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  2. Talking to oneself ^^^ and pretending that most care... comical.
  3. I wonder how long it takes before all the idiot libs cowardly run away like they always do when I participate in a thread? I bet we don't get more than a couple of further responses from these nimrods before I have to start bumping. Let's see how my prediction plays out...
  4. I reserve drinking beer for Friday nights but this may have to be the exception tonight.
  5. So why the hell are you in favor of moronic MW laws that will make many of the lowest-skilled workers, especially the black ones, completely unemployed and thus not only will they not be making your precious "living wages", but they will be making "no wages", dunce? I don't know about Elton, but I can definitively say that I would be just as opposed to government setting a high MW for CEO's as I am for them setting a MW for unskilled workers. If the people paying the CEO want to voluntarily give their CEO a 40% raise, and no force or fraud is involved, then it would be none of my fucking business or concern. Likewise, if some employer wants to voluntarily overpay their unskilled workers with massive amounts of charity, and no force or fraud is involved, then that would also be none of my fucking business or concern.
  6. Just one question, sir. What is the unemployment figure today? 3.9? Did you think, that your little, chicken-sht graph was going to change that fact? That is what Warren is trying to sell. And it flies over...…..like a lead balloon. I guess....you lose again, Dem-boys.
  7. So how the hell do these supposedly evil, greedy employers keep another company (what is known as a "competitor" in basic economics terminology) from stealing their workers away from them with slightly higher wages to "hoard" most of those profits for themselves? And what is stopping a third company from doing the same thing to that company? And what is to stop a fourth company from doing the same thing to the third? And what is to keep this from going on and on and on until the workers are being paid fairly close to the value they are providing?
  8. Lining up more than 40 hours before an event in the heat/humidity of Orlando does not indicate dedication to me. It says that they are incredibly bored and a bit masochistic.
  9. Well, I knew they were morons......but standing for a whole day in 83 degree heat, with thunderstorms adding to the already killer Florida humidity, just to see a lying con-man feed them more bullshyt really proves just how extremely retarded they truly are.
  10. I will ask you the same question I have asked proponents of moronic MW laws over and over and over and over and over and over, with not one single rational response yet- So for the people that can't earn a high enough wage fairly, because of their inexperience, lack of skills, or some other reason, and society decides that they should be subsidized in some way as a result, why the hell do you idiot libs want to arbitrarily assign the responsibility of providing this subsidy to their employer? Employers are not adopting these people, they are simply an entity with which the workers are making an economic transaction. So why the hell should they have to give the workers any more in pay than the value the workers are providing to them? Why shouldn't the responsibility of providing a subsidy/charity to these people belong to society as a whole, to be collected and distributed in the fairest and most efficient manner possible? The next idiot lib that favors moronic MW laws that gives anything even slightly resembling a rational answer to this simple question will be the very first I have ever seen do so. I can only surmise you believe this way because this is what your masters told you when they were brainwashing the hell out of you, and you just blindly accept it like good little weak-minded sheep. Can you be the one to break the trend? Good luck.
  11. One of the reasons that there has been a lack of urgency to increase is that the average wage in most states exceeds the minimum wage by quite a margin.
  12. Those are some pretty good contortions. The language of the amendment is clear. There is no individual right.
  13. ConConfounder

    Indicators of a Warming World

    Has anybody else noticed that BeACretin is always addressing his crackpot drivel to "folks"??? Since almost nobody pays any attention to his fraudulent denier cult drivel, except to debunk it, he is obviously talking to the host of fleas, scabies, bedbugs, and internal parasites that infest his body. It is actually a denier cult tactic to try to point to some previous (but not as serious) examples of some aspect of the rapid global warming or its consequent accelerating catastrophic climate changes and sneer at the new records being set. Of course, natural variability in climate and weather in the past producd some unusually extreme measurements from time to time, but now those previous extremes are not only being exceeded, they are now happening much more frequently than in the pre-industrial era. So the troll BeACretin points to a high temperature of 122 in Phoenix in 1992.....and yes, Cretin, global warming was already happening in 1992. He mentions that there were previous high temperatures in various places (like Death Valley! LOLOL). And he tries very desperately to try to get people to ignore the fact that the article he is moronically trying to respond to was talking about temperatures in Kuwait reaching 126.5 degrees F. in the shade and 145.4 degrees F. in the direct sunlight....with a prediction from that country's meteorologists that temperatures will very likely reach 154.4 degrees F. next month in July. But, according to the Cretin, everything is normal and there is no global warming. LOLOLOLOL. BeACretin mentioned a previous high temperature record in Argentina in 1920. Here's what happened there earlier this year in the Southern Hemisphere summer..... Record-shattering, 'unprecedented' heat scorches Australia, Chile and Argentina Doyle Rice, USA TODAYPublished February 8, 2019 While we've been shivering up here, folks in the Southern Hemisphere have been baking in all-time record summertime heat. Records have been set recently in Australia, Chile and Argentina, sparking wildfires and exacerbating droughts. In Australia, the heat was so intense it caused bats to fall from trees and snakes to seek refuge in people’s toilets, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Capital Weather Gang. Overall, it was the hottest January in Australia ever recorded, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported. The heatwaves there were "unprecedented in their scale and duration," the bureau said. One remarkable record was set in Port Augusta, Australia, which soared to 121 degrees. That's the hottest temperature ever recorded at a coastal location in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Weather Underground meteorologist Bob Henson. Late in the month, folks in Wanaaring endured Australia's all-time hottest night, when the overnight temperature only dropped to a sweltering 97.9 degrees. The merciless heat has intensified droughts in several parts of Australia, the bureau said. More: 250 dead, $91 billion in damages: 2018 was a catastrophic year for U.S. weather; 4th-warmest for globe More: Global warming predicted to melt massive Himalayan glaciers, disrupt food production Across the Pacific, at the far southern tip South America, the tiny town of Porvenir, Chile, soared to 90.5 degrees earlier this week. This may have been the Earth's most southerly 90-degree temperature on record. “Heat this high on the southern tip of South America is unprecedented,” wrote Guy Walton, an Atlanta meteorologist who tracks weather records. The heat in Chile sparked a number of wildfires this week. The fires have killed two people and burned thousands of acres, AFP reported. Elsewhere in South America, temperatures topped 100 degrees in Perito Morino in Argentina, an all-time record high, the Capital Weather Gang said. And despite the recent polar vortex invasion up here in the U.S., the global temperature in 2018 was the fourth-hottest on record, scientists announced earlier this week. Overall, the past five years have been the five warmest years since records began in the late 1800s, both NOAA and NASA said. Heat will continue to be the Earth's major weather story in the future, as the globe warms due to human activity: Heatwaves and other extreme weather "are likely" to persist as a "consequence of accelerating climate change," a report from the World Meteorological Organization said last year.
  14. So not only are you a complete ignoramus, you are apparently too damn stupid to be educated, as I have repeatedly explained the idiocy of your monopolies & cartel bullshit theories numerous times and you keep on using them anyway. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  15. Disney is considering not filming in Georgia because of the Heartbeat bill but they have no problem filming in countries where Abortion is 100% illegal, same for netflix.
  16. Taipan said: Jobs?? Jobs?? WTF? Lowest unemployment in 40yrs. Suck it up....Dem-boys. I suggest you losers....start beating a new drum.
  17. I would also note Louie gohmert is batcrap crazy
  18. it is all true. You don't even know what authoritarianism is.
  19. Except that GolfBoy came to Idaho very recently. I grew up in the early 80's.
  20. Typical right wing hit job.
  21. Only 16 years to go til my youngest can feasibly be out on her own. It would be a waste to bring them to Belgium at the moment.
  22. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/06/breaking-clinton-email-classified-material-violations-confirmed-state-department-has-assessed-culpability-to-15-individuals/
  23. Sure they do, they just have blue or purple hair now. You don't notice them because they are your people.
  24. If you ran into a bombastic, rude, crude, egotistical, maniacal, arrogant, sumbitch....who said..."I am a ruthless mercenary. And I will help you to win your war". Would you not do business with that pirate"? I would. Would not the Democrats...………...open the border...……to foreign nations…….to destroy the white race? And their domination of America? I know who are....Ramar. Knowledge is power. 😎
  25. I. Summary of Major Findings The redacted Mueller Report documents a series of activities that show strong evidence of collusion. Or, more precisely, it provides significant evidence that Trump Campaign associates coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged, or gave support to the Russia/WikiLeaks election interference activities. The Report documents the following actions (each of which is analyzed in detail in Part II): 1. Trump was receptive to a Campaign national security adviser’s (George Papadopoulos) pursuit of a back channel to Putin. 2. Kremlin operatives provided the Campaign a preview of the Russian plan to distribute stolen emails. 3. The Trump Campaign chairman and deputy chairman (Paul Manafort and Rick Gates) knowingly shared internal polling data and information on battleground states with a Russian spy; and the Campaign chairman worked with the Russian spy on a pro-Russia “peace” plan for Ukraine. 4. The Trump Campaign chairman periodically shared internal polling data with the Russian spy with the expectation it would be shared with Putin-linked oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. 5. Trump Campaign chairman Manafort expected Trump’s winning the presidency would mean Deripaska would want to use Manafort to advance Deripaska’s interests in the United States and elsewhere. 6. Trump Tower meeting: (1) On receiving an email offering derogatory information on Clinton coming from a Russian government official, Donald Trump Jr. “appears to have accepted that offer;” (2) members of the Campaign discussed the Trump Tower meeting beforehand; (3) Donald Trump Jr. told the Russians during the meeting that Trump could revisit the issue of the Magnitsky Act if elected. 7. A Trump Campaign official told the Special Counsel he “felt obliged to object” to a GOP Platform change on Ukraine because it contradicted Trump’s wishes; however, the investigation did not establish that Gordon was directed by Trump. 8. Russian military hackers may have followed Trump’s July 27, 2016 public statement “Russia if you’re listening …” within hours by targeting Clinton’s personal office for the first time. 9. Trump requested campaign affiliates to get Clinton’s emails, which resulted in an individual apparently acting in coordination with the Campaign claiming to have successfully contacted Russian hackers. 10. The Trump Campaign—and Trump personally—appeared to have advanced knowledge of future WikiLeaks releases. 11. The Trump Campaign coordinated campaign-related public communications based on future WikiLeaks releases. 12. Michael Cohen, on behalf of the Trump Organization, brokered a secret deal for a Trump Tower Moscow project directly involving Putin’s inner circle, at least until June 2016. 13. During the presidential transition, Jared Kushner and Eric Prince engaged in secret back channel communications with Russian agents. (1) Kushner suggested to the Russian Ambassador that they use a secure communication line from within the Russian Embassy to speak with Russian Generals; and (2) Prince and Kushner’s friend Rick Gerson conducted secret back channel meetings with a Putin agent to develop a plan for U.S.-Russian relations. 14. During the presidential transition, in coordination with other members of the Transition Team, Michael Flynn spoke with the Russian Ambassador to prevent a tit for tat Russian response to the Obama administration’s imposition of sanctions for election interference; the Russians agreed not to retaliate saying they wanted a good relationship with the incoming administration. During the course of 2016, Trump Campaign associates failed to report any of the Russian/WikiLeaks overtures to federal law enforcement, publicly denied any contacts with Russians/WikiLeaks, and actively encouraged the public to doubt that Russia was behind the hacking and distribution of stolen emails. One qualification before proceeding to the analysis in Part II: a significant amount of relevant information was unavailable to Mueller due to four factors. First, as the Report states, “several individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign lied to the Office,” and “those lies materially impaired the investigation of Russian election interference.” Second, President Trump’s interference in the investigation also appears to have stymied the investigation. A key example is Paul Manafort’s failure to cooperate with the Special Counsel because he was apparently led to believe that President Trump would pardon him. Third, some individuals used encrypted communications or deleted their communications. Fourth, some of the individuals who “cooperated” with the investigation (e.g., Steve Bannon) appear to have been deceptive or not fully forthcoming in their dealings with the Special Counsel. Several individuals failed to recall the content of important conversations with Trump or other Campaign associates. The Report states, “Even when individuals testified or agreed to be interviewed, they sometimes provided information that was false or incomplete.”
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