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  2. It's extra funny when pseudo-intellectual grammar nazis like you make mistakes.
  3. Let's face it Benson... We have a president trying to end these terrible trade deals and trying to stop China from stealing our property rights.... .....And you want him to fail.... Which means the American people fail too...
  4. Hell, Trump doesn't even understand US politics...who expects him to understand middle-eastern politics?
  5. Louisiana vs. Curacao Little League World Series; Sunday * https://www.espn.com/little-league-world-series/
  6. Explain then how Palestinians in Israell are treated better and have more rights than outside Israel????
  7. Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution would have to be updated. Amendments and adjustments have been made over the years. Women now vote. Prohibition was removed. Many new laws on anti-segregation now exist. No doubt there will be assigned a committee in both the House and Senate for updating the Constitution. We need a Constitutional Convention to revisit all amendments and content of our Constitution. It is definitely not against the wishes of Jefferson and other founders. The Electoral college only made sense in the early days of our nation. It was the gimmick that got 13 states or so to form the United States. Otherwise we would not be united but instead a collection of nations like Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut...etc... We no longer need any inducement to keep most of the states happy being part of what is the United States. Electoral college is now a farce that showed how Russian hackers could sway the election in favor of Putin rather than the 3 million more US voters who preferred Hillary. We do not have a democratic election for president at the moment. We have had two very bad GOP presidents out of the last three presidents. It was only because of the faulty electoral college nonsense. Wise men today know more about the present social and political state of today than founding fathers. That is why they have to update the Constitution. Gun laws need to be updated to eliminate assault weapons to the general public. Only law enforcement and military should be allowed to have assault weapons. For normal guns like shot guns, hand guns, and other guns normally used for hunting no one wants to prevent ownership of them. However, all weapons allowed to the public should be registered and all who wish to own them should be required to have a license. And to get the license an extreme background check like the FBI does should occur. Also, to get the license there should be required gun training in safety of gun handling just like automobile license normally require driver training.
  8. That's nothing... I thought all wealthy people were evil....
  9. no one does. Jews supporting the Democrats is almost as bad as blacks supporting Democrats. Its is bizarre. The Democrats have a long history of oppression in case you forgot. I'll never support the party of slavery.
  10. Trump sees every ethnic group as having a single common mind. He does not see people as individuals. There are a large number of Jews who rightfully see Netanyahu's greadual theft of the West Bank as bad for Israel and bad for Jews. Trump is a simpleton and does not understand Israeli politics or American Jewish voting traditions.
  11. Endless federal red ink may doom Social Security recipients. That has been a big part of the gops plan all along. They call it "Starve The Beast"....Tax Cuts for the Wealthy/Corp's to Bankrupt America to get rid of all Social Programs
  12. Are you saying that his 'white half' wants to live around the rich, white, people of Martha's Vineyard? How can that be? I thought all white people were evil, racist, bigots?
  13. Annapolis... where did YOU go to school? Does Boston even HAVE a school that teaches you how to sell your pussy?
  14. The sky appears to be the limit for U.S. federal deficits, a reality that has some economy watchers nervous. According to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the average federal deficit is now expected to hit an eye-popping $1.2 trillion per year between 2020 and 2029—a total of $12.2 trillion over that period. That’s $809 billion higher than the CBO’s estimate just a few months ago thanks to Congress’s latest budget deal. The new deficit figures are amplifying fears among some retirement security experts about an inevitable blow to critical entitlement programs. First and foremost: Social Security, which is already dancing on the knife’s edge of insolvency. “If nothing is done, the [Social Security] Trust Fund is depleted in 2035,” Edelman Financial Engines executive chairman Ric Edelman told Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM. He appeared as part of Yahoo Finance’s ongoing partnership with the Funding Our Future campaign, a group of organizations advocating for increased retirement security for Americans. Edelman said the depletion of the Social Security Trust Fund would likely trigger a catastrophic sequence of events. “At that point, under current law, all beneficiaries — everybody getting Social Security checks — will get a check that’s 23% smaller. This could push millions of American retirees into bankruptcy,” he warned. Social Security and the major federal health care programs like Medicare will account for more than 90% of the projected growth in nominal mandatory spending through 2029, according to the CBO report. However, the latest estimates from the Social Security Board of Trustees show annual costs are projected to exceed the program’s annual income beginning next year. Long-term consequences The relentless pressure from President Donald Trump on the Federal Reserve to further lower interest rates is giving Edelman additional concerns about the country’s financial future. “In the very short term, it accelerates the economy. The problem is that as the economy heats up as a result of all of that, inflation kicks in, forcing the Fed to then reverse itself and raise interest rates,” Edelman told Yahoo Finance. “When that happens, bond values get crushed and you begin to see the inverted yield curve and bad things happen in the long term,” he added. Further adding to that economic uncertainty are tariffs. The CBO says that the Trump administration’s tariff regime — primarily targeting Chinese goods — will reduce real U.S. GDP by about 0.3% by 2020. “It’s so far not going the way the president predicted"
  15. ".....Said the neighborhood's weenie, who never got chosen for anyone's team....'cause he was a crying, little pussy...."ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'M GONNA GET REALLY RICH, AND THEN I'LL SHOW EVERYBODY!!!!"
  16. You buttfuck. Respecting and loving your Jewish brothers and sisters is not being a "fake Jew", you anti-Semite garbage.
  17. You do understand of course that "tampons" are used frequently on the battlefield to plug bullet holes...right? Of course not. Bone spurs are a bitch.
  18. I think you are right. Thank you. I stand corrected, Professor. Have a nice day...…………….(F/head)……...😎
  19. John Travolta as a young, egotistical, macho, cowboy. I will bet a Texas dollar that you would give him a 'tumble in the hay'.....just for the fun of it. Isn't that true? (be honest, now) 😊
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