillary's private server. None. I have seen no compelling evidence that the dnc emails sent to Wikileaks weren't the product of an insider leak rather than a hack.
  20. US MSM hates news that doesn't fit a narrative and talking points...... if you are so interested, then research it!! See you are a "talking point" victim of the Elite Billionaire owned Fake News Network
  21. . 100% correct. But radical liberal leftists (that'd be ALL of them) will bend backwards and suckle at their ownassholes to deny that OBVIOUS fact
  22. Exactly. If nothing else Trump is showing Americans that too much power in the federal government isn't wise. This is a lesson already well known by conservatives. Perhaps Trump will let them see the value of limited government?
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