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  2. That's a lot of presumptions.. I done this with you before..it was a waste of my time... You aren't in a position to question my good faith.
  3. You got my link, lying sack of shit. Don't like my resources? Go fuck your mother.
  4. Since the dawn time, some men have 'chosen' to be warriors for their tribe. It is called....Tribalism. You will not fight for your college football team. But I will. You will not fight for your country in the Olympics. But I will. You will not fight for your country in war. But I will. You will not fight for your race, the White Tribe. But I will. You will not fight for your religion. But I will. One of us carries a 'patriotic heart'. And one us.........does not. I will let you decide which..................(Einstein)...............😎...🍺.
  5. OK. My bad. I was born with birth defects to both hands, requiring multiple surgeries at age 4. I have had additional procedures since, and I often mistype. I'm probably overly sensitive to criticism of typing errors. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and apologize for assuming you were playing grammar nazi. I assumed that you should have understood my meaning based on context. I will concede that the assumption was not necessarily reasonable.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/us/david-dorn-st-louis-police-shot-trnd/index.html Because his name is Dorn... Fucking gddamned moron.
  7. I don't think we're understanding each other. I want the opinion of a fair-minded liberal on the info Tucker presented in the video. I suspect that some liberals will be reluctant to comment on it because, in my opinion, the info does a few things: 1. Shows that instances of unarmed black men being killed by cops is quite few. 2. Shows that most interactions that result in unarmed black men being killed by cops involve the suspect attacking the police in some manner. 3. Shows that in most of the cases where an unarmed black man was killed, if he had NOT attacked the police and still ended up dead, the police officers were charged. Since you're obviously reluctant to comment on the info, I'm willing to answer a question of your choice that, in your opinion, I would be reluctant to answer. If you're not interested in commenting honestly on the video, say so now and we can stop wasting time.
  8. Bikers have various mandatory high inflation commie styled insurance and mostly get hit by dumb bad words driving cars, i was riding with my brother when he accelerated up in front of me but i held back for some reason and a car pulled out, he did a handstand off the handle bars flying almost as high as the street light and coming back down landing beginning with the back of his hand and doing a roll across his upper back over to his other arm and doing a few tumbles, no broken bones, he missed a day of work. The esp was with me that day, big fish stories I suppose.
  9. They weren't doing it in the name of social justice.. They were opportunists, soon they will be felons - here's hoping they meet with people who thought kindly of their victim.
  10. Dude, If you didn't want it thrown into the stands, why put that weak shit up? Caveat: Give me Talking Points, better expect them in return.
  11. Dude. I just wanted to know what the fuck you were saying. I wasn’t correcting
  12. How often do you hear me say anything in regards to God or religion? Rarely . this Isa political forum . Not Sunday school
  13. Food stamps... I applaud your ability to distract from the topic with petty criticism of typing errors. Well done. I shall now slink away, hanging mt head in shame. EDIT: NB4 "What is mt?" I suppose I will not get off lightly for the second offense...
  14. ultraliberals believe in free speech / freedom of expression just as long as you agree with them. https://davidharrisjr.com/rich/twitter-pulls-trump-campaign-video-of-president-showing-empathy-for-peaceful-protesters/
  15. No harm, until you oblige people to indulge it. Unfortunately, you pious clowns can't keep it to yourselves..
  16. The people who are looting are doing so out of frustration. I'm not excusing their behavior -- I don't think it's right to loot, and I don't think they think it's right to loot either. But they are frustrated. Frustrated with Capitalism, frustrated with a failure to change anything, frustrated with businesses that refuse to give back to the community. What the media hasn't mentioned is that police are exacerbating the situation. And the media themselves is exacerbating it as well. After all, which gets more coverage: A peaceful protest, or looting and rioting? And police take a hard stance against peaceful protesters, which then encourages people to react. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the killing of unarmed black people by police, he was blacklisted from the NFL. The President of the United States called him all sorts of nasty names. When LeBron James spoke out, Laura Ingraham told him to "Shut up and Dribble". When Drew Brees spoke out in favor of the flag, however, Laura Ingraham praised him. Funny how she didn't tell him to shut up and throw the ball. People see that. They also see that when they shout as loud as they can, that nothing gets done. People shouted for years from the rooftops about the problem with Baltimore Police. Police aren't helping matters either. They show up in riot gear, and intimidate peaceful protesters. Then they ignore the looters. They run into peaceful protesters with their car, then sit and watch as people loot. They push a 75-year old man to the ground protesting peacefully. They make comments like Katie Crews did, wishing harm on protesters. These cops are disgraceful, and the response has been disgraceful. And of course you have our "President" who isn't making matters better, either. And you can say they should vote. But democrats haven't fixed the problems. Nobody has. And that we'll do a better job isn't good enough. There needs to be real change. Which includes a more community-policing response to protests, rather than showing up in riot gear and talking about putting down peaceful protesters and shoving them down.
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