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  2. What is wrong with you? Are you not able to read? Your side was in the wrong. Trump fought back and didn't even use the powers he had. You have reading issues.
  3. The hottest summer I recall in Texas was 1980......according to my math, that was 39 years ago.
  4. Yeah. 4th hotter is more colder than the previous years... What does that mean?
  5. Which is why Trump needs to be impeached.
  7. he can do that too!!! LMAO... they gave the President these power for a reason. They did so the opposing party could not use the justice system to pin down the POTUS. Which is exactly what this was. Your side tried to take out the President and you harmed the country by doing it.
  8. Don't you LOVE the way the SHlTSTAINS spin that the 4th "hottest" isn't cooling down?? No really. ROFLMAO!!!
  9. Racist So much to work with in this one. What is it you hate? IS it the uppity Negros who dare to own guns for their own defense that pisses you off? Is it the idea of Black children being raised knowing how to operate and handle guns safely that pisses you off? Or is it the idea of a black father actually being involved and raising his children that pisses you off? Wouldn't you be happier if he were clear out of the picture? What a racist you turned out to be! Only for felonies. If you don't believe me, try arresting the next person you see possessing pot. I don't belong to a militia, but I am friends with a couple. They are all braggadocious about this charge because they both use background checks on all their members, so this couldn't ever happen to them. "Don't train with felons!" has been their war cry. So, there's that
  10. tech guy was the fruitcake who started this thread and called Trayvon a honor student in the OP.
  11. NO..she picked up the contract after the republicans stopped funding it. And Fusion GPS was not a Russian company.
  12. There is more to civility than not calling names. Being dishonest is NOT being civil. Several trolls here aren't calling you names but they are also not HONESTLY dealing with any issue. They will ask questions to waste your time, They will say you WON'T deal with a point you DID deal with then when you deal with it AGAIN they will just claim you didn't again. They will dishonestly frame an issue then when you point that out just keep misrepresenting it and trying to discuss the issue based ON the strawman. When you point something out they will DODGE the issue and no matter how many times you MAKE the point they will dodge spin or do anything BUT deal with that point. The trolls who are just childish PUNKS doing nothing but be annoying and provocative like BluePUNK or EJ are not skilled trolls. They are just children being children. The mental age of a toddler That doesnt mean the trolls who have a false mask of civility really ARE being civil or more importantly what they are NOT DOING is trying to be part of the kind of political dialogue adults should be looking for. One that could lead to a dialectic
  13. The fisa warrants big problem FBI agents were politicized big problem doj had issues problem
  14. Old Mack

    Black Culture

    No BUT below is: Ya know...this is why people who live in da Hood live in da Hood. Trayvon was high on rap music and thought he was in a hip hop video. According to the law he brutally attack zimmy and got what his hand called for. People in da Hood still wanna think Tray was a victim. Tray was a victim of himself and his prejudice.
  15. Deadric

    “Easter Worshippers”

    It is the fact that they can’t bring themselves to say the word, Christians; but could easy say “our prayers for the Muslims”. Or the fact that they could not straight up call it Islamic terrorism, but could easily call out white nationalism. Look at all these lefties, do you think it is a coincidence that not a single one used “Christians”, but everyone use the same phrase?
  16. benson13

    Are You Tired of Being BLACK ?

    Sign Up https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org/
  17. Fun Fact #1 Trump doesn't need anyone to fire Mueller, he could have done it himself. Fun Fact #2 Mueller didn't get fired.
  18. We are divided and have been since the 1960s or longer. Parties no longer debate on how best to further the country. They debate politically divisive issues like gay rights, abortion, and the fantasy of systemic racism. Neither party's free from blame. Liberals have long been socialist. After Obama some are comfortable promoting global nationless communism. Liberals that try to repeat a Rush or Hannity comes across shrill and bitchy. Air America didn't stay on the air long. Liberal policies are better presented in comedy than angry radio talking heads. Liberal ideas lend themselves remarkably well to comedy. See Carlin, Hicks, Schumer. Most comedians are hard core liberals.
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