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  2. YEP, that's what I've been hearing too !! The FIRST real evidence that Obama was involved, and ORCHESTRATING the whole thing !! NOT good for Obama, and NOT good for the Democrats !! AND, THIS is a game that we are just in the 1st or 2nd inning of !! Still LOTS of more fun to come... AND the score is already about 10-0 !!
  3. your old saying came from a global progressive in the mid 19th century, Samuel Clemens. an artist of vocabulary filling brains with whatifisms same technique you're using in this thread...
  4. Yep, I heard Comey was conducting clandestine surveillance of Trump, without any justification, and LYING to Trump about it while he was doing it... The SOB thought he was j. Edger Hoover !! Horowitz evidently has ALL of the information, and it WILL be in his report... LETS SEE if all the leaked information that's been coming out about the Horowitz Investigation is RIGHT ? HA!! I'll tell you ONE thing... the information tat;s been coming out thru Hanity, and Rush, and the other Conservative talk show hosts CERTAINLY has been a LOT more accurate that ANYTHING that the FAKE News Media has been coming up with about TRUMP !! Seems like the Conservative information is from LEGITIMATE sources, wanting to get the information OUT... and the FAKE News sources has been about spinning a FAKE Narrative that they HOPE comes true !! BUT, NEVER DOES !!
  5. According to your article, we shouldn't have free speech.
  6. Quoting from the report: "this report does not allege the President committed a crime". Dumbass bitch.
  7. He isn't necessarily uneducated. And he's not necessarily a lass. You're dealing with paid Russian trolls. I wish you'd remove your head from your ass Laughin. I agree with your overall philosophies - but not your approach.
  8. Looks like the whole cabal is coming down. Comey will be enjoyable because he's such an arrogant prick... much like McCabe.
  9. Somebody on MSNBC. So, in a way Chuck it was by MSNBC. They invited the guest. Dr.joeb has a question. Do you or do you not believe Spanky should be indicted after he is no longer occupying the presidency? Hundreds of prosecutors think so. Does Chuck have enough understanding of the facts in Mueller's report to make a rational decision on this point? At this point Chuck seems to be a mugwump on all issues. He never seems to have a st and on anything like Dr.joeb does. Is Chuck afraid to make a stand on anything? The old saying goes... It is better to remain silent than to remove all doubt about ones ability to think. Could that be Chuck's philosophy on his ability to make cogent arguments?
  10. I keep hearing / reading these ultraliberals saying Trump is a racist / Trump hates homosexuals...we need to impeach Trump. BUT they never offer any real details of why they say it or think it. WTF !
  11. Kellyanne Conway committed numerous violations of the Hatch Act. Contempt of Congress is the least of what she has coming.
  12. Nothing but childish spam from the spammerPUNK since he is TOO STUPID TO ADDRESS THE FACTS https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/03/one-part-of-greenland-ice-growing/ NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project has revealed Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier, the island’s biggest, is actually growing, at least at its edge. In research published Monday in Nature Geoscience, researchers report that since 2016, Jakobshavn’s ice has thickened slightly, thanks to relatively cool ocean waters at its base—which have caused the glacier to slow down its melt. This reverses the glacier’s 20-year trend of thinning and retreating. But because of what else is happening on the ice sheet, and the overall climate outlook, that’s not necessarily a good thing for global sea level. That's because, despite the fact that this particular glacier is growing, the whole Greenland ice sheet is still losing lots and lots of ice. Jakobshavn drains only about seven percent of the entire ice sheet, so even if it were growing robustly, mass loss from the rest of the ice sheet would outweigh its slight expansion. It may sound a bit confusing, but that’s because the reality of climate change isn’t a straight line, say NASA researchers. THIS based on the SAME STUDY your cited. Which is why your Norway anomaly is also meaningless as to global warming You didn't read or address this last time and you wont THIS TIME EITHER because you are TOO STUPID to understand this issue all you will do is MORE cut and paste SPAM because you are a childish PUNK and too STUPID to do anything else. All you pathetic gamerPUNKS are the same STUPID petty and childish
  13. SURE you are. DANCE Treason Monkey DANCE EVERYBODY sees you are a GUTLESS COWARD who knows he is TOO STUPID to even TRY to ADDRESS THE FACTS All you Treason Monkeys are too STUPID to address facts that's why you are PUNKS being a troll takes no intellect
  14. Not only did he get fired, but his buddy who 'Liked' the post was terminated as well.
  15. Treason Monkeys are SO pathetic. They cant ANSWER the FACTS that show the investigation is legitimate but they just keep pushing their DELUSIONAL FANTASY that it wasnt. most likely while sobbing about the last hundred times they were told the Dems were just about to get mass arrested and IT NEVER HAPPENED my GOD they are stupid and easy to make fools out of
  16. Well, well, well... here we are. Guess who sits on the House Oversight Committee? We all know that Elijah Cummings chairs the committee, but the true power behind the scenes is none other than AOC. The same AOC that Kellyanne mocked by saying that she was in a 'catfight' with Nancy Pelosi. The same AOC that she dishonestly portrayed as not voting for the border funding bill for economic reasons. She failed to mention that the bill did not include essential protections for children, and that is the real reason AOC didn't endorse it. Consider your ass in contempt, Kellyanne. Payback's a bitch. Some people have to learn the hard way. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-oversight-schedules-thursday-vote-to-hold-kellyanne-conway-in-contempt/ar-AAEInTj?ocid=spartanntp (Full article at above link) The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Monday officially scheduled a vote for later in the week to hold White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in contempt of Congress after she failed to comply with a subpoena to testify about her repeated Hatch Act violations. The panel will hold a business meeting on Thursday where lawmakers will vote on whether to hold Conway in contempt. The move comes amid an ongoing battle between Democrats and the White House over compliance with congressional oversight investigations. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Oversight committee sought Conway's testimony on two separate hearings in recent weeks about her violations of the Hatch Act, which bars White House employees from speaking about elections in their official capacity. After Conway did not appear voluntarily for testimony last month, the committee voted almost entirely along party lines to subpoena her. She did not comply with the subpoena, with the White House asserting she was immune from testifying. Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said at the time he would vote to hold Conway in contempt if she did not testify by July 25. The Oversight committee has sought Conway's testimony after the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) found she violated the Hatch Act multiple times and showed disregard for her actions. OSC recommended President Trump fire Conway, but he has said he will not discipline his longtime aide. The Oversight committee voted last month to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas. The panel will also vote at Thursday's meeting to authorize Cummings to subpoena records in the committee's investigation into the use of personal emails by White House staffers for official business. The White House has not produced any requested documents in the probe, Cummings said.
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